Saturday, August 2, 2008

Miscellaneous models

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*3a3 Grafikdesign
Trojan Horse and police riot control water cannon truck and chicken bus (right-click the templates to save a higher resolution to your computer)

*3DCG for the first time
1978 Sharp MZ-80 personal computer and monkey and chibi/super deformed rally cars (click the Japanese links at the top of the page and then look for the download links with the floppy disk icons)

*3M Scotch
tons of of simple animals, vehicles and other kid's crafts (choose on of the models from the scrolling images at the bottom, then click the "つくる" button to load the download page and then on the new page, click the template preview or the "てんかい図をプリントする" button at the top for the PDF parts file)

*10 Jahre oase
parasol (coloured and black and white colour-yourself version, under "Den oase-Sonnenschirm gibt es auch als Bastelbogen!" near the bottom of the page)

Cupolan mascot

*222 Tsukasa Urban development Co., Ltd.
retro television set, octagonal wall clock, toy robot and lucky cat charm

*570 Design
milk carton and Powersonic car navigation

Stop Aids Now! soccer team (click the thumbnails at the bottom for the players and ball)

*@Nifty Daily Portal
Japanese kyabetsu Taro cabbage snack and, topographic map, pork, grass and cat and bushes, asphalt and beach (on the second page) tissue box covers (click the various blue links in between the pictures) here

*A1i's Acoustic Guitar Street
acoustic guitar

*ABB Japan
YuMi collaborative dual arm small parts assembly robot (click the "YuMi ペーパークラフトダウンロード" link on the top right of the page for the parts, and the "ダウンロードはこちらから" link just below the instructions preview on the bottom left for the instructions)

simple grand piano

snowman (click the "schneemann.pdf" link beneath all the images)

*Adrian Bruce
simple colourful cone, cube, cylinder, heptagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, pentagonal and sqaure pyramids, hexagonal, pentagonal, rectangular and triangular prisms and tetrahedron (scroll down a bit)

lots of different cute mascot characters (click the "次のページ»" link at the bottom of the page to browse through the older posts)

*Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc.
shrimp and globefish hats (click the scissors in the bottom right corner of the page)

*Akita Prefectural Police
Mamoru-kun and Ai-chan police mascots (click the two images near the bottom of the page for the PDF parts files)

Milky milk carton (three sizes)

Nao and Pepper humanoid robots

*Alex Brands
cute gingerbread houses and toy robot here and lots more kids crafts projects

*Ameblo parperc
Analoguma bear and ASCII Yaruo (here meme characters and Maiko-san geisha girl bust here (click the link just below the picture, then on the next page click the "DOWNLOAD" button near the bottom)

*Amiga Maquette
dollhouse grocery store props and table, pyramid puzzle, acoustic guitar and simple Christmas tree

*Amorphous Constructions
anatomical torso with internal organs (from Horst Kiechle)

several different sundials

*A Nice Cup Of...
simple teacup paperfoldable (send it to your friend or yourself via e-mail or download it via the preview)

*Antenocitis Workshop
Veidth Industries and Volkoff Security and Aliens Weyland, Mass Effect Cerberus, Coca Cola, District 9 Multi National united, Avatar RDA, Terminator Skynet, Soylent Greem and Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation shipping containers

Dutch bicycle lane roadsign (click "Maak uw eigen paddenstoel" at the bottom)

*ANWB Kampioen
mushroom shaped bicycle road sign (click the grey "Download de bouwtekening" button)

*ANWB Paddenstoel
ANWB mushroom road sign (two versions at the bottom of the page)

*Aomori Prefectural Police
some simple sun caps and notebook cover and police badge simple holster and 2.5D revolver (click the "作り方はこちら" links for instructions)

simple iPhone

*Aries Paper Models
Dutch letterbox (under "Various" in the menu on the left)

Arithmemouse and Tip Bird Bot

* blog
simple iPad

*Artist InHeart Arts and Papercrafts
Christmas Santa Claus, reindeer and sleigh (wait a few seconds until you can just skip the ads)

*Art On Papermodel
life-size Pindad SS-2V4 rifle

travel trunk freebie

star, cat, pencil and Mickey Mouse shaped gift boxes and 20-sided dice

*Aruga's HomePage

*Asahikawa City
Asappi and Yukkirin mascots in different versions

*Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Hotmail
cute May Children's Day Koinobori carp streamers

simple samurai helmet

simple Hinamatsuri doll festival scene

*Astrobase Go!
simple retro ray gun (click the "FREE!" flyer image at the bottom right of the page)

simple sundial

*Atomic Moo
simple 3D glasses

*Atomium 2013
imaginary planet (click the "download the source files here" link at the bottom to go to the download page)

Pioneer SD-1100 and SA-8800 audioscopes

*Avery Maxell
simple cars and tonton game

*AW Lab
Adidas Originals Basket Profi shoe (click the "Scarica" link below the picture for the PDF parts file)

simple sceptre headpiece, crown and small throne

photocamera and kid's smartphone

*Baltimore Print Studios
Vandercook SP20 flatbed cylinder printing press

simple 2.5D Nagoya Castle kinshachi golden tiger-headed carps (click the "ダウンロード(PDFファイル:2.35M)" link at the bottom)

*Bank of Japan Naha Branch
cute Entan mascot (click the "2014年 5月 15日掲載 ペーパークラフト:「えんたん」" link under the third "☆えんたん工作☆" bulletpoint)

*Baud and Bui
simple dog, cat, chimpanzee, panda, fox, owl, lion, zebra, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, Frankenstein Junior, pizza face and pirate Halloween masks and instructions for a carboard box seat here

*BBC News
red shipping container (click "BBC Box model plan" at the "PROJECT UPDATE" in the top right corner of the page)

*Beads Factory
2.5D Christmas tree and spooky Halloween castle ornaments (click the Christmas tree or the castle, then on the next page, click the "プリントはこちらから(PDFファイルで開きます)" link next to item "1)")

*Bert Simons
lifesized Bert Simons head and skinless anatomy head here

*Best Paper Models
HO scale train tracks, Soviet RG-42 handgrenade and living room furniture

*Beepworld Aegidius
portable Dixi toilet

*BGS British Geological Survey
educational cross-section Arthur's Seat, Bardon Hill Quarry, Eyjafjallajökull and Montserrat volcanoes (choose one of the models and then click the "Download cut-out 3D model of the ... Volcano model" link in step 1. under "Download and assembly instructions")

*Bibi grey cat Agence Eureka
simple toy theatres and paper dolls (click "Messages plus anciens" beneath the images to find all the models)

*Bij de Burcht
simple black and white tables (click the different sizes under "Bouwplaten van tafels")

*Bill Jones Paper Machines
freezer and pack of cigarettes, steam engine and 1920 Fairbanks-Morse electric generator

*BIRD design studio
kugua bitter melon vegetable

*Bizy Promotions
Raspberry Pi mini-computer cases with raspberry logo or Sin City theme

*Black Alchemic Society
plague doctor and toucan mask here (click the "【無料型紙ダウンロードはこちらをクリック】" link in the article)

simple superhero paper toys

*Blog Naver Zaeco
very detailed folding mini bicycle (click "첨부파일 (1)" on the top right to download a ZIP file with the parts)

*Blue Parrot
customize your own pallets and 20 or 40 feet shipping container in any colour and scale

Claymore directional mines

*Blufire Software
Apple Power Macintosh G3/300-450 Yosemite and Apple Strawberry iMac computer and Apple Design Powered Speakers

simple and cute 2D standies with backdrops (more here and here)

small pockets/bags (click the link next to the image under "ペーパークラフト")

*Boreas Moichi
SMAI martial arts dragon head hako, kabuki bear, octopus sushi and Gonta-kun TV mascotte (click the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 8th white squares at the top for the different models, then the PDF links underneath the picture)

*Bosch IXO
Bosch IXO multi-purpose cordless screwdriver (scroll down to "Build the IXO!")

*Box Eds Paper Crafts
FIFA World Cup football boxhead paper toys

*BR2 Bayern Radio 2
simple toy robot (recoulered from edition8x8)

*BRIAN the Robot
BRIAN the insurance comparison robot (scroll down a bit and click the blue "Download your BRIAN now! >" banner)

cute Christmas tree (scroll down untill you see the template preview)

lots of cute papercrafts

*Brother Creative Center Europe
lots of animal, people and ornaments paper toys and gift boxes

*Brother Shikigami Wars
Shikigami Wars robot mecha kamizumo paper sumo game

Macintosh Color Classic, Plus and LC II oldskool computers (click the three thumbnails at the top)

small scale beer crates

*Burg Rieneck
simple chestnut tree freebie (to go with the castle from the shop)

*byu Paper Model
football club AC Milan mascot Milanello

* forums
wearable black and white LEGO Bionicle Akaku, Avohkii, Calix, Hau, Huna, Ignika, Kakama, Kaukau, Kualsi, Miru, Miru Nuva, Pakari and Vahi masks (click the "Show" button under "DOWNLOAD:" for the download links)

cake, 2011 Year of the Rabbit, 2012 Year of the Dragon, 2013 Year of the Snake and 2014 Year of the Horse, flowers, firefly cage, birthday cake and vending machine piggybank boxes, simple envelopes here, simple bags here and more here (choose a model from the list on the left, then click the "ダウンロード" links below the pictures or template previews)

*Canon Asia Pixma Town
customizable desktop finger golf course (you'll need some cardboard too)

*Canon Creative park
animals, cars, famous buildings and lots more (English site here)

*Canon PIXMAtown
cute Gagatree dionosaurs, ice cream car, space rocket and bunny

*Cardmodels MK Narod
vending machines and simple wooden crates here

*Cargo Collective Assembli
gold bars, triangles and rabbit ears

2014 hexahedral calendar

simple scorpion, simple Deadly 60 Praying Mantis, shark, Gannet, Shaun the Sheep, Shirley the Sheep and Timmy, Bear Behaving Badly Nev the Bear and CBBC Dodge the Dog, Trapped Caretaker face masks and Sarah Jane Adventures fortune teller/cootie catcher

*CCFZ Computer Club Fort Zeekant robotics
simple black and white colour-yourself robot (click on the template thumbnail on the right under "Dit is het ontwerp van CCFZ!!!")

