Sunday, August 17, 2008


This nice little video of the Naruto papercraft from Bongo Papercraft was made by Haywan Chiu. Some time ago, he sent in pictures of the young Link and "Going Merry" he made for the "hall of fame" on my website.

And his enthusiasm for papercraft hasn't cool down since then; quite the opposite in fact. Now he has made his own website called PaperCraft Museum, with links to many great models out there on the web, and little instructional videos showing you the techniques he uses building paper models.

It's only just starting, but the site looks nice and simple (which usually means a lot of work has gone into it!) and shows a lot of promise to become a great resource for all you paper modelers out there, so be sure to pay it a visit!

Congrats on your new site Chiu, have fun!

greetz ninjatoes

1 comment:

  1. My my, what a great bunch of work on that site. I've never done a whole lot of paper crafting myself, but it looks like pre-made models for many of my favorite topics are already out there. Time to buy a color printer and a paper cutter!


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