Saturday, November 30, 2013

Papercraft Advance Wars Orange Star Infantry unit release!

Here it is, the first of my papercraft Advance Wars Infantry units! (other four to come of course ;o)

Papercraft monkey, retro computer and rally cars

Some "old" papercraft models: a 2004 "Year of the Monkey" monkey, a 1978 retro Sharp MZ-80 personal computer, and two chibi rally cars! (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Ford Focus)

Papercraft Christmas ball ornaments

Yps was a popular German kids comic book magazine from 1975 to 2006, with a neat little "gimmick" (paper toy) in every issue; in 2012 it was revived as a magazin targeting the now adult boys of before! ;o)

Chōdenji Robo Combattler V papercraft toy

Paper toy creator tjaizue really seems to have a thing for classic anime series like Chōdenji Robo Combattler V from the 1970's! ;o)

Papercraft Pokémon Absol

Looking at its colours, it's probably no surprise to you that the Pokémon Absol is most commonly found in the snowy mountains! ;o)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Simple little papercraft boats and hovercraft

The Marine Modelling International magazine has several simple little papercraft freebies on their website: an inshore trawler, a harbor tugboat, a Clyde puffer, the Wyre Rose ferry and even a hovercraft!

Papercraft Christmas tree + turkey (and more)

Andrew Wilkes made several simple papercraft toys, but I thought the Christmas tree and turkey fit the season! ;o)

Cute schoolboy and schoolgirl papercraft toys

Not one but two new paper toys from Cut Fold Glue, a cute schoolboy and schoolgirl pair!

Sinterklaas surprise koekoeksklokken bouwplaten

Verstop dit jaar je Sinterklaas surprise in een papieren koekoeksklok van Centraal Beheer Achmea! ;o)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cut the Rope: Time Travel papercraft toy

Earlier this year, the simple little "Cut the Rope" game from Zeptolab got a new installment  with the "Time Travel" episode!

Download + build your own Cut the Rope: Time Travel papercraft toy (+lots more, by Desktop Gremlins):

Official simple papercraft SEGA Dreamcast

The "Dreamcast" was SEGA's last attempt to regain their part of the home video game console market, but in the end they were outdone by their competitors the Sony PlayStation 2, the Nintendo GameCube and the Microsoft Xbox...

Papercraft Roller Derby Rennes rollerskate

A papercraft rollerskate made by Merrci for the Roller Derby Rennes website!

Papercraft Gundam Wing Mobile Suit Heavyarms

The XXXG-01H Heavyarms is one of the Mobile Suits from the anime series "Gundam Wing".

Papercraft Darksiders "War"

In the video game "Darksiders", the player takes on the role of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Thanksgiving turkey / Native American papercraft toy

See the Thanksgiving turkey turn into a Native American and vice versa!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cute little papercraft Christmas sleigh


Shin Tanaka made this cute little papercraft Christmas sleigh for the season, with Santa and his reindeers! ;o)

Download + build your own cute little papercraft Christmas sleigh (by Shin Tanaka):
(click the picture of Rudolf for the PDF parts file)

Max Steel papercraft toys + masks

Max Steel started as a line of action figures from Mattel, but evolved into an animated tv series on Disney XD, movies, video games and as you can see, papercraft toys! ;o)

Papercraft US Navy training aircraft North American T-2 Buckeye

The North American T-2 Buckeye was a training aircraft in service with the US Navy for almost 50 years from 1959 to 2008!

Papercraft CORE Intimidator Tower

The Total Annihilation "Intimidator" Tower is the CORE counterpart of the ARM "Big Bertha" released a few days ago!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Papercraft Japanese Fengyun Ken castle

Good news for everybody that has been waiting for so long: finally the last part to build Calbee's Fengyun Ken castle has been released! ;o)

Papercraft retro Super Deluxe Instant Camera

Digitprop made a neat little retro Instant Camera!

Papercraft Misty's favourite Pokémon Staryu

The starfish-like Pokémon Staryu is one of Misty's favourite Pokémon!