*Centraal Beheer Achmea
simple brown or red cuckoo clock (click the green "Bruine koekoeksklok downloaden" or "Rode koekoeksklok downloaden" buttons)

*Cheek Patch World
ancient Kabuto samurai helmet, Yamaguchi Cablevision show Eja CP Warrior mask here, Mr. Beer beer mug here, follow-me-eyes woman coming out of picture here and Yudaonsen hot spring mascots white foxes Yuko and Yuta here (click the blue "ダウンロード" buttons for the PDF parts files)

modern style chesspieces

panoramic view

Figma figures karaoke, family restaurant, gymnasium and outdoor court, music room, ticket gates, kitchen, ping pong table and subway car display sets

*Christian Schellewald
tetrahedron, cube (hexahedron), octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron Platonic solids

*Christian Terstegge
old Sinfonia radio

*Chthulhu Mike Hungerford's Paper Models
generic tank, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Trojan Rabbit, soap box, Santa's space workshop, tombstones, Easter Island Moai statue and more

2-panel CD-sleeve, 4-panel and 6-panel CD-wallets, 2-panel and 4-panel mailers and 4-panel and 6-panel Digipak CD and DVD cases templates (under "Printed Materials")

*City of Hokuto
Zushihocky mascot (click the "こちら" link next to the small PDF icon)

*City of Osaka
Ikumin mascot (click the first PDF link)

*City of Sapporo
Kiyotchi mascot (scroll down and click the "きよっちのペーパークラフト(PDF:274KB)" PDF-link next to the papercraft picture)

*City of Sendai
plastic bottle cap recycling box, simple buses, truck, mask, cube and more simple crafts

*Clarks Actie
simple black and white colour-yourself shoe (click on "Download hier je bouwplaat")

*Clockwork Robot Kinetic Arts
vertical wind turbine

ram's horn logarithmic spiral (click "Template for Ram Horn model" about halfway down the page)

*Club Epson New Zealand Creative Corner
3D alphabet, buildings, animals, seasonal crafts and more

*Club Epson Australia Papercraft Mania
animals, buildings and transport, plants and seasonal models

*Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO Australia
simple wind turbine

*Commercial Appeal
flying reindeer

*Construction on-line
simple computer mouse house (click "Download a ".pdf" file here" at the very bottom of the page)

*Corbis Readymech Cameras
World Pinhole Camera Day, Pablo, Peyote, Photos of Your Mother and Dr. Livingstone pinhole cameras

*Crackpot Papercraft
M.C. Escher's Relativity stairs

*Craft craft
simple gift boxes (click the 4 numbered links next to the second picture)

*Craft Jr.
several simple holiday crafts

small box, caribou antler headband, skeleton marionette, hamburger, french fries, milkshake and hotdog, monkey on a banana, pumpkin and carrots, shopping basket, and merry-go-round carousel

*Create Elephant
iPad, iPhone 4, Mac mini iPad 2 and Infobar A01

monkey and banana, skeleton, cars, elephant, sea turtle, hotdog, milkshake, french fries and hamburger snackfoods and jewelry box

Cube-D digital circuit learning kit moving toucan, doggies, dolphin, chipmunk, Tyrannosaurus-Rex, bunny, robot, hands, eyes and pingpong bat shells

*CW Films
Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek fox mask

*Daniels Kartonmodellbau
beer crate, oil drums, ammunition crate and more (some models require a password; send Daniel an e-mail with your full name asking for the password for the model)

*Dan Macky prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding tea cup

*Dartful web
digital VSPhoenix S Perfect Dart System machine (scroll down and click the "PDF版を読む" button under "Vol.17")

*Dave's Card Creations
Hot Wheels Sizzlers Juice Machine petrol pump and upscaled American penny

*Darklight Productions
Hanging cage (click the thumbnail for the PDF parts file)

*David Church Outer Sketcher
haunted hallways optical illusion

*David Creative Office
Morris W-40 accoustic guitar freebie

*David Hathaway's Homepage
lattice cubes and Gerrit Rietveld Zig-Zag and Berlin chairs

*De Jonge Orde
doctor's clog (click "Download de bouwplaat 'zet je schoen voor ORT in het UMC" at the top)

*Delta 7 Studios
the Great Pyramid, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Temple of Artemis, the Tomb of King Mausolus and the Pharos of Alexandria from their 7 Wonders of the Ancient World series and the Iceburgh Flyer Christmas train with coal tender, Santa's holiday handcar, Peppermint log car, Packet Steamer paddlewheel boat Northern Star, Rudy's Runabout hotrod, Santa's shop, Santa's Apollo capsule, Santa's Lilienthal-like Sky Flyer, Kringle Kopter plane and Santa's X-25 rocket from their yearly Christmas models are available for free

*Demo Co.
hi-fi set with speakers and cassette tape, skateboards, bowl of rice, noodles, hamburger and pizza, Victoria City boundary stone, lucky bun, western Han dynasty (202 BC - 8 AD) lacquer wine flask, mouse and cheese, old table and stools (many of the other models have dead links unfortunately)

*DeviantArt 80sguy
simple Ghostbusters ghost trap and proton pack, Power Rangers morph buckles, Spider-Man, The Mummy Hamunaptra Key, Judge Dredd Lawgiver gun, Kamen rider helmets, Bruce Lee nunchaku and more movie, cartoon and television series props

*DeviantArt Almiku
cute 2D farm trees, plants, windmill, buildings, animal and people standies

*DeviantArt billybob884 Mike McDermott
mechanical iris

*DeviantArt cezkid
La and Dummy characters with bouncing arms (click the "Download File" button)

*DeviantArt Collecter128
black and white star puzzle, poseable paper figure and transformer car

*DeviantArt Disease-of-Machinery
diamond and gold and platinum bars

*DeviantArt Fontes-Makua
Ranter Works Tanooki mascot (click the download link in the description)

*DeviantArt Gaddia
Harry Potter chocolate frog candy box (click the "Download Image" button to download the template in a higher resolution)

*DeviantArt Heyro0
small accordion and Christmas tree ornament and muscial note here

*DeviantArt Hoborginc
Hellsing anime series Alucard ARMS .454 Casull Auto and ARMS 13mm Auto Anti-Freak Jackal Combat Pistol handguns, modernized AK-47, generic pistol, M1911 pistol and AR-15 assault rifle

*DeviantArt javierini
Scream Ghostface, Saw Jigsaw, Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees, Pokémon and lots more (look for the "[link]" in the desription)

*DeviantArt JouzuMania
clock temple iPhone5 docking station and more

*DeviantArt Loone-Wolf
Loone-Wolf head, hand drawn Delphinus attack submarine and Warhammer 40k Dreadnaught and mechanical robot hand here and Tomas Overbai Ichido comic book series Musashi-class Foot Samurai Bot here

*DeviantArt PixelOz
mushrooms (click the "Download File" button for the ZIP-files with the parts)

*DeviantArt randyfivesix
simple Nikon D90 photocamera

*DeviantArt Shinaig
kidney, tooth and E. Coli bacteria cross sections, HSV-1 herpes virus, antibodies, bacteriophage and die with classical composers (look for the download "[link]" in the comments of desription)

*DeviantArt StormL
simple black and white, colour-yourself birdhouse (click the "Download File" button for the PDF parts file)

*DeviantArt suraj281191
Cristiano Ronaldo

*Diary of Ucchon
Trick or Treat and Halloween tombstones (right-click the template previews and choose "Save as...")

*die ärzte
punk rock band die ärzte Monsterparty boardgame (scroll down and click the PDF link under"Monsterparty - das Brettspiel") and die ärzte band members apartment doll house (click the PDF link under "die ärzte WG")

*Die Broadkasten
simple radio

alphabet A-Z, Soalr System Sun and planets here, Maneki-neko Lucky Cat here (classic design) and here (alternative design), mechanical multiplication machine using marbles here, retro Super Deluxe Instant Camera here, flower power gun here and more

*DJD Architects
2009 reindeer, 2010 Santa Claus, 2011 sleigh, 2012 Santa's little helper elves, 2013 penguin, 2014 snowman, 2015 gingerbread house, 2016 robin and 2017 Christmas tree

*Dojo do Guthem
generic action posed RPG figurine

train station bench (about halfway down the page)

*Domo Town
customize your own NHK public broadcasting company mascot Domo-kun (watch or skip the instructional video; click the blank Domo-kun on the right side of the screen; click the orange "同意する" button; enter your name and click the orange "OK" button; click the orange "どーも くん を作る" button to close the tool explanation screen; use the tools to colour and customize your Domo-kun and then click the orange "OK" button on the left underneath the Domo-kun preview; enter a short message and the name of a friend that you want to show your Domo-kun to and then click the orange "投稿する" button; finally, click the white " ダウンロード" download or " プリント" print buttons on the right)

*Don Quijote
cute Donpen mascot (click the big "ペーパークラフトを作る!" button below the Youtube screen of the paper toy about halfway down the page)

*Dossier Models
classic red London telephone booth freebie

Maiko doll

*Dotuboxzr Crazy Craft
black and white, print on coloured paper stone mask (under the 4th "石仮面" link under "無料公開データ" on the top left; LZH files are just like ZIP files)

*Dragon Tongue
Apple iMacs in different colours (under "Paper Cutout iMacs" about halfway down the page)

*DrakerDG PaperBotz
Mario, Hello Kitty, LEGO man and Dual Twister ramp super parking garage

*Duneday Exblog
2013 Cthulhu slide calendar (in Adobe Illustrator *.ai and PDF format)

*EcoCamping e.V.
simple tent (at the right side of the page)

follow-me-eyes optical illusion dog, cow, horse, hare, rooster, mouse, skeleton, duck, cat, dragon, vixen and knight

nudist couple having a picknick, television with program diorama, simple toy robot, King Kong attacking Altona's IKEA branch, and simple edition8x8 workshop here (click the "Karte zum Selbstbasteln hier klicken!" link at the top)

*Ehime Prefecture
canned mikyan fruit Mican mascot

simple Halloween Owl-oween Hershey's miniature chocolate bar treat wrappers)

*Eiichi Yoshida Science Factory
molecular model set and simple DNA model here

*einfach Animation
Santa Clause paper toy (click the preview template for the PDF parts file)

*Elecom Go! Go!
bottle giftbag

*Elsbeth Griesvink
simple kid's toy binoculars (click the second PDF file icon under "De Globetrotter"; parts are on the first and last page of the school guide)

*Energia Chugoku Electric Power Co, Inc
Japanese power company mascots

*eno blog
simple retro Mac computer (click the "PDFファイルはここからダウンロードできます" for the PDF parts file)

*Epson Sakura Yokomine
female golfster Sakura Yokomine golf bag (scroll down a bit and click the pink "ペーパークラフト データ" button for the PDF parts file)

*Erik Schubach
vintage Commodore SX-64 computer

*Epson Aqua Stadium
sealife carousel, dolphin and tropical fish pop-up cards and sealife picture frame

*Epson Hong Kong Papercraft Mania
2008 summer Olympic events

*Epson Land Korea
lots of animals, buildings, vehicles, plants, seasonal and holiday models and 3D letters and numbers

*Epson Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. sponsor
Japanese Matsumoto Yamaga football club team bus and bird mascot, home goal, calendar ball and a few more printables

simple Miele washing machine to decorate yourself

*Extreme Gadget Cre8system
simple mobile phone stand cradle (click the links underneath the image for the different colours) and 2007 cube calendar here

*Ezaki Glico
lots of simple kid's holiday crafts and some more simple gift bags, Christmas tree, mascot character and more here

*Facebook Burn Energy Drink
Lotus F1 E21 race car robot (click the "DOWNLOAD YOUR #MyKimiRobot HERE" button)

*Facebook Fairphone
simple Fairphone (click the "" link underneath the image for the PDF parts file)

*Facebook Kekyo Kichi
Oshuku hot spring spa mascot Kekyo Kichi

*Facebook Nikon Z series Club Thailand
Nikon Z7 photocamera(lens here)

*Facebook Takeo City
Takeo City Wakakusu pork Oshikura mascot

Soviet hammer and sickle (click the red "Laden Sie sich gratis von unserer Website als PDF" link)

lots of holiday themed models and more

*Farewell, the end
6-armed statue and Chinese hand fans (click the "DOWNLOAD" tab at the top, then click the "CREATION" or "FOLDING FAN" category on the left and then click the thumbnails for the download pages)

*Far Noise
autonomous robot mecha crawlers (click the Folder and PDF icons to go to the Skydrive download pages)

*Father Tomo Paper Craft
good fortune carp flags, hako/boxhead people, buses, school desk, chair and backpack, dragon head and coal train

*Fault Analysis Group
geological fault line models

*Feestjes Factory
birthday treats bag and box

*Fibre Design
1980's Motorola DynaTAC mobile phone

display stands for Figma action figure dolls, giant hammer, cat/neko style Halloween hats, a small Christmas tree and Christmas boots and presents

*Financiëel Bufferen
simple Buffie piggy bank

*First palette
black and white, colour yourself circus tent gift box

*Flickr Horst Kiechle
white paper torso stomach, liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas and lungs and bigger, more detailed heart here (also here

