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Buildings & other structures

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*12 Kai
Asakusa 20-story building (click PDF file "1" and "2" near the top for the parts files)

*222 Tsukasa Urban development Co., Ltd.
1955 village bathhouse penholder, living room diorama and several small shops (same as here)

Roman Via Sacra triumphal arch of Titus and Stuttgart Zoological and Botanical Garden Wilhelma hall here (click the template thumbnail at the bottom)

small gasworks factory and gantry crane sample

*3rail Forum
Kersengaarde housing block (click the link in the first post)

*570 Design
simple Japanese castle

*7th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
lighthouses and coast guard patrol boats

*A4 Technologie
simple holiday bungalow (click the "Téléchargement" tab, then the PDF link)

change of adress apartment card

*Akafuku Co., Ltd.
traditional Japanese townhouse, rice cake production plant, merchant shop, exhibition building and traditional drum tower

*A Little Hut
black and white customizable mini dollhouse with beds (click "it's here" just above the third picture)

*Almere Haven Hollandse Haven
Hofwoning house (click on "De bouwplaat kunt u uitprinten" next to the thumbnail)

*A l'ombre du pommier
la Maison Picarde and Cantal Barriac-les-Bosquets house

*Ambassade van Bukistan
simple house (click on "downloaden" next to the picture at the bottom of the page)

*American Jewelry and Loan
Hardcore Pawn pawn shop

*AMFF Craft Work
Fushimi Inari shrine torii gates (lo-res freebie; scroll down a bit and click the "①こちら" link for the PDF parts file)

*Amiga Maquettes
2 typical French houses and a small railway platform waiting shelter

*Anarchists Worldwide
burning prison (also here

*Anithe de Haas
simple black-and-white/colour yourself restaurant

*Anraku Kohara Architectural Design Office
lots of contemporary Japanese buildings and houses

*Architekturbüro Beate Wolf
simple houses

*Arcor Michael Goschütz
Scottish farmhouse, Fort Augusta mill store, Kamsdorfer and Unterwellenborner farm, half-timbered houses, 3 simple houses, stable building, Christmas house, village inn and Herolds mill (click "Zum Download von Modellen - hier klicken..." beneath the preview picture)

*Areaal Advies Mausoleum van de Retail
Free Record Shop, Kijkshop and Bart Smit retail chain stores (click the "Bouwplaat" links in either ISO A4 or ISO A3 size)

*Areva Nuclear Power
1/800 scale 1600 MW Finnish Olkiluoto 3 ERP nuclear power plant

Seaforth police station and Stella Picture House cinema, Roman villa, motte and bailey castle mounds, Egyptian pyramids, moon base, semi-detached house and Newport Pagnell Methodist church (click the links under "CARD MODELS" in the menu on the left)

small Christmas stable

*Art Tower Mito
tower made from tetrahedra

*Atlas of Discovery
simple black and white castle, ziggurat and pyramid (worksheets 37, 48 and 49 under "The Built Environment")

*ATSFRR Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society Jay Miller
simple section tool house and assorted privys and material house for signal maintainers

*Au Cirque
circus tent, trucks and 2D animal standies (same as here)

*Australian Card Kits
Tokos restaurant Dongara, Kellerberrin pioneer museum, Woodanilling station, Kalgoorlie Bitter water tower and old Dongara mill freebies (under "Download Building PDF's Free" on the left)

Lelystad airport control tower and building and Valkenburg control tower (under "Bouwplaten")

simple house

*Backhaus Barrigsen
simple bakery

several model railway houses in TT, N and Z scale

*Bandai Candy
Godzilla city figurine diorama scenery and more city buildings and volcano backdrop here (scroll down and click the red "ダウンロード" links just below the papercraft thumbnail pictures on the Bandai Candy webpage)

*Bandai VooV Station
VooV town, racetrack and construction site scenery (scroll down and click the red "ブーブマップ ぼくらのまち編1ダウンロード(PDF ...kb)" buttons)

Barbie's Dreamhouse, Ken's, Teresa's, Nikki's and Ryan's houses Raquelle's Mansion, DNA bracelet, Pop Star microphone and more printables

simple house (click the thumbnail for the PDF parts file)

*Baud and Bui
Reunion Island little house, creole villa, abandonded shop and Museum of Saint-Denis, Picardy farm and Brittany fisherman's house

simple tractor shed, pig stall, horse stable, fence and trees

*bbi collectible
simple medieval castle wall section with gate (click the "COMING SOON" button on the right)

6 contemporary Japanese houses

*Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
New England village Victorian house, community church, apartment building, barn and silo farm buildings and 1978 Ben & Jerry's gas station ice cream parlor

*Beppi's Paper Model Page
old windmill and wooden house models

*Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Solar Decathlon building

*Best Paper Models
small 1944 Italian building

*Bibi grey cat Agence Eureka
Bastille, Big Ben and other vintage buildings (click "Messages plus anciens" beneath the images to find all the models)

*Bij de Burcht
simple round castle tower (click "Klik hier" under "Bouw de Burcht")

Slite Sjöfarts Maritime Museum (click the parts template at the very bottom), Slite watertower here (click the finished model picture at the very bottom), Niord 24 Swedish villa here (click the small door beneath the pictures at the top), Lindesnes lighthouse here (click the parts template at the very bottom), Understen lighthouse here (click "ARK 1-3" at the very bottom for the PDF parts files), Visby Fairbairn harbor crane The Elephant here (click the template thumbnails on the right side of the page near the bottom for the PDF parts files) and Swedish Norrgården house in Ägnö here (click the template preview near the bottom right for the PDF parts file)

*Bill Jones Paper Machines
prairie grain elevator

*Blog Naver Anagram
World War II Battle of the Bulge bunker (click "첨부파일 (1)" on the top right to download a ZIP file with the parts) and simple house (download the "[JPG 파일]" version if you don't have a program like Altools)

*Blue Parrot
simple garage structure and trafo station

*Bob Staake
Bob Staake's Cape Cod studio

*Boomerang Create
elementary school/coffee shop

*Bouwplaat gemeentehuis Jagtlust
Bilthoven town hall Jagtlust in 1660, 1900 and 2011

*British Columbia Heritage
black and white British Columbia Keremeos grist watermill and Nanaimo bastion building here (click all "Page" links)

*British Energy
1/800 and 1/1600 scale Stillwell B nuclear power plant

Neopasa, café, convenience store, food court, toilet facilities, gas station, food stants and bus stops and toll gates, elevated highway and NEXCO highway service vehicles

simple colour-yourself black and white houses, gas station and streets

*Build Model Castles
simple black and white Blarney Castle freebie

*Build Your Own Chicago
Chicago Aon center skyscraper, Metropolitan Correctional Center skyscraper prison, Ohio House Motel coffee shop, Minesota Museum of the Mississippi, Sun Times building, Wirt Dexter building and Split Rock lighthouse (handrailings for extra detail here)

*Build Your Own New York
New York Times Square building, Central Park obelisk Cleopatra's Needle and World Trade Center Twin Towers

Japanese Fengyun Ken castle (click the "堅あげ「本城」", "堅あげ「城壁」" and "堅あげ「庭園・装飾品」" download buttons)

New York City World Trade Center Twin Towers

*Cardmodels by Tony
simple English shops, houses, pubs, industrial stores, Falklands buildings and lots more

*Carrera 4 fun
lots of racetrack buildings to decorate your Carrera slot car racing track with (under "Gebäude und Deko" on the right)

*Cata 49 Model Bouwplaten
Amsterdam canal houses, Amsterdam Zomerdijkstraat flat here, Wormer Mercurius building and Wormerveer Cacaotoren here and World War 2 factory disguised as residential area here (click the "Naar adobe reader (pdf) bouwplaat" link in the text)

*Château de Versailles
Pavillon français de Louis XV et Madame de Pompadour (third from the bottom)

*Chateau Meddybemps
church, stores, trainstation and other village buildings and vehicles and people standies

