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Boats, ships & submarines

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*44 MLB
Dutch RNLI Scout and Uruguayan Ades 44 feet motor life boats

*7th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
coast guard patrol boats and lighthouses

*Ab Auone Mokuzu
F-type coastal cargo ship and Daihatsu-type landing craft here (click the links at the bottom of the pages for the parts files)

*Amiga Maquette
French canal barge

Zeven Provinciën stealth frigate and fire ship boardgame (click the links under "CARD MODELS" in the menu on the left)

*Armchair model railway desk
car ferry

*Arsenal NT Tama papercraft
1/4000 scale World War II Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi

*Association Grain de Poivre
trans-Atlantic Rames-Guyane race Grain de Poivre rowboat (in colour and blank/colour-yourself versions)

*Assurantiekantoor Louwet
simple black and white, colour-yourself piggybank house

*Asuka Cruise
Asuka and Asuka II cruiseships (same as here)

*Australian Army Defence Jobs
Armidale patrol boat (click the PDF icon near the bottom of the page)

*Bamboogila's Corner

*Best Paper Models
Formula 1 powerboat

*BG Biomass
Kon-Tiki raft used by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl

*Bibi grey cat Agence Eureka
vintage boats (click "Messages plus anciens" beneath the images to find all the models)

Oxford Canal narrowboat (click the parts template and instructions at the very bottom) and old 13th century Swedish Fide shiphere (click the template thumbnail at the bottom of the page

*Blahagius Klippark
small scale 1902 steampowered destroyer, 1944 Swedish passenger ship Hansa and 1900 Russian torpedo boat

*Boat Design Net Gallery
Diabolo, Wind Dinghy, Zodiac rubber boat, classic Skipjack and more (recoloured from Custom paper pocket yachts, Toni Mauricio and others)

*Canadian Navy
Kingston class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV) simple and advanced version

black and white, colour-yourself Venice gondola and lots of pictures from other models

coastal freighter Emiliana and paddlewheel riverboat Krakus on a different site

*CBBC Leonardo
Leonardo da Vinci-style wooden motorbike, submarine, flying machine and tank

*Chiba City
fire fighting boat

*Chthulhu Mike Hungerford's Paper Models
generic nuclear attack submarine, shanty houseboat and Victorian/Jules Verne style fantasy submarine

*Coastal Forces in Paper
1943 British Admiralty motor fishing vessel (click the "Download Bauanleitung" and "Download Modell" links at the bottom of the page)

*Comunn Birlinn
black and white medieval Scottish West Highland galley

*Cony's Modellbau
ferry, different mooring and loading berths and cars

*Cosmo Line
Rocket high-speed jetfoil ferry

*Currell Graphics
RMS Titanic and Britannic and Olympic sister ships

*Custom paper pocket yachts
Vacationer, Weekender, Pocket Cruiser and Wind Dinghy

*Cutelo Modelismo Naval Uruguay
destroyer escort vessel, Uruguayan frigate Artigas, German World War 2 battleship Graf Spee, cruiser Uruguay, steam powered paddleboat Surubi, RNLI Ades 16 lifeboat, coast guard gunboat Vigilante and sailboat Miranda (old site here)

*Cyber Atelier Paper Dock
black and white Undersea Warship Atragon movie submarine, Japanese sail and steampowered warships Kanrin Maru and Kaiyo Maru, ocean liner Kasuga Maru, Witch of the Pacific Ocean movie Lorelei submarine and ironclad Kotetsu

*Daniels Kartonmodellbau
tugboat Oranje 1 and river barge (some models require a password; send Daniel an e-mail with your full name asking for the password for the model)

*das boot
Sonnenschein 2010 submarine (at the bottom of the page)

*Delfini d Acciaio
Italian navy Toti-class submarine in 4 different versions (click the "Enrico Toti", "Alpino Bagnolini", "Enrico Dandolo" and "Lazzaro Mocenigo" links for the PDF files) *Demo Co.
Hong Kong cargo ship (many of the other models have dead links unfortunately)

*De Stern
Amsterdam canal cruise boat (click "the story" in the menu on the left, then scroll all the way down)

*DeviantArt cow41087
Azimuth 70 yacht

*DeviantArt inflated-hips
Gilligan's Island S.S. Minnow boat (non-canon; click the "Download File" button for the PDF parts file)

*DeviantArt quatzalcoatl
scale 1/1200 Waverly, Dresden, Elbe and Nile paddle steamer boats and several high-speed trains here