*Flickr Sky in the air, waves
Toshiba 1 GB USB memory stick

*Floor van der Doelen
simple gift box, 2D lucky dolls, bookmarks and business cards

blocky Vincent van Gogh (click the "vincentVanGogh_papercraft sample" link at the bottom of the post)

*Fold School
cardboard stool, chair and rocker stool patterns

*Fold US Candidate
Simple finger puppets of the presidential nominees for the 2008 American presidential election Michelle and Barack Obama, Cindy and Johyn McClain, and one of Miss Hillary Clinton from when she was running to be the Democrat's nominee

stylized human silhouette (click "PAPERCRAFT" in the menu at the top)

simple piece of cake, mail box, gift box, Volkswagen van, moving box, little house, small row boat and Christmas cottage (click the links next to the PDF icons at the bottom of the page)

*Fox Sports Japan
Foul Ball Armour baseball helmet (click the "ダウンロード" button next to the small picture for the PDF parts and instructions file)


*Free Papercraft Cubutsucollection
Buddhism Kundali Vidyaraja and Asura paper toys

*Freeware Kiel
geodesic dome, cube, tetrahedron and octahedron

*Freewebs Jlrev
Pepsi vending machine (at the bottom of the page)

follow-me-eyes optical illusion dragon (click the "deze afbeelding" link in the text)

*Frisky Mongoose
Facebook Mahjongg Dimensions tile

1954 medical massage chair

*Fuji JC
Legend of Moon-princess Kaguya-hime paper toy

personal assistant robot ENON (click the second PDF link, next to the template thumbnail)

*Fukuoka City
health promotion mascot Yokaromon (click the two "よかろーもんペーパークラフト" links at the bottom)

*Fukuoka Robosquare
Pino, Ifbot and black and white Aibo robot dogs

simple Plop the Gnome King crown (click the "Download hier je knutselplaat" banner at the top for the PDF parts file)

*Funny Character Cafe
cute cartoon tank, Fantasy Zone Opa-Opa ship, Pocarius stage and Ida-2 boss, Santa, teddy bear, boxcats, pudding, donuts, cake and icecream cones, Street Fighter Ken, Katamari Damacy Prince, small Outrun, Outrun 2 and Sega Rally dioramas, R2-D2 and posable robots and several more

fortune teller and cootie catcher here

lots of simple printables and a few gift boxes (at the very bottom of the page)

*Gawang Papel
simple, boxy pumpkin, mini witch hat and porcupine pen holder

*Geeky Gadgets
simple Apple iPhone 3G dock

Yanagase mall paper toy mascot

geological earthquake cross-section, topographic landform, ocean crust, tectonic plates, groundwater oasis and volcano and Roman Hadrian's Wall section, Native American Comanche Tipi and Phoenician Trireme freebies

simplified icosahedron Earth globe (click "Bastelbogen: Ein Erdball mit Ecken und Kanten" under "Mehr zum Thema" at the bottom)

*Geoscience Australia
Sydney basin and underwater shield volcano, landslide and slump cross-section models here (under "Activities" at the bottom)

Back to the Future DeLorean, Doctor Who Tardis, nerd, robot, Christmas Santa Claus, Nativity scene, Day of the Tentacle tentacle freebies

Gokko-kun picturebook e-book character

*Gifu Prefecture waterpolo
Gifu Prefecture waterpolo mascot, storage box here and new 2012 waterpolo balls here

*Glico Caplico
simple, cute Christmas tree, holiday cards, hand fans, candy bags, an Oni mask and a paper toy Capu

*Glue2 Chronicle
paper clock mechanisms, free sample parts of Trevithick's steam locomotive automata, Hieronymus Bosch helmet bird, letter bird, bird-headed monster, tower fish and swan ship, skull, paper doll and guitarist with joints, apple cage, Leonardo da Vinci aerial screw, Da Vinci Code cryptex lock cylinder and gear sphere (click the links on the right side of the page)

*Google Android Cardboard
smartphone Cardboard virtual reality Viewer (scroll down and click the blue "Cardboard Design Files" button under "Hardware: Build Your Own")

*Google+ Shiki Okasaka
Esrille ergonomic keyboard

*Goo Kids
simple seasonal/holiday papercrafts and small living room and Cafe & Patisserie here

*Go Scout Creative
2011 3d monthly calendars creatures (former Curiosity Group)

*Goshogawara City
Goshorin mascot Graphic paper toy

simple jerrycan, bucket ammunition box, railroad tracks, nativity scene diorama and GPM catalogues and (p)reviews

Nürnberg Polizei police caps

customizable black and white carry box template (in *.eps file format)

*Grégory Kaz Delauré
simple rock

*Greg Van 't Land
US Postal Service Express Mail mailbox (under "Other Models" at the bottom of the page)

*Gretchen Fleener Design
animated paper bird puppet, road construction playset with traffic cones, barrels, barriers, stop-sign and port-a-potty and McDonald's Happy Meal box house

*Groeg Georg Eggers' Paper Puzzle Parade
New Year's zoetrope, pneumatic paper rocket and Christmas presents

*Hamagami Laboratory
Yokohama High Industrial School Tatsuji Suzuki retirement monument (click the "名教自然デスクトップ.pdf (884k)" link near the bottom of the page)

*Honjo City
Hanipon mascot

Egyptian Pharaoh cobra head

*Happy Lilac
simple 2.5D paper cup Christmas tree and Hinamatsuri doll festival dolls here

crate, robot, arcade machine and alien and wall Nerf targets

*Hatena Maija Unikko juice
triangular strawberry cake slices and square pieces here and here (click the links at the bottom just above the Google ads underneath the three arrows "↓↓↓")

chess and shogi sets and 12-sided maze and japanese school backpacks and mosquito pig here (the pot and stove is not available for free)

*Hellraiser The Suffering
simple Hellraiser movie puzzle box

*Helmut Schmidt Barsinghausen Design HSB
simple banana, wine and moving boxes (assembled pictures here)

Sinterklaas dice (click the "ook uitprinten en zelf in elkaar knutselen" link)

*Henk Stolker
cute black and white and coloured kitty box

*Henry Tudor
cannon, suit of armor, treasure chests, farm cart, inclinometer, stocks, simple boxes, 3D alphabet, jeweller's balance and lots more (in Microsoft PowerPoint *.ppt file format)

*Heppoko Paper Model Studi
Mount Fuji and several more vehicles, boats, helicopter and more freebies

*Hermandad de Nuestro Padre Jesus del Perdón y María Santísima de la Esperanza
Virgin of Hope and Our Father Jesus of Forgiveness figures

*Hi-ho Yamagara Kobo
Ginan Gifu Prefecture scallion mascot

simple Sony TA-V7 integrated amplifier, ST-V7 tuner, SEH-V5 graphic equalizer, TC-V7 stereo cassette deck and CDP-101 compact player (click the links next to the second pink square under "オーディオが華やかだった頃")

*Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau
Himeji castle mascot (scroll down and click the third, pink "つ<つてみょぅ! しろまるひめ ペーパークラフト【初級編】" button with the little pair of scissors on the bottom left)

*Hiraizumi Iwate tourism campaign
mascot rice bowl character with traditional Japanese dishes (click the round icons at the bottom of the page)

Hirosaki City
Takamaru-kun castle samurai helmet mask (scroll down and click the brown "ダウンロード" next to the papercraft picture)

*Historic Environment Scotland
Mary Queen of Scots statue

*Hiyokono Okage
baby chick capsule toys display toys and claw machine game

Mount Fuji, Hakone Ashinoko Lake tissue box, Sakurajima vulcano cherry blossom card, Aogashima island, Mount Aso crater, Tedori River flowing down Mount Hakusan pop-up card, Mount Unzen volcano Shimabara Peninsula die and more (click the pictures and then on the next page the template thumbnails for the PDF files)

*Hokkaido Shinkansen
cute snow creature mascot

*Homecomputer Museum
retro Commodore PET 2001 series homecomputer (click the "pet_bastel.pdf" link at the bottom)

*Honda ASIMO
Honda Advanced Step in Innovative MObility ASIMO robot in different colours (Japanese here; click the Japanese texts> next to the template thumbnail at the top)

*Honda Museum
kabuto samurai helmet

*Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Company Limited
Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Company Limited mascots (easy and a bit more detailed versions; click the two template thumbnails at the top)

black and white, colour-yourself Sinterklaas / Saint Nicholas shoe (click the "hier" link just above the template preview)

*House Foods Corp
Prime Java Curry packaging car and Tongari Corn bugle chips stacking game, party glasses, bow and necktie and party hat here

*HTB Hokkaido Television Broadcasting
HTB Hokkaido Television Broadcasting On-chan and Guchi mascots

*Hubero Kororo
Rubikon 2 pinhole camera (download links at the very bottom)

*Hugo l'Escargot
Halloween masks, superhero paper toys, calendar, a simple train, a boy's and girl's medieval castle and lots more simple paper toys

*Hyogo Prefecture Ako City
Oishi Kuranosuke ronin samurai figure

*H&Z Heels & Zimerman Inc.
paper toys and iPhone dock (use the green scrollbar at the bottom)

*I am Kritch
Octo-Boy superhero, Happy Orange, Japan NHK TV station Domo mascot, chocolate cake slice, snowman and Robby the Robot

*IBM Lenovo Thinkpad Life
Lenovo Thinkpad Life series T, R, Z, G, X and X tablet series laptops

*IC Craft
series 74 TTL IC computer chip and type 3216 chip resistor

Niigata City Social Welfare Council mascot fairies (click the two links with the small PDF icons under "関連リンク") and Tokimeki Niigata National Sports Festival Tokkikki mascots here and archery version here and karate version here (click the links underneath "ペーパークラフトのキット(PDF)")

simple boxes shaped like a bunny, Santa Claus, a star, a candle, a pumpkin, a heart, and a piece of candy

*iFaux made by etch
iFaux5 extension for your iPhone 4

*IGS Hansa Bremen
lots of shipping containers in different scales and liveries

small red, yellow and blue LACK series side tables (click the green button beneath the picture about halfway down the page)

*Ikebukuro TV
simple models like children's swing, bus, daruma doll, pumpkin head and many more

*Ikegamisone Yayoi Cultural Work Shop
boardgame and simple dolls (same as here)

*Ikemath 3D rireki
3D optical illusion paper models

*Il favoloso mondo di carta di Totò
lots of retro models

*Impact Records
simple punkrock Christmas manger nativity scene

working paper gyroscope, glasses with movable irises here, Rodin the Thinker and labrador retriever here, Nike Air Force One sneakers here, big, cardboard LEGO skeleton here (click the "MegaLegoSkeleton.pdf" link at the bottom), iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone dock stand with Phono Horn here (scroll down and click the "phonohorn.pdf" link for the PDF parts file) Carmageddon board game hereand lots more

*Instructables BioM5
Egyptian Nefertiti bust

upload your own pictures to generate iPod third and fourth generation, Mini, Photo, Shuffle, Nano, fifth generation and second Generation Nano covers

iPhone 4 (click "Surprise bouwplaat zwarte/witte iPhone 4)

*Itoigawa-Base Project
black noodles Banchou mascot (click the "ブラック番長ペーパークラフト.pdf" link at the top left)

simple Christmas (with Santa Claus, sleigh, Christmas tree, house and falling star) and Japanese New Year scenes

apiary bee keeping boxes (click the PDF buttons)

*Itoigawa Geopark
Itoigawa Geopark Geo Round and Nuna mascots (at the bottom of the page)

*Iwate Prefecture
Year of the Ox cow mask and cow figurine and 2010 Year of the Tiger paper toys here

*Izumiotsu City
sheep mascot

*JADA ITER Project
ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor cross-section and pop-up calendars

*Jajatom Motteke Yukitopian
wearable Nova glasses (click "" under "● ダウンロードファイル ●" about halfway down the page)

