Friday, January 17, 2020

Free papercraft Nintendo Game Boy & Super Mario Land game cartridge

Building a papercraft classic Nintendo Game Boy is fun and all, but what's the point if you don't have any games for it? Well, luckily ArtistSunnyPen has got you covered, because they included a Super Mario Land game cartridge!

Download + build your own free papercraft classic Game Boy & Super Mario Land game cartridge (by ArtistSunnyPen):

(download instructions: click the Google Drive link in the comments on ArtistSunnyPen's DeviantArt page; use the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Free Disney's Frozen Arendelle castle papercraft by abdibox

Check out this free papercraft that abdibox made of Elsa's and Anna's "humble abode"! 😉

Download + build your own free papercraft Disney's Frozen Arendelle castle (by abdibox):

Crafter Wong's new papercraft blog chibi Pokémon Glaceon

I obviously have a lot of fun making and sharing papercrafts (else I wouldn't have been doing it for so long😊)

But I am by no means the only one of course! And it's always great to see a new papercraft weblog like that of Crafter Wong of someone deciding to share their papercrafts for others to enjoy as well! 😀

Download + build your own free chibi papercraft Pokémon Glaceon (by Crafter Wong's Papercrafts):

(use a tool like the free 7-Zip to unpack *.rar files and the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

Sunday, January 12, 2020

First papercraft release of 2020! Free Tomb Raider PlayStation 2 The Angel of Darkness Save icon Lara.

...and the first papercraft release of 2020 is a fact! 😀

This was fun to make, because well, it's a new Tomb Raider vignette and those are really turning into a nice series 😉 but also because I think it's a Lara that not all people get to see, since she only lives on the PlayStation 2 Memory Card of people that played the PS2 version of The Angel of Darkness.

That's also why I kept this vignette quite minimalistic, with just Lara and a PlayStation 2 style base. The next papercraft Tomb Raider vignettes that I have planned are a bit more elaborate again, but they'll have to wait a while, because I want to do other papercrafts as well of course... But for now, I hope you enjoy my first papercraft of the New Year, have fun building!

Download free Tomb Raider AoD Save icon Lara papercraft:

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Another cute free 2020 Year of the Rat papercraft

The Illustration Factory showed the making of this cute 2020 Year of the Rat papercraft on their weblog a little while ago; it's all in Japanese, but from the pictures you can tell they first scratch built the paper model, then when they were satisfied they took it apart to trace the handmade parts in a computer program (basically the same way I do my own hand drawn papercrafts!)

But the best part about Illustration Factory's 2020 Year of the Rat papercraft is of course: you can download the result for free! 🐀😊

Download + build your own free 2020 Year of the Rat papercraft (by Illustration Factory):

(download instructions: click the "サンプルページ" link just below the completed picture on the Illustration Factory's weblog)

Wear a (papercraft Splatoon 2 ;o) fishskull on your head!

Have you always wanted to run around with a fish skeleton on your head but felt the smell would probably be too much? Try this papercraft Splatoon 2 Fierce Fishskull headgear version that shiroi38132723 made! 💀🐟

Download + build your own free papercraft Fierce Fishskull headgear (by shiroi38132723):

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Save icon Lara test build

Even in the Year of the Rat, I will continue making papercrafts of course! 😇

First I will have to finish my Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Save icon Lara vignette and I've been doing a test build of her as you can see.

There are some small things that I want to fix a bit (like straightening her legs a bit for instance) but all in all, this will be a very minimalistic vignette anyway so it's just Lara, and I think she will fit right in. 😊

Free 2020 Year of the Rat papercraft by Heppoko

Besides boats, submarines and airplanes, the Heppoko Paper Model Studio has also made a Chinese Zodiac animal series since 2011! And as you can see, 2020 is the Year of the Rat. 🐀

Download + build your own free Year of the Rat papercraft (+lots more, by Heppoko Paper Model Studio):

New monthly papercraft series from Sasatoku in the Year of the Rat as well!