*DeviantArt RocketmanTan Nighthawk Studios
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Imperial flagship The Katariah, Maersk Alabama container ship, Red October movie fictional Typhoon-class ballistic missile submarine, World War II German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, Seawise Giant Knock Nevis ultra-large oil tanker, Viking longship drakkar, Master and Commander movie 1796 HMS Surprise frigate, SS Edmund Fitzgerald freighter, steam-powered lighthouse tender Lilac, World War II Das Boot Type VII U-boat submarine and Japanese Kaiten suicide torpedo and American Civil War Confederate submarine Hunley

*DGzRS Seenotretter
rescue boat (scroll down a bit and click the grey "Bastel Dir ein Seenotrettungsboot" header)

*Digital Navy
16th century Spanish galleon San Salvador and Polish Lilla Weneda coastal ferry

steamboat Rigi river paddleboat (about halfway down the page)

*Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation
colour-yourself, black and white 16th century Duyfken sailboat (in various file formats)

coastal cruiser Egoist boat

*Elfrink Bouwplaten
sea scouts Lelievlet sailing and rowing boat (click "Gratis" in the menu on the left)

*Elias Gogo
cute cartoon Japanese coast guard boat Elias and friends and more

*Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop
Columbus' Santa Maria (click the "click here" link under the "Mapping the World with Art" section)

*Espace Sarou
black-and-white self-built submarine from Mr. Pilipenko

*Event- und Ausstellungsschiff MS Jenny
MS Jenny exhibition ship (click the "Bastelbogen der MS Jenny als Pdf herunterladen." link on the bottom right of the page)

Fukuyama City
fire fighting boat and ambulance, pumper, water tender and ladder fire engine trucks and rescue vehicle

*Greg Van 't Land
simple World War II USS Lapon submarine (under "Other Models" at the bottom of the page)

simple passenger liners and modern warships, upgrades (radar masts, railings, etc, second post from the bottom) and a simple warehouse (third post from the bottom)

*Henry Tudor
simple black and white Mary Rose ship

*Heppoko Paper Model Studio
sunken battleship Yamato wreckage, 1:350 scale seaplane tenders Akitushima and Akitsumaru, 1:200 scale World War II Japanese I-400 Sentoku class aircraft carrier submarine, 1:270 scale JMSDF Aegis destroyer DDG173 Kongo and 1:350 scale World War II Imperial Navy aircraft carrier Akagi here and destroyer Yukikaze here

*Het Geheugen van Nederland
sailboat and Sneek Roman-Catholic Martinus church (choose one of the models, then click the "Opslaan" link on the left for each of the sheets)

Horus, Venus, Rainbow Love, Rainbow bell, Ferry Himuka, Varuna, Hestia, Sapporo, Furano, Shiretoko, Daisetsu and Tukuba ferries

*Hiroshima City
fire fighting boat (second link under "ダウンロード", the other links are colouring pages)

*Hiroshima National College of Maritime Technology
Hiroshima Maru training vessel (click the little boat icon under "ペーパークラフト" in the second item)

*Hiroshima Port and Airport Development Development Bureau
Ondo 2000 environmental cleaning ship and Ryusei survey vessel (click the two small banners on the right about two thirds down the page)

*Histoire d'un coup de main by Mr Bricolage (
Jacques Vabre Trans-Atlantic race Mr. Bricolage team Class-40 sailboat (click the MR_BRICOLAGE_MAQUETTE_BATEAU.pdf image)

*Hong Kong Maritime Museum
simple SS Yuen Sang boat (scroll down and click the "click to download" link below "ss Yuen Sang paper model")

*Howard Shirley
15th centure caravel (Cabot's Matthew, pirate and blank versions)

*IES Narcis Monturiol
black and white 1864 Ictineo II submersible and Spanish inventor Narcis Monturiol Estarriol paper toy (click the pictures at the bottom of the page under "Descarregar els retallables")

*il ForbiColla
simple Viking Drakar boat, Monte Mezza and Passo Falzàrego churches and 3-weeled Hot Dog vendor minicar and several paper dolls (under "modelli gratuiti da stampare su cartoncino da 200g/mq." at the bottom left of the page)

*Inkjet Paper Scissors
Viking faering, drakkar and knarr, Indian birch bark canoe, giant squid and boat and LakeTwon bridge and docks

detailed three mast schooner sailboat S/V Isolda Göteborg (click the big "Klicka här för att ladda ner byggmodellen" banner)