*JAMSTEC Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
submersible robotic manipulator claw and Earth simulator super computers and lots of fish and other sea creatures and several scientific and exploration vessels

*Jans Blog
faceted deer head, bunny, Halloween masks, hearts and more

*Japan Customs
Custom-kun drug detection dog mascot (click the thumbnail at the bottom of the page)

*Japan Customs
chibi drug-sniffing dog Custom-kun mascot (click the thumbnail under "ペーパークラフト" at the bottom of the page for the PDF parts file)

*Japan Ground Self Defense Force 13th Brigade
military hat

*Japan Internet Museum
clay traditional Japanese hut and statue pottery

*Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Oominato
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force officer's and cadet hats

*Japan Meteorological Agency
globes and icosahedra showing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in 1985, 1999 and 2011

*Japan Post
cute and simple seasonal pop-up cards and panoramas

Japan Air Self-Defense Force Blue Impulse aerobatic demonstration team pilot helmets

*Jean-Louis Maquette Carton Graph3D
simple blue chair (built example here)

H.P. Lovecraft House of Chtulhu shack, Howard House art gallery logo here and gift list generator here

*Jill Britton's Website
Escher's Lizard/Fish/Bat tessellation kaleidocycle ring turning in on itself (click the "B/W" or "Color" links near the bottom of the page)

*Jimdo Free Modele
shipping containers, pallets, boxes and industrial cable reels (under "Container" and "Ladegut" in the menu on the top right)

*Jim's Dollhouse Pages Printable Minis
simple boxes, books, newspaper, wallposters and more in doll house scale

simplified black and white globe (with or without text)

*Joetsu City Tourism Promotion Division
Joetsu City mascot characters (click the PDF link underneath the papercraft picture at the top)

*JT Biohistory Research Hall
the story of evolution, insects and human and primate skulls

*Juguemos con el Papel
schoolgirl and a boy and girl in love (look for the "descargarlo desde aqui" download link; click "Leer más" first for the boy and girl post)

Hyogo Prefecture mascot Haba-tan phoenix paper toy (at the bottom of the page)

*Junes 2F hobby
simple television

*Junktion Box
Akanetaka Akana hawk disc animal toy (download here under "ペーパークラフト ディスクアニマル『アカネタカ』")

*Jun's Paper Craft
Mr. Saito Ixtapa face mask (click the "展開図のダウンロード" link near the bottom of the page; from the creator of the Tenkai software that led to Pepakura Designer! ;o)

*JVC Victor
Everio GZ-MC100 and GZ-MC200 camcorders

*Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau
cute Saigo Don character and dog (click the two *.pdf links below the papercraft picture near the bottom of the Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau's webpage)

*Kagoshima Prefecture
Kurobuta-kun black Berkshire pig mascot

anti-3D glasses

*Kallboys Mondorfer Bastelbogen
Mondorf am Rhein calendar, German Christmas pyramid/carousel, hand water pump and lots more

*Kamagaya City
simple feather headband (click the "ペーパークラフトJPGファイル" link)

*Kameoka City
turtle boy mascot

3D Möbius/Klein knot, woman coming out of a wall, Nyan Cat meme automaton and Philipp ddi7i4d big head and paper clone (same as here) and lots more

iMac, iBook, PowerMac and Powerbook and a few miscellaneous models (click on the "Remote CTL" on the left, then select "MAC CRAFT" or "CLASSLESS" to make the models show up on the television)

simple Christmas boot (click the "PDFファイル" link)

*Kamikara Paper Engineering
lizard cube and bird and fish puzzles

Daitoku-san CTV mascot (click the "大徳さん簡単バージョン展開図ダウンロード" link near the top of the post; more complex version here, click the "大徳さんぺパクラデザイナーデータ" link near the top of the post

*Kamisu City
Kamisoko-kun mascot

*Kancho's Paper Wings
simple dragon head, human skull and shark and Vickers-K machine gun and several missiles and bombs here

*Kanie Town
Kanimaru-kun crab mascot (click the "[PDFファイル/750KB]" link just underneath the papercraft picture on the Kanie Town website)

*Kanmas Col-labo
customize your own white regular calendar cube under "●小学生でも簡単に作れる卓上万年カレンダーを無料でダウンロードしよう。" (enter a year (on the first line next to "西暦"), you can optionally have a special date marked (select a month + day from the pull two pull-down boxes, then enter a name/remark on the second line next to "記念日"), select a background image theme (from the drop-down list on the third line next to "背景イラスト": "なし"=none, "木"=trees, "月"=Moon, "野菜"=vegetables, "年中"=holidays, "サイコ"=dice, "6色カ"=6 different colours), select a colour for the numbers of the month (from the drop-down list on the fourth line next to "月の文字色": "くろ"=black, "みどり"=green, "ちゃいろ"=brown, "あお"=blue, "むらさき"=purple, "あか"=red), optionally fill in a title (on the fifth line next to "タイトル") and a comment (next to "コメント" on the sixth line) that will go on the pedestal, and then click the red "カレンダーをダウンロード" button to generate a PDF-file for your customized calendar cube) and the black moon phases calendar cube under "●キューブ型万年月齢カレンダー作成フォーム" (enter a year (on the first line next to "西暦"), choose a colour for the phases of the moon (from the drop-down list on the second line next to "月の満ち欠けの色": "白色"=white, "黄色"=yellow), optionally fill in a title (on the third line next to "タイトル") and a comment (next to "コメント" on the fourth line) that will go on the pedestal, and then click the red "カレンダーをダウンロード" button to generate a PDF-file for your customized moon phase calendar cube) and 2D 2012 world map, Japanese chronological history, constellations, kanji idom, periodic table of the elements and picture calendar and 2013 customizable Chinese Zodiac calendars

*Karatsu Cable Television Corporation
400 year Karatsu castle celebration traditional tamatori, tai and alazisi floats and crane and samurai dog mascottes (from here)

*Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
soccer ball university logo and torus knot

simple Christmas house, presents and tree and more

*Kashiwazaki Junior Chamber International
Kashiwazaki Chi Gon mascot (click the "えちゴンペーパークラフト(PDF約500KB)" link)

*Kawakami Dam
1/1500 scale and simpler version Kawakami dam

*Kawanishi Town Official Web Site
simple Welsh / Japanese bunching Onion Nebuka Yuzaki mascot Neppi (click the "ダウンロードはこちら!" link just below the images)

*Kawasaki Frontale
Japanese J-League Kawasaki Frontale football club mascot, daruma doll and team bus

*Kaznao Kamikousaku
simple Halloween pumpkin, witch and cat, Santa Claus and Christmas tree, red and blue demons, Hinamaturi doll, sushi dish, black and red school backpacks and kabuto samurai helmet (all in the green category)

*KEK High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Kobayashi Maskawa theory KEKB Belle experiment B-factory electron-positron accelerator collider (click the "工作用PDF(1.2MB)" link next to the picture)

*Kelly Angood
working 35mm Hasselblad pinhole photocamera (click "DOWNLOAD THE CAMERA" on the right; photos taken with the camera here: pinhole hasselblad Tumblr)

stylish spring onion, winter cucumber, autum shiitake mushrooms and summer tomato shaped bottle stands

*KG Craft World
2014 Year of the Horse rocking horse (click the "ダウンロード >" link at the bottom for the PDF parts file)

Ninjin-chan ginseng carrot mascot (click the "▲ダウンロード" button underneath the template thumbnail)

*Kizuna Avenue
sumo wrestling tapping game, Shichi Fukujin Seven Lucky Gods and several animals and insects

*Kids Goo
puzzles, seasonal scenes, school backpack, desktop pen holder, Halloween pumpkin bag, food package with chopsticks and many more simple paper models

*Kids Goo dollhouses
Christmas living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, tearoom and summer house room and little cafe doll house furniture here (click the coloured buttons underneath the pictures)

*Kids Idea
bows for in your hair

*Kids Station
bunny and bear finger puppets

*Kim Chulho
Samsung Anycall SPH-W7200 smartphone, 2.5D Christmas Card here, axe character here, slice of watermelon here, soma cube puzzle blocks here, sunflower here and Adidas Champion's League Finale and World Cup Football Fevernova, Tricolore, Questra, Etrusco Unico and Azteca here

*King Jim
PRO SR970 label writer and Pomera E ink typewriter

V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask

*KiöR e.V.
old and modern washing machines as chess pieces (click the "Bastelbogen" link in the third paragraph under "Katalog / Bastelbögen" on the right)

*Kirin Beverage
seasonal models, picnic basket, vegetables, foosball/table soccer table, sailboat, steam engine train, polar bear, soccer jersey, soccer ball calendar, truck, Halloween pumpkin baskets, haunted house diorama, witch's hat, bat and Frankenstein mask, flying witch and Halloween wreath here, Latte-chan mascot doggie here and lots of others

*Kiryu City
cute wobbling Kiryu City Kinopi textile factory mascot (click the "PDFデータ(18051KB)" link just above the picture)

simple black and white colour-yourself mushroom signpost and Sinterklaas shoe (click "Bouwplaten" on the purple pencil in the menu on the left, then "diversen" on the bottom right) and 19 small black and white colour-yourself backpacks (click "Bouwplaten" on the purple pencil in the menu on the left, then "rugzakjes")

kaleidocycle ring turning in on itself (click the "kannst du hier als PDF herunterladen" link just above the instructional video; also on Focus Online)

*Knight0k0 KHP
Valentine's truffle box (only the models at the bottom are available)

links to mostly food product models, also some cacti plants, furniture and more (click the "過去 »»" link at the bottom)

*Komaki Like The Sun comics Moon Shadow
phonebook sheets, toys, boxes, penholder and simple Moon Shadow figure (third link from the bottom)

*Konica Minolta
dollhouse pop-up book kitchen, living room, bathroom and garden

Platonic solids, Archimedean solids, Kepler-Poinsot polyhedra, compounds, pyramids, dipyramids, prisms, antiprisms, kaleidocycles, cylinders, cones, spheres and other shapes

simple little clothes for Kero dolls and some more simple kid's crafts here (the ones with the red buttons can't be downloaded without registering first)

placemats, sushi meal, stationery and lunch box

Fukushimagata Kuikui mascot

*KUKA Industrial Robots
robotic arm KR 150 (select "Specials" from the Categories)

SEO Campixx 2012 12-sided die

*Kushiro City
Maru-kun toy robot (click the links under "ダウンロード" at the bottom)

*Kusuki Yuuzuno
Waha-tan internet meme girl (click the first link beneath the neon green text underneath the image to download the "" file with the parts)

*KyoTamba Town
KyoTamba Town Ajiyume-kun mascot

*Kyoto City Fire Department
firefighter's cap

*Kyoto Prefecture Web Site
Kyoto regional development office mascots lesser panda Hashi and Mitchi the cat mascots

*Lan Hungh
bird costume from Björk's Volta album cover (finished model picture here)

*Le Ballon Ovale
Rugby World Cup 2007 Gilbert rugby ball

hand drawn dice (click "bouwplaat De dobbelsteen" under "Materiaal")

Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina camera lenshoods

*les ailes d'hermès
simple Jigé clasp handbag in different designs (click the "> I want it" link for the PDF parts file)

*Lexmark Print Studio
simple seasonal models (click the white buttons at the bottom) and simple racecars here

*Lines Across
simple 2x2 and 2x4 LEGO brick gift boxes (print on coloured paper; you need to make the studs from some thicker material)

pineapple, grape, watermelon, banana, strawberry and avocado and coffee, frappucino and donut

*Lonver My Diving Page
air cannisters, flippers, snorkel and diving mask

*Lotte Toppo
Ribashi/Reversi game board and pieces

*Lower Hudson Velley Challenger Learning Center E-Giftshop
1/24 scale incredibly detailed trucks, Pan Am Boing 707, very detailed Saturn V rocket parts, American Graffiti '32 Ford hotrod, Lord of the Rings elven dice tower, chess pieces, construction crane and more

