Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Papercraft Batman built by David

David made several other comic book characters by repainting my papercraft Batman, but this time he left the "Dark Knight" just as he is! ;o)

Pharrell Williams "Happy" papercraft toy

Something completely different from the "Fat Banker" last time, this time Tougui made a paper toy Pharrell Williams, from his hit song "Happy". ;o)

Official Diablo III Lewt the Treasure Goblin papercraft toy

Treasure Goblins are so laden with gold, that they spill it everywhere while trying to find their way out of the dungeons of "Diablo III"...! ;o)

Japan Open RoboCup 2014 papercraft mascots

The "RoboCup" best known to the public is the soccer event in which the challenge for teams from all over the world is "to build a team of humanoid soccer playing robots that will be able to win a match against the winning team of the human World Cup Football by the year 2050!"

In 2014, the official World RoboCup will be in João Pessoa, Brazil (July 19 - 25) but I don't think the robots will be ready to take on the winner of the human FIFA Word Cup (also in Brazil this year from June 12 - July 13) just yet... ;o)

But there are also "RoboCups" in other fields, as shown on the Japan Open RoboCup 2014 (from May 4 - 6) for instance, where there are competitions in Soccer, but also in Rescue and Home improvement - and  of course it wouldn't be Japan if they didn't have a cute mascot for each event! ;o)

Kawaii "Hello Kitty" Avril Lavigne papercraft toy

As you can see, Popwee had the same idea as KiwiClub, to make a paper toy Avril Lavigne to celebrate the release of her "Hello Kitty" music video! ;o)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Papercraft Mk VII Tetrarch tank

After the "walking tank" last time, this time the "World of Tanks" website has a regular papercraft tank again, the British Mk VII Tetrarch.

Kawaii Avril Lavigne "Hello Kitty" papercraft toy

Avril Lavigne just released her new "Hello Kitty" music video! ;o)

Papercraft spring themed race cars

Last Christmas, Bosch Japan had two papercraft Christmas themed race cars to download, and this time they have two spring themed ones (pink and brown)!

Papercraft gyroplane

Is it a plane? Is it a helicopter? It's neither, it's both: it's a gyroplane! ;o)

Papercraft Pokémon Togekiss

A papercraft Togekiss Pokémon for Easter from PaperPokés! ;o)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Very detailed papercraft Apollo 13 lunar module "Aquarius"

Ironically, NASA's Apollo 13 Moon landing mission from 1970 is famous only because it went terribly wrong: during the approach of the Moon, one of the oxygen tanks exploded, causing critical damage to the spacecraft... ("Houston, we have a problem...")

Papercraft Digimon Lillymon

"Digimon" stands for "Digital Monsters", but I think you can hardly call Lillymon a "monster"! ;o)

"Okami" Mr. & Mrs. Orange papercraft toys

Mr. Orange is the Kamiki Village elder in "Okami". He's married to Mrs. Orange and has a real talent for dancing (he even invented the Konohana Shuffle to revitalize the sacred tree of the village!)

Papercraft "15 Years Mondorf Kallboys" bowling pin & ball

Readers of this papercraft weblog probably know the "Mondorf Kallboys" from the many Mondorf-themed papercraft models they have on their website, but their main interest (for fifteen years now!) as a group is of course bowling! ;o)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Papercraft Fushimi Inari shrine "torii" gates diorama

AMFF Craft Work made many paper models of famous landmarks for their shop, but they also have a (low resolution) freebie so you can try out if you like their work, a paper diorama of the "torii" gates of the Fushimi Inari shrine! (among other things, Inari was believed to be the deity of prosperity, and each of the thousands of "torii" gates is donated by a Japanese company hoping to become a wealthy business ;o)

"Follow-me-eyes" pandas papercraft toys

Cute paper toy pandas with "follow-me-eyes" effectm from the same person who made the schoolboy and schoolgirl and other Tatten paper toys! ;o)

Papercraft Heroscapce armored truck

Cavalier made this papercraft armored truck to use with his Heroscape Armored Truck Heist scenario.

Papercraft "Resurgam" Liburnian-Class Interplanetary Cruiser

This Liburnian-Class Interplanetary Cruiser is the first of a series of paper models to come in RocketmanTan's original "Resurgam" series.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

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