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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Final Fantasy 7 papercraft Yuffie battle model WIP 8

Well, as you can see, I decided to do some more test building first before returning to the 3D work!

"De Ruyter" papercraft toys

"Cultuurbarbaartjes" is a Dutch platform that can help organizations promote cultural activities like shows, exhibitions, festivals or workshops for children up to the age of 15!

Papercraft Pokémon Abomasnow

"Abomasnow" seems to be a combination of the words "Abonimable Man Snow", a reference to the "Abonimable Snowman", a mythical, ape-like creature said to live on the snow-covered mountains of Nepal and Tibet.

(I think he kinda looks like an owl, though... ;o)

PlayKids TV Lupi the dog papercraft toy

Lupi the dog is the mascot for "PlayKids TV", an app for iPhone, iPad or Android device (you can download the papercraft toy without one, though! ;o) for your little kids to watch cartoons and play games.

Papercraft Ren & Stimpy LOG! gift box

"What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, and over your neighbour's dog...?" ;o)
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood; according to the Ren & Stimpy Show, all kids love LOG!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Papercraft JAXA Michibiki satellite aboard H-IIA rocket payload section

Launched by an H-IIA rocket on September 11th 2010, the first "Michibiki" satellite is part of the QZ-vision (Quasi-Zenith) project for an experimental Global Navigation Satellite System by JAXA (the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

Papercraft Sora with double keyblades by Collector128!

What do you think of this papercraft Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora with double Kingdom Key keyblades? ;o)

Verbal Processing @ExtraContent features World of Warcraft papercraft!

"@ExtraContent" is a bit from the Verbal Processing YouTube channel where they show you great video game inspired artwork, cosplay, toys and replicas!

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper papercraft toy

Yes, all four male characters of the TV show "The Big Bang Theory" are geeky and socially awkward to some degree, but none so much as Sheldon! ;o)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Papercraft Strike Witches I-58 B-3 cruiser type submarine girl

Rahamu releases a Japanese I-58 B-3 cruiser type submarine "Strike Witches" girl! (after Raisa Pöttgen, Inagaki Mami and Yukikaze and Girls und Panzer Sturmgeschütz III tank)

Neil Gaiman's The Sandman "Death" papercraft toy

"Death" is one of the seven eternal brothers and sisters in Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" graphic novel series, this time not a gruesome skeleton wearing a black robe and carrying a scythe, but an attractive young goth woman in casual clothing.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Microsoft TechNet TechEddie papercraft toy

"TechEddie" was (?) a webcomic in the Dutch Microsoft TechNet e-mail newsletter and website, about the cheeky IT guy "TechEddie".

The papercraft toy was made by 3EyedBear and never got past the prototype stage, but TechEddie creator Herman Roozen and 3EyedBear agreed to post the prototype anyway! ;o)

Papercraft Pokémon Amoonguss and Foongus

The mushroom-like Pokémon Amoongus (the big one) is the evolved version of Foongus (the small one).

Papercraft "Hollandse Waterlinie" fortifications, Amsterdam canal houses and more

Several Dutch historical buildings, including some typical Amsterdam canal houses and "Hollandse Waterlinie" ("Dutch Waterline") fortifications!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Final Fantasy 7 papercraft Yuffie battle model WIP 7

Like I said in the last Yuffie WIP post: because people have two feet, it's the perfect opportunity to test build two different unfolds for Yuffie's shoes to see which one works best (cutting them up widthwise or lengthwise for example)! ;o)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Puppeteer video game Kutaro and Princess Picarina papercraft toys

In the PlayStation 3 video game "Puppeteer", the young boy Kutaro gets kidnapped and taken to the Moon, where he gets turned into a puppet...!

While trying to find his way home, he meets the daughter of the Sun, Princess Picarina, who has also been turned into a puppet, after coming to the Moon to find out what had happened to Moon Goddess...

Chibi papercraft Pokémon Vaporeon

Tenpepakura released an updated version of his papercraft Pokémon Vaporeon!