*Lunatic Papercraft
Pink Floyd Pulse album eyes

*Magic Kinder
simple follow-me-eyes artist optical illusion, Ziggozzini magic mirror, simple acrobats, finger puppets, cootie catcher / fortune teller and simple origami boat and paper plane (use the big arrow buttons on the right to scroll up or down, and click the PDF button at the bottom to save the templates to your computer; try clearing your temporary internet files and browser cache and try again if the Flash program won't completely load at first)

cardboard household items (not all of them have free templates; choose one and then look in the text for any PDF download links)

*Maher Fo-Fone
old-skool cell phone

Thanksgiving turkey (templates are here) and Katy Perry Superbowl XLIX 2015 halftime show shark here

*Mame Craft

*MangAnime Navi Niigata
MangAnime community mascots Hanano Komachi and Sasa Dangoro

Dokuganryu Masamune live action series samurai (click the red "無料ダウンロード" below the template preview)

*Mariano Gistain
simple Buñuelito paper toy and retro typewriter (click the "Buñuelito" and "Máquina de escribir" links underneath the pictures at the top)

*Marie Claire Idées
orange and brown Piou-Piou photo camera (scroll down and click the four "Voir le fichier" links; use the fold instructions for the origami pigeon from Canon Creative Park to fold the bird: link)

*Martin Pyka
Gehirn-Atlas paper brain with labeled brain regions

*Maruai Ai Maru
simple mug, toothbrushes, tube of toothpaste, soap dispenser and d6 and d12 dice

library book return box and rolling book rack here

Kofun period kabuto helmet (under the "古墳時代の兜" logo banner) and several buildings (scroll down and click all the links below the pictures for the PDF parts files)

*Masahiko's Wiki
Santa Clause, female figures here, Kabuto samurai helmet here and Hinamatsuri Doll festival dolls here (click the links next to the paperclips)

*Masamoto Noto
black and white, customizable ice hockey player

Terminator 2, Twilight Zone, Attack from Mars, Indiana Jones, Winter pinball and Medieval Madness pinball machines, Air Race coin-op arcade cabinet and bar stool here, brown leather sofa here and regular sofa here, comfy chairhere with cushions here, TV and cabinethere, coffee table here, beer fridge here and sports teams foam fingers here

*Matters of Grey
Star Wars stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Darth vader, clone trooper, Han Solo, T-47 airspeeder and Imperial, Rebel and Republic logos snowflake diagrams (more if you make a donation)

*Matt Makes Stuff
Steve McQueen's Fauxlex Submariner 5512 fake Rolex wristwatch (scroll to the right, then click "DOWNLOAD" beneath the picture)

*McDonalds Japan
Quarter Pounder hamburger

*Mcguffin Virtual Block
tetrapod breakwater structure (click the "tetrapod_new.pdf" link just below the first picture)

*Media k10k
customize your paper box design before printing

*Mehr Los
simple 2.5D Christmas manger nativity scene with 2D standies

Japanese supermarket mascots Mai, forest fairy Jam-chan, elder owl Meidii, strawberries, garden furniture, Ponta, Pyonko, Leon, orange, kitchen tools, Monkichi, Nyanko, Bumama, Konnisan and apple

*Meiji Okashi Land
recycle Meiji sweets packaging into papercraft animals, people and lots more (click the "つくりかたをダウンロードする" links underneath the thumbnails for the PDF instruction files), also at Japan Package Craft Association

scoreboard, tent, signboard and winner's platform racetrack diorama props and hairpin curve racetrack section and small racing helmets here

*Michael and Lacey Commodore 64 Christmas Kit
horse cart and sleigh gift holders, Christmas Village buildings, Holiday train and small gift boxes and tree ornaments from an old Commodore 64 papercraft software

*Michael and Lacey Commodore 64 Toy Shop
black and white working carousel, equatorial sundial, flying propellor, amazing mechanical bank, medieval catapult, oracle, pennypower scale, steam engine, steam oil pump and steam table saw and zoetrope from an old Commodore 64 papercraft software (uses rubber bands and balloon power)

*Microsoft Office Japan
simple Tokyo Skytree tower, treasurebox here, dice here, Tokyo Tower and office buildings here, Japanese kagami mochi New Year rice cake here, futomaki sushi rolls here, simple train cars here, simple house piggy bank here, disguise glasses and moustache here and lots of other simple kid's crafts (click the yellow "テンプレートのダウンロード" button near the bottom of the page; in Powerpoint or Word 2010 *.potx or *.dotx file format)

*Mike vom Mars
cute flowers (use the Share Online link in the comments)

*Milano Aoyama
teddy bear and Japanese mythical lion paper toys and Christmas tree (click the 3rd, 4th and 5th links in the menu on the left, LZH files are the same as ZIP files)

*Mille et Une Feuilles
cute boys and girls paper toys

*Millionaire Playboy
small craps table

computer, floppy disks, television and VCR (under "Technologie") juice packages, cans and cereal boxes (under "Alimentaire") and lots of other textures and doll house accessories

stellated dodecahedron star, diamonds, gems, party crackers, platonic solids (cube, icosahedron, tetrahedron, octahedron and dodecahedron) and lots more crafts ideas with extensive tutorials

*Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
snake-like, humanoid and treads rescue robots

*Misato Sightseeing Association
Misato City Kaichan and Tsubuchan mascot birds

*Miyazaki Prefecture
Iwase dam

simple boxes and 20 and 40 feet shipping containers and salami sausage here (click the red "скачать" links underneath the images)

*Mochizuki Printing Company PDF Land
Dotaku ritualistic bell, Hans Christian Andersen Lorelei mermaid, Christmas angel, Easter Island statue, Japanese jomon clay statue and UFO

*Modelismo en papel
Radikal Darts electronic dartboard and lots of links to more paper models (click the "CATEGORIAS" on the left)

*Modell Gondeln
lots of simple cable car gondolas and stations (under "Stationen")

*Modern Mug
concrete mixer, shipping pallet and shipping containers

*Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum
samurai helmets and other armor pieces

*Monster and Monster
simplified life-sized Daft Punk Thomas and Guy helmets and Grim Fandango Manny Calavera mask

*Moo Keep
Line Cookie Run Bright Cookie, Gold Drop, Choco Drop, Cheese Drop, Cookie, Zombie Cookie and Hero Cookie, Brown Bear, cute vase, house, smiling sun, rubber duck, strawberry, apple, fat elephant, heart, sleeping bear, cat, stars and Pocoyo boy (open the posts, then scroll down to the download links under "ดาวน์โหลดแบบทำโมเดลกระดาษฟรี (Download Free Paper Model Template)", click the download links, and then wait for the blue "DOWNLOAD" button to load) and lots of origami diagrams here

*Mount Hakodate Ropeway Corporation
Mount Hakodate ropeway gondola (click the grey buttons underneath the templats or the two links below "3.折り方を参考にペーパークラフトを作成します。" for black and white colour-yourself versions)

*Mr Printables
3D alphabet and pencil and erasers here, ice creams here and 2013 ice crystals advent calendar here and 2012 Christmas Street houses here and more

*Munakata City
Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games mascots (click the "完成図" links for the finished pictures, the "説明書" links for the instructions and the "ペーパークラフト" links for the parts)

*Murakami City Tourism Association
Murakami City Sakerin salmon and sake mascot (click the "こちら" link near the bottom of the page for the PDF parts and instructions file)

humanoid robot boy on bicycle (PDF download links are next to the picture about halfway down the page)

*My Fujifilm
Fujifilm X-E1 digital camera with XF18mm, XF35mm and XF60mm lenses

*Nanda Roep
Plaza Pattata gift box, french fries tray, cone and lots more cute crafts

*NARA University Education Center for Natural Environment
balancing bat toys

*NASA Education
Let's Fly Away Airplane dodecahedron with black and white colour-yourself airplane images on the sides

*Nasaki Penguin Aquarium
Aba-chan penguin mascot

*National Diet Library Collective Reference Database
simple tree leaf mascots (scroll down and click the papercraft picture and template previews)

*National Easy Bake Oven Day
original 1963 Easy-Bake Oven paperfoldable

*National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
humanoid robot prototype HRP.2

*NBS Nagano Broadcasting Systems
Hachipo and Hachino mascots (click the orange "ダウンロード" buttons)

*NEC Biglobe Security
Mamoru-kun Security Warrior anti-virus superhero

olcskool robot hako

*NetArts Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
Statue of Liberty

*Networld Co., Ltd.
NetApp FAS2220 cloud storage unit (click the "ペーパークラフトデータの ダウンロードはこちらから" link at the top right)

*New Life Ministries
Autumn Festival Moon cake box, church and Noah's ark

*NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation 60 years
lots of NHK television characters

Niconico Chokaigi robot mascot

*Nifty Daily Portal
Microsoft Peanut people (at the bottom of the page)

*Nifty Kids
sandwich, lucky carp flags, samurai armor display and several other models and frog and robot dog and several other models here

*Nifty Pepakura Lukewarm Paper Craft
Sharp W-Zero3 pocket PC, Apple iPhone and traditional Japanese Tamate, Obe and Tengatyaya garden lanterns

M.C. Escher #34 Bird/Fish tesselation  (click the big red "鳥と魚" and "鳥と魚ス夕ンド" buttons at the bottom of the page)

*Nihonkai Gas Co Ltd
kitchen with sink, cooking plate and oven and chair and table (click the button with the scissors below the picture)

*Niigata City Council of Social Welfare
Kirari heart mascots (under "きらりんをつくろう!" near the bottom of the page

*Niigatakita-Ku Council on Social Welfare
Kitan heart mascot (click the blue-greenish "キータン ペーパークラフト" button with the red square on the left)

*Niigata Prefecture
black noodles Banchou mascot (same as here), Itoigawa Geopark Geo Round and Nuna mascots (from here) and Kippy and Toppy Niigata National Sports Festival mascots here (same as here)

*Niigata Prefectural Government
baseball, archery, ballet, weightlifting, tennis, rugby and gymnastics mascot (click the links under "必要な材料" for the parts and the links under "作り方" for the instructions )

*Niigata Snow Fan Club
Niigata Snow Fan Club Mr. Lerch mascot

*Niko Niko Ehon Friends
simple board game with dice, calendar, Christmas tree, sumo wrestling ton-ton game and Hinamatsuri doll festival displays

*Niku Mansei
pakomen spare rib ramen bowl, farm army tank, Shichi-Go-San festival chitose-ame candy box, sushi, hamburger menu, steak dinner, icecream cone, mosquito pig trap, Halloween pumpkin box, Christmas tree and more

stylish Egyptian gods Anubis, Horus and Bastet head masks (wait until the site has loaded, then use your mouse wheel to scroll to the A4 or A3 PDF download links; works in Internet Explorer 10)

*Nissei Softcream Land
lots of simple children's crafts

*Nominakama Gekkeikan Sake Co., Ltd
sake company mascots (click the four picture frames on the shelves)

*North American Orchid Conservation Center
glueless Showy Lady's Slipper orchid

*Nude Magazine
CCTV security camera by Kenn Munk

mushroom stool, cartoon puppy and puppy cart and a pointed star

Willcom Advanced W-Zero3 smartphone

Rubikon pinhole camera

*Octopus' Garden
Morphy One palmtop computer (in Autodesk DXF, Postcript, PDF, Autodesk DWF and Microsoft Word file formats)

*Official NHK Technical College Robocon 2015
Robo-Domo mascot

Ogi City Koihime and Yokanemon mascots

*Oh Happy Days
simple gingerbread houses, sandwich treat, popcorn poppers, stars, milk carton, spooky owl, apple boxes and lots more (click the "SHOW MORE" button at the bottom)

