Tuesday, July 29, 2014

chibi papercraft Spider-Man

Moo Keep made Cookie characters, soccer bears, even robots - and now chibi Spider-Man! ;o)

Papercraft Star Wars rebel (Endor strike team outfit)

In "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi", a small strike team of the rebels land on the forest moon of Endor to disable the shield generator that protects the second Death Star while it's being built, preventing the rebel fleet from destroying it before it becomes operational...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Papercraft Japanese-English language study method Moetan shrine

"Moetan" ("Methodology Of English, The Academic Necessity") is a Japanese series to learn English, using popular anime-style stories and images. The cute magical girl "Ink-chan" is the guide that makes learning English fun. ;o)

Papercraft Akashi City Buses and bus stop signs

Buses are great billboards for advertisements (like for the National Pension and Astronomical science Museum), because they move around all over town! ;o)

Papercraft Kanie Town Kanimaru-kun crab mascot

Kanie Town literally means "Crab Town", because of the many crabs that used to live in the waters near the town!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Papercraft Advance Wars Blue Moon Tank WIP3

As you can see, "texturing" my hand-drawn papercraft Advance Wars models is just as low-tech as making the actual parts. ;o)

"Yo-Kai Watch" Kushamusha samurai ghost papercraft toy

Vayashi made many "Yo-kai Watch" papercraft toys already (like Jibanyan, the cute mascot for the series) and here's another cool one: Kushamusha, a samurai ghost!

Papercraft Hadano City fire trucks and ambulance

Like many Japanese cities, Hadano City has their own papercraft fire department! ;o)

Colourful papercraft Naka City Himawari sunflower community bus

This cute community bus from Naka City has a colourful "Himawari" (sunflower) scheme! ;o)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Official papercraft "Girls und Panzer" CV-33 light tank

After the Type 89 I-Go, here's another official papercraft "Girls und Panzer" CV-33 light tank from the Anzio Girls High School! ;o)

They hussled the website around a bit, but the papercrafts are still available!

Download + build your own papercraft "Girls und Panzer" CV-33 light tank (+more, by Girls und Panzer):

(download instructions: the buttons under the template previews on the "Girls und Panzer" website)

Papercraft "Spyro the Dragon" crystallized dragon statue

Besides "My Little Ponies", Kna als makes other papercraft toys, like this crystallized dragon statue from the "Spyro the Dragon" video game! ;o)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On This Day 2011: papercraft LEGO Space M:Tron astronaut minifig!

LEGO has had many different themes over the years, and Space was one of the very first! M:Tron only came later though, but it's still one of my favourite LEGO Space subthemes! ;o)

Papercraft League of Legends Kog'Maw

If the name "Kog'Maw" didn't already give it away, the picture certainly will: the Kog'Maw from the "League of Legends" video game is basically a giant mouth...!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

On This Day 2013: papercraft LEGO Pirates Governor Broadside minifig!

Although for many kids, Captain Redbeard was the coolest LEGO Pirates character, he was still a swashbuckling pirate of course, so after the papercraft version, just like in the LEGO theme, there also needed to be a papercraft counterpart of him in the form of Governor Broadside! ;o)

Papercraft "Cookie Run" Wizard Cookie

Moo Keep must really like cookies (or at least "Cookie Run" ;o) because here's another one, a Wizard Cookie!

Papercraft Slipknot band members

Maya In Paper made a papercraft Jim (James) Root of the band "Slipknot" to go with the Joey Jordison and Mick Thompson made earlier! ;o)

Printable Neighborhood bridge

With the new bridge, now the paper toy vehicles Mari Richards' made before can get around the Printable Neighborhood even if there's river running right through it! ;o)

Papercraft Imperial Officers

Because even the Emperor and Darth Vader can't be everywhere at once, the Imperial Officers command the Imperial Forces scattered all throughout the galaxy in their stead...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Papercraft "Space Brothers" rocket

In the manga and anime series "Space Brothers", Mutta and Hibito Nanba witness what they believe to be a UFO flying off in the direction of the Moon...! They decide to become JAXA astronauts to go to the Moon to find it! But I don't know how far they'll get in this papercraft rocket... ;o)

Papercraft Sakadobashi bridge

This (renovated) bridge across the Tenryu river near Nakagawa is part of the old prefectural Okusa Sakado road.

Papercraft "Acorn Rocket"

"Acorn Rocket" is a Japanese picture book about Kaeru and Hikkuri, whose favourite food is acorns. But when they find a acorn that is truly enormous, instead of eating it, they decide to make it into a rocket! ;o)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Papercraft ÖAMTC promo 1966 Volkswagen van snowcat

Papercrafts.it might have changed their name into Paperdiorama.com, but they're still making the same cool papercraft models as before, like this new 1966 Volkswagen van snowcat used in a promo for the  ÖAMTC (Austrian Motoring Club) "Young & Mobile" campaign!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ESA European Space Agency "Rosetta" comet chaser paper model + contest!

You know how sometimes you're going somewhere, and it seems to take forever to get there, and all you can think is "are we there yet!?"

Now image a journey that started in 2004 (or 1993 actually...!), and it took until May this year to get where you were going: that's ESA's "Rosetta" mission!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Papercraft World War II Soviet T-70 + T-80 tanks

After the bonus of some diorama scenery with last paper model of the Sturmgeschütz III tank, this time you get two tanks in one: the World War II Soviet light tanks T-70 and T-80 are very similar namely, so some pages are the same for both models! ;o)

Papercraft SD/chibi World War II landing craft + Sherman tank

vladcorail made an SD/chibi World War II LCM landing craft to go with the Sherman tank (and other paper tanks) he made earlier!

Funky 3D papercraft smiley/emoticon

Okay, so you can't use this funky 3D smiley/emoticon on your phone or anything, but you cán use it in the real world! ;o)

"Yo-Kai Watch" Jibanyan mascot papercraft toy

Like Pikachu is for Pokémon, Jibanyan is the offical mascot for the "Yo-Kai Watch" video games!

Papercraft Transformers Barricade police Mustang

In the live action "Transformers" movies, the vehicle form of the Decepticon Barricade is a Ford Saleen Mustang S128E police cruiser...!

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