Saturday, March 2, 2024

free papercraft child's mouth and throat choking hazard model

I'm sure in most countries there are Consumer Safety organizations that warn about the hazards of children choking on small toys, but probably only in Japan they would think about making a papercraft of a child's head to warn about it! 😀

Download + build your own free papercraft child's mouth and throat choking hazard model (by Consumer Affair Agency):

(download instructions: scroll down and download the PDF files just below the picture of the papercraft model on the Consumer Affair Agency's website)

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Javierini's free papercraft Pokémon Spearow

I'm still not making a lot of progress on paper Joanna Dark at the moment (sorry - as you noticed I don't even have a lot of time showing you a "daily download" that you can find for free on other websites right now - especially not every day at the moment... 😆) so I figured I'd go back to another site that has been around a long time to make this a Papercraft Pokémon Sunday again... 👍

Javierini has made lots of papercraft Pokémon already (and other papercrafts too!) and he still very regularly makes new ones! His latest one is this Spearow!

Download + build your own free papercraft Pokémon Spearow (+lots more, by Javierini):

(you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

Saturday, February 24, 2024

free papercraft Toei Bus mascot Minkuru

Don't tell me you're surprised that Japanese bus companies like Toei Bus have cute mascots (which people can download as free papercrafts from their websites 😃)

Download + build your own free papercraft Toei Bus mascot Minkuru (by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation):

(download instruction: scroll down Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation's website and click the 5 links just below the picture of papercraft Minkuru for the instructions and the parts)

Sunday, February 18, 2024

free Vanilla Recruitment papercraft Kyoto-only promotional truck and bus

I still don't know what Vanilla is exactly (I think it's like a recruitment company for higher paying jobs?) but I did see before that they like using free papercrafts in their campaigns, like a pink promotional truck one here and a blue one here.

And now also this extra colorful truck and a bus for a Kyoto-only campaign! 🚚🚌😀

Download + build your own free papercraft Kyoto-only promotional truck and bus (by Vanilla):

Saturday, February 17, 2024

free Guardabosques papercraft lovebirds

I don't know if Guardabosques is really a forest ranger too 🌲, but I do know that they make lots of papercraft works for all kinds of companies, including these cute papercraft lovebirds 💑🐦(and two other ones) for the HP Printables website!

Download + build your own free papercraft lovebirds (by Guardabosques for Brother Creative Center):

2024 Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

Yes of course I've started playing the new Tomb Raider I-III Remastered versions (as the PC versions on Steam). 😀

I'm playing them in the original blocky/pixelated style really only because I like the nostalgia for me; so I love that Aspyr made it so easy to switch between the classic and Remastered style by just pressing the F1 key when playing whenever I want to see the difference! 😍

Because I proudly admit that I'm a sucker for my nostalgia, I will keep making my papercraft Tomb Raider vignettes in the blocky/pixelated style though! 💪

In case you were wondering for yourself: the extraction method for the 3D game models and textures that I always use on my original PC CD-ROM versions also works for the blocky/pixelated version of the Remastered games  for PC (because Aspyr basically just included the same level data - including the ones for the extra/Gold add-ons this time! 😀).

It does NOT work for the Remastered 3D models because their data seems to be in a whole different file format (.trg) that the tool I use can not open!

If you want too though, you can very easily view the Remastered textures as .dds image files from the game folders that Steam's creates when installing the games! (always make a copy of the files to play with them if you want too of course!!)

Have fun building! (and playing!) 😀

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Joanna Dark 64 papercraft WIP 3 update

Work on Joanna Dark 64 is progressing - very slowly...

I edited the textures to make them fit on the 3D model the way I think Joanna looks in the original Perfect Dark game on the Nintendo 64. A lot of the textures still don't match perfectly when repositioned, and I still have a lot work to do on them in general. I also made them just a bit crisper since I have to work on them so much anyway...

I reduced the number of polygons like I always do when I make a game model into a papercraft (so I don't end up with a million tiny paper parts for a game character from an over 20 years old game 😱) but then I added some extra polygons again because just like Quakeguy, game Joanna only has stubby blocks for hands, so I remodelled those into basic 3D hands like other games from that era so paper Joanna will be able to actually hold her Falcon 2 pistol!

Long story short: it's taking me a lot of time (which I don't really have at the moment...) but I'll get there! 😉

Stay tuned!