*Ohio State University Mansfield
T4 bacteriophage virus (click the links beneath the finished model pictures)

*Oh Sheet
Valentine's Day sugar hearts

Okki, monkey and polar bear masks, pig nose, birthday countdown robot and more fun activities (use the small arrow on the bottom right to scroll down)

simple Nanocompo NANO-UA1 Integrated Amplifier and NANO-CD1 CD Transport (scroll down until you see the small template thumbnail and then click the "<ダウンロード>" link underneath it; same as here)

*Olli en Jeujeu
simple car and party hat

*Olympus Corporation
Olympus OM-2 Pen F and OM-1 photocameras and Zuiko macro 90 mm and 40 mm F2 and 200 mm F5 lenses and Olympus OM-D E-M10 markII and PEN Lite E-PL7 photocameras here

1/12 scale OMRON ticket vending machine

lots of different geometrical shapes

*One Charming Party
simple Valentine themed Super Fly paper planes, cat, monkey and owl paper toys here, diamond-shaped gift box here and steam engine here and several other paper toys (browse through the "printables" category to find them)

*Onitsuka Tiger
black Shin Tanaka Onitsuka Tiger sneaker (click "Click here to enter", then the painting on the back wall for the PDF template)

simple Christmas reindeer, sleigh, Santa, snowman and Christmas tree, World Fair Expo 1970 Taro Okamoto Tower of the Sun and lots more

small kid's cardboard chair (download the "bouwplaat" at the top; you need to make it bigger)

*Optique Nakanishi
simple eyeglasses spectacles

*Orcberto Modelos de Papel
sexy maid, little goth girl, Playboy Bunnies girls, elf, 2006 FIFA Worldcup Football Brazilian, Australien and Croatian mascot girls, bikini ninja girl, ballerina and neko catgirl in kimono

*Oregon Children's Theatre
Pinkalicious: the Musical cupcake (click the "Craft your own cupcake!" photo for the PDF parts file)

*Orekue Tuzikaze
gymnastics vaulting bos and posable robot and blue and red setsubun demons and Christmas log cake here

*OSAKA Science & Technology Center
Techno-kun robot mascot

Otacute Kaho mascot 2012 paper model building contest (simple and advanced version; if you can't see the page, use your browser's "View source" feature to find the ZIP file links in the HTML code)

*Otomo Artificial Dental Implant Center
pumpkin, persimmon, eggplant and chestnuts (click the "--> 無料で印刷する" links next to the pictures)

small lace pastel, patterned, bags, and daisy gift boxes

*Panasonic Corporation
plasma television, retro television, refrigerator, washing machine, radio and ricecooker, N-boy mascotte and summer festival, anemone fish, Christmas and flower cards (click the thumbnails at the bottom of the page)

*Pan di Stelle
chocolate Christmas tree, teddy bear and more

GoSafe S70GS1, S36GS1 and M790S1 car dashcams and S1 rear camera

*Papapa Craft
Hiroshima Toyo Carps baseball cap piggy bank

*Paper2Toy Eggnot
fantasy space rocket, Christmas tree, small submersible, square cup, undetermined thing, gelatine shapes and polyhedra here

Colony Development Corporation Powerloader 2000 CDC-PL2000 Gorilla heavy duty mobile construction suit (click the "展開図(PDOファイル)" link, on the next page click the "[ Sc_218644.zipをダウンロードします。 ]" button, then click the "<ダウンロードする | click here to start download. >" link and then wait until the download starts automatically, or click the "こちら" link to start it manually)

*Paper and More
blank candy box templates

Minolta X-700 and 35-70mm F3.5 lens, Fujifilm Ace and Ricoh R1 cameras, Yoshinoya beef bowl and train carriage

5 Chinese girls in traditional costume (click the template thumbnails)

Maitreya and Ashura buddha paper toys and Maiko-san geisha girl here

*Papercraft PDO Free
simple enchanted lamp, dinosaur, unicorn, dog, flower and lots more (go to the YouTube videos and look in the descriptions for the download links)

*Papercraft Printables
gift boxes (under "Gift bags & boxes")

Valentine's heart, hare and cube boxes, pinhole camera here, crystal formations and polygon net here and star and pumpkin decorations here

Vendo V81 retro Coca Cola vending machine, simple O clock watch, Easter Island Maoi statue and Brionvega TS 502 Radiocubo

*Paper Engeneering
simple vertical windturbine

Pam's and Tina's chairs

*Paper Guitar
lots of acoustic and electric guitars and flying saucer, Korg MS-10 keyboard and guitar stand here

*Paper House 1/64
lots of Matchbox toy cars boxes (click the pictures to go to the download pages)

LEGO Ninjago Cole DX minifig

*Paper Loving
cute Palm Sunday diorama

*Paper Kiosk Crèchemania
simple Christmas nativity scene dioramas (lots of freebies)

*Paper Machines
pack of cigarettes and freezer (click the pictures for the download pages)

Czech forum World War 2 Panzerschreck, M1 bazooka, 6-pounder gunpowder cannon, ammo boxes, cargo containers and many more models

* Kartonmodellbau Online
hand-powered water pump, classic British telephone box, tangram puzzle, trebuchet, chess set and more

*Paper Model Shop
airplane display stands, flags and pennants, 37mm M4 deck cannon, Robby the Cubebot and more (same as here)

mini machete, trolley cart, Heckler & Kock UMP45 submachine gun and Indonesia Independance Day paper toy

*Paper Pino
pre-Columbian motifs bull, Flying Santa, boxhead Santa Claus, Soviet hammer and sickle, giraffe and Giovanni Cassini's terrestrial globe and terrestrial and celestial globes Christmas balls

plague doctor mask and lots of airplanes, Transformers, cars, anime and cars and other models

*Paper Sport
lots of soccer jerseys from national and club teams (click the red buttons, then "CLICK PARA DESCARGAR" and then the red "DESCARGAR" button)


bus stop signs, vending machines and Yanmar UF15A refrigerated transport crates

*Paper Toys
lots of simple paper models of cars, famous buildings, national holidays and more

building materials (top link) and shipping containers (bottom link) models (click the 5th button "Rákomanyok" button, then the links on the left; click "Letöltés" to download the models)

*Passions d'A.R.T.
ballerina shoes

*Past and Future Kraftwerk
Roland JX-3P synthesizer (click the "JX-3Pペーパークラフト(pdf 668kb)" link below the picture about halfway down the page)

*PBS Kids Cyberchase
simple cube, pyramid and octahedron geometrical shapes

simple BlackBerry Curve 9300 QWERTY (click "Bouwplaat" next to the PDF icon)

simple HTC Tattoo phone (click on "Bouwplaat")

*Pekko Exteen Byman Studio
follow-me-eyes robot dog

*Pentel Kids Pepe & Lulu Papercraft
simple kabuto samurai hat, small puppet theatre, snow slope game, carnation flowers and Christmas, Valentine, Mother's Day and japanese holiday models and many more (newest model here)

cauliflower, persimmon, radishes and pear and old Yokohama phonebooth and churches here (only the models with the "PDF" icon are available for free)

icebox cookies, traditional Kokeshi doll here and lots of links

*Pepakura fan
American president Barack Obama, Ana Yukikaze, tiger, Lupin and Ram-chan heads

Halloween pumpkin, cats, turtle, houses, horse, puzzle, bowling pins and strawberry

Reebok Pump sneakers (click the pink "scaricate gratuitamente il template da qui" link )

*Pico Sol Kids
animated piggybank (click "Funhoek" in the top right and then the red "Download hier je Spaarpot bouwplaat" button under "DOE DINGEN!")

Dirkon pinhole camera

*Piode ontwerp- en adviesbureau BNA
D32 32-sided dice (click the picture at the bottom for the PDF parts file)

*Pizza By The Slice
Valentine's Day heart-shaped ukelele gift box and small, regular soprano ukelele here

interlocking globe (click the "Download and Print" link just above the template thumbnail on the right)

*Pocky Revolution
simple iPod Nano

*Popro & Shopping Town
gift boxes (print on fancy paper)

*Prae Scandinavian Interior
black-and-white/colour yourself Swedish Dalahäst Dalecarlian Dala horse (scroll down and click the the template preview)

Svadilfari Hammer in the Realms Island "EXTRAS!", Henchbot on the "PopTropicon island, the Neon Wiener spaceship on the Galactic Hot Dogs island and a Dr. Hare here and Rabbothere on the Poptropica weblog

*Primaria Experimentos
simple cube, cylinder, cone, pyramid and prism geometric figures

*Print out Factory
several different kinds of gift boxes and lots more simple kids crafts

polyhedral globes

*Project Next
simple Japan March 2011 earthquake and tsunami donation box

*Projekt Bastelbogen
5-, 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-pointed stars and calculator and boxes here

simple black and white gift boxes (colour yourself or print on fancy paper)

*Puma Lab
customized Cubotoy masks (click the names under "Descarga la Máscara de cada Ilustrador:")

*Rabobank Noordoostpolder
simple piggy bank (click the "> Bekijk hier de bouwplaat (PDF, 161 kB)" link)

*Rainman's Papercraft
rose and lots more character and animal and other paper toys (browse through the blog to find all the models; click the "페이퍼인사이드" or "" links underneath the picture to go to the download page or the "첨부파일" link next to the green arrow at the top right and then click the "내PC 저장" links)

*Rainy Blues
miniature doll house food packages and other items

*Ranter Works
Ranter Works Tanooki mascot (by Fontes-Makua)

Edgar Allen Poe's raven, 2.5D flintlock rubber band pistol, 2D human skeleton, halloween masks, simple monsters and zombies miniatures, EMF electro magnetic field meter, balancing bat, pinhole camera, 3D human skull, coffins, mechanical flapping bat, follow-me-eyes skeleton, splatterbot robot, simple skeleton marionette, catapult and several boardgames

maze cube, plant, pop-up snow rabbit, watermelon, enantiomer molecules, snowman, see-saw and cap hat

*Rederij Doeksen
(click the "Download de stoomboot bouwplaat" link)

*Red Tricicle
special Halloween-themed October calendar paper toys by Go Scout Creative

dice, Roman catapult, acoustic guitar and Easter egg (click the "Pobierz" button underneath the thumbnails)

*Retro Craft Room
cute little 2.5D monthly diorama calendars

*Revolution high performance paper models
basketball basket and ping pong table

*Richman Times
Gosen City Sakura Tamakichi bear mascot (scroll down a bit and click the yellow "桜タマ吉 ペーパークラフト" banner with the papercraft picture; same as here, click "...See More" in the description on the right to see the PDF download link)

*Richter Bastelbogen Online
Roman legionair's helmet and centurion helmet here

black and white/colour yourself designer couch

children's hearing aid doggy family Pixy mascot characters in different colours

Matryoshka style dolls (click the red "ダウンロードはコチラ" link at the bottom of the page)

*Rob Schatborn
shipping containers (look for "containers" on the bottom part of the page)

*Roller Derby Rennes
rollerskate (click the "ce fichier !" link in the text underneath the pictures)

Japanese festival flying carp kites, Go pieces, Hinamatsuri doll festival dolls, PSP PlayStation Portable stand, CD/DVD sleeve, dice, banana, insect net, straw hat, chopsticks and retro refrigerator and radio (click the PDF links; use the "- 1 2 >>" navigation at the bottom to see the older posts)

*Ronny Gomis Tullepetaonse Wienkel
Dutch Carnival Tullepetaon fantasy bird (click "DOWNLOAD HIER" under "TULLEPETAONSE BOUWPLAOT" about two thirds down the page)

*Ruth-Ann Zaroff Mirkwood Designs
gift box templates

*RWY RipperWorks
standard shipping containers, Eurotainer shipping tank container and replacement parts for a 6x6 T813TP truck

*Ritter Sport Blog
simple hare, fox, chicken, sheep, Easter egg and bunny pockets for Ritter Sport minis in colour or colour-yourself/black-and-white versions (click the bold yellow "bunten Bastelbogen" or "Bastelbogen zum Ausmalen" links)

*Rocky Bergen
Conion C-100F boombox ghettoblaster, Nintendo GameCube video game console in different colours, IBM 5100 portable computer and Commodore 64, Apple II, Amstrad CPC 464 and Amiga 500 personal computers with interchangeable screens

*Ryukozan Zuijini
flowers, Japanese ritual dotaku bell and simple children characters (click the links in the box)

*Sabi96 Papercraft Box
Ju-on The Grudge horror movie Kayako Saeki and lots more!