*Cheek Patch World
fotomo perspectively distorted market fish shop

*Chez Lorry
two simple shops (under "Edifices à magasins")

*Chiba Eiwa High School
library and campus shop (click the two orange links at the bottom of the page)

*Christmas Village Displays
Bluebell Cottage, Buttercup Cottage, Darlington House, Minster View Hotel, Olde Town Hall, Peppermint House, Perry's Flower Shop, Perkins Clock Tower, Santa's Corner, St. Mary's Church and Wayside Schoolhouse

*City of Tacoma
black and white and colour version Tacoma old City Hall building (same as here)

*City of Yokohama
FIFA World Cup Football 2002 International Stadium Yokohama

*Clever Models
HO and O scale factory chimney, crossing tower and White Castle fast food restaurant freebies

*College Life Cyber City Matudo
simple radio tower (click the little "book" icon beneath the third block of text)

old Dutch church, bell-gable canal house, african hut and lighthouse freebies (look for the models with a "gratis download" link)

*Chthulhu Mike Hungerford's Paper Models
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Gizmonic Institute and Bardsworth webcomic Bardsworth University

*Claudine Hellmuth
colour yourself Christmas village (click "Template for the houses - I made one for you! Download here!" in the "Suggested supply list")

Czech buildings (click the "Starší", "2009", "2010" and "2011" links under "Papírové modely" on the right; not all of them can be downloaded though!)

simple wind turbine

*CTRI Camille Technical Reseach Institute
Biwako Kusatsu Campus of Ritsumeikan University and campus shuttle bus (click the "その1 アクロスウイングペーパークラフト(Ver.0.99)" and "その2 シャトルバス(Ver. 1.0)" links just above the pictures of the models)

*Cultura Cantabria
several buildings and churches in Cantabria, Spain

*Currell Graphics
World War II airfield control tower, Nissen baracks, shed and flak tower buildings, Frank Lloyd Wright One Mile high skyscraper design, Cardington airship shed and Canadian Post letterbox

*Daniels Kartonmodellbau
Christmas village and simple house (some models require a password; send Daniel an e-mail with your full name asking for the password for the model)

*Dave's Geeky Ideas
Ghostbusters firehouse

old German Bummi kid's magazine Christmas market

simple hand drawn black-and-white houses, church, windmill and more (under "Creative City" and "Duitse Huisjes" in the menu on the left) and Sinterklaas Pakjesboot and several cars (under "Andere...")

*De Cartonnagefabriek
simple Amsterdam canal houses, tenement buildings and school building postcard size freebies (click the thumbnails, then again on the new page)

*De Jong Gortemaker Algra
Bernhoven hospital (click the red "hier downloaden" link near the bottom of the text)

*Demo Co.
Hong Kong estate fotomo diorama and Bank of China (many of the other models have dead links unfortunately)

*Design id
black and white miniature houses (click the years "2003-2005", then the months "1-12"; the left blue cloud at the bottom points to the ZIP-file with the parts)

*Design Mom
cute little school house gift boxes (scroll down and click the "White", "red" or "yellow" links just above the instructions) and simple house gift boxes here (click the "free template" link just below the third picture)

*DeviantArt Aeon2
Hotel Chelsea New York street diorama

*DeviantArt Luyomi333
black and white American windmill and old ivy covered well here (click the "Download File" buttons)

*DeviantArt New Zion Films
cute Christmas cottage and old factory and several planes and science fiction vehicles

*DeviantArt ostabah
old house

*DeviantArt PammyLim
cute 3 Bubwits (little toon kids) house

*DeviantArt Sirius ArtWorks
simple papercraft Christmas Village buildings

*DeviantARt Soobel
19th century Estonian wooden house (click the "Download File" button on the right)

*DeviantArt svanced
Romanian Gate of the Kiss sculpture

*Diputació Barcelona
Castell de Montsoriu (scroll all the way down to the papercraft picture and then click the "El retallable [pdf]" link under "Recursos" near the bottom of the post)

*Die Linke
Münster Musikhalle (click the red "Bau dir deine eigene Musikhalle" button on the right)

cute toy cottages

small barbershop diorama

*Diputación de Albacete
historical buildings from the Spanish region Albacete

*d' Olde Zwarver
simple black and white windmill (at the bottom of the page)

*Doshisha School of Theology
1893 Byron Stone Clarke Memorial Hall in black and white and colour

*Dover Publications
American Landmarks Miniature Models to Cut and Assemble Lincoln Memorial, White House and Statue of Liberty samples (click the "Model 1 -- 2 -- 3" links at the top)

*Dragon's Lair
simple medieval house (click the "〔ペーパークラフトを表示する〕" link next to the pictures)

*Duco Jan Avis
Dutch canal house (originally a Rabobank piggybank)

*Duoplan Doetinchem Architecten
Acaciahof school building

*ECIP Education Center for Information Processing
multi-purpose Konami Hall and Kozuki Hall student hall Shijonawate campus buildings

*Edificios de Papel
lots of simple buildings

*eidée arquitectes
modern bungalow

*Eisfeld Engel Architekten
NRW Bank Münster buildings

2 simple houses

*ERBBK Euroregionu Bile-Biele Karpaty
Brdo tower (click the link above the picture)

*EuropMedia Verlag
Züge magazin model railway buildings

*Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde Mühlhausen
simple Wasserschloss church building (click the "Bastelbogen-Wasserschloss Öffnen oder Speichern" link just above the template previews)

*Evoke 2004
cute medieval castle (click the "castle" link underneath the papercraft picture under "EXCISION SHEETS" about two thirds down the page)

*Eyeful Home
4 contemporary Japanese Sesihibo detached houses

*Facebook Paper Engineer
Japanese hot spring footbath fotomo, Rurikoji five-storied pagoda and old Yamaguchi St. Francis Memorial Church (click the albums and look for the PDF links)

*Facebook Premium Outlets Japan
Gotemba, Kobe-Sanda, Sendai-Izumi, Rinku, Sano, Ami, Toki and Tosu Premium Outlet mall towers (click one of the pictures, then on the new page click "...See More" in the description on the right to see the two download links for the PDF parts and instructions files)

*Facet Corporation
Japanese Nagoya castle Honmaru palace (click the big, rectangular buttons about halfway down the page) and fences, flags and 2D trees here

*Facebook VanHuisUit
simple VanHuisUit house

*Faltboat Pokara Workshop
1/450 scale small trainstation, 2-story house, bank, restaurant and office building and 1/150 scale 2-story house here

*Familie Klenk
small reformed church in Egg

*F-ES-B Modellbau
barn, summer resort, vacation home, transformer building and houses in 1:220 Z-scale and 1:75 scale Fairmount Apine boat bridge interior

Sitzenberg fire station and several firetrucks

*FLG Gabinete Didáctico
Lázaro Galdiano Museum room 7 shoebox diorama (under "Sala 7") and museum building and garden (under "Edificio del Museo y jardines")

cute 2008 calendar houses

*Fold up
2 simple houses

*Francis McGrath
1968-2001 puppet kid's tv show Mister Roger's Neighborhood of Make Believe Red Eiffel Tower, Neighborhood Trolley and tracks, King Friday's Castle, rocking chair factory, Great Oak Tree with yellow schoolhouse, Museum-Go-Round, Platypus Mound and clock

*Frans Bochanen
Mecanoo Isala Almende College school building (click "download bouwplaat incl. instructies als PDF" just above the yellow bar)

simple houses

*Fukushima is Mine
TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station reactor units 1-4 before and after the disaster following the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

*Funfabric Fehmarn
Fehmarn lighthouse (click "Bastelbögen ausdrucken" near the top, be sure to save both "Bogen 1" and "Bogen 2")

*Gakken Kids Net
historical Japanese castles and buildings

*Gemeente archief Leeuwarden
black and white Grote Kerk church Leeuwarden

*Gemeente Hilversum
simple Leegstand Te Lijf house (click the "Bouwplaat Leegstand Te Lijf (pdf)" link at the very bottom)

