Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now if only I didn't mess up the scale of the legs...

The hardest part of the head were the ears, but with some extra care they look pretty good!

The head, hair and cap went together easily, using the same "slit and tab" method I used on some of my other models.

(but you'll see what I mean when I finish the model and the instructions ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. the face looks a bit weird... but good job anyway!!

  2. I think it looks awesome! And you made the hair flat pieces of paper but I like that better than impossible 3D pieces what I was afraid of so this is looking perfect!

  3. you're waaaaaay over simplifiying the face. the hair is good, but that paper line across the middle of the face ruins it all. I can see many people not build it because of this, because the head is the most important part. and I seriously suggest edge coloring for this model.

  4. if you take normal (thinner) paper for the face you shouldn´t see the paperline.

    btw is this only the test-build and i think it looks really good *thumb up*

  5. Why do you always try to talk Ninjatoes down by saying "many people will not build it like this?" You don't know that! If you look at the All Aassembled post you will see there are not one but two lines across the face, and you can hardly see the other one! I think it is because of the way the light hit the face like this and Ninjatoes uses thick paper so you see the shadow line and it is only the test-build like Toni says and if you want to edge color it then that's easy but you have to do it yourself not Ninjatoes lol

  6. If he wouldn't have simplified it, you would have even more lines in the face.
    And the smaller parts would be more difficult to glue together right so the lines would look even worse.
    If you use thinner paper you won't see the lines so much and if you edge color it it looks even better.
    That's more a matter of building than designing.
    The design looks great I can't wait until it's finished!

  7. well guys, this is just the testbuild (and serves to ninjatoes for see if there is something that needs improve)and i think that ninjatoes knows what he does.
    we will see final build :)

  8. Wherever you glue two pieces of paper on top of eachother (which is pretty much the basis of papercraft ;o) you will inevitably get a white line showing, from the thickness of the paper.

    If you wan't to try and get rid of those, or at least minimalize them, good suggestions are using thinner paper of course, and/or edge colouring:

  9. am i the only one who realised ninjatoes messed up the scale of the legs?

  10. wow, how did you figure that out? you must have an amazing ability to read the title of blog posts.

  11. uhu |:( anyway, i was just saying that no-one had mentioned it.

  12. Haha well yeah, I printed the legs out a bit too small, so I couldn't match the torso and legs up for a picture...

    (I'll try to make sure they're the same scale in the final version ;o)


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