*Saitama National Health Insurance web
Saitama National Health Insurance Association mascot Mamoru-kun (click the " こちら" link at the beginning of the second paragraph)

*Sakura City
cute Sakura City Kamuro mascot

*Saltire server Geometry Expressions
twisted Savonius VAWT vertical axis wind turbine

*Samantha Eynon
blackberry, chocolate, lemon and pink cupcakes, flower, heart and piece of cake

*Sandra Schön
simple follow-me-eyes optical illusion T-Rex

food items, eye balls, Matryoshka nesting dolls, beach huts, merry-go-round carousel, Poké Ball and lots more miscellaneous paper toys

simple Christmas elf, Santa Claus, helicopter, snowmobile, sleigh and reindeer

*Sanwa Supply
oyster, fruit basket with apple, banana and peach and pudding desserts and more

*Sanwa Supply Paper Museum
simple dollhouse stores and houses sets, cars, insects, food, Christmas, Halloween and other holiday models, gift boxes, holiday cards and more freebies (click the thumbnails for each category, then the thumbnails for each kind of model, and then the two pink buttons for the PDF parts files)

*Sanyo Eneloopy
desktop calendars, flags, Kami-Loopy battery dog and batteries and battery container (use the arrows to scroll left and right; click the pictures and then the orange button to download the PDF parts files)

*Sasatoku Printing Company
Kendama and cube puzzle games, boxes, Three Little Pigs, Bremer Town Musicians, Hansel and Gretel and Goldylocks fairytale characters, flowers and lots of other models

*Sasebo National Sports Festival
Gamba-kun and Ran-chan 2014 Sasebo National Sports Festival mascots

*Saso Luigi Soldatini di Carta
simple Cosworth DFV-8 Engine

*Satake Corporation
Pikasen rice sorting machine

customizable equirectangular projection globe (Google Chrome only)

gas station petrol pump

*Schladming-Dachstein Summer
click the buttons (end then again) for a simple hat (on top of the computer screen), do-not-disturb sign (briefcase on top of the filing cabinet), 2D mountain backdrop (on the wall next to the computer screen and on the right of the drinking glass), trees (below the telephone), flowers (the jar with the scissors and markers), rock (below the keyboard) and beverage coasters (on the left of the drinking glass)

*Schladming-Dachstein Winter
click the buttons (end then again) for a simple hat (on top of the computer screen), do-not-disturb sign (briefcase on top of the filing cabinet), 2D mountain backdrop (on the wall on either side of the computer screen), trees (below the telephone), snowflakes (the jar with the scissors and markers), snowman (below the keyboard) and skis (below the computer mouse)

kaleidocycle ring you can turn inside out (click "print out a picture from this webpage" just underneath the first animated GIF)

*Scott Kim
cube with the word Termes on its sides in one, unbroken line

Shimorun mascot (click the pink "しぐるん トペーパークラフ" button near the top of the page for the PDF parts file)

* freef5
simple panda (1st link under the fourth header "フリーペーパークラフト" on the left), dollhouse cupboard, kitchen cabinets and appliances (9th-19th links), boxes (20th-22nd links), Christmas Tree (25th link), Koinobori Children's day carp kites pop-up card (26th link) and triangular, classic flying saucer, cigar-type and pyramid UFO (31st-37th links)

*Sesame Street Japan
alphabet letters, pop-up cards, little dioramas and lots more simple and cute paper toys

*Sheila's Papermodels
medieval trebuchet siege engine, chess set, tangram puzzle and medievalsword, axe, mace and morningstar weapons

Aikatsu! figurine scale fountain

Nendoroid doll scale subway car interior, couch, flatscreen television and room (in different colours; click the black "詳細はこちら" button next to the picture of the subway train interior), motorized battle robots (click the black "こちらをクリック" button next to the picture of the fighting robots, then on the next page the middle black "振動ファイトについて振動ファイターを作ろう" button above the picture of the tiny electrical motor)  and World War II Stg43 assault rifle and PPsh-41 submachine gun (click the black "詳細はこちら" button next to the picture of the 3D plane) and lots more

*Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo
simple ancient bronze dotaku bell and doguu clay figurine

*Shimanto Town
Shimanto CATV cap (2nd link), Tanabata Festival diorama (3rd link), rice meal baskets (4th link), inflatable ringo and beach parasol (6th link), water melon and salt shaker (7th link), mushroom basket (8th link), carp kites (9th link) and stone windmill (13th/last link)

Japanese Sugoroku board game

*Shirioishi Town
cute Minori Shiroishi Onion-chan mascot (under "「ペーパークラフト」作ってみませんか? 2011年12月9日" just over halfway down the page)

*Shiroi City
Bow family paper toys (click the links under "関連書類" at the bottom of the page)

*Shizuoka Prefecture
DAMZo character Otogawa dam mascot

*Shizuoka Sekisui Heim Real Estate
mascot (click the pink "ダウンロード" button)

*Showa Printing
recycling mascot character Wrapped (click the "" PDf link at the bottom of the post)

pedestrian traffic light push button

Painter series 120SL-3 and 153SL-2 cabinets and television and 3x5 chest furniture models(click on the cover sheets near the bottom of the page for the PDF parts files)

inline and roller skates and Korea Yeaosu roller rink (click the "TABLE SKATE" tab)

*">SL Paleo Backside Weblog & Info
children's frog masks

simple Nokia 5250 (click on "Bouwplaat" next to the PDF icon)

*snapfish by Hewlett Packard
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, fall, back to school, New YEar, Holiday, Origami, summer, Birthday, Valentine, graduation, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's and Father's Day and 4th of July and lots more worksheets and printables

Apple iPhone (click "cut and fold your own iphone" near the top) and Apple iPod Nano cover here (click "1. download the nano template")

*SoftART Design
pipe organ (click "Download last Paper-Scalemodel of the pipeorgan" about halfway down the page)

DNA, prehistoric Cambrian Period opabinia and hallucigenia bugs, T2 and T4 bacteriophages, synaptic neuron activity, thyroid hormone, kidney, germinating seed and voltaic and Daniell cell battery turning cards, simple 2.5D brain atlas and plant, animal, E. coli, and blue-green algae cells and electro-negativity and ecological pyramid pop-up cards

*Soka Gakkai
Father's Day #1 Dad bottle cover (scroll down a bit and click the blue "ダウンロード" button and "組み立て方を見る" link next to the preview image)

Christmas reindeer (click the second "Click Here to Download Reindeer template PDF" image for the PDF parts file)

*Sony Assurance Inc.
global warming polar bears and small globe (click the pictures for the PDF parts files, and the "PDF" or the "HTML" links for the instructions)

*Spacestation 42
cardstock boomerang

*Spilt Milk Studios Ltd
milk carton (click the "DOWNLOAD" link in the first block of text at the top of the page)

cartoonified Boston Molasses, Apollo 13, Great Chicago Fire, Titanic, Hindenburg Pompeii and Sir Shackleton's Endurance disaster dioramas and Dr. Horrible, Captain Hammer and Penny paper toys here

Dr. Antlor custom from Kenn Munk's Antlor (click the image)

*SSKK Shoma Seiki Co Ltd
CV-3000arkN vending machine

*Stane's Island Sharp Pencil Quality TV
Dirty Harry, Kill Bill Vol.1, Dr. Strangelove and blank pencil roll films

*Steve McGuire Zone
retro Mac computer, Jurassic dinosaurs, cow, scarecrow and ghost standies and FIFA World Cup 98 games

*Stichting Karnaval Steenbergen
simple black and white colour-yourself building fronts

*Storm the Castle
several Japanese Tatebanko diorama boxes and other papercraft projects

*Studio Bronsveld
working one-cent flute, recorder flute, clarinets, penny whistle, saxophone and suling flute, Zwarte Piet, Sinterklaas, Santa Clause and Easter Bunny hako/boxheads and simple chesspieces

*Studio Die4U
Keisei Electric Railway panda mascot and Halloween Jack-o'-lantern pumpkins

*Studio Formo
simple treasure chest (click the "Download dit printvel" link just below the picture)

*Studio Momoki
cute simple Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Christmas elf, reindeer and Christmas angel Christmas tree decorations (click the "DOWNLOAD jouw bouwplaat" and "BONUS EDITIE! Download Engel" buttons on the left) and Sinterklaas here

*Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
mascot (scroll down and click the PDF links next to the papercraft picture)

gift boxes

*Suzuri Higurashi
Pentax pinhole camera

*Swatkd Blog
gothic AZONE Luluna original doll (copy+paste the "" link at the bottom into your browser's adress bar and don't forget the password mentioned right next to it after "密码:" to input on the next page; then click the grey "下载(9.63M)" button at the top, next to the blue one and wait for the download to start)

*Sweet Paul Magazine
dancing elephant Rosamunda, circus wagon, masks, and 2D monkeys (click the "Kids Issue - Circus Paper Crafts (43929 KB)" link)

*Synergy Icons Paper Models Inc
Asu Sun Devils mascotte mask, Second Life American Cancer Society donation kiosk and memorial tree, Christmas tree bell and bubble ornaments, Santa and sleigh, Fourth of July flagwheel and holiday wreath (any prices are only for pre-printed kits of these models; the downloads are free)

*Taiko Drum Master
chibi papercraft taiko drum

*Takamori-machi station History and Folklore Museum
Naoto Otoshira Naoto tv-drama Kakimaru-kun Kame no Jo (click the ">> ペーパークラフトのダウンロードはこちら" near the bottom of the page; also on Takamore Town official site)

*Takara Tomy
simple boardgame

WISIL Human Powered Vehicle Barracuda Speedbike bicycle (more info)

*Taku NEO Nearly Equal One
lots of heads from Japanese people

*Tamashii Nations heroine figure blog
Aikatsu! collectible card game Todo Yurika figurine coffin

*Tante Taart
piece of cheese, slice of pie here and totem pole here

*Tatsuto City Aoikajitsu
young Japanese man

*Tau Rho Alpha's Paper Models
ocean trench, volcano, tectonic plate globe and slump cross-section models

* simple iPhone 3G

Robot Wars RobotDojo team Pro-AM, Flexy-Flyer, Propellor-Head, Full Frontal Fulcrum and Agitator battle cars (click the thumbnails to for to the download pages)

refrigerator, microwave and washing machine, seasonal models, monsters, gift boxes and fish and other animals (click the pictures for the different categories)

reindeer mask (print on brown cardstock), snowman and bell Christmas Tree ornaments, simple Christmas trees, simple Christmas pop-up cards and simple 2D Christmas tree with house, cake, wreath and sleigh ornaments

*Thailand Kilu
Korean lantern

*The Art Dream
simple LEGO Batman

*Theater Giswil
simple small suitcase

*The Elli Blog
vintage wooden alphabet blocks (click the "ALPHABET BLOCKS Click to DOWNLOAD & PRINT" banner at the bottom of the article)

*The Future Foundation
Toshima-kun owl mascot tissue box shaped like tram and Christmas pop-up card (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

