Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chibi papercraft Batman

Bruce Wayne chose the symbol of the bat that can "see" in the night as his alter ego to strike fear in the hearts of evildoers, but I don't know if he'll scare many criminals in this "chibi" form...? ;o)

Download + build your own chibi papercraft Batman (+more by Bamboogila):


  1. I need a password and cannot find it anywhere to download if.

    1. 1) Follow the link in my post above to Bamboogila's papercraft webpage.

      2) Scroll down past the pictures/instructions and click the big, blue "DOWNLOAD" button (this will take you to the MediaFire folder where Bamboogila uploaded the PDF files).

      3) In the MediaFire folder are two PDF files, and only if you try to download both files (the entire folder) at once, you will need a Premium MediaFire account: if you download the files seperately, you don't need any MediaFire account!

      4) If you hover over one of the PDF files, on the right side a white arrow will show up: click it, and choose "Download". Then on the new (classic MediaFire) page, you can click the green "DOWNLOAD" button (or right-click it and choose "Save as..." if it doesn't work) to *finally* really download the files...

      Free filehosts are making it more troublesome everytime to download files, but for now at least, you can still use MediaFire for free without an account or logging in!

      If it still own't work, try contacting Bamboogila directly to ask for help: http://www.bamboogila.com/p/contact.html


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