Thursday, May 31, 2012

papercraft LEGO Black Knight WIP2

Like on most minifigs, I can recycle a lot of parts from my other papercraft LEGO minifigs, changing only the colour and/or texture (even the helmet for this medieval knight is the same as the helmet of the futuristic M:Tron and Blacktron II astronauts! ;o)

#OnThisDay (2010): #KingdomHearts II #papercraft Sora:

I've always thought the toony style of the Kingdom Hearts games looks really beautiful (would we have suspected anything less from a collaboration between Square-Enix and Disney? ;o) with all the colourful textures and characters.

D/L #TMNT Michelangelo #papercraft toy:

A TMNT Raphael papercraft toy yesterday, Michelangelo today... Do I see a pattern? ;o)
(some pun intended)

D/L Sengoku Basara #papercraft toys:

Download + build your own Sengoku Basara Sarutobi Sasuke, Sanada Yukiura and Takeda Shingen paeprcraft toys! (by smilerobinson)

D/L #papercraft Limoën Zoom test build:

Download + test this papercraft Limoën Zoom car! (by Chez Ebbles)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

D/L French history Jeanne d'Arc, Vercingétorix, + more #papercraft toys:

Download + build lots of papercraft toy characters from Jeanne d'Arc, Vercingétorix, Vauban, Louis XIV and Napoleon! (by La Maison de l'histoire de France)

D/L #papercraft Easter eggs (not #Fabergé ;o)

D/L + build your own papercraft Ukranian Easter eggs (a lot less expensive than Fabergé eggs)! (by HomespunnMagixx)

D/L lots of cartoon + video game #papercraft toys:

Download + build your own Boba Fett, Transformers, Doraemon, Naruto, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Mario, Mega Man and lots of other cartoon and video game papercraft toys! (by KiriHaru)

D/L Spirou comics #papercraft toys:

Download + build your own Spirou Cedric and Nelson paper toys (Parker & Badger, Tamara and young Spirou only after free registration)! (by

D/L #papercraft Metro 2033 throwing knife:

Download + build your own Metro 2033 throwing knife! (by ShadowsfeaR)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Papercraft Ace Combat airplanes & Sonic Silver, Blaze and Knuckles and more!

AC Papercraft made lots of papercraft models from video games like Ace Combat and the Sonic the Hedgehog series!

papercraft LEGO Black Knight WIP1

If you've been following my works in progress, you'll know that I'm already working at a hand drawn papercraft Star Wars TIE-fighter, but I'm too excited about making a new papercraft LEGO minifig to wait until that one's finished: the Black Knight from set 6009.

@ducktrail Citroën 2CV Eend ‪#papercraft‬ contest/bouwplaten wedstrijd:

Ducktrail houdt een bouwplaten wedstrijd met als prijs een gratis Eendenrally Avontoer afdelingsuitje (voor maximaal 20 personen) in oude Citroën 2CV's! Download, print en bouw de bouwplaat van de Ducktrail Eend, en post een foto ervan in een originale setting op de Ducktrail Facebook pagina; de foto met de meeste "likes" wint het afdelingsuitje! (deadline 16 juni 2012)

(Ducktrail is having a papercraft contest for companies to win a fun Citroën 2CV trip for their employees; the contest is just for people in the Netherlands, but people abroad can always still download + build the papercraft Ducktrail Citroën 2CV of course! ;o)

D/L #papercraft toy tigers:

Download + build your own papercraft toy tigers! (by Iwate Prefecture)

D/L Qooplo Living Corpse #papercraft toy:

Download + build your own Qooplo Living Corpse papercraft toy! (by Qooplo)

D/L simple #papercraft birdhouse:

Download + build your own simple papercraft birdhouse (by StormL)

Monday, May 28, 2012

papercraft TIE-fighter WIP3

When a model is pretty much symmetrical like this, I usually only make one half, and then simply copy + mirror the parts in Photoshop later on.

D/L Poplocks #papercraft toys:

Download + build VK-TR and G-Bee Poplocks #papercraft toy add-ons! (by Josh Buczynski)

D/L #papercraft PRISM satellite:

Download + build your own PRISM Pico-satellite for Remote-sensing and Innovative Space Missions! (by Tokyo ISS Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory)

D/L chibi looking #papercraft ASF EL16 shunting locomotive:

Download + build your own chibi looking papercraft ASF EL16 battery trolley shunting locomotive! (by Muzeum Parowozownia Jarocin; click the "ścią­gnij." link in the first paragraph)

D/L Colin Hoult and Ben Kweller #papercraft toys (+lots more):

Download + build your own Colin Hoult and Ben Kweller papercraft toys (+lots more)! (by Paper People)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Floriaski built my #Zelda Majora's Mask young Link #papercraft model:

Floriaski had never built a papercraft model before, but she loves the Legend of Zelda series, so she decided to try her hand at my Majora's Mask young Link!

