Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yuna ready for pepakura

My last post wasn't completely accurate, because I should have said: I started working on Yuna again: I already did some work on her a year ago or so (when a project becomes too tedious or boring for me, I usually start a new model as a distraction).

And I soon remembered why it got tedious the last time: the hair has a lot of layering, so I re-did basically the bottom half, and I re-did the face completely because well, it had like a million parts...

But of course this meant I had to make a new texture image for the face, because the existing one was made for a high poly mesh: it's "stretched" a little differently. Likewise for the arms and legs, I re-did those so I could make them in fewer parts in the final paper model, and because for example the shorts and the upper legs were originally two different parts in the texture image, now they needed to be one.

I simplified most parts and worked out ways how the parts could fit together in paper with all the layering, modeled the cloth draped over her left leg and gave Yuna her Tiny Bee gun back.

So you can imagine it was *a lot* of work, but I was able to get pretty far this weekend and basically finish the work on the 3D model. She looks all ready to go into Pepakura to be unfolded, which I'll start during the week and probably finish next weekend.

greetz ninjatoes

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