*Gemeente Schiedam
Lady Aleida Huize te Riviere ruins (scroll all the way down and then click the "de Ruïne" button for the PDF parts files)

*Gemeente Zoetermeer
Palenstein castle (click the "Bouwplaat (WinZip file, 246 MB)" link underneath "Bouwplaat van Kasteel Palenstein" near the bottom)

*Gemeinde Sohland an der Spree
Upper Lusatian/Umgebinde house (click the thumbnail on the lower left side of the page)

*Genfer Platz e.V.
simple black and white semi-detached house (click the "Bastelbogen RMH Fürstenried" link at the bottom)

Sky Wing 37 and Gifu City Tower 43 highrise buildings (click the links next to the Adobe PDF icons under the pictures)

*Gleimo Kartonmodelle
small firestation, forest woodward's home, family home, small allotment garden sheds, small trainshed with watering station, small trainstation, small shed, watering station, DDR guard tower BT9, LPG fuel station, station's manager home, signal box building, village shop, boiler house, small town office building, small trainstation with railroad crossing, small train shed, wooden shipping palettes and simple luggage trolley monthly model railway freebies in Z, N, TT and HO scales

*Google Doodles
four cute 2015 Google Doodles Holiday homes (click the "Download this template" link)

*Grundeigentümerverein im Bezirk Bergedorf
1842 Bergedorf train station

*Grundschule Pretzschendorf
piggybank house (click "Sparhaus" near the bottom of the page) and Christmas village buildings here

*GXE Communications Okinawa Paper Craft
simple baseball stadium (you don't need to fill in all the boxes, only three: enter your name or nickname in the first "お名前(必須) (ニックネーム可)" box, choose a Japanese prefecture from the "お住まいの 都道府県" dropdown list, and tell how you found out about the GXE Okinawa Paper Craft webpage in the last, big "どこで沖縄ペーパークラフトを知りましたか!?" box (you can choose to also enter your e-mail adress in the second "メールアドレス" box and tell if you're a boy "男性" or a girl "女性", but that's not really required; after filling in the information, click the grey "ダウンロードへ進む" button at the bottom, on the next page confirm the information by clicking the grey "ダウンロードへ >>" button on the right and then on the next page click the download link)

*Gymnasium Carolinum Osnabrück
Carolinum college Osnabrück (click the "Datei" link in the first paragraph

*Hall Royd Junction
80 Halifax Road Todmorden house, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway signal box, Chesham Bellingdon Road factory and garage boxes model railway buildings (click the "See also:" links at the top)

Hammerkopfturm mining hoist tower (right-click and then save the "Bogen Teil 1/2" and the "Bastelanleiting" to your computer for a higher resolution)

simple warehouse (third post from the bottom, rest are boats)

*Haunted Dimensions
Disney's Haunted Mansions: Liberty Square, New Orleans Square, the Phantom Manor, Haunted Mansion Entrance Pillar, Leota's Tombstone, Master Gracey's Tombstone, Phantom Mansion Entrance Pillar, Crypts, Conservatory Coffin, Bates House, Good Old Fred's tombstone, Pirates of the Caribbean Torre del Cielo and Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights ScreamHouse Ressurection, Psychoscareapy Maximum Madness and Skoolhouse

*Hayler Heritage Models
historic Sydney Bondi Junction Boot Factory

*HCC Net Frank Abbing
simple summerhome

*Hello June
cute New York, Bruxelles and Paris mini buildings and several other printables (choose a model, and then on the next page look for the "télécharger" links in the text for the PDF parts files)

*Hendrik Christaan van de Leur
1933 St. Franciscuskerk Groningen, 1933 St. Franciscuskerk Bolsward Friesland and 1934 St. Gerardus Majellakerk black and white handdrawn churces (click the churches, then on the new page "kunt u hier downloaden" at the very bottom for another page with the parts links)

*Henry Tudor
Tudor castle, watermill, windmill, stone arch, spiral staircase, portcullis and drawbridge, village well, cathedral, Tudor village with tavern, houses, manor and church, original Nonsuch Palace, Samlesbury Hall, Tudor merchant's house and lots more (in Microsoft PowerPoint *.ppt file format)

*Herzovision Herbert Bier
small scale playhouse

*Het Geheugen van Nederland
Sneek Roman-Catholic Martinus church and sailboat (choose one of the models, then click the "Opslaan" link on the left for each of the sheets)

*Hiratu Koumuten
traditional Japanese castle, radio tower, highrise building and clock tower (links 4-7)

Osaka Tsutenkaku tower (click the square image button below the menu on the right for the PDF parts file)

castle and urban neighbourhood (don't forget the password!)

*Hof van Saksen
black-and-white/colour yourself Saxon style holiday resort farmhouses (click the "U kunt hier de bouwplaat in PDF downloaden." link just below the template preview)

*Hokey Hakang
black and white colour-yourself mountain cabin (click "ladda ner här" about halfway down the page, then download the "sk87-powerpoint.ppt" Microsoft Powerpoint file)

*Hokusho University
Tokyo Sky Tree skyscraper

*Holzhof Verlag

*Home Center Sekichu
simple Sekichu coffee shop (1st link under "ペーパークラフト セキチューのお店を作ってみよう!" with the scissors icon)

*horime enikki
simple IKEA store and bus here

*Hostivická historie
schools, churches a small chapel and other buildings from Hostivická

*Hoxity Stahlart Papercraft
Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and Beijing Gulou drum tower

*Hugo l'Escargot
medieval castle (girl's version here)

*HZ Plus
3 sample houses

*ICARO Colegio territorial de arquitectos de Valencia
Valencia tobacco factory Association of Architects headquarters, Museum of Art and Cabanyal-Canyamelar building

*Iga City Mie Prefecture
Ueno city train station

*Igneous Fly webdesign
Arc de Triomphe

*Ikawa Park Station
train station platform (in *.gif and PDF format)

*Ikegamisone Yayoi Cultural Work Shop
Yayoi Museum Learning Center building and traditional izumi takadono (same as here)

*il ForbiColla
simple Monte Mezza and Passo Falzàrego churches, 3-weeled Hot Dog vendor minicar, Viking Drakar boat and several paper dolls (under "modelli gratuiti da stampare su cartoncino da 200g/mq." at the bottom left of the page)

*Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
Abraham Lincoln log cabin, old State Capitol, Berry-Lincoln store, Great Western depot, old Main Hall, Beecher Hall, Lincoln home, Lincoln tomb, Shastid house and Vandalia State house Lincoln sites and Illinois Main Street Tinsley, Senior Citizens', First National Bank, Grojean, Hall's Shoes, Stein, Decalb Clothiers, Jensen Drug Store, Crystal Lake and Gardner Museum buildings

Mindener Altstadt city hall (click the thumbnail on the left)

1927 Bauhaus Dessau Stahlhaus and simple Nexus Agent house here

*Industrial Design
black and white warehouse De Liefde and Jan Vermeerschool (same as here)

*Ingenieurgemeinschaft Bartsch + Rudolph
simple Otto Hahn Gymnasium school, WVER Wasserverband Eifel Rur office building, FVA Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen aircraft maintenance hangar, Kuttig Electronic factory and Isselstraße senior citizens housing (click the "Download des Modells als Bastelbogen" and "Download der Bastelanleitung" links)

*Inkstation Deventer
InkVille merry-go-round carousel freebie (click the "Kermis Draaimolen 1." PDF link)

*In Pago Wierense
black and white, colour-yourself Dutch Wieringer farm building (click the " (18 k)" link at the bottom)

*Instant Durable
black and white Donjon de Provins Tour César freebie

*Inubosaki Brunton Association
black-and-wite/colour-yourself Inubosaki lighthouse foghorn station (click the grey "ペーパークラフト ダウンロード" button below the picture)

