Thursday, December 8, 2022

free Paiheme Studio papercraft arcade machines

We've seen papercraft toy arcade machines before, and here are some more, including one from the Japanese anime Evangelion and even a a blank version to customize yourself! 🕹

Download+ build your own free papercraft arcade machines (by Paiheme Studio):

(download instructions: click the "Download for Free" links on Daiheme Studio's Behance page)

Monday, December 5, 2022

free papercraft Tawaramoto Town garbage truck

We already saw some other papercrafts from Tawaramoto Town earlier, but did you know they also have a papercraft garbage truck? 🙂

Download + build your own free papercraft garbage truck (by Tawaramoto Town):

Sunday, December 4, 2022

free papercraft Dr. Who Tardis

How about a Time And Relative Dimensions In Space papercraft? 😕

Oh I'm sorry, I mean how about T.A.R.D.I.S. papercraft? 😀

Download + build your own free papercraft Dr. Who Tardis (by Under Design):

Saturday, December 3, 2022

free papercraft Globi robot and locomotive

Globi is a Swiss children's book character. His inventive and imaginative nature helps him in all kinds of stories, for example about trains or robots! 🤖🚆

Download + build your own free Globi papercrafts (by Globi Verlag):

Friday, December 2, 2022

Papercraft Half-Life Gordon Freeman WIP 2: Test build!

Oh right, I'm supposed to be working on papercraft Gordon from Half-Life!

And I am, don't worry. 😉 I've just been a bit busy so I didn't post any of the 3D work (which for a big part is the same each time anyway...)

The most work was on the textures really, having to combine some of them to mak them wrap around the sides from the front to the back because I changed the 3D model (originally, there are separated textures for each separate bodypart and for the front and the back separately).

But I figured now that I'm in the actual papercraft part of the process it with a test build, it was time for an update... 😀

Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 1, 2022

all four free official LoveLive! papercraft toys unlocked!

Even though it seems that the English version of the Love Live! School Idol Festival paper toy campaign page isn't updated just yet, you can already download the last free papercraft toy (Manmaru, Kanon's pet owl 🦉) from the Japanese webpage already!

Download + build your own free official LoveLive! Shitake, Alpaca, Hanpen and Manmaru papercraft toys (by Love Live!):

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

free official cute and simple papercraft Thomas & Friends trains

I think these used to be on the official Thomas & Friends website until a little while ago, but I can't seem to find them there right now...? Luckily you can still find these cute and simple papercrafts of Thomas, Percy and Nia on pages 5-7 in Puffing Billy Railway's 2021 Day Out With Thomas activity booklet! 🚂

Download + build your own free official papercraft Thomas & Friends trains (by Puffing Billy Railway):

Sunday, November 27, 2022

free papercraft Keisei Transit buses

Just like fire trucks, buses are another category of which you can plenty of free papercrafts of online! 🚌🙂

Download + build your own free papercraft buses (by Keisei Transit Bus):

(download instructions: click the link just above the papercraft pictures on the Keisei Transit Bus website)

Friday, November 25, 2022

free papercraft Kawasaki C-2 transport aircraft and FFM stealth frigate

The Acquisition Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) of the Japan Ministry of Defense makes sure that Japan's armed forces have access to the latest modern military technology to keep them safe!

At the moment, among the reference guides, you can find two with free papercrafts of the Kawasaki C-2 transport aircraft, and an FFM stealth frigate (with a special stealth mast called UNICORN 🦄) both with special liveries of Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms! 🗻🌸

Tip: If you're not having them printed double-sided, have a look at the two pamphlets before printing, to work out which pages you don't need to print to just make the papercrafts! 😊

Download + build your own free papercraft Kawasaki C-2 transport aircraft and FFM stealth frigate (by Acquisition Technology & Logistics Agency):

(download instructions: scroll down and click the listings that say "INCLUDE PAPERCRAFT" on the Acquisition Technology & Logistics Agency sites)

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

free papercraft Wakasa Railway trains

Wakasa Railway is proud of their trains and the railway line they operate! 🚞

Download+ build your own free papercraft Wakasa Railway trains (by Wakasa Railway):

