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*3DCG for the first time
2004 Year of the Monkey paper toy and retro computer and chibi/super deformed rally cars (click the Japanese links at the top of the page and then look for the download links with the floppy disk icons)

*4COBI Channel
simple black-and-white/colour-yourself toucan, giraffe, lion, elephant, seal, zebra, mouse, sheep and rabbit and rolling duck toy and Guardians of the Galaxy baby Groot and car, truck and airplane

*AAA Maldives Info Bank Moosa's Original Fish Papercraft
whale shark, zebra shark, gray reef shark, blackspotted stingray, frog fish, indian lionfish, giant squirrel fish, oriental sweetlips, harlequin sweetlips, blue face angelfish, regal angelfish, longfin batfish, napoleon fish, gian trevally and anemone (click the pictures for the templates; the other fish with "Recommended!" text will take you to either the Epson or the Canon site where you can download them)

*Adam Dorman
simple penguin

*Aio Junior High School Science Club
lots of horseshoe crab models and a trilobite and sea scorpion

*Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc.
shrimp and shrimp and globefish hats (click the scissors in the bottom right corner of the page)

*Akafuku Co., Ltd.
swallow, koi fish and chicken

*Akahiro Hiramoto
2006 Year of the Dog, 2007 Year of the Pig, 2008 Year of the Mouse, 2009 Year of the Cow, 2010 Year of the Tiger New Year cards (browse through the "NEW YEAR CARD" posts, click "CONTINUED▼" to read the full posts and look for the "20xxnewyear.pdf" links)

Akita dog

*A l'ombre du pommier
Mexican redknee tarantula

*AM Design
Tyrannosaurus Rex head (click the picture to download; don't forget the password which is mentioned in the text above the picture!)

*Ameblo parperc
goldfish and cute hippo here(click the links just below the pictures, then on the next page click the "DOWNLOAD" button near the bottom; don't forget the password just below the download link!)

cute papercraft cows and pigs

*Andrew Knights Productions
Nugget the Dog

pug, lion, Tyrannosaurs Rex, bird, fox head, cosker spaniel, bunny,wolf headm spider, raccoon, dragon, dachshund, bat, baby unicorn, panda, fox, Santa Claus, mermaid, viking and more freebies

owl, penguin and Kingfisher (click the "メール" links beneath the pictures to ask for the models by e-mail, the kingfisher can be downloaded directly at the bottom of the page)

simple dinosaur and Poochie dog

*Asahi Beer
kingfisher bird, owl and flying squirrel, tree frog, woodpecker and salmon

*AS Design Craftdog
cute cubic Bernese Mountain Dog, Shi Tzu, Toy Poodle and Chihuahua dogs (choose one of the dogs, then on the new page click the "(PDF/xxxKB)" button on the right side of the banner at the top for the PDF parts file)

Roberto, fly, chick, horse, pelican, rabbit, crocodile, cow and many other cute paper toy animals

paper pigs, cows, horses and sheep standies and very simple cow here (click "Hol Dir deine Faltkuh" at the top of the page for the PDF parts file)

squirrel, dachshund, cat and penguin and Christmas card, pumpkin head witch, mosquito catcher and flowers

*Best Paper Models
simple fox, pig and badger

*Box Dog Puppy
simple hako/boxhead puppies, dog houses and a teddy bear

*Brave Face Paper Co.
black and white colour yourself/print on coloured paper mechanical squid, crab and dragon toys (click the "OR you can download the files and create one yourself!" links below the pictures)

Burikatsu-kun Japanese Sado yellowtail fish mascot (click the two "ブリカツくんペーパークラフト" links just below the picture for a small and big version)

*Catnet Masumi
cute hako cat


icecream-dog, flower, italian and french flags cats, meguru sheep, petchi, hritsuke and crow (click the thumbnails)

*Chitake Kajika-Kei
simple Crested kingfisher, White-bellied Green Pigeon, Northern Goshawk, Northern Pintail duck, Blue-and-white Flycatcher, Japanese Waxwing, Japanese Paradise-flycatcher, Baikal Teal duck, Streaked Shearwater, Northern Lapwing, Striated Green-backed Heron and Pacific Swift birds