*itoht paper craft
Seven Islands ferry jetfoil Tairyo and more

*Japan LP Gas Association
LP gas transloading facility with simple boats and 2D trucks (scroll down and click the "資料ダウンロード" link under "ペーパークラフト「LPガスが家庭に届くまで」 (09.09.16)" near the bottom of the page)

*Japanese Real Estate Investment Corporation
Parkville MM and Kitanomaru Square highrise buildings

*Japan Kushiro Coast Guard
Kushiro coast guard headquarters and lighthouse (click the links next to the building icons)

*Japan Miyagi Coast Guard
lots of black and white lighthouses (click the links next to the map of the island)

*Japan Muroran Coast Guard
lots of black and white lighthouses (click the blue dots on the map of the island)

*Japan Rumoi Coast Guard
Mashike lighthouse

*Japan Sport Council
National Stadium (click the "ペーパークラフト ​PDF [PDF:192KB]" link underneath the picture near the bottom of the page)

*Jb paper model
Chapel of Our Lady Mother of God's Grace in Pilsen, Czech Republic

Sinterklaas-avond house

simple colour-yourself house and car

*jhashi2002 Easy Town
cute houses, school and post office (click the first two buttons with the oval shapes, other sections still under constructions)

SAMA Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (download both pages separately or click "grab the bundle here" underneath the two template thumbnails about halfway down the page)

interior of Japanese sado tea-house and irori open hearth room house here (click the "Paper craft" buttons)

*Jump If Not Zero
medieval castle and cathedral

*Just Something I Made
simple giftboxes shaped like little houses

*Kahma Co., Ltd.
simple eco home (click the large green buttons at the top or the bottom for the PDF parts file)

*Kallboys Mondorfer Bastelbogen
fortress Pfaffenmütze, Christmas village, fire station, small chapel, Rheidt windmill, harbor castle, and St. Laurentius church

*Kameyama City
Kameyama castle Tamon turret tower (first four PDF links are for the cover page, instructions, castle parts and foundation parts; the other PDF links are for the same individual pages)

*Kampfgruppe 144
1/144 scale World War 2 control towers, industrial block house and hangars airfield buildings

*Kappouya Yaozen
historical Japanese village diorama (click the template thumbnails at the bottom)

*Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
FZK house, library building and pyramid

lots of model railway stations and buildings, fire stations, gas stations and lots more different buildings (click the links in the menu on the left)

simple log cabin

simple house (under "Franck Bragigand: Bouwplaat - 2002" about halfway down the page)

*Kastelen Beeldbank
Dutch castle Duurstede (click "Download hier de bouwplaat van kasteel Duurstede")

*kate's Creative Place
Native American tipis

lots of town buildings, castles, Bernabeu football stadium, 7 Wonders of the World and many more paper models from old German Fix und Foxi children´s magazine

*Kawasaki City Kawasaki Ward
Kawasaki Tokaido inn paper lantern and Shiohama tram station, Kawasaki harbor industrial waterfront, Kawasaki and Daishi train station, Rokugo River railway bridge with train and ferry, Edo period Japanese inn and sluice gate dioramas

*KCCT Kobe City College of Technology Dep. of Mechanical Engineering Waseda Lab
working wind turbine (scroll down and click the "Download" links for the different versions and filetypes; to make it really generate electricity, you'll need a generator motor like the XGM-RA from XiKIT and some other materials besides paper too!)

*Kids and History
simple Paul Revere house

*Kids For Animals
simple wooden shed (click the template thumbnail or the pictures for the PDF parts file)

*Kids Idea
simple houses and bakery shop

several black-and-white/colour yourself houses and buildings

*Kiki & Company
Halloween advent calendar house

*Kim Chulho
Sacred Heart Catholic University main entrance gate

Ugunda Katara Point View resort banda holiday home

*Kingsway Models
bus shelters, Walford Est subway station, semi-detached houses, shops, Rovers pub, post office, Downing Street 10 and other British street scenery freebies

*Kiör e.V.
Hamburger Waschhaus interior (click the "Bastelbogen" link in the second paragraph under "Katalog / Bastelbögen" on the right)

*Kirchengemeinde St. Wolfgang Puschendorf
simple church (click the purple "Projekt Gemeindehaus" bar at the bottom, then scroll down a bit and click the "Hier zum Herunterladen (Download)" link)

small gatehouse and chapel

*Kit et Croix
small chapel

*Kiyama House Planning
contemporary Japanese house

simple black and white colour-yourself house (click "Bouwplaten" on the purple pencil in the menu on the left, then "diversen" on the bottom right)

*Kobe Shimbun Newspaper Sukusuku
cute colour-yourself black and white art gallery, beauty salon, clothing store, grocery store, car family house, restaurant, flower family house, music family house, dog family house and rooftop family house

simple house (click the 5th link: "10cm家")

* (simple castle tower)
simple black and white castle tower

*Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller
Virginia City Wild West town (click "HIER CLICKEN" in the text balloon at the top) and classic 1972 Dübener Ei teardrop trailer caravan (scroll down and click the text below the blue pair of scissors)

black and white Matryoshka house and vanishing point houses

Landgasthaus Herchenbach (same as here)

*Kumamoto Yatsushiro Municipal Museum
museum building (click the purple pentagon at the top of the page)

*Kyuhon Hirata Honjin Museum
Hirata Honjin museum

*Landgasthaus Herchenbach
restaurant (click the "PDF (1,4 MB) link under "Bau dir dein Landgasthaus!)

*Landkreis Teltow-Fläming
Marktturm Luckenwalde and Mellnsdorf village church (click the two links at the bottom)

*Le Forum en Papier
small Times Square diorama and Las Vegas Strip Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Wynn, Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace, Tropicana and The Palazzo hotels and casinos and Fabulous Las Vegas sign here

*Le lapin dans la lune
several cute houses, merry-go-round carousel, cuckoo clock, birdhouses and lots more simple kid's crafts

*Les fortifications de Vauban
upper town of Briançon, Tatihou tower, Blaye citadel royal gate, Besançon citadel arsenal, Saint-Martin-de-Ré citadel, Mont-Louis citadel man-powered watermill, fortified Villefranche-de-Conflent enclosure, La Hougue tower, Camaret-sur-Mer golden tower, Longwy town hall and courthouse, Cussac fort Médoc royal gate and Mont-Dauphin lunette fort (click the links under "DÉSORMAIS DISPONIBLE")

*Lex Tempelman
Hollandic Water Line fortress, presse-papier and Bouwplaten Bulletin logo

*Ligne Fictive
grocery store building, garage, suburban residential building, railroad crossing building, Nice villa and old factory

*Lint Hotel Köln
Lint Hotel Köln (click "Bastelbogen")

*Little Glitter Houses
Tin City model railway vintage Lithograph station, cottage, Flag City Yankee Doodle Kandy, Flagge Shoppe and Musique Store, Seaside Oyster Store, Sea-Food restaurant, Seashell Shoppe, Mussels and Salt-Water Tappy shops, Cape Cod house, Lithograph Switch Tower, Diner, 5 & 10 Cent Store, Drugstore and Toys & Confectionery store, Tin City Bridge and Watchman's Shanty

*Looks Like Paper Models
Otto's Garage freebie

*LR Artes Dragão de Papel
Disney's Ducktales Uncle Scrooge's money bin building in HO, N and Z scale (don't click the "Add to Cart" button, but click the "Download" links in the "Description")

*LRF Lantfbrukarnas Riksförbund
Swedish farm

*Lucky Radish Studio
cute Halloween Creepytowne Dr. Farkenstine's castle office, Squid House and Witch-Mart shop

*Luc Mahler
clergy house, Milpersac castle, Normandic dwelling, and 14th century house

*Lutz Kasper Grafikdesign
2 simple houses

*Made by Joel
Paris, Sydney, Seattle and other simple black and white 2.5D dioramas

customize your own house before printing the template (click the "bouwplaat" button on the right to start the Flash program, choose the colours and styles and drag the windows and doors onto the template, then click the "print" button to print your house directly from te web browser window)

