Sunday, September 1, 2013

Papercraft World War II Fat Man atomic bomb

The download period for the small World War II US Army jeep has ended, but Fiddlers Green already has a new papercraft freebie: a small scale (and thankfully just paper...!) World War 2 "Fat Man" atomic bomb...!

On August 9 1945, three days after hitting Hiroshama with "Little Boy", the USA dropped this second, "Fat Man" nuclear bomb on Nagasaki (the main target, the city of Kokura, being obscured by clouds...)

Although "Fat Man" was more powerful than "Little Boy", because the target point was missed by more than 2 miles, damage was relatively "less extensive" than in Hiroshima, but the real horror of course was the radioactive radiation which would kill thousands more later on... :o(

Download + build your own papercraft World War II Fat Man atomic bomb (by Fiddlers Green):

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