*Chunichi Dragons Baseball Kids
cute Shaolon dragon mascotte riding a motorbike, doing gymnastics, flying a UFO, playing baseball, reading a book, surfing, dressing up and lots more

*City of Yokohama Tsurumi Ward
Tsurumi Ward crocodile mascot (simple and a bit more detailed versions)

*Color chip
2006 Year of the Dog, 2007 Year of the Pig, 2008 Year of the Mouse, 2009 Year of the Cow and 2010 Year of the Tiger Chinese zodiac animals made from mochi rice cakes (click the PDF links)

simple black cat toy (click the "こちらから" link in the box next to the pictures at the bottom of the page for the PDF parts file)

*Concentric Lollis
simple Apple Mac OS icon Clarus the Dogcow

simple black and white elephant, zebra, bear, lion and giraffe (click the animals in the flash image at the top, then click the right links ("Paper kit") for the PDF parts files)

*CorgiDeka Sakura
cute cubic corgi dogs

monkey on a banana, elephant, sea turtle, whale, lion, penguin, chipmunk, frog, sea otter, anemone fish and sunfish (at the bottom of the page)

*David Petersen's Mouse Guard
Mouse Guard Lieam and Sadie here

*Deadly Furry Cute
simple apes, squirrels and cats paper toys

*Demo Co.
simple 2.5D fish (many of the other models have dead links unfortunately)

*Design saku
Chinese Zodiac 2013 Snake (click the image for the parts file) and 2012 Dragon here (click the "→ここから" link at the top, then on the next page the "コチラ" link at the top again)

*DeviantArt chalicothere
cartoony prehistoric indricotherium and chalicotherium here and prehistoric hyaenodon horridus here and andrewsarchus here (click the "Download File" Buttons on the right; turn on the individual layers in Photoshop or a similar program to print the parts)

*DeviantArt Galahawk
Gilbert the Gryphon

*DeviantArt Gedelgo
T-Rex dinosaur and buffalo skulls

*DeviantArt ikarusmedia
cute korilakkuma cupcake, panda and rocker teddy bears and Simpsons puzzle cubes

*DeviantArt Katzenfaust
very simple doggie papercraft toy

*DeviantArt Kna
Quick Brown Fox, lots of My Little Pony ponies and more

*DeviantArt nandablank
impala head and more

*Diary of Ucchon
sea gull

simple Easter bunny (click the template preview)

*Dollar General
Coca Cola polar bear (click the "DOWNLOAD PDF" button on the right)

*Ducks Unlimited Canada
simple mallard duck, great blue heron, great horned owl, beaver, red fox, yellow-spotted salamander, leopard frog, painted turtle, largemouth bass and dragonfly

*E.E.I. Dr. José Melián Rodríguez
2.5D Protoceratops and Velociraptor (here) dinosaur diorama

*Eiichi Yoshida Science Factory A1
Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus from the Mesozoic Jurassic era and Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops from the Cretacous era dinosaurs

*Elecom Go! Go!
rhinoceros and beetle

*Elfrink Bouwplaten
cute dogs and cat (click "Gratis" in the menu on the left)

*Epson Aqua Stadium
sea lion trainers, Pacific white/sided dolphin, king penguin and tropical fish dioramas and seperate jellyfish, manta ray, dolphin, penguin, crown anemone fish, black and white butterflyfish and surgeonfish tropical fishes, sea lion, sawfish and arowana fish and penguin, clownfish and dolphin hats and sea lion hat here and automaton here

*Facebook Paper Engineer
traditional Asian dragon head and butterfly and several buildings (click the albums and look for the PDF links)

2012 Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year dragon paper toy, 2013 Year of the Snake here and 2014 Year of the Horse here (in several different colours)

*FBC Network
Pinton pig mascotte (click the colourful button)

