Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tiny papercraft Captain America freebie

T&M's Paper Models has a tiny Captain America freebie as sample for their other, commercial papercraft Foot Units.

Download + build your own tiny papercraft Captain America (by T&M's Paper Models):


  1. thank you nice one,please make other character 2.god bless you.

    1. I think the person that made this Captain America will make more "paper toy soldiers", but I don't know if they will be free like this Captain America, which was made as a free sample to promote their commercial models, like the German World War 2 Wehrmacht soldier that's already available:

      But maybe you will like the paper figurines from TCF Gaming too? They didn't make any Marvel heroes yet, but they do have some others, like from Star Wars and a medieval soldier and several others:

      And of course you never know: if you check back to the T&M's Paper Models website, maybe you will find some neat ones you like there in the future of course!


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