Tearaway video game papercraft toy squirrel

You may remember the Tearaway elk papercraft toy from before, here's a new, paper toy squirrel from Media Molecule! (blank version to customize yourself)

Papercraft Kallboys club tour bus

The "Kallboys" are a bowling team of friends from Mondorf, Germany. Usually they like to bowl in their hometown, but for their "club tours", they would love to have their own official team bus like this old-timer someday! (but for now, they have to be content with just a paper version... ;o)

Papercraft Volkswagen Typ 2 Brazilian Kombi Last Edition van

The Volkswagen Typ 2 (T2) van is a classic icon, and there have been many different and customized versions, but this Brazilian Kombi Last Edition will really be the last official built version...!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Papercraft Odin Sphere Alice & her black cat Socrates

The video game "Odin Sphere" follows five different protagonists in the magical world of Erion, as their stories are being read by the little girl Alice and her black cat Socrates.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

DRAMAtical Murder Usagimodoki cube shaped rabbit AllMate papercraft toy

In the video game "DRAMAtical Murder", AllMate cubes like this Usagimodoki are equipped with artifical intelligence; their main use is as a Network Support System and in a computer battle game called "Rhyme", and many users also have them as pets.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Korea Ground Forces Festival 2013 cute papercraft tanks + helicopter

Because countries spend a lot of money on their military defense forces, it's important to show the people what the men and women of the military do when fortunately most of the times they're not at war.

In Korea, this is done on the Korea Ground Forces Festival (will be held this year from October 2 - October 6 2013), and although nobody wants to fight an actual war of course, kids can enjoy fighting pretend wars with paper tanks! ;o)

Final Fantasy 7 papercraft Yuffie battle model WIP 6

I haven't finished work on Yuffie's head and some other parts yet, but I wanted to start building, so I unfolded the first parts for a test build! ;o)

MegaBIT+ papercraft toy Hulk

The picture above shows Idea To Paper Studios' new "MegaBIT+" sized papercraft toy Hulk together with the regular and mini BIT+ sizes!

Papercraft Moon (small scale ;o)

Besides "Talk Like a Pirate Day", in Japan it's also "Otsukimi", Moon Viewing Festival today!

Papercraft LEGO Pirate captain Redbeard celebrates International "Talk Like A Pirate"-day!

Arrr, me mateys! Did ya know September 19 is "Talk Like A Pirate" day? ;o)

Canon Creative Park papercraft Halloween collection posted

Halloween is not for another month, but Canon Creative Park figures you need time if you want to make some papercraft decorations of your own, so they already released their Halloween collection for the year now! ;o)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Game Grumps Arin & Danny papercraft toys

Danny Avidan joined Arin Hanson at the "Game Grumps" YouTube show (where they play video games whilst doing commentary) after Jon Jafari left recently to continue his own YouTube channel, the JonTronShow.

Miniature papercraft dollhouse groceries and other items

"Rainy Blues" has lots of miniature groceries and other items to dress up your dollhouse! ;o)

Adventure Time Jake & Cake papercraft toys

Papercraft toy Jake (Finn's best friend, an old dog with the magical ability to strech and grow!) and Cake (the female, cat version of Jake from the Ice King's fan fictions) to go with Fionna from the cartoon network "Adventure Time" series!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Papercraft Indiana Dunes National Park Service Type 6 fire engine

Wildfires are very difficult to fight because they can grow very big very fast and are often difficult to reach, so park and forest services usually have their own fire departments to try and put out any fires before they get too big...!

Futuristic papercraft Planet of Death Akura race car

After "Alien", "Scorp" and "Darksmil", here's another futuristic "POD" ("Planet Of Death") race car: Akura!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Simple papercraft Tedori River pop-up card

After sights like Mount Fuji, Ashinoko Lake, the Mount Aso volcanic crater and several more, HCC Craft now paperfied a new part of Japan's famous landmarks as a simple pop-up card showing the Tedori River flowing down Mount Hakusan in what is now the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark.

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