*Flickr monkey
simple dog, bird and monkey in different colours

cute snake (click the last "...recortablesnake.jpg" link for the templates, the other links are pictures)

*Fuji Xerox
DocuWorks dachshund, Saint Bernard and poodle dogs, tortoiseshell and Persian cats, elephant, giraffe, lion, hippopotamus and zebra and beetles, ladybird, locust, mantis, red dragonfly, swallowtail butterfly and niiniizemi cicade insects (you need to install the DocuWorks Viewer Light to open the XDW files)

* Fujifilm
insects and animals and steam locomotive, simple paper planes and more

*Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
spinosaurus, liopleurodon and ankylosaurus dinosaurs

*Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation
Fukuiryu dinosaur


*Fukushima-shi Kotori no mori
Little Bird Forest's kibitaki narcissus flycatcher (click the "こちら(PDFファイルが開きます)。" link just below the picture)

water stick-insect, waterscorpion, water bug, cicada, sea turtle, banjo beetle, dragon, longhorn beetle and stag beetle (click one of the posts, then on the next page click the "型紙のダウンロードはここを右クリックして保存して下さい。" link below the picture for the PDF pattern; print on coloured/patterned paper)

*Gakken Kids Net
beetles, butterfly, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and simple rabbit and horse

*Gamba and Friends official movie site
Air Bound Gavin the mouse (click the two PDF links next to the template thumbnails in the "2015.10.22" news post)

Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher, Great Tit, Narcissus Flycatcher, Red-flanked Bluetail, Robin, Varied Thrush, Nuthatch, Shrike, Bullfinch, White-eye, Siberian Blue Robin, Brambling, Tiger Shrike, Long-tailed Tit, Grosbeak, Goldcrest, Siskin, Pied Kingfisher, Daurian Redstart, Sparrow, Jay, Azure-winged Magpie, White Flycatcher and Japanese Woodpecker birds and desktop and wall mounted tree trunk bases

simple whale pop-up card

*Gary Druckman
Linux mascotte penguin Tux (same as here)

simple 2.5D dragon

400 year Karatsu castle celebration crane and samurai dog mascottes

simple black-and-white/colour yourself hamster (scroll down and click the button just underneath "無料ダウンロード" on the left)

*Harata Printing Company
2.5D crab, stag beetle, locust, kabuto beetle, dragonfly, scorpion, rhinoceros and elephant (coloured and black-and-white versions)

*Hartia Toys
simple 2.5D snail, mouse, pig, octopus and guinea pig sample freebies

*Hatabo Gallery Blog

cute dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox, mouse, cat and boar (click the "ダウンロード" links, and then download the ZIP files on the next page; mouse, cat and boar also here)

*Hewlett Packard Creative Studios Chinese zodiac animals
tiger, dragon, rabbit, pig, rat and ox

*Heppoko Paper Model Studio
prehistoric annomalocaris shrimp and simple Chineze Zodiac 2011 Rabbit, 2012 Dragon and 2013 Snake here

*Hisashi IM Works
teddy bear and dog head here

frog-man bust with top hat and sheep

*Home Center Sekichu
simple Sekichu coffee shop kangaroo mascotte (3rd link under "ペーパークラフト セキチューのお店を作ってみよう!" with the scissors icon)

*Hyogo Prefecture Akashi City Agriculture and Fisheries Division
mackerel, snapper and tako octopus and grilled sea bream on a plate

*Ichiyama mekr200
naked mole rat, night heron, Japanese toad, long-tailed tit bird, crested gecko and African spurred turtle (click the link next to "TOP" at the bottom of the page)

*Ikawa Park Station
Japanese rhinoceros kabuto beetle, swallowtail butterfly and snake (in *.gif and PDF format)

*Illustration Factory
cute platypus (click the "ペーパークラフト展開図" link just above the template sample) and cute Chinese Zodiac 2020 Year of the Rat here (click the "サンプルページ" link just below the completed picture)

purple Bahamut dragon freebie (click the picture in at the bottom left for the PDF parts file, same as here)