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

free Shizuoka Prefectural Police papercraft police vehicles

This papercraft traffic accident handling vehicle, disaster response vehicle and even their own bus to transport lots of people show just a few vehicles of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police! 🚓🚌

Download + build your own free papercraft police vehicles (by Shizuaka Pref. Police):

free official LoveLive! papercraft toys

It was just a matter of time I guess: the official papercraft toy of Hanpen, the cat of Rina from the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club has become available from the Love Live! website! 🐱

Download + build your own free official LoveLive! Shitake, Alpaca and Hanpen papercraft toys (by Love Live!):

Monday, November 21, 2022

free papercraft fire station and vehicles

I use a Brother printer myself too, but anybody with a different printer can print and enjoy these fire station papercrafts for free too! 🚑🚒✂️😃

Download + build your own free papercraft fire station and vehicles (by Brother):

Sunday, November 20, 2022

free color-yourself papercraft lelievlet boat

De lelievlet is a common type boat in use with the Dutch sea scouts. But even if you're not with the sea scouts, you can make your own tiny one too from paper! ⛵

Download + build your own free color-yourself papercraft lelievlet sail boat (by Scouting Ingelburg):

(download instructions: click the little square in the top right of the template on Scouting Ingelburg's webite to enlarge the template to download it)

Saturday, November 19, 2022

free Hankyu Railway Festival papercraft 5000 series (and other!) train control panel simulator

Hankyu Railway made a couple of papercraft train control panel simulators before for kids to play with, using a smartphone to play real train ride videos with a view from the cab of the train 😀 (then put on a papercraft conductor cap that you can also download and you're set to go!) 🚆

They moved the old ones to an archive (click the three links below the current PDF links to find those!) on the Hankyu Railway Festival website, to share the newest one for a 5000 series train!

Download + build your own free papercraft 5000 series train control panel simulator (+more, by Hankyu Railway Festival):

free official papercraft LoveLive! Alpaca papercraft toy unlocked too!

Another goal was met in the LoveLive! School Idol Festival game! Like  Aquors' songs being played over 1 million times which unlocked the Shitake papercraft toy on the official website, 
μ's songs were also played over 1 million times, unlocking the Alpaca  papercraft toy too!

Download + build your own free official papercraft LoveLive! Shitake and Alpaca papercraft toys (by Love Live!):

Friday, November 18, 2022

free papercraft Ziegler HLF 20 Scania fire truck

Ziegler is a big company that makes fire fighting vehicles, but did you know that you can make your own fire truck too? (out of paper of course 🚒😉)

Download + build your own free papercraft fire truck (by Ziegler):

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Papercraft Gordon Freeman WIP 1 start: How to extract a 3D model from 1998's Half-Life to use as basis for a new papercraft model! :o)

That must mean a new papercraft from a video game series I didn't do before?

...Yes! > Half-Life! ;o)

◾ You'll need the game!

As always: to extract actual game models from a game, you need to own the actual game. I'm using the 2002 third Half-Life Generation version. This version includes:
  • The original Half-Life Game of the Year Edition (following the story of our favorite scientist, Gordon Freeman) including the separate Team Fortress Classic game as a bonus on the same CD-ROM
  • Opposing Force (the first Half-Life expansion following the story of US Marine Corporal Adrian Shephard)
  • Blue Shift (another expansion, this time following the story of Black Mesa security guard Barney Calhoun)
  • And Counter-Strike (the fanmade mod to Half-Life that was so good that Valve bought the rights and made it into a whole standalone series 😉)

The game model extraction method I used should work for all games and mods made using Valve's GoldSrc game engine, but bear in mind I only tried it for these four games!

The game data (including the game models, animations and textures) will be packed into game Packages with a .pak file extension:

- You can get the original .pak files for Opposing Force and Blue Shift directly from the CD-ROMs and for the original Half-Life you will find it in the installation directory of the game after installation.

