Sunday, February 23, 2014

Papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine WIP 5

The papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine I've been showing the past few weeks was actually a project I've been planning to do for a *looong* time already, so I haven't shown you the process from the very start;

It's really basically the same as all my computermade paper models from scratch of course, namely making a 3D model from scale model drawings, unfolding that in Pepakura Designer, and then using different programs to fix the final issues and things for the actual papercraft templates.

In the end, you end up with 5 sheets of parts to be printed on black/dark cardstock paper, and 2 sheets that basically just serve as templates to create the stand and the ribs that give the submarine its shape and strength from thicker carton/cardboard:

So my papercraft Walrus-class submarine is basically done now (it's definitely not a 100% accurate replica, but it definitely was a lot of fun to work on, with a few different techniques than I usually use ;o) and once the instructions are done, I'll put it up on my papercraft webpage of course!

Stay tuned!

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