Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paper toys

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*1 Coast, 1 World
Thiess Services Can Man and Miss Flora recycling paper toys

table calendar girl, 3Eyed Bear, Stage, Trabant, Grls, E-Cake and Bird (at the bottom right under "download Platform Templates right here") and Sinterklaas different coloured Zwarte Piet here and links to several paper toys from other people (at the top right under "download Originals right here")

*7ater's Cubees
lots and lots of Cubees

*24 Lemons
World Domination Freaks, Personality Issues and Life is a Zoo Rogues paper toys

*AAW Cubee Toys
show wrestlers and wrestling ring Cubee paper toys (click the images for the templates)

*Adam W Conway
Walking Dead Lee Everett and DJ Hero 2 Surikizu paper toys

*Adam Dorman
simple penguin paper toy

*A&E Mundo
Duck Dynasty Si Robertson and Jase Robertson paper toys

*A.G. papertoys
Minecraft pic, chicken, zombie, Steve, sekelton, creeper and sheep, Skeletoon, Ghost Busters Peter Venkman, Raymon Stanz and Egon Spengler and Steampunk Clink and Clank paper toy robots

*Almost Naked Animals
Octo, Narwhal, Howie, Bunny and Duck paper toys (click the images)

*Âme d'Eau le blog
Max the Crab paper toy

Godzicrack-diy, W3sh-boy, Cam-rabbit, Nervous-skud and Cloud-angel
(click the pictures, then on the next page click "TELECHARGER LEFICHIER PDF")

*Anthony Brennan Qooplo
Boxy Buds, Marvel Comic Cubeness, movie, Open-Mic Minis, ThrowDown, video games and wrestler paper toys (click the "Papercraft" menu at the top)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dino Ghost and Mick, Skull, Ross, Billy and the fifth paper toys

*Art Backwash
4th Wise Man paper toy

*Artists helping children
simple Thanksgiving pilgrim girl and turkey here

*ARTokyo Patokon
Star Wars Yoda, Star Trek Spock, Marvel Captain America and Conan the Barbarian, Holden's Hope Punchkinhead Never-Give-Up-boy and tooth fairy wobblehead paper toys

*Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Hotmail
cute June frogs, snail and raincoat bears and July Evening Festival paper toys

*Ataque mutante
Tiny Toons Hampton J. Pig, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Montana Max, Furrball and Elmyra Duff, Family Guy Stewie Griffin, Biblical Magi/Three Kings Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar, Santa Claus, keQco baby Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Twitter bird (browse to the pages to find them all)

*Aviary blog
simple Phoenix bird paper toy (right-click and save the template)

*Bad Cat
2009 calendar cats, camp cats, Mexican cats, conserv-o-cats, lovecats, jingle Christmas cats, scare-d-cats and bad cats Cubee paper toys (click banners and then the images for the templates)

blank gangsta monkey template

*Bambino Booklet
Britain's Got Talent 2014 Bars And Melody Leondre Devries (pages 3+4) and Charlie Lenehan (pages 5+6) paper toys (click the "DOWNLOAD PDF" link at the bottom)

Spirou Cedric and Nelson paper toys (Parker & Badger, Tamara and young Spirou only after free registration)

fountain whale, turtle gift box, Christmas tree, wooden box and refridgerator (browse through the pages and click "첨부파일" in the top right corner, next to the red "(1)" and the small, green arrow, and then click "내PC 저장" to download the parts ZIP file)

*Becks Junkie
Back to the Future, Star Wars, Ted, The Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titans, Dr. Doom, The Flash, Batman, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Pokémon, Game of Thrones, X-Men, Dragon Ball, Iron Man, The Avengers, Power Rangers, The Beatles and lots more paper toys

*Behance Luchresifortunator
robot business card holder, 3headed rat, monkey, red balloon, b and fox paper toys

*Behance Marcelo Miraglia
crying monster paper toy

chess set and hero and Ice Cube paper toys

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bob the Blob, Frank the Fang and Freckles monitor monsters paper toys (click the "TREAT-OR-TREAT monitor monsters" banner on the top right for the PDF parts file)

*BigBang Paper Model
South-Korean boy band members G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri and Daesung paper toys and special Marvel Avengers Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and The Hulk versions here

black-and-white paper toy to customize (click "1. Téléchargez le gabarit du « papertoy » ici ." under "Comment participer au concours :")

*Blablaland Papertoyz
cute bee, geisha, vampire, maki sushi, pig, wolf's head, chicken, chick, Hollywood boy, Blabla girl, goat, cat, mouse and wizard paper toys

*Blipp Blopp comic
Blipp, Kevin and Blopp papercraft toys (click the template thumbnails)

*Blue Milk Special
Luke Skywalker, princess Leia, Han Solo, R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Emperor, Tarkin, TIE-fighter pilot, Jawa, Boba Fett, Greedo, Wampa and many other Star Wars comic milk cartons (click the "REBEL", "IMPERIAL", "FRINGE", "THE BOUNTY HUNTERS" or "OTHER" categories at the top; Facebook page here)

*Bob Canada's BlogWorld
Dr. Killdeath, Frankenstein and Gronkorr monster

several customized paper toys

*Bonnoum Cubutsu paper toys
Asian deities Kundali, Asura, Acala and Lakshmi paper toys

Santa Claus, Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, a Christmas elf and some presents and Easter Bunny and chicks paper toys

*Bouwplaat van je eigen truck
Foreman truck driver paper toy

hako style cars inspired by videogames and cartoons in toycar-like boxes

*Brasebin Pascal
Rock 'n' Roll For Life, Happiness Forever and customized Nike Air Force One tribute paper toys (click the "DOWNLOAD" buttons at the bottom)

*Bryan Rollins
Run DMC Jam-Master Jay, D.M.C and Rev Run and more Tubii paper toys

cute little Eva paper toy doll (scroll down and click the picture or the "downloaden" link under "Knutselplaat") and ice cream truck here (click the picture of the ice cream truck)

2008 US presidential election Democratic candidate Barack Obama

simple Burlabox clown pyramid paper toy

*Cabezon canoso
three biblical wise men magi Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior (click the green links above the picture for coloured or black and white versions) and Santa Claus, Christmas angel and snowman (click the green links below the picture)

simple Monster of Frankenstein, Dracula and Mummy candy dispensers

capitán Santana Buddypoke superhero

*Cargo Collective Drew Tetz
classic Batman, Hector and Daruma paper toys

*Cargo Collective Jarret Raley Quon
League of Legends Ziggs (repainted from Urban Paper Collective's Acrobat Monkey)

*Cargo Collective Pay-Per-Toy
Sammy Davis papertoy

*Carnival Action Cruisers
customize your own Cubee paper toy (prints directly from the Flash program)

*Casino Top10
slot machine mascot paper toy (click on image to open the PDF parts file)

riot cop, Crazy Pumpkin candy dish, Munkee, Super Bowl ghouls and Pittsburgh Steelers‎ Troy Polamalu and more paper toys

*Catch My Party
Grumpy Cat Cubee paper toy (click the "Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft template" link under "1) Make a Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft")

Sarah Jane Adventures Trickster and Slitheen, Trapped Caretaker, Tracy Beaker, Live 'n' Deadly Steve Backshall, Copycats Sam and Mark, Mission: 2110 Roboroid, CBBC Oucho, Hacker and Hacker's Treat Box, Bear Behaving Badly Nev the Bear, Blue Peter Helen Skelton, Barney Haywood, Andy Akinwolere, Cookie the Cat and Barney the Dog, All Over The Place Ed and blank animal and human BBC children's programs foldee paper toys (Foldeez list here)

*Charlotte Provot Cherlox's productions
steampunk turtle paper toy

Billion Minute Break campaign Chester mascotte Cubees

Owl People, Star Wars Boba Fett and stormtrooper, Ultra Man, country club witch, Dracula, mummy, werewolf, Frankenstein and many more paper toys (also here)

South Korean actor and model Choi Siwon in a carrot costume paper toy

*Ciah Ciah Pyra:Mi[n]ds
simple pyramids

*Club Santos Laguna
Mexican football club players, mascots and fans paper toys

*Cocooan urban papertoys
lots of customized paper toys

*Comic Artist Portfolio
Nube and Pluc the cat paper toys (scroll down and click the "Download the Printable here – Descargar el Printable acá" link)

Rob 15-20 wooden gorilla robot (scroll down)

Woadkill Wabbit, Pope Benedict XVI, Paolo the Whale and endangered species polar bear, tiger and panda paper toys

simple vintage no-glue-needed monkey paper toy (click the orange "Download PDF template." link just underneath the second picture)

DreamWorks Megaminds, Ubisoft Raving Rabbids, SEGA Sonic and the Black Knight, Cam and Maggie here and several more paper toys

*Creative Papers
Mega Man, Kirby, Marvel, Pokémon, Hanna Barbera, saint Seiya, Soul Eater, X-Men, Ranma, Deathnote and many more anime, cartoon and video game paper toys (click the "CATEGORÍAS" on the right and then the links underneath the images)

