Monday, May 21, 2012

papercraft TIE-fighter WIP1

Despite being a big sci-fan fan, I haven't made any Star Wars papercraft models yet! (of course I did build a few from other papercrafters, though ;o)

But that is going to change! I want to make a bigger papercraft model by hand again, and this time, I want to make one of those famous TIE-fighters!

There are already a lot of great looking papercraft TIE-fighters out there, but I really like the iconic shape and it'll be a lot of fun making one myself! ;o)

To get the "overall shape" right, I always look up as many pictures as I can find, but luckily, fans always make lots of schematics of sci-fi spacecrafts and sometimes there are even official ones!

By printing the schematics at the scale I want my paper model to be, I can use them for measurements and check very easily if the shape is still okay (just like I do with my Advance Wars units, only with more views ;o)

Stay tuned!

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