*Injan Wada Yasayuki
mouse, bull, boar and ladybug (click the thumbnails and then the download links underneath the pictures; the mouse and bull are available in different colours)

*Instructables Jan Krummrey
faceted deer head (scroll down a bit and click the dropbox link for the parts) and moose head here

*Instructables SakiM3
polygon bear

*Itsy Bitsy Spider Blog
2010 Chinese Zodiac tiger (click the "こちらから" link), 2011 rabbit here and dragon here

*JAMSTEC Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
flapjack octopus, spider fish, manta ray, gandalfus yunohana crab, anglerfish, ray-finned fish, giant shovelnose ray and deap-sea isopod, drilling vessel, Shinkai 6500 and Shinkai 2000 manned submersibles, Hyper-Dolphin ROV remotely operated vehicle, Urushima deep-sea submersible and Triton observation buoy, submersible robotic manipulator claw and Earth simulator super computers

*JA Mutual Aid
service dogs

*Japan 1st Regional Coast Guard
cartoon seal mascotte

*Japanese National Maritime Research Institute
simple kid's fish, rabbits, ants, elephant, cat, pig and dog and amphibious tour bus

*Japan Fisheries Research Agency
giant squid, bluefin tuna, coral trout fish, green and hawksbill turtles and tropical rock lobster and three simple and cute paper toys (click the Japanese names below the pictures)

*Jcom Haggar
Linux mascotte Tux penguin (click the three "●白黒展開図", "●色付き展開図" and "●合い番号付き展開図" links at the top of the page for a black and white, coloured and numbered template)

cute Jikanbou character, dog, cat, koala, mouse and monkey

*Johan Scherft
hummingbird, superb bird-of-paradise, baby deinonychus dinosaur hatching from its egg, wren, kingfisher and firecrest birds, crested tit, another kingfisher and robin here (click the "Kuifmees", "Ijsvogel" and "Roodborst" links about two thirds down the page) and simple seahorse here

*JRA Japan Racing Association
race horse (make sure you enable pop-ups for the website; click the orange "START!!!" button; on the next screen click the "OK! STEP2ヘ" button; then choose the red "よく やります" button if you want to choose all five horses for the races yourself, or the blue "たまに やります" button if you want to choose only four horses yourself, or the green "ネ刀めてです" button if you want to let the computer choose all the horses; click away the help screen with the "了解" button, and then choose your horses and click the "WIN5ゲーム スタート" button to start the races; wait for all five races to end and then if you've won, wait until you can click the "ペーパークラフト ダウンロードへ" button in the bottom right corner of the screen; then finally click the orange "ペーパークラフトを ダウンロード" button for the PDF parts and instructions file; play multiple times for many randomized colour and pattern versions)

*Jun's Paper Craft
black and white rabbit (from the creator of the Tenkai software that led to Pepakura Designer! ;o)

*Kagoshima Prefecture
Mr. Pig mascot

chibi crocodile

simple pomeranian dog

*Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

*Kebun Papercraft
Linux Tux penguin mascot

Welsh Corgi dog and other models (on external sites)

*Kerkuilenwerkgroep Nederland
simple 2.5D barn owl (click the two links under "Bouwplaat Kerkuil")

simple bear, cat and hedgehog paper toys (scroll down a bit and click the PDF links under "【親子でペーパークラフトを作ろう!!】 ★無料ダウンロード★")

*Kizuna Avenue
dodo bird, mantis, dragonfly, locust and beetle

*KG Craft World
yamame, iwana and rainbouw trouts freebies

*Kirin Beverage
rabbits, monkey, squirrel, fox, tree and owl and friends of the sea clownfish, dolphin, seahorse, sea turtle and penguin here

*Kitasato University Basic marine production science Laboratory
barnacle (click Let's assemble BARNACLE" in the menu on the left; Japanese version here

*Knight0k0 KHP
boxy cat and two dragons (only the models on the bottom are available)

colourful bullfinch bird (from DigitProp)