*MAGs Papiermodelle
Martinskirche in Langenau, small trainstation platform, gas station, apartment building, highrise, Arc de Triomphe, Egyptian pyramid, Bavarian chapel and other simple houses and buildings

*Märklin Kids Club
HO scale train station signal houses, locomotive shed, fire station garage shipping containers, road construction site, boathouses with pier and boats, butcher's shop, bakery and fashion boutique, bus stop, mountain cabins, old prison building and parking garage railway scenery

*Marloes de Vries
Christmas stable nativity scene (coloured and black and white version)

*Martha Stewart
simple townhouse gift box

Kamogata Okayama Prefectural High School Ryugu gate (under the "浅口市 竜宮門(旧県立鴨方高等学校校門)" logo banner), Ibara Shakado Zenpukuji temple (under the "岡山県井原市 善福寺釈迦堂" logo banner), Otani burial mound (under the "旧北房町 大谷一号墳" logo banner) and Kofun period kabuto helmet (under the "古墳時代の兜" logo banner; scroll down and click all the links below the pictures for the PDF parts and instructions files; the first model Oda Prefecture Kasaoka elementary school gate under the "ペーパークラフトです" logo banner has several dead links unfortunately)

*Masamoto Noto
railroad bridge (and trains)

Harry Potter Hagrid´s hut

*Matsusaka Fire Department
simple firestation (last link under "♪ダウンロード♪" beneath the pictures)

*Maquettes carton
2 simple houses freebies (click "House 1" or "House 2" under "Free models" in the menu on the left and on the next page click "Download the papercraft" at the bottom)

*Mechanical Horses
simple CAMPSA service station and Barreiros workshop (click the links under "Free download" in the appropriate post)

*MegaMoonLiner Paper Model Studio Domain
Kure Maritime Museum (also known as Yamato Museum)

simple little gingerbread house

simple book cases (in 1/220 Z-, N 1/160, TT 1/120 and HO 1/87 scales), simple house, small station, signal box, school, stores and garden pavillion (in HO 1/87 scale) and half-timbered house (in 1/45 O-scale)

*Meyert Boon Systeembouw
campground sanitary unit

*Michael and Lacey Commodore 64 Christmas Kit
Charles Dickens Pickwick's bookstore, Pyke's tavern, Scrooge & Marley's shop and Trotwood Ltd tea company Christmas Village buildings from an old Commodore 64 papercraft software

*Mie's office Shingon Otani school
Japanese Hondo-ji temple main hall

*Mike's Page Spielwaren
Mannheimer Wasserturm watertower

*Mike vom Marsx
fantasy castle

blacksmith shop, Wild West railway station and newspaper kiosk

*Milano Aoyama
simble buildings (click the 6th and 7th links in the menu on the left, LZH files are the same as ZIP files)

*Milano Aoyama Geopaper
handdrawn Industrial Palace Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Praqgue Vltava River diorama background, Syrian Aleppo citadel and Armenian Akhratsk Lori church

*Minckelers school
cute houses and caroussel

3 free samples of buildings on this page, several more hidden around their site

*Minicar's Paper craft
Tsjernobyl nuclear power plant and diving pool

*Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Akari Park renewable energy biogas plant and wind turbines (click the PDF links below the papercraft pictures)

American Reagal Hotel Restaurant Supplies store and apartment building (in Photoshop/Gimp *.pdf file format; click the two banners with the bricks)

*Mizuho Town
simple Rokudouyama Deities Mountain Park observatory tower (scroll down a bit and click the two links underneath the green block next to the papercraft picture)

simple house

*Modellbau Drabow
holiday homes (under "Bastelbögen - Downloads")

Clever Models Yard Shed review and Greenfield blacksmith, general store, village newspaper Greenfield Gazette and wooden shed for download (click "diesem Rapidshare-Link" under the first picture of the "Schmiede, Landhandel und Dorfzeitung" near the bottom of the page)

train stations and houses

*Models from the mist
small utility building

*Model Train Software
free sample from their Model Builder Software in HO, O, N, and S scales

*Model Trains With Larry
cute, hand drawn model railway scenery Spooky Junction and two more train stations (and a blank version here) and spruce trees

*Moji Port Customs Office
hand drawn Moji Port Customs Office building

*Molen De Weert
colour-yourself black and white Dutch windmill (click "Kinderhoek", then "Bouwpakket voor een windmolen", then click the two images beneath the picture)

*Molen Educatief
Dutch windmill De Wipmolen (same model as here)

*Monica's Creative Room
castles, houses, pavillion and chapel

*Motorcity Rally
Mino tram terminal

*Murado & Elvira
Trondheim Teknobyen student housing (click the "Download a paper toy for the building here" link near the bottom of the page)

*Musik Mittselschule Götzis
black and white Neu-Montfort castle

*My Little House
cute Littletown trainstation, Red Schoolhouse here, Middle Ages inspired Castle Miniworld here and Biblical town of Bethlehem here (new website here)

Louvaillac medieval castle, watchtower example and Warhammer crooked tower and brick bridge

*NAAIDT Project Exchange
simple house (right click and save the template to your computer, or click "MS Word file of associated pupil hand-out" at the bottom for the complete student handout)

*Nagano Prefecture
Tenryu river Sakadobashi bridge

*Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency
Chikusa small cultural theater (with interior; scroll all the way down and click the three PDF links under "ちくさ座1/200ペーパーモデル")

*Nara Prefecture
prison building, sailing ship, kofun imperial burial mound tombs, ceremonial kanmuri crown, shika deer and Heijo palace daikokuden great hall building

*Nationale Molendag
black and white colour-yourself windmill (click the "Bouwplaat Windmolen 2" and "Bouwplaat Windmolen 3" links; same as here)

*Naturkundehaus Damm
German halftimbered building (click the PDF icon)

*Nederlands Dagblad
simple Christmas church

*Nederlandse Vestingsteden
prisoner's gate Woudrichem, Dalemgate Goudrichem and medieval cannon (click the links under "Bouwplaat historische objecten)

historical and cultural Tajima buildings and items

black and white colour-yourself Crypt of the Phantasm

*NetArts Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
World War II Diary of Anne Frank house

*Netkun Shogakukan
Tokyo Tower (click the blue button at the bottom)

*NHK Spring Mitsuzawa Football Stadium
Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium (in colour and black-and-white versions)

*Nick Jr.
Mike the Knight castle, Team Umizoomi Numberland Castle here and Dora's Enchanted Forest Castle here (make sure to have pop-ups enabled)

*Niigata Prefectural Government
Hayadegawa dam (beginner and advanced versions; in Microsoft Excel file format, click the three links under "早出川ダムのペーパークラフト" just below the pictures)

*Nippon Maru
Mitsui O.S.K Passenger Line Fuji Maru and Argentina and Brasil Maru cruise ships

*Nissan Stadium
simple Nissan International Stadium Yokohoma football stadium (Nissan Stadium and original Yokohama Stadium versions and Yokohama Efu Marinos 10th anniversary official event standie; Yokohama Stadium version same as here)

Almere Hout Noord buurtschuur barn building (click "Download hier de originele bouwplaat van de buurtschuur." at the bottom)

*Noorderlicht Architekten
1928 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (click the "bouwplaat deel 1/2" and "handleiding" links on the right)

*Nu Kleuren
black and white colour-yourself farm stable, Eiffel Tower and simple houses (under "KNUTSELEN BOUWPLATEN"; click the link, then wait until the template has loaded and then click "PRINT DEZE KLEURPLAAT" at the top of the page to print it directly from your browser)

*Oak Leaf Studio
OO scale train signal box house

*oder auch
minaret (click the small template on the right)

simple black and white colour-yourself house (click the "Bastelbogen: Wie leben die Tiere auf dem Öko-Hof?" link under "Unterrichtseinheiten" about halfway down the page)