Mr. Izzy cook paper toy, Sword Art Online Yuki Asuna and Destiny Gundam head

Thorndyke monster paper toy (under "Paper Toys" at the top of the page)

*Creature Kebab
Shu Maru, Smazz the Red panda, Big Mouth Boris, Totem Tyson, Blue Bear, Captain Chilli Pepper, Danger Steve the dragon, Mischief, Sneeder, Stomper, Bearzah, Byorkie the Polar Bear and Rudy the Reindeer paper toys

lots and lots of paper toys from video games, cartoons and pop culture using the no-glue needed tab method

League of Legends Caitlyn, Vi, Leona and Diana, Metal Gear Solid Big Boss, Ghibli Totoro, Fallout Vaultec Boy and Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave soldier and more paper toys

Blacklight Retribution, Dead Space, Iron Man and Payday 2 paper toys

Mini Zeta, God Eye, Marky, Chicano Mask, Sandy Jr. and Kone, Aku-Aku and Kenos paper toy freebies

*Current Awareness Portal
simple red cat mascot

*Cut Fold Glue
cute Quorory Penguins, Bunnies and Pandas, Tatten schoolboy and schoolgirl, elephant girl, regular girl, girl in dog costume, robot, crash test dummy, karateka, snow wear and motorcycle rider and Daikichi Zamber dinosaur and robot-like Rommy paper toys

Deponia video game Rufus, Goal and Postkatze and Edna & Harvey video game Edna and Harvey paper toys

*Daftworks Oolite Paper Models
simple Oolite spaceships and Starglider 2 Icarus here

*Dairy Goodness
Mort the Royal Canadian Mountie, Bucky the Beaver and Sheila the Cow

*Daisho Con Blog
Daisho Con Stevie Musashi dog samurai mascot Cubee paper toy

red and blue teddybear and Danny-kun and Tallow papertoys (other models require a password)

*Dan Santat
Walter Kitty paper toy

*David Church Outer Sketcher
2-headed mutant chicken

*Dead End County Monster
Dead End County Monster webcomic RIP McAndrews, Frank and Clock Tower Cubee paper toys

*DCB PallyPals
Boba Fett, Ronald McDonalds, Sleepy Holloe Headless Horseman, Where The Wild Things Are and lots more TV and movie characters, company mascottes and celebrities and original and customized bobblehead paper toys

*Deadliest Catch fan Wiki
paper toy Discovery Channel Deadliest Catch F/V Cornelia Marie, F/V Northwestern, F/V Time Bandit and F/V Wizard boats and crews

*Dear Colleen
Love Cats paper toys and simple monthly 2013 animal paper toy calendars (browse the blog to find them all)

*De Bliksems
simple cloud-like monster (different choices of colour, eyes, mouth, tentacles etc. before printing)

*De Klapbroeken
Cupido paper toy (scroll down in the center frame)

*Design Koninging
Ponky Family, Robopeops and Space Invaders paper toys

*Desktop Gremlins
very simple papertoys and Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda dioramas

*DeviantArt akeel564
John Lennon and Paul McCartney paper toys (click the "Download File" button at the top right of the page for the PDF parts file)

*DeviantArt Akishan-creation
lots of Naruto, Grimmjow, Ape Escape, Marth, Pokémon cosplay girls, Japanese band The GazettE and other paper toys

*DeviantArt Almiku
cute boxhead character in dog, bear, frog, pinguin and rabbit costume, soldier, SAS, Navy Seal and snow soldier, fantasy hero, green and blue goblins and dwarf warrior

*DeviantArt amadeushopkins
Star Wars Captain Rex, Luminara Unduli, Asajj Ventress, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Embo and Aurra Sing paper toys and 2.5D Warhammer 40k Eldar, Farseer and Warlock jetbikes

*DeviantArt angelyques
Futurama, Asterix and Obelix, Superman, Jack Skellington, Mythbusters and lots more Cubee paper toys

*DeviantArt Aninsey
Professor Layton Luke Triton paper toy

*DeviantArt CatLadyMilan
hako style Mario Kart car Boxzet (click "Download Image" to download the sheet, don't forget to check the description for the link to the second sheet!)

*DeviantArt Chrys-n
Harry Potter paper toy

*DeviantArt CyberDrone
Transformers, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, He-Man, Ghostbusters, Dungeons and Dragons, G.I. Joe, the Simpsons, Adult Swim, Batman, Scooby Doo, Supernatural and many more Cubees and other paper toys (click the thumbnails under "Gallery Folders" on the left)

*DeviantArt dansrules
101 Dalmatians Cruella de Vil, Snow White Evil Queen, the Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West, Monster High Cleo de Nile, Frankie Stein and Draculaura, Mortal Kombat Subzero, Scorpion and Shao Kahn, Dungeons and Dragons Venger, Sleeping Beauty Maleficent and Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger

*DeviantArt Ditch-scrawls
Red Dwarf Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten, My Name is Earl Randy and Earl Hickey, The Big Bang Theory Penny, Howard, Raj, Leonard and Seldon, Californication Hank Moody, Doctor Who, The Crow, Cheeng and Chong, Highlander Connor MacLeod and Kurgan, The Evil Dead Army of Darkness Ash Williams, Superman, Star Wars Stormtrooper and more paper toys

*DeviantArt eduronofficial
Iron Man Mk. I paper toy (click the "Download" button on the right)

*DeviantArt eggoverlord
Sengoku Basara Date Masamune Cubee paper toy (click the "Download File" button)

*DeviantArt Engel-vg
Kokuban mascot Aki Hikari paper toy

*DeviantArt EsseDue
Strays dogs paper toys

zombie paper toy (click "Download Image" for the high resolution version)

*DeviantArt goobeetsa
Star Trek captain Kirk and mr. Spock, Star Wars George Lucas and R2-D2 and Doctor Who, Amy and Tardis paper toys

*DeviantArt Great-OHARU
monster paper toy (customized from Tougui's Billy Sweet Monster series)

*DeviantArt Grim-paper
chibi Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington, Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow, One Piece Luffy, Kingdom Hearts Halloween Sora, Reborn Emma Kozato, Gundam and many more papertoys

*DeviantArt Huski-Fan
The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures Green, Blue, Red, Violet and Shadow Link paper toys (click the links in the description below the picture)

*DeviantArt JACooper1992
Son of a Jerry mech walker

*DeviantArt jimbox31
My Little Pony Shining Armor and raptor dinosaur Paper Poseable paper toys (click the download "[link]" in the comments)

*DeviantArt jolwelcome
prophet Jonah Rommy and chibi Chloe paper toys

*DeviantArt keket1976
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson, Ward, May, Fitz-Simmons, and Skye, Once Upon A Time television series Emma Swan, Henry Mills and evil queen Regina Mills papercraft toys and coin of the realm, Emma Swan's Volkswagen Beetle, gift boxes and lots more paper toys

*DeviantArt Kingfunster
Orange Knight paper toy

*DeviantArt kittypuss
Rupert, rabbit in a hat and Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) police van

*DeviantArt manda-rinn
DC Comics Power Girl and Captain Marvel Shazam paper toys

*DeviantArt MarcoKobashigawa
lots of Teen Titans and Mario Cubees

*DeviantArt markcrilley
chibi robot with tutorial

*DeviantArt Moomuu
Despicable Me Minion Carl, Disney's Gravity Falls Mabel Pines, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong and Arthur D.W. Reed paper toys

*DeviantArt MrWalkieTalkie
Nightmare Bear paper toy (hand coloured 3eyedbear custom)

*DeviantArt Neko-daewen
Holiday K1 cat paper toy with optional robot heart

*DeviantArt orangecircle
customized Nanibird paper toy

*DeviantArt pierreldar
comic fanzine HellPig paper toy (click the "Download File" button on the right for the parts)

*DeviantArt randyfivesix
Disney's Tron Legacy Voltron Masterpiece, Fall-Out, Turbo-Man, Robocop and LEGO minifig Exo-Force, Star Wars Boba Fett and Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow and his little boat Cubee paper toys

*DeviantArt Riot-Inducer
Guild Wars 2 Rytlock Brimstone paper toy (click the "Download File" button on the right)

*DeviantArt ryanbhuled
Yudi Andhika cute yellow dinosaur paper toy (click the download "[link]" in the description underneath the pictures) and Korean webcomic Ketsuekigata-kun! RealCrazyMan's Blood Types Comic characters here(don't forget the PDF password!) Korean webcomic

*DeviantArt s3ac0w
simple ComiCon-way Faulkner County Library building Transformer

*DeviantArt StarfireG
Teen Titans Starfire and Robin (click the "Download File" button on the right)

*DeviantArt terrmedia
Sonic Miles Tails Prower, Elfen Lied Nyuu, Professor Layton, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Satoko Houjou and Kick-Ass Hit-Girl paper toys

*DeviantArt TheSweetestDisease
Teen Titans Beast Boy, Raven, Robin and Starfire paper toys