*Konica Minolta
Indian rhinoceros, Siberian chipmunk, great purple emperor butterfly, fiddler crab, golden eagle, black-breasted leaf turtle, mandrill monkey, Ishikawa's frog, scarlet macaw parrot, Sumatran tiger and Cape penguin

lobster (scroll down to the post from "2012年01月03日" to find the download links) and shrimp here

cute bears in all kinds of cute outfits

*Kumagai Satoshi
simple flying squirrel glider and raccoon skull (click the "★ムササビグライダー" and "★タヌキの頭骨" links)

*Kumamoto Yatsushiro Municipal Museum
Myouken festival mythical turtle snake creature (click the blue circle at the top of the page)

calamari squid, atka mackerel and minke whale

*Land Tage Nord
simple Agrathe the cow, Lammbert the sheep, Pferdinand the horse, Eberhard the pig and Kornelia the chicken paper toys (click the links next to the template thumbnail at the top)

*Lark Crafts
stylish three-headed Cerberus

*Le Grand Massif
cute little Zhinzho dragon (click the template and background scenery thumbnails for the PDF files)

*Les Artstronautes
dragon (click one of the two "Au format pdf ICI ou ICI" links for the templates in PDF format, or one of the two "Au format pdo ICI ou ICI" links for the templates in pepakura PDO format)

*Limburgs Museum
black and white, colour-yourself Pieke bird

*LR Artes Dragão de Papel
dark unicorn Disney's Ducktales Uncle Scrooge's money bin building in HO, N and Z scale (don't click the "Add to Cart" button, but click "Download" link in the "Description")

Lushan DOC
shrike bird

*Madame Citron
simple Bambi deer, fox and raccoon animal trophy heads (scroll down a bit and then click the "decoupage trophée déco gabarit" and "deuxieme fond trophee" links; for the best results, you'll also need a small, wooden picture frame)

*Magical Kingdom
simple cow, horse, pig and sheep

simple Faltkuh cow

*Maped Creatives
black and white colour-yourself Easter Bunny, elephant Chinese New Year of the Goat and parrot

*Maple House HeartLand Cosmos
Momiji hamster (click "ダウンロードする~!" on the bottom of the page and then the link on the next page for the PDF parts file)

normal/white type, sakura/Japanese pied, white, silver/opal, cinnamon/fawn, garnet and blank Java sparrows and normal/wild type, dark silver/pastel, sakura/Japanese pied, white, silver/opal, light silver/opal pastel, cinnamon/fawn, cream/fawn pastel, agate and blank Marubundo Java sparrow, Timor dusky, garnet and blue sparrow, Saint Helena, Fiji Islands, Taiwan, Philippines, Tanzania, Poland, Cocos/Keeling Islands, Liberia Java sparrows and caramel, chocolate, pudding, strawberry, choco mint and green tea Java sparrows

dogs, raccoon, chickens, cat pig, rabbits, rooster and Daihatsu Midget delivery minivan

*Masahiko's Wiki
dog, fox, duck, chick and frog beginner models, wyvern dragons and Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur here and gorilla, lion, poodle, puppy, black-tailed gull, duck, rabbit, hamster, squirrel and giraffe here (click the links next to the paperclips)

*Masala Taste Duniya Curry Shop
simple 2012 Chinese Zodiac dragon (click the two links below "■PDFデータ(GoogleDocs)" near the bottom of the page)

boxy rabbit with three different facial expressions

*Media Navi
stylized rabbit, bear, cat and dog in different colours

cute MEG-3 and Anchovy fish and fish bowl (replace the "DSM" part in the download URL for the "Fish Bowl" with "ONC")

simple Medaka Japanese killifish (posted on "2013年01月09日")

flying squirrel, Japanese weasel, stag beetle, owl, newt, black bear, grizzly bear, fox and kingfisher bird

simple fish and parrot

*Mochizuki Printing Company PDF Land
Kingfisher bird, giant turtle and elephants supporting the world (from Hindu mythology), mammoth, Loch Ness monster Nessie, cicada cricket, coelacanth, penguin and frog