- If you install the Blue Shift expansion, though, you will also get the option to install the High Definition Pack, which will install .pak files with more detailed (highpoly) models, so why not do so? 😉

    • Half-Life, in C:\Sierra\Half-Life\valve folder:
      • pak0.pak (original lowpoly models)
      • pak1.pak (highpoly upgraded models)
    • Opposing Force, in C:\Sierra\Half-Life\gearbox folder:
      • pak0.pak (original lowpoly models)
      • pak1.pak (no models)
      • pak2.pak (highpoly upgrade models)
    • Blue Shift, in C:\Sierra\Blue-Shift\bshift folder:
      • pak0.pak (Half-Life models)
      • pak1.pak (Blue Shift models)
      • pak2.pak (Blue Shift lowpoly or highpoly models (depending on whether you installed the High Definition Pack)
  • TIP: I always recommend to copy any game files you plan to mess around with to a separate working folder first!

◾ Unpacking and decompiling the model files (Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer)

- Now that you have the actual game files you need, download and install Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer:

- Download the StudioMDL compiler from DoD and the Command line MDL decompiler from Jed's webpage as well and unpack them somewhere you won't loose them, like the model viewer's installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer 1.3.6)

- Open Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer and go to the Tools menu and choose Configure  Tools... to set the paths to the StudioMDL compiler and Command line MDL decompiler tools you just downloaded and unpacked.

- Then in the File menu, choose File -> Open Half-Life Package... and find the .pak file that has the game model you want to extract. Be sure to switch the file-type in the drop-down list to PAK Files (.pak) or you won't be able to see the .pak files! 😜

- I know there's a nice Gordon Freeman model in the original Opposing Force expansion, so I'm opening the Opposing Force pak0.pak file that I copied to my working folder.

- Click the "+" icon in the file-tree on the right side of the model viewer to select the .mdl model you want from the list (most of them will be under the models header of course).

  • NOTE: Once you select an .mdl from the file tree list, you can see a preview in the model window. Here are some basic controls for the preview window:
    • Right mouse button: zooms in and out
    • Left mouse button: rotates the model
    • Shift + left mouse button: moves the model up, down, left and right

- At the bottom of the screen, select the Sequence tab to preview all the animations that the model has using the Animation Sequence dropdown list.

- Once you're satisfied with the .mdl model you found, right-click its .mdl in the file tree and choose Extract File...

- Select a destination to extract the .mdl to and click OK to extract the .mdl file to the chosen destination.

- Now go to the Tools menu, choose Decompile Model... and select the .mdl file you just extracted.
Click OK and if you check the folder where you saved the .mdl file, you will see decompiling the .mdl file created:
    • Several .smd files (contains the skeleton information/animations);
    • a .qc file (script telling the game how to combine the 3D reference mesh with the textures and sequences/animations);
    • and a bunch of .bmp images (textures).

◾ Importing and converting Half-Life 3D models (Blender + Blender Source Tools)

- Download and install Blender 2.92 or later (you can even used the Portable version that you don't have to install):

-  Next, also download Blender Source Tools 3.2.4 from The Steam Review:

- Now start Blender and go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences.

- Make sure you're on the Add-ons window and then choose the Install an add-on option at the top.

- Select the .zip file you just downloaded and click the Install Add-on button (you don't even have to unpack the .zip file. 😜

- Once the add-on is installed, make sure it is activated (there should be a checkmark in the checkbox for the Add-on)

- Save your preferences by clicking the 3-lined hamburger icon in the bottom left and choosing Save Preferences.

- Now close the Blender Preferences window and go to File -> Import -> Source Engine (.smd, .vta, .dmx, qc) and FIRST import the .qc file that Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer saved earlier (zoom out a bit to see the model).

- SECOND, go to File -> Import -> Source Engine (.smd, .vta, .dmx, qc) again and this time import one of the .smd files.

- You can use the animation slider at the bottom to choose a nice pose.

- If you don't like the animation, you can choose a different one by importing a different .smd file over the .qc.
  • NOTE: Import the .qc file FIRST and the .smd file SECOND to avoid problems with the animation.

- Once you're happy with the model and the pose, choose File -> Export -> Wavefront (.obj).

- Open the exported .obj file in your favorite 3D modelling program and assign the .bmp texture images to the correct materials to give the 3D model back its color!

Now stay tuned while I make Gordon Freeman into a papercraft model (or play around with your own extracted Half-Life model! 😉)

Tools used:
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