Leuke Plaza Patatta circus carousel bouwplaat

In "Plaza Pattata: De geheimzinnige ober" vragen Luna en Lotte zich af waarom de nieuwe ober van Plaza Patatta uit alle macht probeert te voorkomen dat het circus de tent opzet op het veld naast het bos...?

Papercraft Disney/Pixar Cars Cozy Cone Motel

The Cozy Cone Motel from the animated movie "Cars" is shaped like a series of orange traffic cones! ;o)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Papercraft Advance Wars Infantry WIP 3

As you can see, I finished colouring and building the Orange Star Infantry unit! ;o)

Marizu built my papercraft LEGO Pirates Captain Redbeard

Mariza built my papercraft LEGO Pirate Captain Redbeard! ;o)

Papercraft Yamagata Prefecture air rescue helicopter

Another papercraft air rescue helicopter, this time from the Yamagata Prefectural Government!

Papercraft AK-47, AR-15, M1911 and pistol

Since these guns (AK-47, AR-15, M1911 and pistol) are made from paper, I guess it's alright to have them; still, don't go carrying them around on the streets...!!

Papercraft hummingbird (+lots more!)

Pepachal had many papercraft animals, food and vegetables and other models already, and some time ago they also released this hummingbird! ;o)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Papercraft 1900 Mondorfer Rheinromantik carousel

Most kids nowadays like more exciting rides like rollercoasters, but especially during the Christmas season, people often get nostalgic and romantic for beautiful carousels like this 1900 Mondorfer Rheinromantik one. ;o)

Official 19th anniversary papercraft 1994 Sega Saturn

Sega of Japan celebrates the 19th anniversary of their first 32-bits gaming console, the Sega Saturn! 🎮

Download + build your own papercraft 1994 Sega Saturn (+more, by Sega):

(download instructions: scroll down until you come to the papercrafts)

Yabba-Dabba-Glue...! Simple little papercraft Flintstones car

Yabba-Dabba-Glue...! Maybe a car like the Flintstones had is the solution to solve the problem of the world's heavy reliance on oil...?

Papercraft Akafuji rescue helicopter

The Yamanashi Prefecture Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management Division is always on alert so they can respond as quickly as possible!

Papercraft Ace Combat Zero ADFX-01/02 Morgan

The ADFX-02 Morgan airplane is the final boss plane in Ace Combat Zero, and the ADFX-01 version can be unlocked by completing the campaign mode three times (in Mercenary, Soldier and Knight modes).

Friday, November 22, 2013

Papercraft Total Annihilation Big Bertha Tower

The Total Annihilation "Big Bertha" Tower can fire highly explosive plasma shells over extremely long distances!

Papercraft Disney/Pixar "Frozen" snowman Olaf

Olaf is a friendly snowman brought to life by Elsa's magical powers in Disney/Pixar's "Frozen"!

Papercraft Osaka Tsutenkaku tower (grey/green version)

I posted about this simple little papercraft Tsutenkaku tower (that can serve as a piggy bank ;o) last month, but it seems Hitachi changed the model so you can download grey/green version now instead of a purple one! ;o)

Papercraft Martha Stewart lebkuchen town house gift box

Made some yummie "lebkuchen" and want to give some to your friends? Why not use this little town house gift box from Martha Stewart?

Papercraft Pokémon Dragonite

Dragonite is a very cute looking Dragon-like Pokémon!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Papercraft Thanksgiving Piper Pa-25 Pawnee plane

Another freebie from Fiddlers Green, a Thanksgiving themed Piper Pa-25 Pawnee!

Papercraft Halloween + Christmas trains and race car

RXR Models already had a free "Halloween Express" train, but they also have a neat Christmas steam locomotive freebie! (and a race car! ;o)

Papercraft Sly Cooper Carmelita Fox' Shock Pistol

In the Sly Cooper video games, Carmelita Fox uses her Shock Pistol to stun criminals so they can be apprehended.

Papercraft Tearaway Iota

A papercraft "Tearaway" Iota to go with Atoi from yesterday! ;o)

Papercraft General Electric Evolution series locomotive

Modern locomotives often need to pull enormous trains, and General Electric's Evolution series locomotives are certainly up to the task!

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