Saturday, August 30, 2014

Papercraft Pokémon Phantump

Congratulations, parents: there are now over 700 Pokémon (Phantump is #708), and your kid wants merchandise of them all... ;o)

Papercraft Mazda CX-5

As Mazda's blogpost shows, you can use this papercraft Mazda CX-5 as bodykit for a workdesk cleaner, but you can also just build it as a papercraft car of course. ;o)

Papercraft Mercedes-AMG GT

If the real thing is a bit out of your price league, you can build this papercraft Mercedes-AMG GT in two crazy designs from the teaser videos! ;o)

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Star-Lord papercraft toys

Star-Lord is one of the characters from "Guardians of the Galaxy" (both the comic books and the new movie).

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Papercraft Netroid Mach-Kaw

After the Raptor Netroid, here's another cool animal-like Netroid: the Mach-Kaw!

Papercraft Wall-E & Transformers Optimus Prime (Age of Extinction evasion mode)

Elso Craft made a papercraft "Wall-E" robot before in 2008 shortly after the movie was released already, but now he updated it to make it a bit easier to build.

The second papercraft model is of the Transformers' Autobot leader Optimus Prime, in his evasion mode from the new "Age of Extinction" movie (I won't spoil why he looks like this... ;o)

Papercraft Kameyama castle Tamon turret/tower

Papercraft model of the Tamon turret/tower of Kameyama castle.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Papercraft Osaka Airport Transport buses

It looks like the papercraft buses have been removed from the Osaka Airport Transport Company's 50th birthday webpage, but you can still get several papercraft buses (including chibi/SD ones) from a different page on the website. ;o)

Papercraft Oiwa & rokurokubi yokai

Two new papercraft "yokai" from Bocchinnokamiasobi: Oiwa (the woman from the "Yotsuya Kaidan" story who gets misfigured because of a poisonous facial cream given to her by a woman who wants her husband, Iemon) and a rokurokubi (people whose necks would stretch).

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Papercraft Advance Wars Blue Moon Tank

Now that the instructions and other stuff are finished too, I uploaded the parts and instructions for my papercraft Advance Wars Blue Moon Tank to my papercraft webpage! ;o)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Papercraft Advance Wars Yellow Comet Fighter built by Seth

Seth (who has his own weblog about art: Triangular Art) built my papercraft Advance Wars Yellow Comet Fighter! (which is basically a chibified, yellow World War II Japanese A6M Zero ;o)

Papercraft Sailor Moons

Two versions of Usagi Tsukino as Sailor Moon: a regular version, and a chibi(er) one. ;o)

Papercraft Pokémon Landorus

After the papercraft Pokémon Thundurus and Tornadus, Landorus couldn't have been far behind of course. ;o)

Papercraft Circus toys

Since it's a monthly series, there are a few new Urban Paper Collective Circus toys since last time: Bruno the Circus Bear from Nick Knite, a Sword Swallower from Tougui and a Dice Juggler from Marko Zubak!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chibi papercraft Captain America

Captain America joins Moo Keep's band of chibi papercraft superheroes! ;o)

Blank papercraft Pokémon Bulbasaur

With this blank template, you can give your papercraft Bulbasaur Pokémon any colour you want! ;o)

Colourful papercraft Toyota Land Cruisers

A fifth papercraft Toyota (Land Cruiser this time) to make during your vacation, from the official Toyota PR Twitter account. ;o)

Papercraft GameBlast video game toys

Every Month, Hugo H. Pereira and Ricardo Ronda make a papercraft BlasToy for the GameBlast video game portal, and you can download them directly from the site;

right now, they made Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs, Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 5 and Metal Mario and a Blue Shell from Mario Kart 8.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chibi papercraft "Mass Effect" Thane + Shepard

ALIENmantis' friend liked the chibi "Mass Effect" characters that pyroxene made so much, that she asked ALIENmantis to make Thane into a papercraft model (and ALIENmantis unfolded chibi Shepard too ;o)

Papercraft Toyota RAV4

An RAV4 joined the other three papercraft cars you can get from the official Toyota PR Twitter account!

Papercraft Hatsune Miku themed 3-wheeled auto rickshaw

Kevin-BS23 used the papercraft three-wheeled auto rickshaw from Paper-Replika as a basis to make their own Hatsune Miku-themed version! ;o)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Niconico Chokaigi robot mascot

"Chokaigi" is the annual fan event for Niconico, Japan's largest video sharing community!

Simple NYK Maritime Museum logo papercraft ship

The NYK Maritime Museum has (very fittingly 😉) a ship in their logo, and now they have a 3D papercraft version of it for you (and some other cool papercraft ships too 🚢😀).

Download + build your own simple papercraft ship (+ more, by NYK Maritime Museum):

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Papercraft "Transformers: War for Cybertron" Optimus Prime

For pretty much every new cartoon, movie or video game series, the Transformers are redesigned, and this is what Optimus Prime looked in the "War for Cybertron" video game! ;o)

Papercraft Minecraft-style Pokémon Gyarados

This must be what the Pokémon Gyarados would look like if it somehow found its way into the world of Minecraft. ;o)

Papercraft triple scoop ice cream

If you're one of those people that hates to choose between vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream, why not go for a triple scoop? Don't forget the sprinkles! ;o)

Graphig-style Goshorin papercraft toy

Goshorin is the mascot of Goshogawara City, and now they made him into a cute Graphig-style papercraft toy! ;o)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Papercraft "Dokuganryu Masamune" samurai freebie

"Dokuganryu Masamune" is a 1987 historical drama series, about the life of the famous 17th century daimyo Date Masamune.

Chibi papercraft "Neon Genesis Evangelion" Angel Shamshel

Did you ever imagine Angels to look like this...? In "Neon Genesis Evangelion", the alien-like Angels like Shamshel are out to destroy the entire human race...!

12 types of college students papercraft toys

The new Academic Year will be starting soon in The Netherlands, and after finding out which of 12 types of students you are, you can make a paper toy version of it! ;o)

Papercraft modern Japanese houses (7)

Papercraft house no.7 from Tokaworks! (earlier ones here)

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