*DeviantArt ThreeTwo

Third/Half Dixie paper toy (click the "[link]" in the description)

*DeviantArt Veavictis
boxy fox and panda paper toys (click the two links in the description)

*DeviantArt WakaBee
papertoy zombie and T.F.A.T. The F*cking Awesome Turret here

*DeviantArt WrxStv
Dark Surgeon, Stephen King's Cat's Eye's Troll, Jeepers Creepers monster, Critter and Trick 'r Treat Sam Cubee toys

*DeviantArt Zarzamorita
moveable Danbo paper toy

*DeviantArt zenturtle651692
Disney's Brave Merida and Tangled Rapunzel, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time young princess Zelda, Sheik and adult princess Zelda and Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess Zelda, Harry Potter, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger and Puella Magica Madoka Kaname, Kyouka Sakura, Mami Tomoe, Homura Akemi and Sayaka Miki paper toys (all templates here

*DeviantArt zg-v1
Vocaloid Leon and Tonio Graphig paper toys

*DeviantArt Zombie-Pacman
simple Final Fantasy VIII Selphie, Street Fighter Chun-Li and RoboCop paper toys

Dracula, Frankenstein, Wicked Witch, Zombie, Scarecrow and Candy Corn paper toys and Valentine's Day paper toys here

*Diary of Inhuman Species
Leechee and Goathika paper toy monsters

Dumpy Astro Boy, Star Wars Darth Father and lots more paper toys (blank Dumpy template on the bottom of the page)

*DIY+ Exteen
simple Nokhook paper toy

*Dolly Oblong
customized Paper Totems paper toys

DJ Dom, Love Dom, Ski Dom and Space Dom

*Dons Welt
crazy shinobi ninja paper toy

*Dreamland Toyworks
Cthulhu entity papertoys (under "My Little Cthulhu - papercraft", about two thirds down the page)

*Drents Museum Assen
black and white, colour your own viking (click the "downloaden" link in the text)

*drew tetz
simple Hector, Daruma, Sonny, Sheep Man, Rumbo, Paper Me, Paper Munny, Jordan, Jamz and Baby Robot Friend paper toys

*Dr gue erre
cute little Frank Einstein Jr., Victor von Piro and Bruja Piruja the Witch MiniMonsters

*Dzingeek's paper toys
Jesus chef cook, babysitter and Top Gun wingman paper doll standies and Longhaul Larry monster, Yeti dude Mad Scientist, Sassy Suzie, Crazy Tom and Bob the Zombie and friend paper toys

customized squirrell-like paper toys (blank template here)

*Easy Peasy and Fun
cute penguins and colour-yourself owl paper toys here and lots more simple printables

*Eclectek Family
Stouffi monster DJ

*Ellie on Planet X
spunky Land Explorer robot Ellie on Planet X paper toy

Santa Claus, Two Fingers, World Wide Jump, Paper Moods, Ma Vie de Wouf, No Future for Mr. M and King Bahzill paper toys (click "télécharger ici" and the small thumbnails at the left of the page about halfway down for the other models)

Enigmatis mascot paper toy (click "GOODIES / BOUTIQUE" on the left, then "TÉLÉCHARGER" under "PAPERTOY ENIGMATIS" on the bottom right)

simple gorilla (about two thirds down the page)

*Fabulous Craft
Ape, Dark Surphur, Ironman, Agent Climax, Blue Hulk, Frankenstien, Centurion Phoenix, Destroyer Cyclops, Common Man and more paper toys

*Facebook Andorinha Dorinha
cute Brasilian olive oil company bird mascotte paper toy

*Facebook B Cute Papermodel
cute Sailor Moon Magic Knight Rayeartyh, Wedding Peach and more paper toys

*Facebook Canimal World
cute Uly, Leon, Pow, Peng, Wooang, Toki, Fizzy, Nia, Ato, Mimi and Oz paper toys (browse through the Photo Albums to find all the "Orgami Series")

*Facebook Hentai Kamen Movie
Hentai Kamen paper toy

*Facebook Mamaterrace
boxhead bear (click the PDF link in the description)

*Facebook Muco & Friends
Muco Monkey paper toy

*Facebook Zamnesia
smartshop mascot Zami paper toy

*Fakera Blog
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Joestar family JoJoLion Josuke, Johnny Joestar, Jolyne Kujo, Giorno Giovanna, Josuke Higashikata, Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar and Jonathan Joestar Graphig paper toys

*Favole e Fantasia
cute Pimpa dog paper toy

*FG DJ Radio
Planche girl and turntable DJs paper toys (click the pictures to download the PDF templates)

*Filippo Perin Phil Toys
mini graffiti box spraycan paper toys and more customs (click the models under "DOWNLOAD" at the right)

*Fine Teahouse
J-League V-Varen Nagasaki football team Vivi-kun mascot and Nii-tan Graphig paper toy (scroll down a bit and click the second "■ヴィヴィくんペーパーフィギュア(graphig)" bullet point, then scroll down some more and click the three orange "■ヴヴィくんペーパーフィギュア ...■" links)

Naruto, X-Men, Iron Man, Zinedine Zidane and lots more finger puppet paper toys

R/C Remote Control bot, Baby bot, Tech bot, Eco bot and Geek bot paper toys (click the different Firebots in the "MEET THE GANG" banner)

*Fist of Awesome
Fist of Awesome lumberjack and bear paper toys (scroll down and click the "FREE PAPERTOYS" banner)

*Flanders DC
Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein paper toys (click the "Knutsel je eigen xxx-Pakaan'er" links)

*Floor van der Doelen
simple gift box and Santa Claus and Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer and boys and girls paper toys

*Flambi Florent de May
blank paper toy chicken (customized examples here)

*Flickr Insane Design
Vibe and Cyclop toys

*Flippy Faces
Amadi and Angel, Gary and Gilbert Gorilla and Rowdy Reindeer (changable faces)

*Fold Friends
Judge Dredd, pumpkin, skeleton and more paper toys

*Fold Up Paper Toys
cubic Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens BB-8 Astromech ball droid

*Fold Up Toys
penguin, gingerbread man and snowman paper toys

*Foolish Kingdom
panda, bunny and mole

Chop Shop and Frank151 Chibbies (click the "Chop Shop Chibby" and "Frank151 Chibby" links in the text at the top)

*Freedom Fighter
Mothman paper toy and lots more

*Free rider paper toy
koala and blank template to hang from your car antenna

*fufufu after hours
PUCHA4 owl paper toy

cyber monkey-unicorn Paragon paper toy (click the "MORE>" button to go to the download page)

*FX Designs
Marvel Anti Venom, Captain America, X-Men Gambit and Apocalypse and Iron Spidey Fighty Fuggs

*Gawang Papel
8-bit Pac-Man ghosts blank and coloured paper toy robot

Dairobo Kong Defender of the Jungle and Unit 58 construction bot

*Giant Milk Can
blank Houdini template for a design contest (the contest is over; picture of the winning design here)

*Gloo Man
customize your own Gloo boy or girl

13 different Halloween 2011 paper toys, zombie Freud and Fold & Spooky and Spooky & fun paper toy series here and Edgar Allan Poe, Fold & Spookie series II John Carpenter's The Fog captain Blake, Halloween Michael Myers and Big Trouble in Little China Lo Pan and devil, black cat, skeleton and witch Halloween Masks here

*Google+ Netroid Universe
Drago the dragon, Raptor and Stego dinosaurs and Stal pony (by jimbox31, based on Paper Poseable's Poplocks system)

*Greenelf Paper models
Sharim Gubbels tribute El Carmesi mecha and lots of paper toys and Gundam build pictures

*Greg Van 't Land
Boys & Girls female and male staff members and Devil Dog US Marine Sniper hako papertoys (under "Hako-Heros" about halfway down the page)

Pumpkin King, werewolf, Nosferatu vampire, Invisible Man, mummy and Gill Man monsters

*Hal's handmade blog
cute black and white, colour-yourself paper toy

*Hanasaurus Rex
The Beatles John, Paul, George and Ringo Yellow Submarine finger puppets

Dirty Painters, Not An Air Freshener, Quiet Wind Chime and Summer series and blank, customize-your-own Hangselm hanging paper toys

*Happi Paper
cubic regular, shocked, hot pink, inverted, and melon Happi Tigers

*Harlancore Boxpunx
Imaginary Monster Papercraft series (IMPs), Analog Abominations series, Innocence & Rainbows series, Videogame History series, Punx in Space series, Punkrock series, Heroes Tactics Advance Extreme Plus series, Mods and Tributes series, Glueless series, blank templates, customs and special editions, EBPunx, Uncanny X-Punx, Fantastic Funk-a-delic, Brute series and PersonaFAN Devil Summoners vs. Darkstalkers series

*Helden Abenteuer Percy Jackson
simple 2.5D dragon, wolf and bird

*Het Parool
12 types of Dutch college students

simple Erwin the garden gnome paper toy( under "Zwei" near the bottom of the page)

simple Dai, Kyumukyumu, Dai piggybank and Dai buddies

*House of St.Hellvis
stonerband Orange Goblin Stomper, Bilpojken Car-Boy and other customized paper toys

*How-To Geek
create your own custom paper toy-tutorial (with blank template)

*HUCK Magazine
Shaun White snowboarder paper toy

*Hugo l'Escargot
simple Batman, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Hulk and Superman paper toys

*human block
human block paper toy (click the template thumbnail under "Create your Own Human Block!")

