Saturday, September 18, 2021

Unreal Prisoner 849 papercraft WIP 5 (almost done!)

Well that was a busy week again...! But I did manage to find the time to start the final build for Unrealguy and it's turning out quite nice again with a little bit of extra care and edge-coloring. 💪

I'm also making the final version a little bit bigger than the test build, just because, well, I wanted him to be a little bit bigger than the test build. 😊

Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

free papercraft Type 400 railway car

If you don't like the colors of this free papercraft train, there's also a blank version that you can color and decorate yourself! 🚃

Download + build your own free papercraft Type 400 railway car (by Heisei Chikuho Railway):

Saturday, September 11, 2021

free cute papercraft Nendoroid sofas & beds

Are you familiar with the cute Nendoroid doll series?

Well, I guess they get tired just like you and me, even Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts, so they like to rest from time to time on their cute little sofas or in their cute little beds that you can download as papercrafts from the Good Smile Company's website! 👧

There are lot more designs though, and even a blank version so you can decorate it yourself!

Download + build your own free papercraft Nendoroid sofas & beds (by mr. Sui for Good Smile Company):

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

free papercraft colorful kindergarten Sono bus

The Ikeda Children's Garden made this colorful papercraft bus while they were closed last year, so that they could still interact with the children - and of course with everybody else that happens to visit their website! 🧒🚌

Download + build your own free papercraft colorful kindergarten Sono bus (by Ikeda Kindergarten):

(note: click the "→園バスペーパークラフト" link at the bottom of the post)

Sunday, September 5, 2021

free papercraft Wuppertal suspension railway car

This version of a Wuppertal suspension railway car is called the Kaiserwagen, because it's a replica of the car that the then actual German Emperor Wilhelm II and his partner Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein rode during a visit to Wuppertal in 1900! 👑🚟

Download + build your own free papercraft suspension railway car (by Wuppertal Marketing):

(note: click the "Download Bastelbogen Kaiserwagenlaterne" link in the top right)

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Unreal Prisoner 849 papercraft WIP 5 (first test build!)

Yay, the first test build! 😋 

Besides a much more detailed face and head, compared to Quakeguy (which basically has the bodytype of a tank) the Unreal characters are much slimmer and athletic looking. 😊

I simplified the ASMD Shock Rifle quite a bit, but I think it still looks enough like the thing. 😉

Stay tuned!

Friday, September 3, 2021

free papercraft T29 + lots more tanks by World of Tanks

What? Did you really think World of Tanks stopped making papercraft tanks? 😋

Download + build this free papercraft T29 tank (+LOTS more, by World of Tanks)

("Stay on the website of the CIS region" on the World of Tanks website!)

Thursday, September 2, 2021

free 2009 / 2010 2.5D papercraft The iDOLM@STER fighter jet airplanes

These 2.5D The iDOLM@STER themed jetfighter planes were created by Static Wind around 2009 / 2010, and you can still download them from the website! 🛫😀

Download + build your own free 2.5D papercraft The iDOLM@STER fighter jet airplanes (by Static Wind):

free 2010-2013 papercraft trains w/ cute anime / video game girl themes by Static Wind

A lot of these papercraft trains that Static Wind made around 2010-2014 (and that you can still download from their website! 😀) have wrappings of cute Japanese anime / video game girls!  🚄🙂

Download + build your own free papercraft anime / video game girl trains (by Static Wind):

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

free papercraft Tohatsu TF-23X fishing boat

Have you ever dreamed about owning your own fishing boat?

But do you know how much they go for?? Maybe it's best to just stick with this free papercraft one for now... 🚤🎣

Download + build your own free papercraft TF-23X fishing boat (by Tohatsu):

(notes: click the "ペーパークラフトダウンロード" button at the bottom of the page)

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

free papercraft Galaxy Holy Warrior space battle cruiser Satania

As I said before, there are a lot more space science fictions than just Star Trek and Star Wars, and the farther back you go, the more delightfully classic the spaceship designs become of course. 😀

The Japanese novel "Galaxy Holy Warrior" by Koji Tanaka is from 1979 and featured the space cruiser Satania, and it looks exactly like you imagine science fiction spaceships from that era do! (the look was designed by SF painter Naoyuki Kato)

Download + build your own free papercraft Space Holy Warrior space battle cruiser Satania (by SF PaperCraft Gallery):

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Unreal Prisoner 849 papercraft WIP 4 (head and gun)

A If you want to see the difference between 1996's Quake and 1998's Unreal, you just have to look at the faces . 😉

Unreal is already a lot more detailed, but of course compared to modern FPS games they are both still extremely low-poly of course. I didn't really change much on Prisoner's 849 head except the ponytail, because in the game model, it isn't actually attached to the rest of the head - so it wouldn't be attached in the papercraft either if you leave it this way.