Chinese Zodiac Pig (swine), Rat, Ox (cow), Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Snake (click the "paper craft" link at the bottom, then on the next screen scroll left or right using the arrows and click the pictures for the PDF parts files)

Akita dog, Alpine Ibex mountain goat, mermaid, American buffalo, brown bear and 2005 New Year's rooster

*Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium
king penguin

*Naver ddong5678
Naruto legendary ninja/ero-sennin Jiraiya (click the two red links below the picture)

Kobito character and wasabi eating cat (under "◆ペーパークラフト")

*NHK Japan Broadcasting Company
Fukumaru One cartoon caveman/dinosaur dog mascotte hatching from an egg

Niigata Prefecture
yellow and white, red and white and showa and taisho three colour koi carps

*Nifty Kids
cute chihuahuas, cats, penguins and rabbits and Triceratops, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus-Rex and Stegosaurus dinosaurs here

*Nippon Paper Group
maiasaurus, brachiosaurus, pterodactyl, triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, stegosaurus and Loch Ness monster Nessie plesiosaurus and motorbike, Formula 1 race car and London doubledecker bus and and pop-up cards

*Nitto Kogyo
cute lion mascot

*Okayama City Digital Museum
ayumodoki fishes and brevipoda frog

sperm whale, emperor angelfish and surgeonfish (red buttons for coloured parts, blue buttons for black and white parts and green buttons for instructions)

*Open Office Next Day
simple sea gull, penguin and turtle

*Orekue Tuzikaze
simple hako/boxhead horse, lion and cat

*Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
whale shark and manta ray

*Otomo Artificial Dental Implant Center
simple 2.5D dog, crocodile and horse (click the "--> 無料で印刷する" links next to the pictures)

*Paper2Toy Eggnot
crorath creature, space squirrel, kitty, eggzilla and white hedgehog

stylized phoenix bird (scroll down and click "▶PDFデータをダウンロードしてください。" links for the different designs)

*Ovni Studios
snake, giraffe, lion, tiger, zebra, bird, alligator, monkey and elephant sports animals and human player

*Paper Box World
Mark the Shark, Benny the Bunny, dinosaur, blue gorilla and piggybank and chibi Andrew, Morris and Sam dinosaurs here

*Papercraft fan
lots of simple black and white fish, birds, dinosaurs and other animals (click the links at the bottom for the different categories)

*Paper Craft Zoo
cute 2.5D bird, elephants, raccoon, Shina Ibu dogs and cat card and little Himatsuri doll festival diorama

*Papercraft France
big dog head

blue hippo, Peter Rabbit here and gold fish here

Pam's Harold the Horse and Callie the Cat

*Paper Horse Park
chibi and more realistic racehorses and jockeys (choose "Paper Craft" and "Paper Craft Mini" from the top menu)

*Pass Tell Line
simple animals and insects and vehicles and buildings and more

*Pentel Kids Pepe & Lulu Papercraft
cute dog and many more models

cute hummingbird, goldfish, Chinese Zodiac 2014 Year of the Horse, 2013 Year of the Snake and many more models (only the models with the "PDF" icon are available for free)

*Pepakura Industries
Daitoku-san and cute lion

Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaur, camel, chimpanzee, mandarin duck and heron bird (the other models on the site require you to buy a password)

*Papercraft Blog from Pinoart
wall-mounted smile dog toy poodle head freebie (click the pink "同意します。リンクを表示する" button just above the instructions, and then the blue 1, 2 and 3 "ページ目を表示" links)

bird and several cartoon cats here, display stands here and Japanese fortune teller die here (click the numbers "1", "2", ... under "[download]" underneath the pictures for the PDF parts files and the "[組み立てマニュアル]" links for the instructions)

*Pocky Street
Panda Pocky snack panda

*Putiya sozai no puchi-chi
cute Buta-san the pig, a cute bear reminding you to brush your teeth pop-up cards and a few more simple models (click the "ダウンロード(PDF)" links underneath the pictures)