*JAMSTEC Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
drilling vessel, Shinkai 6500 and Shinkai 2000 manned submersibles, Hyper-Dolphin ROV remotely operated vehicle, Urushima deep-sea submersible and Triton observation buoy, submersible robotic manipulator claw and Earth simulator super computers and several fish and other sea creatures

*Japan 1st Regional Coast Guard
PLH01 Soshite, Pl02 Erimo, PM15 Shioni and PS02 Saro patrol boats

*Japan LP Gas Association
LP gas transloading facility boats and 2D trucks (scroll down and click the "資料ダウンロード" link under "ペーパークラフト「LPガスが家庭に届くまで」 (09.09.16)" near the bottom of the page)

*Japan Marine Recreation Association
Suzuka 101 boat

*Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Oominato
Myoko, Ashigara, Takanami, Onami, Maki, Yubari, Oyodo and Chikuma escorts, Hyuga destroyer, Ssangyong submarine, Yugeshima minsweeper, Wakataka missile boat, Kunisaki transport ship, Kashima training ship, multi-purpose support ship Suou and Shirase icebreakers

*Japanese Ministry of Defense
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force JMSDF supply ship Masyu, Landing Craft Air Cushion LCAC hovercraft and escort vessel Hyuga

*Japan Kushiro Coast Guard
Soya, Erimo, Senri Shiri and Ishikari patrol boats (click the links next to the boat icons)

*Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
escort vessels Myoukou, Yubari, Chikuma, Takanami, minesweeper Geyu, Missile boat Wakata and icebreaker Shirase and two naval hats

*Japan Miyagi Coast Guard
Zaou patrol boat (click the link next to the boat)

*Japan Otaru Coast Guard Office
Japanese coast guard Siretoko, Esan, Horobetu, Suzukaze, Yaguruma and lighthouse patrol boats

*Japan Rumoi Coast Guard
Chitose and Hamanasu patrol boats

*Japan Self Defense Force Kagawa Provincial Cooperation Office
escorts Kuruma, Tsuyuki Kaga, Kongo, Atago and Kirishima, training ships Shimayuki and Setoyuki, Minesumi Bungo and Ura minesweepers Toyosu, Shioshima and Yakushima and icebreaker Shirase (also here; click the the papercraft picture) and lighthouse and armored vehicles and aircraft

*Japan Wakkanai Coast Guard
Bun Riyou Kaname patrol boat (click the big blue link at the top for the parts)

*JMSDF Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Technical School 1 Ama hat and World War II battleship Mutsu cannon turret

*JMSDF Japan Marine Self-Defense Force First Escort Group
Murasame, Akizuki, Shirane, Hatakaze, Kirishima and, Hyuga destroyers, Izumo aircraft carrier, Mikasa battleship and Kurofune Black Ship and SH-60 and MCH-101 helicopters

*JOIDES Resolution
cute International Ocean Discovery Program research vessel JOIDES Resolution and helicopter

Orange Pekoe 300 inflatable boat (also featured in their 2015 catalogue: link)

*Kallboys Mondorfer Bastelbogen
1870 Bonn-Oberkassel Rhine train ferry, river barge Dicke Trulla II, Wahrschauflöße river obstacle warning raft, Viking ship, Rhine ferry, Roman warship, Luxembourg MS Princesse Marie-Astrid tour boat , small fishing boat, Mondorf ferry, harbour patrol boat, 18th and 19th century and medieval Rhine boats and Maria Theresa fishing boat

*Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department
police patrol boat (click the template thumbnail)

small sailboat Weserjolle Berenike von Bremen

*Kawasaki City
harbor reclamation plant diorama

*KJG Custom Paper Pocket Yachts
Weekender, Vacationer, Pocket Cruiser and Wind Dinghy boats and small outboard motor

*K-Line K-Stones Seven
container and car carrier ships and simple container truck

*Kohkun National Institute for Sea Training
NIST National Institute for Sea Training training ship T.S. Seiun Maru

*Kreisfeuerwehrverband Barnim e.V.
simple boat

*Le blog d'Initiatives
Initiatives Coeur IMOCA racing sail boat

*Lou Coatney's Military and Naval History Games, Writings, and Models
black-and-white Norwegian World War II Sleipner class destroyers and American Civil War Monitor and Merrimac and World War II American Butler class destroyer and British Hunt class destroyer and German Raubvogel class torpedoboat here (scroll down to "FREE MODEL SHIP( PLAN)S (to print off):")

