Monday, February 17, 2014

Papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine WIP 4

This is basically how the hull of my papercraft Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine will come together, with the separate "butt-joint" tabs and the ribs to give the hull its shape cut from thick carton/cardboard.

I did the test build with 200 gsm paper though, and the black paper I'm using for the final version is a *little bit* thinner, and it actually makes a bigger difference than you'd think...!

As you can see, the hull parts get "wrapped" and glued around the ribs, but because the paper is thinner than on the test build, the parts are actually a *little bit* too long now...!

Or rather, the ribs are a tiny bit smaller than they should be now with the thinner paper.

So from now on, because I'm using thinner paper, I will have to cut the ribs a *little bit* bigger than I made them based them on the test build; how much bigger exactly, I will have to work out for each of them separately until they fit of course. ;o)

Stay tuned!

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