*Rainman's Papercraft
bear, cat and monkey mini pets and lots more character and animal and other paper toys (browse through the blog to find all the models; click the "페이퍼인사이드" or "" links underneath the picture to go to the download page or the "첨부파일" link next to the green arrow at the top right and then click the "내PC 저장" links)

four-horned chameleon, golden retriever dog and blue-footed booby bird (click "Sample 1-3", the other models require you to buy a password)

*Reijer Van Essen Houtproducten
simple Bella the cow (in colour and black and white)

*Robin Jarvis
black-and-white/colour-yourself Thorn Ogre of Hagwood mask, Alchymist's Cat and The Deptford Mice Dark Portal One-eyed Jake (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

*Robodan Paper Craft Labo
Children's Theatre Kameyama cartoon turtle tortoise mascotte Tsu Chi with flag and high hat and dog with his dog house and driving a car

*Rocketman Creative
Molly the barn owl paper toy

bear and monkey (click the PDF links; use the "- 1 2 >>" navigation at the bottom to see the older posts)

*Ryo Tokisato Pepakuratoki
chibi penguin, shark, fox, rabbit, warthog, whale, chameleon, mice and cow, 2-horned dragon here and koala here (only the ones with the little present/gift icon are available, click the pictures for the PDF parts files)

simple dragon

*Saitama Prefecture
Saitama Kobaton bird mascot

*Samantha Eynon
Mr. Schmidt the Dachshund paper toy

*Sanyo Eneloopy
Kami-Loopy battery dog (use the arrows to scroll left and right; click the pictures and then the orange button to download the PDF parts files)

*Sanwa Supply Paper Museum
Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaur skeleton, beetles, fly, butterfly and dragonfly insects, dogs, ocean and sea creatures, African zebra, giraffe, elephants, lion, hippo and flamingo and simple animal dioramas (click the thumbnails and then on the next page the two pink buttons)

*Sasatoku Printing Company
spiny lobster, rock-fish, butterfly fish, blowfish, Saysuki trout, jellyfish, ocean sunfish, river crab, manta ray, clownfish, Nanyang peeling, angler fish, vegetables, automata and more

*Shay Amayber's Page
simple Japanese lion, rat, tiger, rabbit, dragon, seagull, elephant, snake, horse, reindeer, sheep, monkey, bird and boar

*Shimizu Industry Co., Ltd.
bunny character

Magpie bird (click on the cover sheet near the bottom of the page for the PDF parts file)

*Small for Big
National Geographic Kids Animal Jam Lost jungle Temple of Zion, Kimbara outback farm and Appondale savannah (click the "... keep on reading" links and then look for the download links in the posts)

Saint Bernard dog (click the Wild Blue Yonder blimp at the top), Evil Sheep and Yeti (click Mount Frostbite on the left) and chalet mountain hut (click the Avalanche Alley newspaper) paper toys

pre-historic Cambrian Period opabinia, hallucigenia and pikaia animals, 2013 Chinese Zodiac snake and lots more scientific models

2010 Year of the Tiger paper toy (click the big grey "ダウンロード" button below the template preview for the PDF parts file)

simple cow (click the "Download Image" button)

cute Chinese Zodiac Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rabbits, Tiger, Cows, Rat, Pig, Dog and cats, bird, monkey, Christmas card and lots more paper toys

black and white Missouri State Fish catfish and State Aquatic Animal here (at the bottom of the pages)

giraffe mascot

*Sweet Paul Magazine
dancing elephant Rosamunda, circus wagon, masks, and 2D monkeys (click the "Kids Issue - Circus Paper Crafts (43929 KB)" link)

*Synergy Icons Paper Models Inc
MIT beaver mascotte

*Takataka Taka Factory
simple, colourful mice and see, speak and hear no evil monkeys here (pink sheep not available anymore)

*Taku NEO Nearly Equal One
winged dragon

simple dragonfly (download link and finished model picture in the third box from the bottom, look for the phrase "フリー作品")