*Hyad Design
Pioupiou bird, Urban Bearboy, Loco Monkey, Funky Doggy, Tikitika, Funky Boy Spaceboy and Transistoy paper toys

*H&Z Heels & Zimerman Inc.
paper toys and iPhone dock (use the green scrollbar at the bottom)

*I am Kritch
Aztec Jaguar Warrior-bot, NHK Domo, Mexican Luchador Domo, Bling Domo, Domo Zilla, Beach Domo, Hipster Domo, Devil Domo and Sumo Domo, cakes, Christmas pudding, Snowman, Robby the Robot, Octo-boy and Happy Orange paper toys

*IBI Productions
Iron Man Mark 42 Cubee paper toy (copy + paste the Cubeecraft URL in your adress bar)

*Icon Generators
customize your own Square Face Cube paper toy

*Idea Papercraft
cute Dragon Ball Z, DC's The Flash and Guardians of the Galaxy paper toys

*Idea to Paper Studios
Marvel Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Deadpool, Spider-Man and Wolverine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Krang, Foot Soldier and Shredder, vampire and mummy, Batman and the Flash and Way of the Ninja Centuri and Hare paper toys (under the "Pages" button at the top; also here)

*Il Était une Faim
Santa Claus paper toy (scroll down and click the "Père Noel_Paper Toy à télécharger " link underneath the template thumbnail)

*ilustración y papel
Santa Claus, Christmas Angel and monster paper toys (browse through the older pages) and elephant paper toy on Flickr

*Imagine Forest
Marty the Wizard

blank, customizable Marfusha paper toy, follow-me-eyes illusion slime monster here and lots more

customize your own Ruffo paper toy dog (click the "Ruffo PAPER TOY CONTEST" button at the bottom, then click the PDF link in the description on the Facebook page)

*I.T.E.M. Entertainment
Mu-SION samurai soldier, commanding officer here, legendary warrior here, banners and katana sword here and flea warriors in pod here (click the template thumbnails)

*I Want Your Skull
Pale Horse, Derek Deal, Mr Gauky and Adam Swinbourne Skull King customized paper toys

*Jack Hankins Horrorwood
original and customized paper toys and Luke Drozd, King Reggie IV, Hell Skater and blank Hell Skater Skull King customs here (click the "DOWNLOAD" links on the right)

*Jasper Douenburg Robo Toy Factory
simple robot K1R2CB4A paper toy blueprint (click "Ga snel naar de fabriek!", in the first screen click the box with materials, in the next one the lever on the machine to operate the laser, then the blue ray in the rainbow, and in the final screen the lever on the right; then click the blue "Printen" button in the pop-up window for the PDF parts file)

four-legged Jellyface paper toys

*Jens & Anna
Snake o'Death, Bone Cruncher, Giant Bulging Orb, Tentacle Slimer, Gut Gobbler, Eyeball Muncher, Smiling Terror and Puny Humans (scroll down to find the "//////PATTERN DOWNLOAD HERE//////" download links on the left side of the page)

*Jerom BD
lots of simple hako monsters and caricatures and Egopaper alphabet project here

*Jeugd Hasselt
Hasselt Hert city mascot (click the "knutselplaat Hert" link under "Ga creatief aan de slag met Bert & Hert")

*Jin's Studio 22 Cool Pet Rangeland
P.I.Y., Jeans, Pumpkin, Skeleton, X'mas, Nian, Sakura and mummy and Seal, Pig and Chameleon Cool Pet Rangeland rabbit boxhead freebies here (look for the "Download FREE 100%" buttons)

muscle man Buffo

*Joe Apodaca
Marvel and DC comic book heroes and villains boxheads/hakos

*Joel J2
Tokidoki Moofia Bulletto and Mozzarella and Baby Charuca here and Santa Claus in a sneaker here

*Just Us Product
PixelBlox, JustKidz, hulMet, JustBotz and JustMan series (click the pictures on the left)

Body-san and kimono girl paper toys

simple Gangnam Style Psy automaton (also in dancing Santa version) and Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Mr. Krabs, Gary the pet snail, Squidward Tentacles and Plankton and more paper toys

*Kamimodel Rommy
Rommy sloth paper toys (customized versions only available for a limited time)

*Kawaii style
Bunny Boy Japan Taste, Kikoo the Monkey, Smile Train and HelloCoy! Yomiuri Giants Fan, 3eyedBear Jagannatha, Thai Ghost, Calling All Cars! Kawaii Kuma-chan, NaniBird Chicchirihi, Tiki Toy, Ninja Dog, Otaku-san and Kappa bird and Bunny Boy, Kyoko the Japanese Monkey paper toys, Chika The Kawaii Goddess, Kikoo the Monkey, Platform 187, Little Hanoman and Spider Monkey

*Keith Allen Designs
Avatar The Last Airbender Aang paper toy

*Kekli Studios
Myxomatosis Boyo killer, Boyo in rabbit suit, tiger, Spike Lee She's Gotta Have It Mars Blackmon, El Boyo and Mozter X monster paper toys

University of Louisville Cardinal and University of Kentucky Wildcat mascots (click the "Wildcat paper toy" and "Cardinal paper toy" just below the video box about halfway down the page)

*Kezn's Paper World
Reddev devil, Bellecao dancing cow, Aladdin 10 year anniversary, Kookoa chicken suit, Keznarticus and Busi(ness)man paper toys

scroll down for a cute excavator, goldfish, rabbit, turtle and dachshund (from Paper Box World)

Mario, Mega Man, Transformers, Naruto, Doraemon and other Japanese cartoons paper toys (a new template for every new 10 Facebook "Likes"; choose a paper toy and then click "Print Me!" to print the template directly from the webpage)

*Kobelco Kobe Steel
Iron & Steel, Welding, Aluminium & Copper Machinery and Natural Resources and Engineering promotional paper toys

simple One Piece, miscellaneous and blank cubic paper toys (click the banner links on the right)

*kou7ten Comic City Spark 8
Sengoku Basara Itsuki, Tsuruhime, Ichi, Magoichi, Matsu, Kasuga, Nouhime and blank paper toys (click the "Zip Download" icons on the left)

*KROMO lab
Tales of Avalon Arcturus, Robo-Kong, Santa Claus and 3eyedBear customized paper toys

*kspudw Rock Paper Scissors
FAST paper toys (same as here, click the "Download File" button to download the PDF parts file)

*Kyuden Voltex
rugby club megaphone, flag, headband, fan, Volta mascot and cup wrapper

*La Maison de l'histoire de France
lots of paper toys from Jeanne d'Arc, Vercingétorix, Vauban, Louis XIV and Napoleon (click the links under "Télécharger les paper toys :")

*la mirada panorámica
simple El buey ox paper toy (click "Descarga el archivo" in the description)

*La saga Papertoys
Cannes film festival, groceries, spring clean, summer beach, back to school, Halloween, winter sports, Christmas Santa Claus and more grocery bag paper toys (new theme every month, browse with the arrows)

Max en de Maximonsters Max and Maximonsters Moishe and Sipi paper toys (scroll down and click the "Max", "Maximonster Moishe" and "Maximonster Sipi" links)

*Le Petit Prince
Le Petit Prince paper toys

*Let's Be Friends Again
Let's Be Friends Again webcomic Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. and The Enthusiast paper toys

*LEX su BLOG y el papercraft
Ws LEX-WhySoSmiley shoe (customized from Shin Tanaka) and Mexican president Enrique Kike Peña Nieto (customized from Maya In Paper) paper toys

The Good, the Box and the Ugly, A box full of randomness, Monsters of the box screen (Halloween theme), Super Ultra Mega Boxdams (based on Gundam) series hako boxheads, Super Human Boxes series (based on the X-Men), Twister Easter and Happy Boxoween paper toys

*Linkin Park
Link Park band members Rob Bourdon with a drum, Joe Hahn with a turntable, Braddelson with a guitar and a headphone, Phoenix with a Guitar, Chester Bennington with a microphone and Mike Shinoda with a synthesizer

*Little Plastic Man
Angry Birds, Star Wars Boba Fett and stormtrooper, The Hulk and Bruce Lee in a state of Nirvana, mobile game Angry Birds, Flatheads, Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald, Wendy's girl, Carl's Jr. Star, A&W Root Beer Great Root Bear, robots, Gundam, He-Man and Superman and many more paper toys

*Little Rainey
Yeti, Christmas Santa Claus Naughty or Nice List, fireplace and Christmas stockings and Christmas carollers paper toys and Easter egg basket here

