Thursday, October 29, 2015

papercraft "Splatoon" Callie & Marie Squid Sisters

Did you know that the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie from Nintendo's "Splatoon" game aren't actually sisters but cousins...?

Download + build your own papercraft "Splatoon" Callie & Marie (+lots more, by Moominpaper):


  1. Yeah Buddy! I want this game so bad XD

  2. Aww damn! It is in PDO only! Now I can't build it because I have a Mac :(

    1. That's a problem for MAC users unfortunately... Maybe you can try to contact the creator and ask for a PDF version; but because the PDO oftendoubles as the only instructions, it will be difficult to build without being able to open it... :o(

      So maybe if you have a friend with a Windows computer, you can ask if you can hang out at their place sometimes to work on it? ;o)

      Sometimes people use "Boot Camp" to install an emulated Windows version on their Mac so they can use Pepakura that way, but you'll have to a little research to find out how exactly...

    2. Yes I will probably convert it on my friend's computer next time I go over to her house, I actually converted the life size Midna which was one of the first paper crafts I found in PDO, so I got to convert it to PDF, I can't reference the PDO (but I took lots of photos) BUT I am sure I can figure it out because I have done really hard paper crafts without a PDO even though people say it is too hard without it!


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