*Okanoueno Hotel
Okanoueno Hotel

*Okayama City Digital Museum
Okayama traditional Japanese castle

*Okazaki City Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau
Rokudoku water distribution tower

*Old Maruichi Honma merchant house
1/200 scale Meji era Maruichi Honma merchant house (in Microsoft Word *.doc format)

*Olis Bahnwelt
simple modern train station and several trains and DB Arriva London double-decker bus and Oli's room and Christmas Santa sleigh diorama(use the "<" and ">" arrows to browse through the thumbnails at the bottom)

*Olympus Pursuit Magazine
fotomo perspectively distorted street diorama

several shops, houses, church and other buildings

*Ontwerpen op Maat Ulrike van Schagen
black and white house (click "hier openen" in the second paragraph)

*Ontwerpstudio Dot by dot
monumental villa Huis Sonsbeek Arnhem (click the "Download de bouwplaat" button)

*Opaku Hakkenden Hakuryu-Tei
samurai novel Konaya traditional Japanese inn

*Openbare Basischool De Wiekslag Goor (b+w Christmas houses)
5 simple black and white Christmas houses

*Otaru Coast Guard Office
Poro, Ishikari, Simatei, Kitafuku, Shakotan, Kamui, Benkei, Honme and Motta lighthouses

*Owariasahi City
Peter Callesen style-cut out Skyward Asahi tower (click the "ペーパークラフト展開図(PDF:1,481KB)" link underneath the pictures)

*Pan di Stelle
chocolate cottage and more

*Paper Buildings
Mullet Hi-Rise, lighthouse, Heidi building, investigator's office, People's Plaza and Hampton Apartments from SimCity 3000, Kame House from Dragon Ball Z, and a prairie grain elevator, the Thomas Church in Dresden, Bandorfer Backes, Rijkskantoren in Goes, Dale's house, another lighthouse and Adriaan's own house

*Paper Craft Maker
Yokohama Landmark Tower, Fukuoka Tower and old New York World Trade Center Twin Towers skyscrapers

*Paper Craft N
traditional and modern houses, farms and other buildings in N-scale

*Papercraft Napady
2 simple houses and Podlavice and Senec Belfry

Norfolk (Virginia) boathouse

*Paper House 1/64
13Brasa gas station, tire shop, roadside kiosk, Economotoros Volkswagen Porsche dealership, Ford dealership, streets, Volkswagen dealership and Mundi bank building (click the links next to "Link para download")

Minimart diorama and warung tegal food stall shop

*Paper Landmarks
stylized South Africa FIFA World Cup football 2010 Durban Moses Mabhida Stadium kirigami

small modern urban diorama, medieval church, small village street diorama, classic Greek temple, Jordan rock-carved Petra Treasury, old Brazilian Sobrado house, old church and medieval castle

Czech forum with Slovenian buildings, bus stop shelter, Tourelle de la Plata (Petite Vieille, Little Old Woman) lighthouse and many more models

* Kartonmodellbau Online
several buildings and KWU DWR 1300 MW and Olkiluoto III nuclear powerplants

*Paper Shipwright
Pakefield and Burnham-on-Sea lighthouses, harbour light, Gribbin Head and St. Martin's daymarks, wooden pear, modular quay/wharf and sea wall (you'll need to create an account first)

*Paper Sport
FIFA World Cup 2002 Yokohama Nissan Stadium

*Paper Structure
clothes shop, jeans shop and Leaf store buildings

ruined house freebie

*Paper Tiger Armaments
1/72 scale Derna villa and simple square building

*Papírové modely
mausoleum of King Theodoric in Ravenna, Italy

*Pass Tell Line
simple buildings and animals and insects and vehicles and more

*Pastor Pixel
barbershop and pub, half-timbered building, residential building, chapel, garage box and several more houses and several geometrical shapes

*Patrick Gillet
circus tent, trucks and 2D animal standies (also on Au Cirque)

*PBS Kids Clifford the Big Red Dog
colour-yourself black and white groomer's, Clifford's house, bakery, T-Bone's house, optician's office and Emily Elizabeth's house

*PDVSA Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
oil refinery, offshore oil platform Dragón, drilling tower and Petróleos de Venezuela PDV gas station (also a seismic survey truck and oil tanker; click the PDF icons under "Serie: Aprendamos de Petróleo (Armables)" at the top of the page)

*Peach Bum
Disney Pixar's Up! house

*Pentel Kids Pepe & Lulu Papercraft
simple little ice cream shop, cake shop, train station and flower shop and many more models

*Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition Digital Library
Philadelphia Memorial Hall

*Philippine NCCA National Commission for Culture and the Arts
Rizal Monument, Manila Metropolitan Theater, Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, Aguinaldo Shrine, Malacañan Palace, Sultan Hassal Bolkiah Masjid, Quezon Memorial Shrine, Barasoain Church, Bonifacio Monument, Miagao Church and Paoay Church

*Picmagic Replica Model Kits
Picmagic Replica Models bank building freebie

*Pierreg Maquettes en Carton
community school de la République, fortified Esnandes church, Château de Sceaux castle, Lentilles half-timbered church and Nieul-sur-l'Autise Saint Vincent abbey

*Pierre Fontaine Paper Models
Victorian Queen Anne style house

Witte Kerk church

simple hut and furnace

*Pkrug's Modellbahnseiten
city houses and several other model railway buildings (click "Papiermodelle" on the left and then one of the categories)

*Plaza Pattata
simple Eiffel Tower, circus carousel, gift boxes and more

*Pleine Page
old Amfreville-sous-les-Monts vicarage (click the "TÉLÉCHARGEZ GRATUITEMENT le modèle "ancien presbytère"" at the bottom)

*Poolside Rails
American Paper Buildings Project San Simeon Street freebie (click the red "Download San Simeon Sampler" button on the left)

*Post Orbital Design
simple mountain cabin and Shannondale West Virginia 19th century iron furnace

*Powerhouse Museum
old Australian outback farm homestead house, garage, stable and dairy and background backdrop, fences and equipment, animals and people standies

*Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
Japan's Prime Minister's Official Residence

*Print. Colour. Fun!
simple black and white, colour-yourself house

*Projekt Bastelbogen
simple houses and lots more stone buildings here and half-timbered houses here

*Project Design
branding agency office (click " pdf-Dokument herunterladen" under "Wir basteln eine Branding-Agentur" at the bottom of the page)

*Puister Deneke architecten
simple home (click the PDF icon)

*Rabobank Westland Exclusief
2 houses

eco-friendly Energie+ Technikhaus

*RA Graphics
simple house and railway signal cabin (look for the "Our House in PDF format" and "Signal Cabin in PDF Format" links)

*Radio Kootwijk
historical Dutch radio station building Radio Kootwijk

*Rail Miniature Castrais
signal house, railroad crossing guardhouse, small stations and remise in HO scale

Starc Manor sanatorium, cliff house, haunted house pop-up card, ghost house, RavensBlight manor, gothic chapel and hidden cemetary

*Recursos para Primaria e Infantil
simple black and white colour-yourself houses

*Regina Jansen's Kronieken van Sheira
simple house (black and white and colour versions)

chapel and Boyen fortress (click the "Pobierz" button underneath the thumbnails)

*Réseau Saint Michel
1/160 N-scale bakery, windmill, townhouses, wooden barn, stone bridge, tunnel entrance, locomotive shed, Aumagne-Renier station and more model railway scenery buildings

*Réseau tour de pièce à l’échelle HO
HO scale model railway buildings and shipping containers (under the grey "Maquettes échelle HO à télécharger et imprimer" header)

*Reuver Bauservice
simple house (click the small house at the bottom of the page)

*Richter Bastelbogen Online
lighthouse, Berlin Reichstag and houses here, Prague theater, Brussel Atomium, Oxford Library and Lissabon Orient trainstation here, Vienna Hofburg and Alhambra bathhouse here, Paderborn Jagdschloss Hövelhof here and ancient Roman Lime guard towers here and here and insula apartment building here

