Saturday, August 2, 2008

My new weblog and DeviantART gallery

During my (far too short) vacation, I have been thinking about how popular papercraft is becoming on the internet.

There are many websites and blogs about papercraft, and I found that on DeviantART, many Deviants have discovered papercraft as well. So I decided to join them: I already have my own papercraft website, but now I also made this blog and a DeviantART gallery of my own.

I want to keep my papercrafts on (so if you want to download and build some of your own, you will have to go there ;o) so what to do with this blog? I always tried to keep as little text on my website as I could, because I believe that since most people will just be there to download the parts and instructions to build their own paper models, they should only have to read as little as possible, and be able to just click a few pictures and links to make their choice from my models.

So as an experiment, I will treat that as my "download area" and this as my "talk area", whenever I feel like saying something others might find interesting. Which might not be a whole lot, but we'll see how it works out. ;o)

greetz ninjatoes

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