Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello Kitty papercraft toy

Paper Minion made a Hello Kitty papercraft toy, with two different outfits to choose from and even a blank one to make your own! ;o)

(if you do make your own design using the blank pieces, don't forget to show Paper Minion your work on Facebook or Twitter! ;o)

Detailed papercraft 3-wheeled Tuk Tuk Bangkok auto rickshaw taxi

Three-wheeled "auto rickshaws" like these are also called "Tuk Tuks" because of the sound they make. ;o)

Papercraft "Fruits Basket" Momiji Sohma papercraft toy Cubee

The manga and anime series "Fruits Basket" revolves around the Sohma family, twelve of who are possessed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac, Momiji Sohma being the "Rabbit" for example! ;o)

Papercraft Kekyo Kichi Oshuku hot spring spa mascot

"Kekyo Kichi" is the official mascot of the Oshuku hot spring spa!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

World of Tanks papercraft Soviet IS-7 tank

Another tank from the "World of Tanks" website, a Soviet IS-7!

Papercraft Apollo 11 Moon landing Saturn V launch rocket + platform

On July 20th 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first Man to set foot on the Moon on NASA's Apollo 11 mission!

Kamen Rider V3 Riderman papercraft toy

"Riderman" is the anti-hero from the "Kamen Rider V3" series.

Simple little papercraft feather headband

xMake your own simple papercraft feather headband for kids!

Marvel X-Men Battle of the Atom papercraft toys (last two batches)

We had to wait a while, but here are the last two batches of Mini Papercraft's "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" papercraft toys (including the Sentinel! ;o)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Papercraft My Neighbor Totoro

"My Neighbor Totoro" is a Japanese animation from Studio Ghibli from 1988 already, but it still has many fans! ;o)

Papercraft tabletop gaming "Forum Hoards" miniatures

One Monk made lots of cool papercraft fantasy and science-fiction "Forum Hoards" that you can try for free before deciding to buy the tons of other papercraft tabletop gaming models in his webshop!

(if you were wondering where the name "Forum Hoards" comes from, it's because they are contributions from the members of One Monk's "Cardboard Warriors Forums"; anyone can participate, and every month a new Forum Hoard will become available! ;o)

Papercraft Cookie Run Angel Cookie

No surprises here of course: after the "Cookie Run" Brave and Devil cookies, here's an Angel cookie! ;o)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

papercraft French Air Force A400M transport plane

In the supplement of the October 2013 issue (#665) of "Air Actualités" (the official magazine for French Air Force personnel), there was a papercraft model of an Airbus A400M Atlas, used by the French Air Force as transport plane.

There appeared to be missing an (optional) piece, but on the official Facebook page of the "Armée de l'air" and in "Air Actualités" #667, there was a rectification with a link to download the complete paper model! ;o)

Cute little papercraft 2012 Chinese Zodiac Dragon

I know we're in the Year of the Horse now, but here's a cute little Year of the Dragon papercraft toy from 2012! ;o)

Papercraft Kokeshi doll

"Kokeshi dolls" are simple, traditional wooden dolls, originally from northern Japan.

Nori Toy Sushi Stackers papercraft toys

Nori fled to the US in 2007 to escape from ninja sushi chefs that were after him in Japan, and since then he has set up an online shop for vinyl toys and collectables!

Papercraft Cookie Devil Brave Cookie

A Devil Cookie to go with the Brave Cookie from Line's mobile game "Cookie Run"!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine WIP 5

The papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine I've been showing the past few weeks was actually a project I've been planning to do for a *looong* time already, so I haven't shown you the process from the very start;

It's really basically the same as all my computermade paper models from scratch of course, namely making a 3D model from scale model drawings, unfolding that in Pepakura Designer, and then using different programs to fix the final issues and things for the actual papercraft templates.

In the end, you end up with 5 sheets of parts to be printed on black/dark cardstock paper, and 2 sheets that basically just serve as templates to create the stand and the ribs that give the submarine its shape and strength from thicker carton/cardboard:

So my papercraft Walrus-class submarine is basically done now (it's definitely not a 100% accurate replica, but it definitely was a lot of fun to work on, with a few different techniques than I usually use ;o) and once the instructions are done, I'll put it up on my papercraft webpage of course!

Stay tuned!

Papercraft Pokémon Mega Venusaur

Mega Evolutions like Mega Venusaur are a new feature in the Pokémon games X & Y!

Cute little papercraft garbage truck

Most people find garbage trucks very dirty, but they're very important for any modern city!

papercraft Alien "Nostromo" starfreighter

The "Alien" story begins when the crew of the USCSS Nostromo (a converted Lockmart CM-88B Bison M-Class starfreighter) on their long way to Earth is woken from hypersleep after the computer receives a mysterious distress signal and they are ordered to investigate...