*Rick Geary
American Mall Strip, Shady Rest motel and Sinking House postcard models (look through the gallery to find them, click "MORE POSTCARDS" at the bottom)

travel agency, Christmas market stalls and bus with bus station, kiosk and toy store freebies (click the freebies on the green background, the rest are commercial models)

colour-yourself black and white classic medieval castle

*Robert Bosch Realschule
simple black-and-white castle (click the "hier herunterladen" link near the top)

*Rob Schatborn
lots of houses and buildings (on the second half of the page; click the pictures on the next pages for the templates)

*Roger Pattenden Heritage Models
Headstone Manor Harrow Tithe Barn

*Ruiz Solar
simple House for Four

*Ryobi Group
Ryobi Grace Mansion series Sixth Station and Wu Station apartment buildings

*Ryusenen association website
garbage processing facility and garbage truck

*Sabine Pass Lighthouse
Sabine Pass Lighthouse

*Sakamoto Kyogo
Tamura home (click the link under "PDFバージョン")

*Sakura City
Dutch windmill De Liefde

*salon rosi
1920's Frankfurt am Main Ernst May house

black and white noodle bar set diorama (click the PDF link "PDFをダウンロード" at the top)

*Sanchez Taffur arquitecto
Rem Koolhaas Porto Casa Da Música

*Sanwa Supply Paper Museum
beauty salon, Japanese candy store, sushi shop, restaurant, butcher's shop, study room, bakery, old fashioned shop, fish store, grocery store, florist, pâtisserie, Versaille style room, Japanese summer and autumn and winter and spring houses, kitchen, bathroom, summer house, Christmas house and Gingerbread house room and more dollhouse sets (click the tumbnails and then on the next page the two pink buttons at the bottom)

*Saso Luigi Soldatini di Carta
simple Greek tavern

weighbridge and coal office, warehouse and inspection pit freebies

English Victorian-style two-bedroom terraced houses

dike warehouse, tram locomotive, freight wagons and more

*Schaudenkmal Gasmaschinenzentrale Unterwellenborn link
Scottish farmhouse, Fort Augusta mill store, Kamsdorfer and Unterwellenborner farm, half-timbered houses, 3 simple houses, stable building, Christmas house, village inn and Herolds mill (from Arcor Michael Goschütz)

*Schaumburger Nachrichten Online
simple black and white, colour yourself dreamhouse (click the "Traumhaus Bastelbogen" link under "Oder hier als Download >>" near the bottom)

simple school buildings (choose a district, choose a school, and on the school's page scroll down and click the "Download a cut-out-and-keep model of this school!" in the bottom right corner of the page)

Berliner Museumsinsel Pergamom museum

*Seelen Zeichen
simple lighthouse

* freef5
1/150 scale public building, another building here and more

*Seibudai Chiba High School
Japanese junior high school complex

*Shell South Africa
1/38 scale trackside building, garage, shell station and trees, roadsigns, traffic lights and traffic cones Shell Hot Wheels Ferrari model cars display dioramas

*SH Illustration Studio
Bito building

*Shimane Prefecture archeological database
prehistoric bronze bell, burial mound and house

*Shimanto Town
Kamioka settlement and Xiang bridges (here)

*Sidesways Minibuildings
MiniBox office building and Concord house and office building, house and sports stadium (under "Vintage")

*Skipton Castle
simple black and white colour-yourself gatehouse and kitchen scene (under "Colour and Make" about halfway down the page)

*SkyscraperCity BigBuddy's Models
Tour Montpernasse, Paris Saint-Germain Parc des Princes stadium, Olympique de Marseille Stade Vélodrome, London, 2012 Olympic Stadium and more

*SkyscraperCity Forums
lots of highrise, skyscraper and other buildings by lots of different people

*Skyscraper Models
lots of skyscrapers from all over the world

*Slamdancr SaveVersusDeath
Dungeons and Dragons Egyptian style Obelisks of the Sun Kingdom

*Smart Models
signal box model railway building freebie (request the download link by mail; simpler version here

*Somodi Zoltán papírmakett
lots of black and white, colour-yourself houses

*Solvang Privatbane
model railway scenery houses, farm buildings, train stations, church, Spoetrupp castle, coalmine, sawmill, factory buildings and a pub (click "HOUSES" at the top)

*Stadt Neuwied
Backhaus Niederbieber, Schmitte Eck in Heimbach-Weis, shunt building and Engerser locomotive workshop sheds historical buildings (click the links on the right)

*Stadt Sindelfingen Galerie Maichingen
Alte Rathaus building

*Stefan Schueler
village church and Schloss Dornburg (click the links at the top; "Bogen xx" are the parts, "Abb. xx" are instructional pictures)

*Sternwarte St. Andreasberg e.V.
black and white observatory (print on coloured paper; you'll also need a styropor semi-sphere for the dome)

*Steve McGuire Zone
Italian villa, red barn and haunted house

*Stork's craft club
New Year, Christmas, zoo dioramas, drug shop, liquor store, small restaurant/bar, generic shop, electrical appliances shop, candy shop, several tobacco shops, lucky cat charm, retro bus, 3-wheeled delivery vehicle and several more

*Storm the Castle
Lord of the Rings Minas Tirith, Greek Akropolis Parthenon temple, simple paper and cardboard, Black Dragon and Neuschwanstein castles, Japanese Tatebanko diorama boxes and several other papercraft projects

*Streetpaper Projekt 250
simple White House

*Sugar School
cute children's bedroom diorama

*Suita City Museum
historical and pre-historical Japanese buildings and structures

simple little house

*Susan Kae
black and white Native American Iroquis longhouses, tipi and prehistoric Ohio houses

Santago Calatrava Malmö Turning Torso skyscraper (click the "Byggsats" for the parts and "Instruktion" for the instructions)

*Synergy Icons Paper Models Inc
Arizona beachhouse and Ford dealership garage

*Syun's Box
railway station and engine sheds

*Szigetvári Péter Pál Papírmakettek
Hungarian parliament building (under "Az Országház makettje") and Csepel-D344 truck and several hand drawn planes

*Takara Tomy
simple Thomas and Friends 2.5D Steamworks Factory, houses and windmill

new Tamedia office building (click the "- Jahresabschluss 2012 – Bastelbogen (PDF, 9.1 Mb)" link at the bottom)

old Shimonoseki Telegraph and Telephone office and water police headquarter buildings

Shimokitazawa AZM sushi bar (click the links in Japanese for the PDF parts and instruction files)

*Tate Museum Tate in Space Architecture competition
StudioCousins, David Rickard, Manuel Carballo Amat, Dejan Mrdja, Graham Gibbon and Vincent Young, Jakob Bohme and Andreas Fraueneder, Ebevax, Oke Hauser and Max Schwitalla, Manuela Martorelli, David Wong, Softroom and Sarah Wigglesworth Tate in Space submissions

*TCC Corp Pagan Publishing The Hills Rise Wild
simple wooden shack (colour paper model and blank 3D shack under "Downloads and Extras" at the top)

*Teetering By the Well
shoddy shops, posh place, half-timbered house and fantasy house

*TeoDom Paper Models
Scandiano Boiardo fortress and lots more

*Tetsudo Hobidas
simple rent-a-bike shop (scroll down and click the template preview near the bottom for the PDF parts file)

*Tetsuomo Web!
simple kid's railway buildings

*The Home School Zone
simple barn, farmyard animals and tractor and several 2.5D airplanes and emergency vehicles

*The Neighborhood
cute toy houses and cars (click "READ MORE..." for each house to see the full post with the download button)

*Tepco Electrical Power Historical Museum
banzai/transmission tower (click the two clouds in the image for the PDF parts and instructions)

*Thailand Kilu
Denmark Marup church, traditional Thailand house and Danish holiday home

