Thursday, August 14, 2008

"King of Red Lions" Great Sea base

Those of you who like to watch the "hall of fame" on my website, will probably have noticed the awesome looking Great Sea base Josh Darrah made for the "King of Red Lions" he built.

It's his own scratchbuilt work, but I asked him if he would be willing to share it with the rest of us, and he is: it's just going to take him some time to put together a template file so it can be shared.

He will get back to me when he finishes it, so just be patient, and in the meantime you could start working on King?

greetz ninjatoes


  1. That looks really awesome! Perfect timing for me, I'm on the final few pages of King! :)

    Does that Link come with it? That looks like the Chokipeta Link, but in a different pose...

  2. Hiya Gollum999! I'm Josh and i'm working hard on the template for the king of red lions sea base, so please continue to be patient! also, I have prepared a template file of the scaled and modded chokipeta link so that he fits the King model. i've finished that just recently and i can organise to send it to you as well when the base model is ready.

    see ya!

  3. Great job Josh, thank you so much for taking so much time to do this. This will look so good with my King

  4. This is going to be AWESOME! Could you also send me the templates Josh?

  5. Hey Derek,
    I'll actually be giving the papermodel files to Ninjatoes so he can send it out on my behalf. so you'll get it for sure!

    update: it's about halfway finished so keep those horses held...


  6. Hey again everyone,
    Just an update for you on the base model. I've finished the design of it and i'm just now giving it a practice build to make sure i haven't missed anything. so it's almost ready! thanks so much again for your patience, i appreciate it.


  7. That's great news! Several people have showed interest already, so I'm sure it will be a big hit!


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