D/L #papercraft castle Duurstede:

Download + build your own papercraft castle Duurstede! (by Kastelen Beeldbank)

D/L Japanese #papercraft trains + buses:

Download + build your own Japanese papercraft trains + buses! (under "ペーパークラフト" in the menu on the left, near the bottom; by Harry Kawagishi)

D/L Michael Legge #papercraft toy (+lots more):

Download + build your own Michael Legge papercraft toy (+lots more)! (by Paper People)

D/L Assassin's Creed Revelations version #papercraft Ezio Auditore:

Download + build your own Assassin's Creed Revelations version papercraft Ezio Auditore! (by Alexander Dmitriev Sanakjedi)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

D/L #papercraft Google Android OS mascot:

Download + build your own papercraft Google Android OS mascot! (by Hentai Boy)

D/L Mexican fire fighters #Cubeecraft #papercraft toys:

Download + build your own Mexican fire fighters Cubeecraft papercraft toys! (by Ricardo Herrera)

D/L Centuri Way of the Ninja #papercraft toys:

Download + build your own Centuri Way of the Ninja Centuri and Hare papercraft toys! (by IdeatoPaperStudios)

Papercraft "Parasyte" Migi

Migi is an alien parasite from the manga series "Parasyte", who takes over the arm of Shinichi Izumi (after he couldn't enter his ears to take over Shinichi's brain because he fell asleep wearing headphones... ;o)

D/L simple plane, boat and tram #papercraft freebies:

Download + build your own papercraft Delphin boat, Pilatus Porter plane and simple tram and station freebies! (from Swiss Modellbogen Shop; boat and plane freebies also at Schreiber-Bogen)

D/L Skyward Sword princess #Zelda #papercraft model:

Download + build your own Skyward Sword princess Zelda papercraft model! (by Orel67)

Friday, May 25, 2012

D/L #papercraft #DaftPunk helmets + Manny Calavera mask:

Download + build your own simplified life-sized papercraft Daft Punk Thomas and Guy helmets and Grim Fandango Manny Calavera mask! (by Monster and Monster)

D/L #papercraft #MIB Mercedes Benz glider car:

Download + build your own papercraft Men In Black Mercedes Benz glider car! (by

D/L #GhostRecon Future Soldier #papercraft toy:

Download + build your own Ghost Recon Future Soldier papercraft toy! (by @gamer)

D/L #papercraft unskinned, framework airplanes:

Download + build your own papercraft unskinned (framework only) Polikarpov I-16, Me-109 and S.E.5 airplanes! (by Salvador Ortega Cabrera)

D/L #papercraft Mount Hakodate ropeway gondola:

Download + build your own papercraft Mount Hakodate ropeway gondola! (by Mount Hakodate Ropeway Corporation)

D/L Blipp, Blopp and Kevin Blopp #papercraft toys:

Download + build your own Blipp, Blopp and Kevin Blopp papercraft toys! (by Blipp Blopp Comic)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

papercraft TIE-fighter WIP2

One of the best things about making a paper model by hand rather than using computer, is that you actually get to build stuff using paper right from the start! (which is the fun part of papercraft of course ;o)

Michaela built my #papercraft #Zelda King of Red Lions boat:

Maybe you've already seen these pictures by now, they're made by Michaela from Studio of M.M!

D/L #papercraft turtle, penguin and dolphin:

Download + build your own 2.5D papercraft turtle and penguin and 3D dolphin! (by Tokyo Waterworks Kids Page)

D/L #papercraft Katara Point View holiday banda:

Download + build your own papercraft Katara Point View holiday banda! (by Stichting Vrienden van Katara Point View)

D/L BBC lesbian drama Lip Service #papercraft toys:

Download + build your own BBC lesbian drama Lip Service papercraft toy Sam Murray, Cat MacKenzie, Frankie Alan, Jay Adams, Tess Roberts and Ed MacKenzie (+lots more from other series)! (by Paper People)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#OnThisDay (2009): #Zelda Majora's Mask #papercraft Cremia's Wagon:

The wagon that goes with the mule!

D/L + colour #papercraft Pieke bird:

Download, colour and build your own papercraft Pieke Bird (by Limburgs Museum)

Papercraft stylized 2011 Tohoku earthquake phoenix birds

The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and the following tsunami caused major damage to Japan and cost many lives...

D/L #papercraft #MGS Metal Gear Solid Gray Fox:

Download + build your own papercraft Metal Gear Solid Gray Fox (SSBB version)! (by Corbak)

D/L all kinds of #papercraft models:

Download + build all kinds of simple papercraft models! (by Yahoo JP Kids)

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