As for the question whether or not Sasatoku will have a new free monthly seasonal papercraft for the new year as well: yes. 😃 (starting with a rat mobile to celebrate the 2020 Chinese Year of the Rat! 🐀)

Download + build your own free papercraft Year of the Rat mobile (+lots more, by Sasatoku):

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Free papercraft Advance Wars Black Hole Artillery unit release!

I'm not going to finish Save icon Lara before the new year, but I remembered I still have a lot of Advance Wars units to paperfy... So I decided to finish this Black Hole Artillery unit that has been sitting for very long time on my computer to release this year!

Download + build your own free Advance Wars papercrafts:

Happy New Year and stay tuned for more papercrafts in 2020, starting with Save icon Lara of course. 🎆🎇

Monday, December 30, 2019

Cute free vtuber papercraft teddy bear mask for in your hair

This "Kuma no Mask" is the kind of mask that those Japanese virtual YouTube girls like to wear in their hair to look cute for more views. 🧸😉

Download + build your own cute free papercraft teddy bear mask (by Reality):

(download instructions: click the "" link in Reality's Tweet)

Saturday, December 28, 2019

C'mon; we all know the Tesla Cybertruck was designed with Pepakura Designer (at least this free papercraft one was ;o)

Be honest; we all know Elon Musk's Tesla Cybertruck was designed using Pepakura Designer anyway, so this papercraft is no surprise. 😉

JoopB1 made this one to have blank templates, so you can print it on some nice coloured (maybe even metallic?) cardstock or color and change it yourself, so you could even make an A-Team version...

Download + build your own free papercraft Tesla Cybertruck (by JoopB1):

Friday, December 27, 2019

Pinoart papercraft Toypoodle Smile Dog freebie

Pinoart made many papercrafts before, some commercial, some for free at Canon's Creative Park, but this cute papercraft wall-mounted poodle head freebie you can get directly from their own website! 🐶

Download + build your own free papercraft wall-mounted Smile Dog (by Pinoart):

(download instructions: click the pink "同意します。リンクを表示する" button just above the instructions on Pinoart's papercraft blog, and then the blue 1, 2 and 3 "ページ目を表示" links)

Monday, December 23, 2019

The thing about making papercrafts from extracted video game characters...

The thing about making papercrafts from actual in-game 3D character models from a video game (..or in this case from a PlayStation 2 Memory Card save file 😉) is that they almost never make a good papercraft models... And I don't just mean that characters from modern games are so detailed that they are better off being "simplified" a bit first before being turned into a papercraft model with Pepakura Designer...

A Twilight Princess Puppet Zelda head based on the in-game model, but a bit simplified for papercraft

The in-game models from the classic Tomb Raider games are already pretty low-poly though, so they don't really need simplifying. They do need some attention as well of course, mainly because of "collisions". Collisions are when for example on the in-game model the shoulder moves into the body when the arm is moved, or when the lower leg moves into the upper leg at the knee when Lara is running.

With the technology for the time, this looked okay on the computer screen when playing the game, but with papercraft this is physically impossible of course. The solution is nothing special though, it's just a matter of removing the problem parts and connecting the pieces back together so that it looks okay (and you really don't have to be a professional 3D animator or anything to do this! 😉)

Polygons can go through polygons, but paper can't go through paper.

And then there are Save icon Lara's hands and ponytail. Like I said when I started this papercraft, I chose this save icon version particularly because this low-poly version fits in so nicely with the other classic papercraft Tomb Raider vignettes I made.

However, the hands on the classic Lara's are literally just rectangular blocks, while the ones on Save icon Lara are just a bit more triangulated. The ponytail on the other hand is a bit more detailed on the classic Lara versopm. Oh, and Save icon Lara doesn't have any weapons (but as we know, Angel of Darkness Lara could do some hand-to-hand combat too when needed... 😉)

Save icon Angel of Darkness Lara has some small peculiarities compared to the "real" classic Lara.