*Lutz Kasper Grafikdesign
Sinterklaas Pakjesboot steamboat

Lisamar steamboat ocean liner

*Maersk Group
simple Emma Maersk container ship

*MAGs Papiermodelle
simple boat (about halfway down the page)

*Marine Modelling International
inshore trawler, harbor tugboat, Clyde puffer, Wyre Rose ferry and hovercraft

*Masayu-i Paper Models
RMS Titanic ocean liner, Atago class DDG-178 Ashigara destroyer, 5003 AGB icebreaker Shirase, Hatsuyuki class DD-126 Hamayuki destroyer, JMSDF LCU-2001 class landing craft, DDH-181 Hyuga class Hyuga helicopter destroyer, Hatsuki class DD-122 Hatsu Yuki destroyer, Atago class DDG-177 Atago destroyer and lots more boats, aircraft, anime spaceships, trains, cars and other models (browse through the pages)

*Mercy Ships
simple Africa Mercy hospital ship piggy bank (scroll down and click the blue "Bekijk de bouwplaat" link under "Bouwplaat Africa Mercy" under the orange "Kindermaterialen" header; originally to be printed on A3 paper)

USS Skipjack nuclear submarine

*Ministère de la Défense Marine nationale
French navy Aquitaine frigate

*Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Shikoku Regional Development Bureau
sea surface cleaning and oil recovery vessel Yoshisan (click the first orange "美讃ペーパークラフト ダウンロード" link for the parts and the second orange "作り方 ダウンロード" link for the instructions)

*Misawa Sightseeing Association

*Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Line MOPAS
Nippon Maru, Fuji Maru and Argentina and Brazil Maru ocean liners (simple and advanced versions)

*Modelbouw Almelo
simple black-and-white/colour yourself boat

*Models n' Moore
Magnus Mörck's American Civil War USS Mendota, CSS Teazer, USS Perry, CSS Coeur de Lion, USS Maple Leaf, CSS Lehigh and CSS Albemarble ships and ironclads and other models here

*Monitor 150th Anniversary
American Civil War ironclad U.S.S. Monitor (click the links under "Monitor Paper Model" near the bottom; you'll need to fix part of the hull in a program like Photoshop or Gimp)

Bianca Biwako, trawler, Mishima, coastguard patrol boat, Aruzenchina, Zenchi, Usurii and Nishiki Maru

*MS Assam Zeekadetkorps Vlaardingen
black and white Beenhakker punt sailboat

*MS Astor
simple Saga Pearl II cruise ship (at the bottom of the page)

*Naiko Kaiun Japan Federation of Coastal Shipping Associations
199 tonnes and 499 tonnes cargo ships

Bundespolizei PB 24 Bad Bramstedt offshore patrol vessel

*NE & SS Marine Systems
Lockheed Martin twin hull SLICE ship, SeaSlice demonstration vessel and Oceanic Research vessel AGOR 26 and MK 41 missile launch module

*Nick Jr.
cute PAW Patrol Zuma's hovercraft and Rubble's construction digger, Skye's helicopter, Chase's Police truck, Marshall's fire truck and Rocky's garbage truck (choose one of the vehicles, then on the next page click the "... Templates" link under the pink "Supplies" tab, then on the new page click the "print" button to print the templates directly from the browser window)

*Niku Mansei Co Ltd
ancient treasure ship sailingboat

*Nippon Foundation Library
simple pirate ship

*NMRI National Institute of Maritime Research Institute
simple research ship and ferry (click the two big buttons)

*No ho bonanza!
sailboat and several rowboats (near the bottom) and lots of campers and cars (to download the models, click the stars "☆")

fishing boat and children's fish mobile (click the links under "Downloads" on the right)

*Nu Kleuren
black and white colour-yourself boat (under "KNUTSELEN BOUWPLATEN"; click the link, then wait until the template has loaded and then click "PRINT DEZE KLEURPLAAT" at the top of the page to print it directly from your browser)

*NYK Maritime Museum
simple ship from the logo

*NYK Line
Asuka and Asuka II cruise ships, LNG Flora tanker, NYK Castor and Leo Leader container ships

*Okayama Prefectural Tamano High School
balloon-powered hovercraft(click the four light blue links in the "活動記録/成績" text block; you'll need some other materials too)

small submersible (red button for coloured parts, blue button for black and white parts and green button for instructions)

*P.A. Models
World War 2 D-Day LCVP Landing Craft for Vehicles and Personnel and ancient Roman boats (click the ancient Greek vases at the bottom of the posts)