*Little Roller
simple girls with changable parts

*Lopez Graficox
simple El Popular paper toy van, monster, Day of the Dead festival and Santa Claus paper toys (click the buttons under "PAPERTOY")

Insignifiantes Aventures de Johan et Plume Johan and Plume here

*Loulou & Tummie's Fancy coloured website
old skool philicorda combo organ and simple robots

*Love Through Design Studios
cute paper toy elephant

Santa Claus and Christmas elf relaxing a hot cup of tea (also here and here)

Samoking and Teddy (here) paper toys

*Machintoy blog
Crazy Cat, Bad Bear and Raging Rabbit and Mostrotelevision paper toys here and here

*Macia Troopa
Dark B.Boy hoodie

Raw Gums, Alien Chum Chum, Kokeshi Lolita Miyu, Candy Bot 10,000, Nosferatu, Unicorn, Leprechaun, deer, cupid, Nurikabe, turkey, pilgrims, happy little bear, Chibi Yeti, Santa, Viking Dwarf, Neat Beard the Pirate, Tiki Box and more

*Made in Paperland
rocking horse, turtle, rabbit, mammoth, bear, giraffe, kangaroo, hedgehog, snail, tigrrr, cow, whale, IT computer-boy, cats, dog, mouse, voodoo doll, angel, demon imp and Cheburashka

*Marie Diaz illustratrice
Flanagan and the whale (click the two thumbnails with the parts)

*Marshall Alexander
simple people, animals and other creatures

*Marko Zubak YeBot
customized movable YeBots, Blockhead here and many more customized paper toys here

*Martin Gee Hellvetica
Citrus cat, Rom Spacemite, Commander, Mr. Pee, San Jose Mercury News Design Buddy and Roboticon and Destructobot papertoys

*Mas Mbrot
original and customized paper toys

Luchador Mexican wrestler paper toy

*Matt Hawkins Custom Paper Toys
monsters, famous creatures and antropomorphic everyday items

*Matthijs Kamstra
Grumm and Drukk pusher with flapping arms here (textures by different artists)

*Maurizio Russo Graphics design illustrations
Italian historic hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, Nativity scene, Ipad flyer, Aikido presentation card, Napule Italian Restaurant promotion, Mau, Halloween zombie, Don't drink and drive-monkey, Techmag boy, Maradona, Andrea Tosi Fotino, Santa Claus as terrorist and New Year 2009 champagne bottle

Slipknot Mick Thomson, Samurai X Sanosuke Sagara, Plants vs Zombies Gatling Pea, Sun-shroom, Puff-shroom, Peashooter, Crazy Dave, Newspaper Zombie and Buckethead Zombie and Kurt Cobain

*met papier
cute little mouse, lion, bear and frog finger puppets

*Michelle Runowski
cute Christmas reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen paper toys

*Mega Sonicos Blog
Mega Sonicos original characters paper toy Cubees

*Meine Papierwelt
simple RoboCop, Superman, Futurama Bender and Batman (scroll down and click the "Download Bastelbogen" links underneath the pictures; the other models are not available for download)

*Merrci papertoys
1960 pill lamps Pillola Lamps here, cast arm boy here, unadapted Steampunk prosthesis boy here and several more paper toys

Superheroes & Sidekicks Captain Lightning, Sidekick Bolt and Dr. Boredom paper toys

customized/skinned paper toys

*Mille et Une Feuilles
cute Zeca, Amel, Iro, Bess, Daryl, Yumi, Néo, Mia, Chandu, Neelam, Milo and Cali paper toys (click the thumbnails or the small ("Paper Toy...") links underneath "> Affichage")

simple cubehead alien creature

*Mini Papercraft
cute Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac, Breaking Bad television series Walter White, Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring and Hector Salamanca, Pacific Rim movie Cherno Alpha and Gipsy Danger Jaeger mechas, Superman Man of Steel, Iron Man, Bart, Homer, Lisa, Maggie and Marge Simpson, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, Adventure Time Finn, Fiona, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, Batman, He-Man Masters of the Universe Skeletor, Trapjaw, Beastman, Triclops, He-Man, Teela, Orko, Evil-Lyn, Mean At Arms, Stratos, Merman, Man-E-Faces, Clawful, Sorceress, Mekaneck, Buzz-Off and She-Ra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Donatella, Raphael and Michelangelo, Dragon Ball Z Vegeta, Streetfighter Chun Li, Ryu, Blanka, Akuma and Ken Masters, Marvel Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Captain America, Hawkeye, the Hulk, Black Widow and X-Men Wolverine, Star Wars R2-D2 and Darth Vader, Getter, Grendizer and Mazinger Z mecha robots, Harry Potter Luna Lovegood, Severus Snape and Lily Evans, Avatar the Last Airbender Aang and lots more paper toys

*Missy Miss Weblash
simple Matrioshka Flower Girls paper toys

*Mister Black Tee
Mister Black Tee paper toy (click the "Descargar PDF" link underneath the picture)>br />
*misterwinterman blog
Watusi the Talking Dog (you need to enter an e-mail adress first)

*Modellbau Drabow
cyborg paper toy and Easter greetings (under "Bastelbögen - Downloads")

*Mongo village
cute cube birds

*Monster Workshop
Big Guy, Siamese and Purple and Blue Tonk monsters

Chinese Zodiac 2007 pig, 2008 rat, 2009 ox, 2010 tiger, 2011 rabbit and 2012 dragon (click "Gallery" and then "paper craft")

Bertie Rainy Day, blank Bertie and Coobie Oscar paper toys (click the "Download PDF Template" links)

*Mozilla blog Indonesia
Firefox 4 Spark and Ember fox mascottes

*Mozilla Wiki
Mozilla Firefox 2012, Firefox 4.0 Spark and Ember and Indonesian Firefox mascots

*Muerta a los humanos!
simple M.I.K.E. robot and blank, customizable templates from Boxpunx, Thunderpanda, Custom Paper Toys, Cubeecraft and Makula Art here

One Piece Nightmare Luffy, Vivi, Tony Tony Chopper, Franky, Sanji, Nami, Brook, regular Luffy, Usopp, Nico Robin and Roronoa Zoro, Disney Duffy and ShellieMay teddy bears and Kinnikuman Cubee paper toys (browse through the blog to find all the templates)

*My Kamer Site
UEFA Euro 2012 European championship football Poland-Ukraine Slavko mascot paper toy Cubee

*My Little House
Dinosaur, Castle Knights, Biblical and Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Thomson and Thompson and Professor Calculus and more paper toys (click the buttons in the menu on the right; old site here

*NaniBird blog
preserved hako style NaniBirds ck from the old NaniBird site here

*NC Empire
Graphic series 1 OSHARE and Kashirako Tendai and Miharako Tendai and special package box and series 2 Absolute Area san paper toys (under "papertoy:" about 4/5th down the page and the template thumbnail at the top)

*Ndbag The Boogeyman
black and white Pandaman (click the "Next Page >" button and then click the template thumbnail)

*Nemsi Books
simple 2.5D Karl Mary's Wild West Klekih Petra, Sam Hawkens, Santer, Tante Droll, Old Wabble, Winnetoe, Old Shatterhand and Gojko Mitic and Oriental Odyssey Kara Bem Nemsi, Hajji Halef Omar, Omar Ben Sadek and Abu el Nassr

*Neon Neuron
simple monster paper toy (click the "PAPERTOYS" button)

NiceBunny, HedKase and customized paper toys

*Nice Nieuw-West
Staalman bear paper toy (3EyedBear custom)

*Nice Paper Toys Arturo
cute astronaut paper toy and box (look for the download links in the comments at the bottom of the page)

caravan head-girls (scroll down to the "DOWNLOADS" then click the thumbnails for the parts files)

*Nick Knite
lots of customized paper toys

gyorai octopus paper toy (click "télécharger et le monter vous-même ici" and "télécharger un version blanche ici" just above the pictures to download a coloured and an untextured black and white version)

*Ninja Cowboy Bear
cute ninja, cowboy and bear paper toys

*Non dairy Diary
cute teddy and bird houses ornaments, lapins rabbit hakos and more paper toys (browse the old posts)

*Norio Web
very simple rectangular Norio character paper toy in different versions

*Nori Toy
Sushi Stackers (click the faces at the bottom of the page)

*now making...
Pokémon Black and White Hilbert and Hilda and lots more anime and manga paper toys

*Objective Ministries
Biblical Lambuel, Ruby the lioness, Mr. Gruff the goat, Habu the elephant and Jesus Christ paper toys and Crucifixon nail (under "Neat Paper Models!" about halfway down the page, Japanese site also has Ultralamb paper toy here)

*One sheet's not enuf
Halloween, chibi bots, X-Men Wolverine Star Wars Clone Wars clone troopers, Christmas and Sylvester Stallone Rambo and Cobra paper toys (under "paper toys" about one third down the page, click the menu on the left for the different categories)

*Oh Sheet
Michael Jackson Thriller zombie and werewolf and more Twitches here, customized paper toys here and The Evil Dead Ash vs zombie Linda diorama here

