Saturday, October 5, 2013

Papercraft Osaka Tsutenkaku tower

"Tsutenkaku" literally means "tower reaching Heaven", and built in 1956 in Osaka with its total height of 103 m and the main observation deck at a height of 91 m above the ground, you can understand why...! ;o)

Download + build your own papercraft Osaka Tsutenkaku tower (by Hitachi):

(click the square image button below the menu on the right on the Hitachi webpage for the PDF parts file)


  1. That is clearly a piggybank, if you notice the slit on the main observatory, both in that image and on the pattern ("▼ COIN").

    1. Yes, when I was reading about the Tsutenkaku tower, I read somewhere that if you buy a ticket to go upto to the observatory in the tower, it includes a paper model of the tower that can be used as a piggy bank! ;o)

      I think this is the same model, and it has the same coin slit, only different colours (that one was almost entirely blue).


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