I decided to leave Save icon Lara as she is though, because this papercraft vignette will be very minimalistic and these small differences make her special I think. Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Designing an Angel of Darkness Playstation 2 save icon Lara papercraft vignette stand

Normally I try to recreate a little scene from the game for my papercraft Tomb Raider vignettes, but in the case of The Angel of Darkness' save icon Lara, she doesn't actually appear in-game of course! 😇

So I want to keep the vignette very minimalistic to resemble how Save icon Lara only appears just by herself, and I decided to make the stand as a reference to the PlayStation 2 console.

Obviously, the square box won't be a direct 1:1 recreation with all the little details (although... the "fat" model version of the PlayStation 2 model version I have myself does look pretty squarish! 😋) but I made some very simple allusions to the design that I think strike a nice balance between being very simple and still recognizable, so that it doesn't detract from the actual paper Lara, like the dark color tones with the horizontal lines and of course the blue PS2 logo on top, and I even made a special backside to the stand with ventilation grille to allude to the PlayStation 2 console.

I'm pretty happy with how the design for the stand turned out, so now I'll start working on the actual 3D model of Save icon Lara. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

How to get a Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Playstation 2 Lara save icon file as a base model for a new papercraft Tomb Raider vignette

Did you know that the Japanese title for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness ("トゥームレイダー美しき逃亡者") translates to "The Beautiful Fugitive"? Which is a much more fitting description of course. 😉

This sixth installment of Lara's adventures was created as the first 'next-gen' Tomb Raider game, with much more detailed graphics and character models, including Lara. It was however the last Tomb Raider game made by Core Design, the developer that created the classic ones too that make such nice little papercraft vignettes.

I played The Angel of Darkness on the Playstation 2, and maybe not a lot of people know this, but there's actually a cute little Lara that strolls about on your Memory Card when you save the game:

It's a much simpler character model than the in-game one of course, which makes that she'd fit perfectly with the simple style of the my other Core Design vignettes!

So I used the PS2 Save Builder 0.8x (running as Administrator in Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility mode on my 64-bit Windows 10 system) to extract the save icon from a Code Breaker *.cbs save file (simply click the "static.ico" and choose "Extract"). Then you can use the PS2 Icon Importer/Exporter 0.8 plugin by Vector to open the save icon model in Milkshape 3D 1.8.2 and save it to a more common 3D file format (changing the file extension to *.icn or choosing "all files" when trying to import it).

Tools used:
 - PS2 Save Builder 0.8x:
 - PS2 Icon Importer/Exporter 0.8 plugin for Milkshape 3D:
 - Milkshape 3D 1.8.2:
And now I have a nice little low-poly Angel of Darkness Lara as a base model for a new papercraft Tomb Raider vignette! And of course I'll make a fitting stand for her too. 😉 Stay tuned!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Another papercraft done! Free hand drawn papercraft Star Trek V Galileo 5 shuttlecraft release.

Another papercraft done! This one was made entirely hand drawn, which was fun to do for a change again. 🚀

I also really like the colour: usually on my hand drawn Star Trek papercrafts I used aquarel water colors, but this time I used a "cool grey" Promarker. I remember reading once that Star Trek ships have a "duck egg blue" tint, but I like this light gray tone that it has after scanning the hand drawn parts and printing them again for the papercraft.

Download + build your own free papercraft Galileo 5 shuttlecraft:

Have fun building!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Yet another quick papercraft Star Trek V Galileo 5 shuttlecraft update

Another quick update on the papercraft Star Trek V Galileo 5 shuttlecraft I'm working on: the second (right sized😁) test build was still a bit tricky in some spots, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. 😊

So I finalized the lines with a black  fineliner and colored the parts with my Promarkers (sometimes I use aquarel colors for that, but this time I wanted them to be a "cool grey") so I can start making the final templates:

And you guessed it: then I will build it again! 😁 To have a final version of course, but also so that I can take pictures to make instructions. Stay tuned!
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