Match-Bot, New Year 2011 boy and girl, Shinryaku! Ika Musume anime Squidgirl, Do not Disturb!, Angel/Demon boy, Spongebob Squarepants Monkey D. Sponge One Piece and Buutrick Dragon Ball Z crossovers, Durarara!! Orihara Izaya and Celty Sturluson and emoTeVe paper toys

*One Direction Music
British X-Factor 2010 One Direction cyberpunk boyband Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson paper toys

Carmi Charuca, Badtz Maru, Tuxedo Sam, My Melody, Keroppi, Danbo, Angry Birds, Domo-kun, Mnstr, Google Android and more paper toys

surfer paper toy (click on "kan je hier de bouwplaat downloaden" just below the picture for the PDF version)

*origami 3d loreto
chibi One Piece Luffy and Orange is the new black Alex Vause and Piper Chapman paper toys

toranyan and paconyan cats, pacopiyo chick, pacoween Halloween pumpkin and paco teddy paper toys (first click the orange "ダウンロードページ>>" links next to the pictures, and then on the next page the orange "ダウンロード>>" links near the bottom to download the PDF parts files)

*Panda Crew
Calling All Cars!, 3eyedBear, Kani?Bird, Tagger, Billy SM, Paper Totem, Stage, Rodrigo and Bertiecustomized paper toys (click the thumbnails)

*Pan di Stelle
chocolate teddy bear and starchild paper toys and more

stylized, one-piece 2013 Zodiac Year of the Snake (click the single arrow ">" at the bottom next to "カード・デザインをダウンロード" for the pattern and the double arrows ">>" next to "組み立て説明書をダウンロード" for the instructions), 2011 Tohuku earthquake phoenix birds here (click the "▶PDFをダウンロードしてください。" links for the patterns and instructions) and a Christmas Santa Claus here (scroll down and then click the "jpgデータをダウンロードしてください" links underneath the instructions and pattern previews)

*Paper Box World
simple cubic animals, cars and seasonal box models, and Toilet, Doodoo, Wee and Rolly Toilet Team and Alien here

Apple iOS, Google Play Android and Amazon Kindle Fire app girl, boy, car and dinosaur sample patterns

The World Ends With You frog, Adventure Time Jake the dog, Big Big Battles game butterfly, stinkbug, spider, hedge and more and Bopper paper toys

*Paper Critters
customize your own simple paper toy before printing

simple cubic Mario and Pokémon paper toys (more on the DeviantArt papercubees group)

duck, bull, pig, hippopotamus, elephant and panda piggy bank paper toys

*Paper Fight Club
wrestler and other fighters paper toys and blank templates to customize yourself here

*Paper Foldables
simple boxheads from V The Visitors, Viva Piñata, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang, Centipede, retro Atari 2600 console businesscard holder, accordeon, Toki Tori chick, Manchester United finger puppets and lots more and even more pictures and paperfoldables on the Paper Foldables weblog!

Rainbow Brite, Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Bravo, bikini girl, fly, cute girl and more paper toys

*Paper Holes
classic Batman, football club AC Milan Milanello paper toy and Iron Man Hall of Armor

X-Men Cyclops, Spider-Man Scarlet Spider, Carnage, Venom and Black Spider-Man, The Phantom, Newly Weds, and El Santo, Blue Demon and Tinieblas Mexican wrestler superheroes and more

policeman, doctor, astronaut and soldier, Toy Story alien, Kamen Rider RX, Winnie the Pooh and Happy Tree Friends Sniffles and Giggles paper toys

Mr. GoldFishhh, Mickey(Mouse)Fishhh and 2011 Japanese nuclear disaster Mr. RescueFishhh

Slender Man meme paper toy and blank CreArture here and Paper Ninja (here) templates to customize your own

customize your own papercraft toy by uploading your picture and choosing a hairstyle and clothing (click "Los geht's!" to start; you need to have the Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin installed)

*Paper Minions
Disney Pixar Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Up Carl and Russell and Monsters Inc. Sully and Mike Wazowski and more

*papermodel2u by Petchpaper
Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, Ultraman Andro Meros, Kinnikuman Super Phoenix, Kinnuku soldier and Robin Mask and Thai Songkran festival Gang, Ghost Halloween and Sungthong, Soodsakorn and nude ascetic characters from Thai literature

*Paper model by tjaizue
Kick-Ass, The Dark Knight Rises Batman and Bane, Ice Age Manny, Doraemon, Ultraman and lots more paper toys

*Paper Model Craft
simple Thai Phee ThaKhon, Songkran festival gang, Grand Sword Master, Twing Axes and Kick Boxing Warriors, X-Men Wolverine, Kinnikuman Mariposa, Big Body, Zebra, Soldier and Super Phoenix Five Fated Princes and Ultraman Andro Meros

*Paper Monster
paper toy monsters and customized versions here

*Paper Nanibird blog
Nanibird paper toys

*Paper Poseables
poseable paper toys

sumo wrestler and papercraft propaganda paper toys

*Paper Toy Adventures
lots of cartoon and video game characters paper toys (click the thumbnails for the templates)

*Papertoy Bonanza
Sparky matchsticks, Goovil (angel and devil), cafetaria Trey Hedkase action figure doctor's office props, Dead Drukk, Ancient Mariner and Chopper

links to lots of papercraft toys

cute shark family, hippo, cat and maltezer puppy and London double-decker bus (click the "PTN...다운로드" links just above the videos)

*Papertoys Clemper
El Cocomovil, Pig Box, Gustavo Cerati, TNT dynamite, Green Slime and God of War paper toys

Honey Bennies bear freebie (click the "Download de template en bouw zelf een papertoy" bear on the bottom left of the webpage)

*Papiertiger Papercrafts
black-and-white/colour yourself Blanky and bear and coloured He-Man paper toys (simply right-click on the template to save it to your computer, or log in to download a PDF version)

*Paul Shih
T-Wrecks, Big-Foot and customized Dolly Oblong Hollow Threat Totem paper toys

Indonesian presidents Soekarno, Soeharto, B.J. Habibie, Megawati, SBY and Gusdur, Bambang Pamungkas, Markus Horizon and Christian Gonzalez football players and Queen's Eddie Mercury paper toys

*PeKay's House
colour in PeKay the pig, Mimi the rabbit and Ma the bear, and then print your coloured version directly from the browser (original Japanese version here, and some simple storage boxes here)

different papertoys from several different creators (click the categories in the menu on the left under "Pepakura")

lots of customized Pepetz friends paper toys

*Phase Bots
cute Rcee, Bee and Oprime Transformers-like Phase Bots paper toys

*Peter Piper Pizza BooMonsters
BooMonsters LilyBoo, BellaBoo, BooBob, BoogieBoo, BenjiBoo and BillyBoo Cubo paper toys (choose a BooMonster, then wait for the new page to load and then click the orange "Descarga" button)

*Phillip Fickling
Cthulhu paper toy with Batman shirt

*Phil's Toys
several customized paper toy freebies (under "DOWNLOAD" about halfway down the page on the left

*Pieter Dirkzwager
Rex monster paper toy

Pikaland logo paper birdy

Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, Jensen Button and Kimi Raikkonen boxhead paper toys

*PlayKids TV
Lupi the dog paper toy ("Print" directly from your browser or "Download" as a PDF file)

Crash Test Bunny, CO&O, T-Rash, Nook, Toxi (based on rolls of toiletpaper/plee-rollen)

*PMF Paper Moving Figure
cute paper toys with moving arms and legs

simple Rex Crowle Tearaway game developer paper toy (scroll down a bit until you see the template)

*Pop Quem
Madonna MDNA Tour cheerleader paper toy (click the image or the "PARA BAIXAR SEU PAPER TOY DA MADONNA, CLIQUE AQUI!" link at the bottom of the post)

*Pop'Set Paper
blank C-Myk paper toy to customize yourself (click the "DOWNLOAD YOUR C-MYK PATTERN" link underneath "COLOURS' ATTACK CONTEST")

*Portland Paper City
blank people, car, food truck, van, truck, SUV, cat ,dog, tree and simple person paper toys

*PRCM arashiapple
Japanese boy band Arashi band members Satoshi Ohno, Jun Matsumoto, Kazunari Ninomiya, Masaki Aiba and Sho Sakurai paper toys

*Primax La Estación del Optimismo
simple little robot (click one of the buttons like "MI EQUIPO HA PERDIDO" button, on the new screen click "SEGUIR SIN WEBCAM", then click away the talking robot with the "X" button, and then click the "PAPERTOY" button at the bottom; make sure you have pop-ups enabled in your browser!)