*papercraft etsutan 19th and early 20th century small scale Shikishima, Yashima, Mikasa, Zhenyuan and Fuso battleships, Azuma, Hearn, Kasuga, Iwate, Tokiwa, Chiyoda, Naniwa, Yoshino, Akitsu, Matsushima, Hashidate and Unebi cruisers, Kotetsu ironclad and 11 m and 17 m lifeboats

*Papercraft Exhibition
submarine and sailboat

*Papercraft si Aki
Hulk Hogan's Thunder in Paradise boat and links to other models

MS Pacific Venus cruise ship, MS Dreamward Norwegian cruise ship, San Francisco Harbor Princess tour boat and Perfect Storm Andrea Gail

*Paper Hobby
1/800 scale U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 aircraft carrier, Shinkai 6500 deepsea submersible here, Indonesian navy KRI Klewang stealth trimaran here and more

*Paper Sailboat
Japanese K16 and international 14 class racing dinghies (click the links at the top for different versions)

*Paper Shipwright
cargo barges, Delta workboat, small coaling barge, US civil war mortar boat and SMS Rhein/Mosel monitor (you'll need to create an account first)

*Paper Tang
1:600 scale Chinese Type 052C Luyang II / Lanzhou class destroyer

*Papertoys Narod
simple black and white boat and Glisser boat (only in *.ai, *.emf, *.eps and *.psd file formats)

*PDVSA Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
oil tanker (also an oil refinery, offshore oil platform Dragón, drilling tower and Petróleos de Venezuela PDV gas station and seismic survey truck; click the PDF icons under "Serie: Aprendamos de Petróleo (Armables)" at the top of the page)

*Pentel Kids Pepe & Lulu Papercraft
simple sail yacht and many more models

*Pepakura Gallery
Japanese Athens 2004 Olympic games 470 class Dinghy (LZH files are the same as ZIP files; instructions for the paper model here, click the links next to "470五輪仕様の作り方") and The Beatles Yellow Submarina here

*Pepakura Timatima
Kuni Saki Hiraku Kimi Japanese coastguard patrol boat and Onomichi ferry here (look for the Pepakura Designer *.pdo files)

*Pirate Treasure Coins
pirate ship

*Police Net Chiba
simple police patrol boat

*PR Models
Czech river patrol boat Prezident Masaryk (same as here)

12th century cog ship and simple 2.5D biplane and fairytale castle and lots more craft ideas (choose one of the craft ideas and then click the "download" link with the PDF icon at the bottom for the templates)

*Punip Cruises
hand drawn M.S. Asuka II cruise ship

simple boat for your Qoo beverage bottles and lots more

Dark Promise pirate ship, ghost ship and lots more

*Rawen Comics
President Masaryk river patrol boat

Portuguese caravel and Lavoisier liner

*Reddingsbrigade Nederland
Dutch rescue squad Zodiac boat and Landrover beach vehicle

Japanese Kaiten and German Neger human torpedoes, Roman barge and 1860 Winans brothers cigar ship gunboat (click the "Pobierz" button underneath the thumbnails)

*Richard Schulten's Brainstorm Inn
simple original submersible

*Rick Geary
sinking R.M.S. Titanic postcard model (look through the gallery to find it)

*San Diego Maritime Museum
16th century Spanish galleon San Salvador (complex and medium difficulty versions)

Delphin boat (click the printer icon to download the PDF parts file)

* freef5
Ko-hyoteki-class midget submarine Type D Koryu here, super deformed ferry, Hyuga escort and Zumwalt destroyer (last 6 links from the bottom under the fourth header "フリーペーパークラフト" on the left)

Orient Line S.S. Oriana

JMSDF Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Hayabusa-class PG-825 Wakataka guided missile patrol boat and Shogunate steam-powered warship Kaiten and several airplanes, cars, Nendoroid subway train interior and more (click the black "詳細はこちら" button next to the picture of the 3D plane)

Hvalpsund train ferry and DAN ferry from Cony's Modellbau (under "Deutsche Seiten" in the menu on the left)

*SoftART Design
black and white Botter boat (download all 9 pages; the instructions are not final yet)

*Studio 100
Piet Piraat "Scheve Schuit" boat

*Swiss Modellbogen Shop
Delphin boat freebie (same as here)

*Taiheiyo Cement
cement tanker ship

*Teach a Man to Fish
small black and white boat (click the "PDF kit" link for the parts)