*The 5x5 Project
United States of America supreme court

*The Japan Iron and Steel Federation
still mill factory plant

*The Knoll by Ray Keim
small entry column and gatehouse here

*The Paul McCool Rosco Files
small railroad station Olive, California

*The Stratford Company
Tacoma old City Hall building (click "page 1, 2 and 3" just below "Create a paper model of Old City Hall", same as here)

*The Toymaker
simple Habitat for Humanity house (under "Math & Learning Toys")

*Things To Make For Children
simple farm buildings, medieval castles, police station and hospital, railway buildings and trains, airplanes and ships and submarines and lots more simple models

*Think Crafts Blog
cute little log cabin (2 versions)

*Thomas Map
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends train garage (click the two yellow buttons with the red text

*Thortrains All-Gauge Model Railroading Page
lots of easy trains and model railway buildings (under "Free Paper Kit Downloads" about three quarters down the page)

*Thrilling Days
old Cheerio cereals Lone Ranger Frontier Town (click "the box backs" and "the maps" at the top for the buildings and the layout map)

Dutch 17th century Golden Age Amsterdam Museum, Museum Boerhaave, Princessehof, Westfries Museum and several houses

*Tin Soldier
ruined church

*Tiscali wnn442907
black and white Gerardus Majella church in Utrecht, the Netherlands (click "kunt u hier downloaden" at the bottom)

*Tistory Shy0221
Cheomseongdae ancient Korean astronomical observation tower (in split Alzip *.alz files)

*Tohoku-Electric Power Co
power plant, electricity transmission tower and LNG harbor and helicopter, van, LNG tanker ship and boom lift vehicle

lots of black and white Japanese lighthouses

*Tokyo Fire Department Kid's Corner
firestation building if you can pass the multiple choice test (answers are 1A-2B-3A-4C-5A-6C-7B-8B-9C-10C; click the blue button at the end if you get it right for the page with the model downloads)

*Tokyo Fantasy Park
Japanese McDonald's restaurant and Konami Jubeat arcade music video game machine here and e-AMUSEMENT PASS vending post here (scroll down a bit and click the blue "展開図をダウンロード" button with the green arrow, then on the next page click the grey "ダウンロード" button at the bottom and then wait for the PDF parts to load or click the green "Download Now" link in the green bar)

winter village and mountain passage backdrop (in colour and black-and-white versions; click the thumbnails, then on the new pages the "planches" on the left)

*Tom's 1-32 Rennbahnseiten
Dixi mobile toilets, converted container buildings and tents

*Tom Snyder Productions
Community Construction Kit church and house freebies (click the "Download Sample Cutouts" link under the "Buy Now" button at the top right)

*TomTom's Aviation and Scale Model Resources
1/144 scale World War II airplane hangar

*Toni Mauricio
Brillas and Pagans Celrà factory, Llamillas' home, Montgo's home and Quart's home

*Toshiba Tec
all kinds of shops and stores and mall fountain, flower car and escalator (last three links)

*Totally Severe
cartoon-style Happy Home (click the pictures for the PDF parts file)

*Toyama Prefecture Bunkazai-dokuhon
black and white prehistoric Japanese houses and settlements

*Travel n' Stuff 4 Kids
Roman Constantine's Arch and Colosseum backdrop

*Triage Sud
two small 1/160 N scale shops and tiny 1/700 scale station building, train depot and water tower and tiny steam locomotive and Bugatti rail cars

little Christmas house

*Tryater Down South
simple black and white colour-yourself Native American tipi tent (click "Download hier (PDF 600kb)" under "Wigwam bouwplaat" about 4/5th down the page)

*TT Modely
gas station, houses and several railway buildings and sign posts and boom barrier here

*Tvorba modelov
water well

cute black and white, colour-yourself winter-time house freebie

*Twitter Babberspolder Nieuw
simple Vlaardings Geluk housing block with Volkswagen van and camper (click the "" link in the tweet)

*Twitter Dragosha
black-and-white/colour-yourself medieval house (click the "" link in the tweet)

*Unga Fakta
gingerbread house and black and white village, medieval castle and viking harbor

50's DDR Plattenbau buildings (another round one here

*Vakfederatie Rietdekkers
manor, farm building Gagelgat and colour-yourself black and white windmill (same model as here)

*VAM Museum of Childhood
old barn, blacksmith's shop, farm house, park lodge, cottages, villa and wheelwright's shop and primary school classroom models here

Delta Works Westerschelde storm surge barrier (click "Download bouwplaat Oosterschelde Pijlerdam in PDF (1,5 Mb)" under "Spreekbeurt")

*Vincentmrl's Papercraft Blog
wind turbine

*Visita Alborea
Our Lady of the Nativity church (click "El recortable lo podéis descargar AQUÍ" just below the pictures)

Gernrode St. Cyriakus collegiate church and German theologist Martin Luther birth house (click on the "Weiter lesen" links and then on the next pages on the "Download ... bastelbogen" links)

Der Lange Oskar highrise building (click "hier als PDF" beneath the picture in the top right)

*VVV Geertruidenberg
kiosk and windmill d'Onvermoeide (under "Gadget" at the bottom of the page)

*W2E Wind to Energy Rostock
2.5 megawatt wind turbine (under "Designer cardboard model" on the right about halfway down the page)

*WaferThinNinja's Dojo
black-and-white foamcore templates Wild West saloon

*Wako History Treasure Box
17th century Edo-period Tomioka house

*Waterschap Hollandse Delta
1953 Watersnoodramp / North Sea flood Scandinavian emergency housing kit (click the "Bouwplaat Noorse woning, A3 formaat (1340 kB) (pdf)" link

pittoresque German buildings in 1:45, 1:87 (HO) and 1:160 (N) scale buildings

*We Love To Illustrate
several different gingerbread houses

*Wereldcircus Rotterdams Volkstheater
simple circus tent and truck

*Wijkteam Binnenstad Gouda
simple building (click "bouwplaat" under "wo 12 jan Prijsuitrijking leegstaande panden" about one fifth down the page)

*Willi Commer
farmhouse (at the bottom)

*Wiltshire County
Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry castle (download all the "Seite x - page x")

*windopain creative
simple GMod Tower, apartment building and DJ records

*Wirkliche Welt
Langer Oskar highrise (from

*Wolles Karton Modellbau Hattingen
HO 1/87 scale old fire station, Hattingen fire station and private house (click the pictures; lots of HO scale papercraft fire trucks here and here)

*Wordsworth Model Railway
lots of model railway buildings and other structures and backdrops and brick textures (click the "Back Scene", "Brick Paper", "Rail Side" and "Town Scene" menu links at the top of the page just above "THE FREE KIT SECTION IS HERE")

*Wurlington Bros.
Chicago Ohio House Motel (same as here and small tutorial on how to make your own photorealistic paper model

*Yao City Fire Department
emergency dispatch computer room

apple slice and wheelchair and Lawson convenience store, Japanese house and school building (click the thumbnails, and then on the next page the "freedata/..." links for the PDf parts files)

*Your Child Learns
big black and white, colour-yourself medieval castle, and town, village and farm buildings here, here and here (select one of the parts in the list, then click the "Print" button to print them directly from your browser)

*Za obzorem
several different modern and classical lookout towers and lighthouses

*Zeilschool de Vuurtoren
simpel black and white lighthouse

*ZelmerOz Cane SIG
Queensland cottage, worker's dwelling, shop, garden shed and brick toilet block and English half-timbered cottage and blacksmith shop model railway buildings (click the links on the left under "Card Models")

*Zensin package
black-and-white exposition stand aluminium frames and booth components (scroll down and click the two "ペーパークラフト" banners)

medieval castle and contemporary country house

*ZOA Vluchtelingenzorg
simple piggy bank shaped like an African hut (click the "spaarpotje (bouwpakket)" link under "Materialen voor kinderen:")

*ZRP Papercrafter
Indonesian Cangkuang temple
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