Glaze, admin, Ron Meshbesher, Kørt and Schulze Paper Gang toys

Nasty Boxes and A-Team van paper toys

*Rabisco Pop
Jessie J, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Harry Potter Emma Watson Hermione, Rachel Berry, Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper, Glee! Brittany, Hayley Williams, Nicki Minaj, Amy Winehouse, Victoria Beckham Posh, Melanie C Sporty, Melanie B Scary, Geri Halliwell Ginger and Emma Bunton Baby Spice Girls, Justin Bieber and lots more

*Rainman's Papercraft
PandaDog, PenguinDog and RabbitDog, Paper Friends box, rabbit and penguins, LEGO NinjaGo minifigs, Halloween Pumpkin Head, Scream movie Ghostface, Skeleton and Dracula vampire, Gangnam Style Psy and lots more character and animal and other paper toys (browse through the blog to find all the models; click the "페이퍼인사이드" or "" links underneath the picture to go to the download page or the "첨부파일" link next to the green arrow at the top right and then click the "내PC 저장" links)

*Raveland Robotics
Nu’Kosmonaut paper toy

blank/colour-yourself paper toys and kinetic sculpture that react to what's happening on your social networks using Motor and Sound building blocks

simple flatpack paper toys

Comiket 83 ReFrain graphig Tee / BlitzLester paper toy (browse for the "●graphigを公開しました" post on 2013/01/17(Thu)01:28; click the template thumbnails or the "ダウンロードはこちらから")

Federico Jiménez Losantos, Osama Bin Laden, Mariano Rajoy, Zapatero, king Juan Carlos I, president George W. Bush and pope Benedict XVI caricatures (click "podeis descargarlo aquí" for the ZIP files with the parts)

*Reines des Fraises
Little Red Riding Hood paper toy

Ambroise, Bunny, Darwin, Fairfax & Fancy, Herman, Leon, Super Monsieur, Theodore and Viktor paper toy monsters

*Ricardo Herrera
Mexican fire fighters Cubee paper toys

*RoboCup 2013
RoboCup 2013 Robin the soccer robot mascot paper toy (scroll down a bit and click the "DOWNLOAD" link next to "DIY Robin (placemat)" under "Fun Ways to share Robocup 2013")

Robotata robot and Thanksgiving turkey paper toys (at the bottom of the page)

*Rock - Paper - Scissors
Rabat paper toy

*Ross Hendry
funky monkey, Ollie and customs and hatz series here

*Rob East
Wu Tang, Rubicon Deli, Mayer Hawthorne, Lord Quas, J Dilla, Travis Rice, Manny Macquiao, Quasimoto and MF Doom paper toys

*Ruang Antho
CSI Crime Scene Investigation, guitar effect foot pedals, Blastyface, Indonesian television and company mascots, urban and many more paper toys and Paper Replika's AXIOO bot custom here

lots of different paper toys

*Salazar family Frank's Hako Clones
Charmed, Angel, Quantum Leap and Stargate SG-1 television series, The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, Kim Possible and Veggie Tales cartoons, Jeralyn Balli, Lord of the Rings, The Incredibles and miscellaneous hako clones

Fatboy, T-Reg, Cargo, Meempee, Lovebird, Stubey, Gammon, Nogloo, Xroom and several more paper toys

*Samantha Eynon
Santa Claus and Mrs Claus, a polar bear, a Christmas elf, Rudolf and Blitzen the reindeers, a snowman and a penguin and Christmas Camper ad lots more paper toys

*SayHeyCrystal Blog
little orange fox paper toy

cubic PioPio the Easter chick, Gluglu the fish, Angelo the Christmas angel and 2009 calendar

Just Bangin' Around crash test dummy, Adam & Eve, The Night Before Christmas, A Day at the Beach, Still Afraid of the Dark and At the Office paper toys (select a paper toy and then click the "Download PDF" button underneath the images)

*Shin Tanaka
chibi shoes (you'll get a random colour each time you click the image)

*Silbach Station
cute Claw 6 vehicle and Buck-Tooth car

Chinese Qin dynasty court sorcerer Xu Fu (click on the cover sheet near the bottom of the page for the PDF parts file)

*Simon Phipps
Rick Dangerous and Switchblade Hiro and Cybersnake paper toys

*Sinner Playing with Art
Genetically Altered, Tiny Tiki Idol, skateboard, racecar, Rockface Easter Island statue and more paper toys

Avatar, Walt Disney, Fruits Basket, Hell's Kitchen, Jeff Dunham, Princess Tutu, Star Wars, The Swan Princess, Swat Kats, video games, holidays and more Cubee paper toys (click the "Older posts <<" link underneath the bottom post preview to browse through the older ones; also here)

hako/boxhead skull with articulated jaw (robot version here)

*Sluggy Freelance
very simple boxshaped Sluggy Pawnz webcomic heroes and villains

Slurg monster (click the "DIN A4" or "Letter" links for a PDF parts file, or the "unbeslurgte-CUSTOMIZE IT-Bastelvorlage" link for a customizable EPS file)

*So Fresh Blog
LMFAO Sexy and I Know It Shuffle Bot paper toy

TCON ToyConUK 2013 mascot (click the "HERE" link in the text)

*Squared Eye
simple whale paper toy (click the "DOWNLOAD" button next to the template near the bottom of the page)

*Squared Eye
simple whale paper toy (click the "DOWNLOAD" button next to the template near the bottom of the page)

*Square Head Papercraft
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Young Justice Kid Flash and Super Boy, The Tick, Neo Human Casshern, Deadpool, Robocop, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Square Head and more paper toys

2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello *Squatties
simple Street Fighter, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Wallace and Gromit, zombies, Steve Jobs, Batman and more pop-culture paper toys

Ludwig the T-Rex paper toy

Snowman, Christmas Tree, Power Playlists, ChimpaprZ, foldy Goldy, Chip, The Octopus, Sciurus Paperus and lots more

*State of Shock Studios
Dexter, Frank Zappa with guitar and PHSH rock band Ernie and Cactus with guitar, Henrietta with drums and Leo with piano paper toys

*St. Craft Warehouse
chibi papertoys of Iron Man, Batman, Willy Water, eBuddy, Jezus, cats, panda, Tazmanian Devil Taz, ToraTeru Love Tiger and more

*Steffi Fiedler Style
simple Easter bunny paper toys (click the template thumbnail just above "Einfach auf’s Bild klicken und runterladen.")

*Sticker Robot
retro robot (click the blue "Download Now" button underneath the papercraft pictures)

PaperJack chainsaw mascot

*Studio la vache qui meuh
cartoon cow paper toy

*Studio MDHR
Cupman and Mugman

*Sugarkids Club
simple paper toy robot (click the "Superrobot bouwplaat" link at the bottom)

*Sunshine Coast Council
Library Troll paper toy (click the "Spring Edition 2014" PDF link and go to page 11)

Good Shroom, Hoodie, Jellyfish, Racer, Zombie, Spaceman and blank Mushkin paper toys

pink cartoon rabbit in his underwear paper toy

*Telman Paper
simple fantasy/medieval, sports, Muppets, circus, workers, Pogo and the Gang, Rocky and Bullwhinkle, Toonerville Trolleys and other cartoon boxheads and Flying Pig forum member and English Bobby policeman popper models

Hapless Horseman paper toy

*The Bigfoot Studios
cute Bishop Betty, Krampus, Pyxis Major, Ninja, Felis and Paper Bag Boy, iQubes iBug and Idraig, Nogginz Cornish Boy, Monster of Frankenstein, Commander Zap, Grim Reaper and the Mummy, Ed and Will and Pesky Pete the pirate paper toys

*The Brainjar Paperdesk
Eggotastic alien eggs from outer space, BC Butler business card holders and cookie caskets (click the categories on the right)

*The Commercial Appeal
2008 advent calendar Newsbot paper toy (more here)

*The Crafty Robot
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, MineCraft, robots, My Little Pony Rainbow Dash, unicorn, pug, zombies, LEGO scale bumber cars, London double-decker elf bus, Santa Claus and reindeer, American football and more Fizzbit motor paper toy shells

*The Many Adventures Of Paper Vinny
paper toy pictures and links

*The Mary Rose Museum
Mary Rose pop-up card, Hatch the dog, Christmas sleigh and more (also here)

*The Paper City
Batman, Gozque dog, Macaco ape, Cumbia Clash accordion, surfer, South Park Cartman A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 cardboard robot scheme and several more paper toys (click the "Download / Descarga" links underneath the posts)

*The Pick of the Crab
Proyecto Ensamble Prisma TV Condor, funky Moai statue, Selk'nam, and Accesories Ensamble paper toys (click the download links underneath the pictures)

*The Zombie Nation (zombie paper toys)
Soon to be dead Ted, Your Future Zombie Girlfriend Cadaverous Carol and Undead Larry paper toy zombies

*Thomas Creative Design
No Input, CT X Ecko Rino, Streetdog and urban Beaver paper toys (don't forget to click "View older posts" to find the others)

*Thunder Panda
Perry the Sea Wanderer, Lemi the Space Wanderer, Taxi Lemi, Banjo Bird, Gangsta and more paper toys

Tim Wertz
Blind Melon band, Angel City roller derby girls, Mounties football team, Funky Boss skaters, Dog Pound, Clawfoot Slumber, Epic Junction, Brett Gretzky, Jazzy & Pip, Scarlets roller deryby girls, Indyground crew and Tee Dub Toyz vans and football players, roller derby girls, Batmanny, DJ and lots more paper toys (browse through the old posts on the blog)

*TN34.DE birdie paper toy

T-Ninja graffiti tagger

Superman paper toy

Coco, Torana, Miko and Kotora tiger Toranoana mascot characters (click the "【ペーパークラフトPDFデータのダウンロード】" link just below the picture; click the "【ペーパークラフトテンプレートデータ(ai&psd)のダウンロード】" link here for blank/colour-yourself versions)

orang-utan, Om Nom Cut the Rope, Penguins of Madagascar, Angry Birds, bus and lots more (don't forget the password!)