And maybe you remember last time I already told about Prisoner 849's hands, which were already made in 2.5D so he could actually grab and hold things - like weapons. 🔫

In fact there are 10 different weapons to find and choose from in Unreal; I ended up choosing the ASMD Shock Rifle, because it has a nice pistol grip for Prisoner 849 to grab onto with his 2.5 hand, and because it is a two-handed weapon, he can have a nice pose like Quakeguy. 😋

All in all, the remodelling is going pretty well, but of course I'll only know if the digital 3D model will make a nice papercraft after a test build, which is probably what I'll do next.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

official Märklin 1:87 / H0 scale model railway buildings

Märklin is a very famous German model railway brand, but as you probably know even if you never played with model railroads, model railroad trains and the scenery can be quite expensive...! 🚆💸

These couple of model railroad scenery buildings however are completely free to download from the Märklin website, and you can build as many as you want! 😀

Download + build your own free 1:87 / H0 scale papercraft model railway scenery buildings (by Märklin):

Monday, August 23, 2021

free papercraft The Expanse spaceship Rocinante

There are *a lot* more science-fiction series than Star Trek and Star Wars! Not only in cinema or on TV, but also in books, like "The Expanse" (although there is a TV-series too 😉)

Maybe not as well-known, "The Expanse still has a lot of fans! And the reason I'm telling you about it on this papercraft weblog of mine, is because one of them made this really neat papercraft of the The Rocinante spaceship which you can download for free from the Card Model forums! 🚀

Download + build your own free papercraft The Expanse spaceship Rocinante from (by Michael Grossberg):

(note: click the " links in the first post on the Card Model Forums to download the parts and instructions)

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Unreal Prisoner 849 papercraft WIP 3 (upperbody, arms & hands)

I did Quakeguy during my summer vacation, but now that's over, you'll notice that Prisoner 849 is taking me a lot longer to finish, because I can only work on him during my scarce spare time... 😉

So it's slowly but surely and I did some more work since last week, particularly on the arms and upperbody.

How far you go in remodelling a game model for a papercraft is always a personal choice I think: you can keep the 3D model almost exactly as it is, create a completely new 3D model only using the game model to get the proportions and pose right, or go anywhere in between of course.

I usually try making it somewhere in between, in this case in a style that fits with my earlier Quakeguy papercraft, but that also still looks like it came from the Unreal game of course. 🙂

Oh, and do you remember Quakeguy's 'hands'? They were simple 'blobs' that I changed so the papercraft would be able to hold his gun, but in Unreal the hands are already kind of 2.5D;

The palms are 3D already, but all those tiny finger pieces were probably still too much to handle with the gaming technology of 1998 (no joke: just look at your own hands and count all the pieces that make up your hand,  and especially your fingers, realizing how thin and delicate they are!)

So Unreal's solution was to keep the fingers as flat, 2D pieces (like the hands on the papercraft Link I made for my Epona & Link papercraft!)

Which is great, because with hands like those, papercraft Prisoner 849 should already be able to hold his gun eventually! 🙂

Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

free papercraft Sushi Zanmai tuna & sushi

You know what was missing from the Brother print company's papercraft series of among other things freight transport, a Marina town harbor, food stalls, a highway section and even a Brother MFC printer battle tank...?

Sushi! - and in particular sushi from Japan's Tuna King Kiyoshi Kimura's Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain! 🐟🍣

Download + build your own free papercraft Sushi Zanmai sushi (by Brother):

free papercraft Meihan Kintetsu Bus buses

There are a lot of free papercraft buses on the many websites of Japanese cities - and here are three more! 🚌 

Download + build your own free papercraft buses (by Meihan Kintetsu Bus):

Friday, August 20, 2021

free 2018/2019 official supercute Sanrio Hello Kitty papercrafts

Whenever you find a nice papercraft on the internet, there's always a chance that at some point the website or downloads go down and the papercraft is no longer available... 😢

It happens a lot unfortunately, especially when companies share papercrafts on their website for a certain promotional campaign.

A good example are these Sanrio Hello Kitty and friends Characters Pon Pon Jump! papercrafts, which were released one a week from October 2018 - March 2019, 25 in total!

UPDATE: The campaign is over, but I tried to find archived links so you can still download the papercrafts.
I found a lot of them by manually changing the numbers in the links according to the pattern, but that means a lot of them
are direct links through the Wayback Machine...

  1. Hello Kitty
  2. My Melody          (My Melody alternative)
  3. Bonbon Ribbon
  4. Dear Daniel
  5. Hangyodon
  6. Cinnamoroll
  7. Gudetama          (Gudetama alternative)
  8. Hello Kitty          (Hello Kitty alternative)
  9. Pinky Lil Rose          (Pinky Lil Rose alternative)
  10. Rio Sky Piece          (Rio Sky Peace alternative)
  11. Pompomputrin          (Pompompurin alternative)
  12. Tuxedo Sam
  13. Hello Mimi          (Hello Mimmy alternative)
  14. Little Twin Stars Kiki
  15. Little Twin Stars Lala          (Little Twin Stars Lala alternative)
  16. Monkichi          (Monkichi alternative)
  17. Pochacco
  18. Wish me mell
  19. Bad Badtz-Maru
  20. Lady Kitty
  21. Minna no Tabo          (Minna no Tabo alternative)
  22. Marroncream
  23. Hummingmint          (Hummingmint alternative)
  24. Kuromi
  25. Pekkie

When the campaign was active, you could try these ways to still find the earlier papercrafts:

Option 1: First try the Wayback Machine, which saves archives copies of websites it crawls. Try captures from different dates, especially in this case because the papercrafst were changed every week:

Option 2: You might also try doing a Site:Search for it (by adding the file name "vol1.pdf" as search term and the "site:" parameter before the domain URL). If you're in luck, it was only the download link that was removed, and the file might still be available on the website, but as time goes by, you will probably have more luck using the Wayback Machine option.

    Of course, there's no guarantee how long Sanrio will keep the papercraft files on their website to keep this method working...!

    Long story short: always save papercrafts you like to your computer when you find them, even if you're not planning to build them anytime soon...! 😉

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