Monday, August 4, 2008

Midna papercraft finished

Oh yeah, before I forget: I also finished the Midna papercraft model I was working on (wasn't that hard to guess, was it?).

So that's that: finally, more than a year and a half after Wolf Link, I got around to making Midna to ride on his back.

Instead of making her the same style (with lots of details meaning lots of tiny folds and difficult to build) I decided to keep on experimenting in my search for a better balance between detail<->easiness. As a result, Midna only uses 32 parts on 3 pages. If you're a quick builder, it will probably only take you one afternoon/evening to build.

As said, to get the files needed to build your own paper Midna, you will need to visit my website (Fevernova puzzle ball not included).

I hope you like her, have fun building!

greetz ninjatoes


  1. Admittedly not your best work(that's really because I like the tiny folds and details in your other works), but it's a relief to finally have a Midna papercraft out there after waiting so long. Good work Ninjatoes and thank you, I'm sure you've made a lot of TP fans very happy. :)

  2. Although the challenge to design and build a paper model as intricate as say, my SSBM adult Link model can be quite fun, having to fold dozens of small parts can also get quite frustrating... ;o)

    Personally, I actually like simple models better, because they're faster and more fun to build. But who knows, maybe I'll do another complex model again some day when I have the time and feel up to a big challenge!

    greetz ninjatoes


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