Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sword and shield

Although usually the Hylian Shield is an upgrade from the Wooden Shield as normally it's much stronger and can't catch on fire, that is not true for the paper version, so don't think about trying it out...

The Master Sword has some small parts obviously, but I think they're worth it. All in all it went together pretty easily, but I think I will make the blade just a bit longer and give it a pointier tip.

Stay tuned!


  1. ooooh nice these will make sweet desk toys :D

  2. Just be careful not to poke out anybody's eyes with the sword, because the shield isn't a good eyepatch really...

  3. hahaha! btw, will the master sword be the same style as ZaL's sword?

  4. zal's sword is a completely differenr sword, the ordon sword.

  5. Yes, and I simplified the guard for the Ordon Sword a lot more than this one.

    The Master Sword is a bit more difficult because of the shapes and the small pieces, but because the Master Sword has a much more recognizable shape and is supposed to be a more refined design too, I think they're really worth it! ;o)


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