*Tau Rho Alpha's Paper Models
nautiloid and trilobite sea creatures

cute Siberian Husky Chobi and lots of Pokémon

*Terra Cotta
simple dog, two cats and a duck fingerpuppets

*Tetsu Kawamura DynaFX
stylized migratory locust foldcraft (click the "型紙" link just below the first picture)

*The City of Agano
chibi bird mascots and flying swan automaton

*The Paper Shaper
Tux the Linux penguin, Real California Cheese Happy Cow and dog finger puppets and simple Stampy the Elephant (click the pictures for the PDF files)

*The Toymaker
simple bunny, marble mice, bug box, frog, laughing ponies (under "Animal & Bug Friends")

simple Easterbunnies

*Tiny Orca
orca (click the "Klik hier om de bouwplaat te downloaden." text at the bottom)

*Toca Boca
3D Toca Nature bear, bird and fox animal masks

*Tokyo Waterworks Kids Page
simple 2.5D turtle and penguin and dolphin

peach-faced lovebird, Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, Stegosaurus skeleton, Wiwaxia, red bee shrimp, orca whale, manta ray, barn owl, bantam rooster, cockatiel, greater pied kingfisher, ruddy kingfisher, alligator, praying mantis, mandarin duck, canadian goose, tufted duck, smew and common coot (same as here

cute rabbits in racecars, panda, teddybear, partyhat monkey, baby seal in bicycle basket and sheep

*Trouts and Seasons of the Mountain Village
trouts from Japan and the world

*Tubbypaws papercraft tributes
cute little doge meme Shiba Inu doggie and lots more cute little video game and meme tributes

*Uhu Papercraft
simple boxhead rabbit, ladybug, sheep and zebra (under "BEGINNER"), fish, octopus, peacock, squirrel, turtle and dinosaur (under "ADVANCED") and goat, monkey, reindeer, lion and bee (under "PROFESSIONAL")

*Unicorns Football
unicorn logo (also here

zebra paper toy (click "Den Ausschneidebogen finden Sie hier" under the first picture under "Spielzeug - Papercraft") and other version here (click "Die beiden Bastelbogen gibt es hier als PDF")

*Visual Spicer
Ameristar Casinos quadricorn (unicorn with four horns)

Beauto Chaser programmable robotic vehicle turtle and ladybug bodykit (click the link under "03ペーパークラフト"; Beauto Racer bodykits here)

*Wombat Atelier Fare
giant hornet, scorpion and cicada husk

*Wowow BBC Earth 2013
meerkat (in coloured and black-and-white versions; you need to register to get the African elephant, greater slow loris and gelada baboon too)

rare animals of the world and Japan, seasonal papercrafts, pop-up cards and of course motorbikes (Yamaha also has a great papercraft tutorial!)

*Yam Pepa blog
cute sheep and Sugar-girl here and large dress-up doll here (don't forget the password "解壓縮P.W.=>" for the ZIP files!)

*Yamyam I Love Corydoras!
tropical corydoras sterbai, adolfoi, schwartzi, panda, julii, albino, loxozonus, parallellus and solox fish

*Yokohama City Kohoku District
magamo mallard duck (click the red button next to the image for the PDF parts file)

*Yo & Motoko Fun2craft
simple hamster (click the little hamster icon at the top of the page for the PDF parts file)

*Zing & Zang's Fantastical Zoo
2.5D golden beak giant bird, broad striped zebra, checkered giraffe, running elephant, sneezing rhino, furless ape, sea lion, Zing and Zang, hot air balloon, helicopter and boat and 3D truck and little zoo

simple elephants, chick, zebra and giraf and Christmas elephant, baby elephant and crocodile here

Bad Bat, Lucky Pig, Happy Cow and Bunny & Carrot

chibi chick, fugu pufferfish, hedgehog, octopus and penguin, Albert, Beatrice, Mauricio and Walter monsters and Halloween squid mask

*Zootto Friends of Nishiyama Zoo
simple red/lesser panda
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