*TeoDom Paper Models
Beatles Yellow Submarine+lots more

*The Japan Iron and Steel Federation
iron ore bulk freighter ship

*The MegaMoonLiner Paper Model Studio Domain
NYK Line VLCC very large crude carrier supertanker Funabashi Maru (and Hellespont M/V Hellespont Universe here), World War II Imperial Japanese Navy IJN Hōshō aircraft carrier here, micro-scale battleship Yamato here and hybrid carrier/battleship ISE/Hyuga here, semi-submersible super heavy lift ship Dockwise Vanguard here and lots more

*The Muscadet Adventure
small Muscadet sailboat

*Things To Make For Children
simple corvette and submarine (under "SHIPS AND SUBS") and lots more simple models

American Civil War Confederate submarine CSS David (click the picture at the bottom for the ZIP-file with the parts)

*Tin Soldier
small lugger boat

*Tohoku-Electric Power Co
LNG tanker ship and harbor and helicopter, van, power plant, electricity transmission tower and boom lift vehicle

*Tokyo Customs
patrol boat Asahi (click the bottom blue "〈ん おしぇてヽ 力ス夕ム君 かん し てい 監視艇 [ぁさひ] ペーパークラフト")

*Toni Mauricio
Zodiac Cadet dinghy inflatable boat

*Tonton Neko Craft
super deformed U-boat and Typhoon submarine

*Traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame 2014
2014 trans-Atlantic Rames Guyana solo rowing race monotype boat Grain de Poivre

*Treasure of Atocha
Spanish galleon Vuestra Señora de Atocha

*Twitter nessi6688
Bundespolizei coast guard ship BP 24 Bad Bramstedt

*U-Don's Factory
Japanese Ko-Hyoteki A-Target midget submarine, U.S. Navy nuclear-powered Los Angeles-class attack submarine and World War 2 German Type VII C U-boat submarine

*Uhu02 Blog papercraft
Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl and Das Boot World War II German U-96 submarine here (look for the PDF links underneath the thumbnails)

*UHU Back To School Hotel Transylvania 3
cruise ship pencil holder (German version here

*Uhu Papercraft
simple boat and native American indians with tipi and canoe (on page 2 under "BEGINNER")

*Undine und Rüdiger Rennert
shark cutter, Nicols rental canal boat and 2-masted sailing boat

*Unga Fakta
simple black and white viking ship

*Usagi Prod.
pink high heel No Woman, No Sail 2013 logo ELLIOT 6 racing sail boat (click the "Le fichier PDF est téléchargeable gratuitement >>> ICI <<<" link at the bottom)

*Venus Cruise
Pacific Venus cruiseship (2 versions)

*Via Donau schifffahrt
simple MS Negrelli Donau cargo boat (click "Bogen hier downloaden" for the PDF parts file)

Bücher Mühlheim books Schwarze Dolores ship (click the "Modellbaubogen" and "Anleitung" links at the bottom of the page)

*Walden Classic Paper Models
British Cleopatra obelisk transport barge

*War Artisan's Workshop
wargaming 1/300 scale Enterprise sloop and 1/900 scale ship of the line freebies (here)

small Lelievlet sailboat in two different versions (click the two "•Bouwplaat modellelievlet zwart/wit" links at the top)

*West Midlands Graphic Design
Evil Edna TV, simple Christmas tree, dragon, lion and piggy piggybanks, Christams turkey and Easter Gregg

*Willi Commer
simple steamboat (at the bottom) and a few paper dolls

*WJM vd Ven Doerak 780AK
Doerak 780AK boat (click the "Download bouwplaten" button on the right about halfway down the page)

*World of Paperships
small Sydney Darling Point ferry jetty freebies (for use with the commercial Golden Grove ferry) and free, spare parts for the Alexander Arbuthnot river paddlesteamer and MS Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (at the bottom of the page)

*Yokosuka Tourism Information Offical Website
Yokosuka naval base dry docks and memorial battle ship Mikasa (simple and bit more complex version) and Itsumi wharf entrance guard houses

*Yorigami Maritime Construction
4000t crane barge (scroll down and click the green "設計図その... A4 [PDF ...MB]" buttons just above the papercraft picture near the bottom)

*Zeilschool de Vuurtoren
simple Optimist sailboat

R.N. Zara torpedo cruiser, R.N. General Marcello Prestinari destroyer, R.N. Vittorio Alfieri, destroyer, R.N. Ape corvette, sailing sloop Viacosi, Admiral Graf Spee cruiser and Scharnhorst battleship (click the little red arrows)

*ZRP Papercrafter
ules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine

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