*The GNU 3DLDF Website
lots of geometric shapes

*The motored paper robot fight
Pakri, Kasei, Otoko, Anko and Sop battle robot units (click the "ユニット式ファイター" link on the left, then on the next page click the "振動ロボ型紙" link at the bottom for the templates; the other links are instructions on how to add a vibration unit to the robots to make them fight) and Invader, Mars, Military and Remodeling robot frames (click the "フレーム式ファイター" link on the right)

*The Paper Shaper
One Year Anniversary paper ring and old-skool cellphone (click the pictures for the PDF files)

*The Pepakura Index
Star Wars, Iron Man, Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat, Dishonored anime and other armor pieces and props

*The Techikuns
Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum Toujicchi mascot, Oiso town bird characterss mascots, and British Skylon and more

*The Woodengraver Phils Creations
cartoon hearts, beera bottle, blowrockets, 7UP Cool Spot mascotte, Dumdrops, Dr. Seuss'green eggs and ham, skateboards, cubic snowman and Tootsie Roll Man mascotte

SlideTab (no-glue) Surface Creation System polyhedra, and hats (downloads at the bottom of the page) and low-poly face mask here

*Thirteen Secrets of the Dead
simple Trojan Horse (click the blue "Trojan Horse Papercraft" link in the first paragraph on Thirteen's website)

*Thüringer Schulportal
Gutenberg printing press

*TNT Factory
simple dice and hammer (under "Der Eigene Hammer" and "Der Prof-Ärgere-Dich-Nicht-Würfel")

*Tobe Town
cute Tobetchi mascot character (click the two PDF links above and underneath the pictures)

*Tochiie Life Eiken Real Estate
Nagaken-kun mascot

*Tochio Chamber of Commerce
Nagaoka City samurai Yukari Tochio mascot (click the "ファイルをダウンロード" just below the picture)

*Today's Mama
Saint Patrick's Day leprechaun hat and beard (to be printed on coloured cardstock)

*Tokai Gas
cute Tokai Gas Clippy flame mascotte

*Tokio La Palm
Apple iPod Touch and iPhone, Willcom W-Zero3 and generic cradles (all beneath the first "東ラ技研関連 DATA" header)

*Tomo Design Laboratory
simple Seven and Ants chairs

*Tonegawa Dam Integrated Management Office
Hagiwara, Aiso, Fujiwara, Nara and Yagisawa dams

*Toni Mauricio
retro Panasonic Aspirador vacuum cleaner and Samsung E250 telephone

*Toru Tanaka Web Desk Top
simple Apple iPod (look for the download links about three-quarters down the page, beneath the pictures with the laptops and the breastpocket

Crasso contemporary Japanese bathroom, kitchen and hi-tech toilet

*Tov! Club
simple black and white dreidel spinning top (click "Klik here voor een Dreidel bouwplaat." at the bottom)

*Toyomaru Corporation
cute Nanaty and Dollarthy mascot girls (click the red "pdfダウンロード" links just below the parts and instructions previews for each of the two models; Nanaty also here)

*TT Modely
shipping containers

*Tudo Sobre Papercraft
Harry Potter, Iron Maiden, Frozen and more

*Tumblr General Electric
1960's Hardiman exoskeleton prototype (click the "Click here" link just below the pictures on General Electric's Tumblr page)

*Tumblr Hentai Boy
Google Android OS mascot

*TV Tokyo Sokon Tokoro
Tokoro George (click the small banner on the right with the papercraft Tokoro George mugshot for the PDF parts file)

*Twitter enokoro
detective Kosuke Kindaichi suitcase

retro iPhone 4(S) Game Boy X cover (click the big, orange "DOWNLOAD Your Game Boy Case" button at the bottom for the PDF parts file)

*Ueda Water Supply Office
Suijin-sama mascot and water supply truck

*Uesugi snow lantern festival
Japanese garden lantern

*Uhu Papercraft
simple boy and girl astronaut and native american indians with tipi and canoe (on page 2 under "BEGINNER")

molten snowman (click the "download" button next to the image)

*Unga Fakta
treasure chest

*Unnan Future Museum
small traditional tobacco store, charcoal grill, old television set, dharma ring stacking doll, lemon soda bottle, incense pig, okama stove, tea box, three-wheeled vehicle, old street mailbox, refrigerator and payphone and traditional japanese house, dragonfly, Mitoyacho falls, trolley train, rice terraces, Cosmos festival flowers, apple and chestnut beverage bottles, traditional tatara steel melting furnace, red river firefly and ritual bell here (click the images or the links at the bottom)

*US Geological Survey National Park Service
black and white underwater shield vulcano, fringing reef, barrier reef and atoll cross-section models

*Utage Osaka International Food Expo 2013
Utage Osaka International Food Expo 2013 chef cook mascot (click "See more" in the description below the image to see the PDF download links)

Christmas sleigh pet express with Christmas kittens and samurai kitten (click the links in the first post, then on the new page click the "下載" button that's generated)

cupcake, handbag, backpack, Scrabble board or book

*Vector Papera Arto
polyhedra globes, dice and pop-up card

*Vincentmrl's Papercrafts
DeviantArt logo, 11/11/11 numbers, push button and trollblock

*Vintage Library
Masters of Men classic Spider villain mask and rubber band gun (click "The Spider Kit" link near the bottom of the page for the PDF file)

*Visual Spicer
praying hands

Android Epic Galaxy Christmas Crib (click the purple "Download bouwplaat" button on the right)

*Vogel1 Martina
all-sixes dice

Beauto Racer programmable robotic vehicle bodykits (Beauto Chaser turtle and ladybug bodykits here (click the link under "03ペーパークラフト")

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman, Batman and Bane masks

*VVV Geertruidenberg
medieval cannon (under "Gadget" at the bottom of the page, same as here)

*Wageningen Bereikbaar
mushroom signpost

*Walter Ruffler
simple TUE twenty-foot equivalent unit shipping container freebies in different colours

Notebook PC (in Word98 *.doc, AutoCAD *.dxf and *.gif format)

*Waschautomaten Schach
(click "Download" at the top; same as here)

floral, oblong and triangular pyramid gift boxes, picture frame and envelopes (click the "欲しいの人はここ押して" links underneath the pictures for the PDF parts files)

*Wayne Dorrington
paper infographic with laptop, piles of paper and wooden log (click the template preview for the full size image)

*WCPO Cincinnati
Major League Baseball team Cincinnati reds mascots Gapper and Rosie Red, Mr. Redlegs (here

*WDR Fernsehen Dittsche
simple 2.5D fast food counter diorama (click the "Der Dittsche Bastelbogen (PDF-Download: 4,3 MB)" link at the bottom of the post)

simple Webbers character (under "Bouwset") and cute die (under "Dobbelsteen") and some more activities for kids

3D paper snowflake tutorial

*Willi Commer
German DKE Deutscher Kleinempfänger progaganda radio (under "Thomas Pleiner")Commodore Pet 2001 (under "Diverse", same as here)

*Wiltshire County
detailed Wizard Castle and buildings (based on Harry Potter Hogwart's castle)

*Wings Red Canis2
gold, steel blue and black with gold trim versions of Kamikuzu's Colt 1911a gun

*Wizards Play Network
papercraft crown (under "Event Accessories")

ice cream cones from Katokami

*Wombat Atelier Fare
steak, turkey, Blessed Virgin Mary bust, takoyaki chinese dumpling doll and unadon steamed rice with eel fillets dish

*Wouter van Vugt
iPhone dock (click the image on the bottom right for the ZIP-file with the parts)

*WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals NL
simple WSPA Koninginnedag 2012 piggybank collection box (click the template thumbnail)

*Yahoo JP Kids
all kinds of papercraft models

*Yahoo! Kids
papercraft games and simple models and Christmas tree ornaments, cute snowman, gift box, Mr. Sunagimo chicken gizzard reindeer, sleigh, Christmas Cho-bot, Christmas tree, Cristmas house, strawberry shortcake and teddy bear here

*Yakumo Town
wood carving bear (scroll down and click the green "PAPER CRAFT 簡単ダウンロード" button)

*Yamaguchi Prefecture
black and white, colour-yourself Economic activity survey Chan Bill and Kay-kun mascots (click the Adobe *.pdf and MS Word *.doc links near the bottom of the page

*Yamaguchi University
Yamaguchi University Yamamyi mascot and Christmas pop-up card (near the bottom of the page)

*Yamaha Electone
stageA electronic organ

mandarin (under "●2005/2/16" about halfway down the page) and mandarin guy character (under "●2005/2/20" even further down the page; click the template thumbnails for the PDF parts files)

*Yamagata Europe
50 years Belgium-Japan association Belgian chips and Japanese Sushi paper toys

*Yamoto Shoo
lemon guy mascot (scroll down to the banner with the pair of scissors)

*Yobee's LEGO Mini-Figure Paper Craft
LEGO Batman and Spider-Man minifigures

*Yonezawa Naoe Generation of Nononohu
5-piece leather samurai armor (click the first blue "コチラ" link for the PDF parts file, the second one for assembly instructions) and lots of life-sized, wearable samurai helmets here

apple slice and wheelchair and Lawson convenience store, Japanese house and school building (click the thumbnails, and then on the next page the "freedata/..." links for the PDf parts files)

red and blue Christmas ball ornaments

*Yuki No Yado
Snow Inn rice crackers mascot

Ginan Gifu Prefecture scallion mascot (same as here

*Zaitoku Hokkaido Patriotism
traditional Japanese torii gate, Takeshima memorial here, small monument here and disputed Liancourt Rocks / Dokdo / Takeshima islets here (scroll down a bit and click the "ファイル1" "ファイル2" and "ファイル3" links for the PDF parts and instruction files)

*Zeroworks Hashimoto Norihisa Works
Tokyo Tower panorama ball

*Zespri Green Kiwifruit
sandwiches, kiwifruit in an egg cup, lunch box, kiwifruit cultivation frame, row of windbreaking trees and Zespri Green Kiwifruit truck (win the 6 quizzes (get at least 4 multiple choice questions right) and each time you will get a keyword in Japanese; click the orange button to go to the keyword input screen (with a virtual Japanese keyboard fortunately: carefully compare the characters because some of them look a lot alike!); after inputting the keyword, click the red bottom with the sliced kiwi on the bottom right to go to the download page (make sure you've allowed pop-ups from your browser for this page or the download page won't come up!); here are some of the answers for the random questions, but be aware that you will probably get different questions and the answers are in a different order each time so just keep trying until you get at least four answers right; quiz 1 (group of trees on the left): 100g / 1904 / 9#1 / 14.4 // quiz 2 (small lake at the bottom): 1970 / 5#14 / 2.5g / 15% / 2003 // quiz 3 (single tree at the center): 69mg / 1.3mg / 9#14 / 70% / C / 3 // quiz 4 (kiwifruits hanging on frame at the top): 36 ug / 290mg / 7 / spirit // quiz 5 (row of trees around the bay at the top right): I only got answers with Japanese characters each time, sorry // quiz 6 (group of mountains in the center): 11# / 150 / 4#~5# / 0ºC

ancient Greek Hoplite, Amazone and Villanovan warriors and Roman legionair and Colossus statue and medieval Richard I, Bertrand de Guesclin, Castruccio Castracane and Marquis of Palmaro knights and Napoleonic soldiers and medieval battle of agincourt French and English knights on horseback and footsoldiers here (click the little red arrows)

hot plate, toaster oven and rice cooker

*ZRP Papercrafter
Space Sheriff Gavan, traditional Indonesian kujang swords and traditional Indonesian nasi goreng cantika cart here and lots more

retro ZX81 home computer and Timex/Sinclair 2020 cassette tape player (click the flashing "Download" buttons under "Téléchargement du Kit.")
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