Crooks Gang wolf, grizzly, alligator and rhino, MKT4 reindeer, wereskunk, Tougui, Chris Garbutt, Dundo and Dundo Billy Sweet Monsters, Ana Galvan, Malota, Miss Miza, Sandra Juto, Rodrigo Del Papel, Mr. 8, Dolly Oblong, Shin Tanaka, Aphte, Mr Kone, Matt Hawkins, Tizieu, Bishop, Phil, Grapheart, 3EyedBear, Castleforte, Fasmer, Me!, SupaCat, PulcoMayo, Marshall Alexander, Julie West, Tokyo Candies, Tanki, Fakir, Stage, Boxcan, AFM Pro Rider Anne-Flore Marxer, Mechabunny, Gubu-Gubi, Undead boxy, Calling All Cars, Chaos, Harry and Barry yetis, Hoody, Little Lemi, Totem, Speaker Dog, E440 squirrel, Sizza, Pyra:mind, Cubeecraft and Hey Dude Rock You customized paper toys (look for the pictures with "Download!" links underneath)

*Toxic Paper Factory
Pokémon Pikachu and Jigglypuff, Batman, Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man, Deadpool and Iron Man superheroes, Android mascot and other paper toy freebies (click the social share buttons to reveal the download links)

FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Zakumi mascot, Super Mario, Tintin, Smurfs, Futurama Bender, Star Wars Darth Vader, Albert Einstein and lots and lots of other paper toys

*ToyArt por João Phillipe
X-Men Psylocke, Scarlet Witch and Mystique and Glee Rachel Berry, Facebook Pet Society game Finhole and hospital clown care clowns paper toys

lots of simple Papertoys for Girls and Boys (click the thumbnails that look like stamps, then click the "DOWNLOAD TOYPAPER AS PDF" button in the bottom right corner)

*Toyshop Greetings
December 2010 Atomic Robot Christmas Elf (click the image for the larger version)

Hamheadz paper toys from Team Fortress 2, X-Men, Hellboy, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, F-Zero, Castle Crashers, Spider-Man, Trigun, Robocop, the A-Team, Metroid, Batman, Metal Gear Solid, Duke Nukem, Iron Man and many more

*Trouble Busters You
J-pop group Momoiro Clover Z Momoka Ariyasu, Reni Takagi, Ayaka Sasaki, Kanaka Momota and Shiori Tamai girls Graphig-style paper toys

simple Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die (#1 setting fire to your hair, #2 poke a stick at a grizzly bear, #3 eating medicine that's out of date, #4 use your private parts as piranha bait, #5 getting toast out with a fork, #6 do your own electical work, #7 teach yourself how to fly, #8 eat a two-week old unrefrigerated pie, #9 invite a psycho killer inside, #10 scratch your drug dealer's brand new ride) and Semarang Fly to Sky parkour / freerun and Indonesian kulon recycled water barrel chair campaign tubecraft paper toys (click the "Continue reading →" links to read the full posts with the PDF download links)

very simple Droopy, Mario, Aristoteles, Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Darth Vader, Betty Boop and lots more paper tube toys (Ronaldo, Pelé, historical figures and Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble here)

*Tumblr KiwiClub
Avril Lavigne and Spice Girls Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Mel B paper toys

*Tumblr Nakaco's Craft
Graphig style Wako-chan girl paper toy (click the "PDF (532kb)" link just below the template preview)

*Tumblr ParKimBoo
cute baby Kim Jaejoong paper toy

*Tumblr Popwee Paper Toys
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury, The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper, Friends Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Rachel, Disney's Sleeping Beauty Aurora and Aladdin and Jasmine, Girls Aloud Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle, Michael Jackson Thriller zombie, Madonna, One Direction Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis, Shirley Manson, Zayn Malik, Fergie, Louis Tomlinson, Lily Allen, Gwen Stefani, Liam Payne, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Mika, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, P!nk, Kylie Minogue and Spice Girls Victoria Beckham, Melanie C, Emma Bunton, Melanie B, Geri Halliwell and more paper toys (click the images)

*Tumbler Qooplo
Transformers Megatron, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, Jay and Silent Bob, Princess Peach, Doctor Octopus, Dr. Doom, Daredevil, Captain America and lots more paper toys

*UHU Kids Club!
Uli Hu the Owl (click yellow cube in the bottom left of the screen, and then the small triangle scissors icon under the Owl's picture for the PDF parts file)

*Uncle Ghastly
Winston Werecat, Krampus, Lenore hearse, Headless Pumpkinhead Horseman and Count Dracula (Frankenstein and Ghastly Manor available if you e-mail Uncle Ghastly)

*Universal Nomads
Taipei Toy Fest 2009 stylized paper cat head (under "TOYS" near the bottom of the page)

*Uplift Co., Ltd.
Puru Puru robot paper toy freebie

*Urban Paper Collective
Ringmaster and penguin, dice juggler, sword swallower, Bruno the bear, Chuckle and Cheer conjoint twins, tiger acrobats, balancing monkey, clown and Elephriend and badger and more paper toys every month

*Urban Threads
Halloween 2012 Lil' Death paper toy

*Urb-ski Paper Toys
customized paper toys

Vakantiespel 2014 professor paper toy (click the orange "hier ook downloaden" link just above the first picture)

*VA Paper Toys
customized Street Dog series and Chum Chum, SHTK Pandakroo customs here and Walruz series here

*VA Willie Beren
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Street Dog paper toy and Street Fighter Dhalsim, Zangief and Guile, The Avengers Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Nick Fury and Thor, country and more paper toy Street Dogs here

Pac-Man like ghosts paper toys

*Vin's Art
Ape-Paper Collection 3-wheeler delivery car (scroll left or right with the arrows to find the PDF and/or JPG files of the customizations)

*Visual Spicer
Deadmau5 paper toy

*Walgreens Snaps
Mother's Day nesting dolls

*Walkie Talkie Papertoy Customs
handdrawn Boxpunx customs

*WCPO Cincinatti
monster of Frankenstein and Loveland Frogman here (click the grey "Download the Frankenstein's Monster/Loveland Frogman paper figure" buttons at the bottom of the post and select; if you don't see the buttons, try reloading the page; if the PDF file doesn't open, check if your web browser is preventing the re-direction)

*Wee Paper People
tons of famous (and less famous) people like pop stars, movie stars, television stars and lots more more (new blog with more paper toys here)

*We Xogo
Blood Thirsty, Going-Going-Gone and Swing Batter 2011 D20 Dicie Awards

*We Talk About
Koihime, O indignado, Freelancer Friend, Ninja Way, Red Van & Friends, Paper Boy, Monster Box, Flying Shoes, WTA Fitted Hat, Trimaster and Baby Toy (under "PAPER TOYS" about halfway down the page)

*Williamsburg Brooklyn Culture Guide
'Stache Box, Nutcracker, Mr. Skinny Jeans, Gutter punk, Kyp Malone and Grifter Hipster paperfoldables

Microsoft Austria tech geeks Schabus and Knor paper toys

*Wouter van Vugt
Consumerism, Greed, Innocence, Newsvalue and Religion paper toys (click the image on the right about halfway down the page for the ZIP-file with the parts)

*Xone Industries
Santa Claws paper toy

*Yantra 3D Kai & Dakota's Art Gallery
Avatar AMP suit, Transformers Jazz, Starscream, Sideswipe and Bumblebee, Iron Man War Machine and Mark V, garden gnome, computer troll, catfish, ape, Aztec sun and more paper toys

*Zakane Pixel
simple Avatar, Spider-Man, Minions, Toy Story, SpongeBob Squarepants, Mario, Minecraft, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Iron Man, Black Panther and other Pixel Blox and Maple Story, Pokémon and other Pixel Cube paper toys

lots of paper toys (click the links in the menu on the left under "Free papertoy downloads")

*zickert designbüro
Dinari, Itimu and Habibi paper voodoo toys (click the big, blue links on the right)

*zink design
Pepetz El Mundo Es Nuestro Er Cabesa, ZinkPet and Lemi Crazy Eyes The Space Wanderer, Speaker Dog and Mr. Foul Arcade customized paper toys

Bad Bat, Lucky Pig, Happy Cow, Bunny & Carrot and soccer players, Kukú, Católico Romualdo, Lío Messy, Thierry Handy, Wesley Sniper, Diego Fortán, Miro Close and Pesadilla Villa paper toys
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