Saturday, July 31, 2021

free papercraft tanks and Fiat 500 car

Did you see the papercraft AED automated external defribillator device a little while ago?

It was created by kamino-ss, who made a lot more papercrafts for companies, some of which you can download for free like these tanks or Fiat 500 car!

Download + build your own free papercraft tanks and Fiat 500 (by kamino-ss):

(download notes: choose one of the papercrafts on the kamino-ss website and then click the green "ダウンロード" button)

free colorful papercraft Japanese Laponte Fit-chan Anpika randoseru school backpack

If you've ever seen a group of school children in Japan, they would've probably been wearing their traditional 'randoseru' school backpacks. 🎒

Traditionally, girls wear red randoseru and boys black ones, but as you can see on the Laponte Fit-chan website, many schools nowadays allow very colorful ones!

The popular Laponte Fit-chan Anpika brand even has reflective strips on the edges to make school children more visible in traffic in bad weather or in the dark. 😀

Download + build your own free colorful papercraft Japanese randoseru school backpack (by Laponte Fit-chan):

Friday, July 30, 2021

Papercraft Quakeguy WIP 3: test build :o)

Even if I made so many papercrafts already, I still like to do a test build. 😊

A test build can be quick and dirty, and you can see in the Pepakura unfold that I don't really care about the gluing tab sizes or shapes. In fact, one of the things the test build is for is to see if it might be better to switch the gluing tabs, and only then you can really determine what size and shape they should be of course.

The test build ended up about 18 cm tall (well you know: with the head...) which seems a nice size. With the changed hands, they are definitely the trickiest part of the Quakeguy papercraft now!~

In second place is the gun I think, but all in all, the test build went together quite nicely! Like always, there are a few things I will change and do differently on the final version, so it was a very useful test build again.

Stay tuned! 😉

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

free papercraft toys by Red Uschanka

Red Uschanka likes to make paper toys for people to enjoy, and you can all kinds of them right from their webpage! 🙂

Download + build your own free papercraft toys (by Red Uschanka):

free papercraft Hachioji float

Unlike Danjiri floats, Hachioji  floats are not raced against each other through the streets, but used as podium for performances.

Download + build your own free papercraft Hachioji float (by Hachioji City):

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Papercraft Quakeguy WIP 2

Compared to today's standards, the 1996 3D model of Quakequy is pretty simplistic of course. And I want to keep it that way, because that's the way (ah-hah, ah-hah) I like it.

Nonetheless, I always do at least some remodelling, usually to make it a bit easier to build out of paper later on, to fix a texture issue or just because I think it looks a bit better. So that's why you can see the some small changes between the original and the remodelled 3D model.

I was a bit surprised whan I had a closer look at Quakeguy's gun though! You'd expect for this simple object to be symmetrical, but you can see that the original model is a bit... wonky. This is one of those occasions where I think remodelling it (to be symmetrical) will just look better. 🔫

There's another thing with the gun, or rather with the hands that hold it. Or rather, with the stumps that hold it. 😋

Hands are are so delicate, that they usually require a relatively large number of polygons to model them in a video game. Especially older video games make use  of simplified hands to lighten the workload on early 3D games.

But this level of simplification means in this case that the paper model won't really be able to hold the gun because unlike in the digital 3D model, in the paper model you won't be able to simply 'merge' the gun into the hands... 😋

So in this case, I decided to completely remodel the stumps, making them more like actually hands, but still in a 'old' 3D style, kinda like on a lot of  my Nintendo 64 papercrafts. 😊

But yeah: I think I can already start thinking about a quick test build for this relatively simple model to see what it looks like so far! 🙂

Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

How to extract 3D models from 1996's Quake (papercraft Quakeguy WIP start)

If you know me and my papercrafts, you know I really like the early, blocky 3D games! There are a couple of first-person shooter games that are very famous for their advancements in 3D gaming, and Quake is definitely one of them!

So I decided I'd make a papercraft of it, and I figured it'd be a nice opportunity to do a new extraction tutorial again on how to extract the actual game model to use as base. 😊

NOTE beforehand: 
- As always: to extract the 3D model from a game, you need to own the game. 😁

- In this 3D model extraction tutorial for the original Quake, I'll be using the PC version. Because Quake is originally an old DOS game from 1996, it might be difficult to find an original version, though - and even then, you'll have trouble installing it on a modern computer.

- I got my version from Steam which made things a lot easier (it's also available on

- The 3D models for Quake are stored in its game container files, which you'll find as .PAK files in the Program Files folder after you install it. For the Steam version, the default location is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake\Id1

- I like to copy the PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK files into a separate folder, so I can keep all the files I'll be working with together and so that I can't possibly mess up the original files. And then we can start. 😉

● Exporting 3D Quake models in their standard first animation pose (Rich Whitehouse's Noesis)

- Download the latest version of Noesis from Rich Whitehouse's website:

- Run the appropriate version executable for your version of Windows: Noesis.exe if you have an x86/32-bits version of Windows, and Noesis64.exe if you have a 64-bits version.

- Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will tell you it doesn't recognize the application, so if you want to use Noesis, you will have to choose More info on the first screen, and then Run anyway on the next one.

- With Noesis running, use the file tree on the left of the Noesis window to browse to the folder where you copied the PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK files. They will then be listed in the middle window as a file format that Noesis knows.

- Right-click on one of the .PAK files and choose Export, or just double-click them to open the Export Container File window.

- You can use the Browse button to specify a specific extraction destination, but you I simply used the same folder as the PAK files.

- Click the Export button and when it's Complete, Noesis will have created a new folder with all the files that were in the .PAK container file. Do the same for the other .PAK file if you want.

- Browse to the newly created PAK0_files or PAK1_files folders with the file tree in Noesis again, and then browse further to the progs folder. This is where Quake stores the 3D .mdl models.

- Choose one of the .mdl models and then right-click and choose Open, or just double-click the .mdl files to see a preview of the 3D models and all of their animations! 😀

- Once you find a game model that you want to extract, right-click it and choose Export to open the Export Media window.

- You can use the Browse button again to specify a specific extraction Destination. In this case I like to use my main working folder where I also copied the .PAK files in the beginning.

- You can also specify a Main output type; I like to use the .obj - Wavefront OBJ type because it is a very common 3D file format that many 3D programs can open.

- Click Export and once the Export is Complete again, you can find the .obj file and a .png texture file that Noesis also exported in the extraction Destination folder you specified.

- Unfortunately, the issue with using Noesis to extract the 3D Quake models is that you can only export the models the way they are posed in the first (base) frame of their animations...

- Once you open the .obj file in a 3D program you will see that (in the case of the Player.mdl in my example) it is always the Player model running with the axe, even though I used the animation frame of the Player standing with his gun in Noesis to export the 3D model... 😕

 - If you like the base animation frame pose though, you can already stop now and use this model as a base to make a cool papercraft of course! 😊

● Exporting 3D Quake models in any animation pose you like (Blender 2.79b with mdl import/export add-on by Taniwha)

- To be able to choose other poses to extract, download and install Blender 2.79b:

- Next, download the Blender mdl import/export add-on by Taniwha from: (under Version 0.7.2 (released 23 Jan 2013)) 

- A person called khreathor made an updated version of Taniwha's Blender mdl import/export add-on with a little help of queenjaz for Blender versions 2.8+ (but I haven't tried or tested it, sorry!):

- Unpack the .zip file and then browse to the subfolder io_mesh_qfmdl (without the version number and with only the .py and a TODO file inside).
- Copy it to Blender's add-ons folder, by default:
    C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons

- Now you have to activate the add-on first. Open Blender and choose File -> User Preferences (or press Ctrl+Alt+U)

- In the Blender User Preferences window, Go to the Add-ons tab and search for the Import-Export: Quake MDL format add-on.

- Place a checkmark in the box and click the Save User Settings button at the bottom. After that you can close the User Preference window.

- Now Choose File -> Import -> Quake MDL (.mdl). Browse to the .mdl file that you found with the preview in Noesis and double-click to open it.

- Once the model has been imported, zoom out a bit (because it'll show up huge!) and move the animation slider at the bottom of the Blender screen. You'll see that you can choose to show the 3D model in any animation pose that you like! 😀

- So choose File -> Export -> and choose a 3D file format to export the 3D model (I like to use the Wavefront .obj format).

- Note that the Blender mdl import/export add-on won't automatically export the skin texture file. 😟 But as shown in the first part, you can get that using Noesis! 😀

- Open the .obj file you exported with Blender in a 3D program; like I said, I really like Metasequoia because it's so perfectly compatible with Pepakura Designer, which I'll use later to unfold the final 3D model into 2D papercraft parts! 😊

- In Metasequoia, UNcheck the Flip right and left box but CHECK the Invert V of mapping option in the OBJ Import window so the model and the textures look correct.

- If you are using the Wavefront .obj file you Exported with Noesis, you have to UNcheck the Invert V of mapping option as well for the model to look correct.

- Then set the .png skin texture file as the correct Material in the Material panel (press Ctrl+M if you don't already have it open in Metasequoia).

- Now you will see that this time, the 3D model will have the pose that you chose in Blender instead of the base animation frame! 😃

And now to make this 1996 Quake Player model into a 2021 Quake paper model! 😊

Stay tuned!

Tools used:

- mdl import/export add-on for Blender 2.7x by Taniwha:
(mdl import/export add-on for Blender 2.8+ by khreathor and queenjaz:

free papercraft 7000 series train control panel

You should already know you can download a lot of papercraft Japanese trains online, but I don't think I saw a papercraft of a train control panel before? 🚆 😉

From June 18 - August 31 is the Hankyu Railway Festival 2021. This year it's held online, and they have a really nice series 7000 series train control panel papercraft to download for free! (there's an 8000 series control panel papercraft coming soon too!)

If you have a smartphone 📱 you can place it on the papercraft control panel to play a video of the real view from the train driver:

Download + build your own free papercraft 7000 series train control panel (by Hankyu Railway Festival 2021):

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