Papercraft Cookie Run Brave Cookie

After a few papercraft MineCraft toys, this time Raiman made the Brave Cookie character from Line's mobile game "Cookie Run"!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Papercraft Destiny Gundam mobile suit

After the Gundam Exia earlier, here's a 1/144 scale papercraft Destiny Gundam from the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny" series!

Lifesized papercraft Babylon 5 Auricon EF-7 Phased Plasma Gun

The Auricon EF-7 is a Phased Plasma Gun used by the Earth Alliance / Intertellar Allicance military in the 1990's science-fiction series "Babylon 5".

Tokidoki Moofia Mozzarella & Bulletto papercraft toys

Mozzarella and Bulletto from Tokidoki's "Moofia" series are a sort of schoolyard "Robin Hoods", extorting milk from the lunchboxes of bullies and giving it back to the kids they took it from!

Elephriend Devil papercraft toy

The third customized Elephriend from Digitprop, a Devil to go with the Angel (and the Steampunk version) earlier! ;o)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Elephriend Angel papercraft toy

Another customized version of 3EyedBear/Urban Paper Collective's Elephriend, an Angel!

Printable Neighborhood school building

Even in the Printable Neighborhood, kids have to go to school, whether they want to or not... (but it's really for their own benefit of course! ;o)

"Smart Grid City" papercraft buildings

In December 2013, Paper-Replika made an eco-friendly "Smart Grid City" out of papercraft models for the Indonesia-Japan Expo 2013 exhibition, and some of the buildings are available now on the Paper-Replika website for you to build too! ;o)

Kamen Rider V3 papercraft toy

After Kamen Riders 1 and 2 (and many other papercraft toys! ;o) this is Tjaizue's Kamen Rider V3!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine WIP 4

This is basically how the hull of my papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine will come together, with the separate "butt-joint" tabs and the ribs to give the hull its shape cut from thick carton/cardboard.

I did the test build with 200 gsm paper though, and the black paper I'm using for the final version is a *little bit* thinner, and it actually makes a bigger difference than you'd think...!

As you can see, the hull parts get "wrapped" and glued around the ribs, but because the paper is thinner than on the test build, the parts are actually a *little bit* too long now...!

Or rather, the ribs are a tiny bit smaller than they should be now with the thinner paper.

So from now on, because I'm using thinner paper, I will have to cut the ribs a *little bit* bigger than I made them based them on the test build; how much bigger exactly, I will have to work out for each of them separately until they fit of course. ;o)

Stay tuned!

Flappy Bird papercraft toy

For mobile game addicts, the world stopped spinning last week when the creator of the "Flappy Bird" game took it down...

Steampunk Elephriend papercraft toy

Digitprop made a Steampunk version of 3EyedBear's Elephriend papercraft toy!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Papercraft T18 tank destroyer

After the little Liberty Ship diorama last time, here's a new papercraft tank again from the "World of Tanks" website, a T18 tank destroyer!

Papercraft Valentine's Day Cessna CR-3 racing plane

Gary Dare made a Valentine's Day version of Fiddlers Green's Cessna CR-3 Racer!

Papercraft icebox cookies

These papercraft icebox cookies might look yummie, but don't eat them!! ;o)

Kamen Rider Nigo papercraft toy

Tjaizue made a paper toy Kamen Rider Nigo (#2), to go with Kamen Rider Ichigo, the first Kamen Rider! (and with all his other paper toys of course! ;o)

Godzilla Varan papercraft toy

Another "Kaiju" ("Giant Monster") from the Darkeyedkid's Godzilla series: Varan!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy papercraft birthday, Lara!

Did you know Lara's birthday is on February 14th too, just like Valentine's Day? ;o) But if she isn't a bit more careful, it might be her last birthday...!

Valentine's Day papercraft toys

Last Halloween, Dewmuffins made several paper toy candy corn monsters, and now for Valentine's Day they made these two cute papercraft toys that combine to make one big heart! ;o)

Valentine's Day Fever Mel-Tee papercraft toy

Free Fever Mel-Tee papercraft toy from Desktop Gremlins for Valentine's Day! ;o)

Download + build your own Valentine's Day Fever Mel-Tee papercraft toy (+lots more, by Desktop Gremlins):

Papercraft MineCraft Creeper

After the Sword and Pickaxe, Rainman now made a MineCraft Creeper! ;o)

American McGee's Alice + Pyro Alice papercraft toys

Chentzilla made a simple little papercraft American McGee's Alice - and a "Pyro" version to go with it! ;o)

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