Thursday, September 19, 2013

Final Fantasy 7 papercraft Yuffie battle model WIP 6

I haven't finished work on Yuffie's head and some other parts yet, but I wanted to start building, so I unfolded the first parts for a test build! ;o)

The great thing about people having two feet (besides being able to walk instead of having to "hop"... ;o) is that when you make a paper model of them, you can test build two different unfolds at once to see which way works out better!

One option is to basically split the top of the shoe down the middle (like I did with the left foot), on the other (right) foot I split the top of the shoe widthwise.

I think unfolding it as two pieces makes it a bit more intuitive to build when you have the paper parts in front of you, but the test build will show whether that's true or not. ;o)

And if you look really close, you can see I changed the left leg a bit more since last time to make the left and right legs more the same.

Test builds are also good for trying out the sizeline colours and glueing tab placements and things like that of course; I often end up changing things around quite a bit on the final version after the test build(s)! ;o)

Stay tuned!

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