Sunday, June 29, 2014

Papercraft Zelda Fierce Deity Link built by Gena as a birthday gift

Gena sent me another picture of Fierce Deity Link, this time she built it as a birthday gift for a friend, and her brother made the Triforce base in AutoCAD! ;o)

Papercraft World War II Sturmgeschütz III tank diorama

Just the papercraft tanks from the "World of Tanks" website are cool enough of course, but this time besides a German World War II Sturmgeschütz III tank, you can download a little diorama set with a train wagon and a "Nebelwerfer" too! ;o)

Papercraft FIFA World Cup 2014 Netherlands, Argeninta and Belgium teddy bear jerseys

Do you think Moo Keep will make teddy bears for all 32 teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Or just the ones that made it through to the next round? ;o)

In any case, after Brazil and Germany, here are the jerseys for the The Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium.

(note that these are only the jerseys, the bear is the same each time from the first post!)

Papercraft Kinosaki Hotspring shuttle bus

When you're in a place to relax, you don't want to tire yourself out from walking from and to the spa of course, so you can take the shuttle bus! ;o)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Papercraft "Batman: Arkham Asylum" Harley Quinn

The female psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel was assigned to treat the Joker after he was apprehended by Batman and locked up in Arkham Asylum, but instead she became so infatuated with him that she helped him escape and became his loyal henchwoman, adopting the alter ego of Harley Quinn...

Papercraft Legendary Dragon-type Pokémon Zygarde

Nobody knows for sure, but it's said that the Legendary Dragon-type Pokémon Zygarde will guard the eco-system against those who would destroy it...!

Papercraft "Cookie Run" Ninja Cookie

After the "Cookie Run" Ninetails Fox Cookie (and many more! ;o) here's a Ninja Cookie! ;o)

City Yamagata papercraft fire trucks and ambulance

Simple papercraft rescue vehicle and ladder fire trucks and ambulance from City Yamagata.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Papercraft FIFA World Cup 2014 German teddy bear jersey

After the cute papercraft Brazilian FIFA World Cup 2014 teddy bear, here's Germany's jersey!
(note: the bear is the same as the Brazilian one, get it from that post!)

Papercraft Aegis-cruiser "Kirishima" (new part 12)

Luckily, we didn't have to wait as long as last time for a new part for Heppoko's Paper Model Studio papercraft "Kirishima" Aegis-cruiser, here's part 12! ;o)

48 cm tall papercraft "World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria" shield

A 48 cm tall papercraft shield from the "World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria" expansion.

Papercraft 1960 Esso Extra motor oil can

A simple paper model compared to earlier ones from, a 1960 Esso Extra motor oil can.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Papercraft FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil LINE Brown bear

After Moo Keep made a "Cookie" again, here's a papercraft toy of LINE's Brown Bear in Brazil's FIFA World Cup 2014 jersey! ;o)

Hand drawn papercraft M.S. Asuka II cruise ship

The "Asuka II" is a cruise ship operated by Nippon Yusen Kaisha.

Papercraft "Another" anime series Mei Misaki

The schoolgirl Mei Misaki is the main character in the mystery horror manga/anime series "Another".

Papercraft Pokémon Gardevoir

Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy Pokémon with the graceful appearance of a dancer.

Roseanne Barr papercraft toy

Roseanne Barr is a stand-up comedian and comedy actress most famous for her lead roll in the popular 1990's sitcom "Roseanne".

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Papercraft "Aliens" facehuggers and powerloader

If Piotr Koper's detailed papercraft "Aliens" powerloader is a bit too detailed for you, maybe you can try the version by Momir Farooq? (who also made tons of Star Wars, Transformers and more papercraft toys! ;o)

Minecraft RoboCop papercraft toy

Many people like making simple papercraft toys from the popular online video game Minecraft, especially made to look pop-culture characters like RoboCop! ;o)

Papercraft Disney "Planes: Fire & Rescue" Dipper

"Dipper" can be seen in the upcoming sequel for the Disney animation movie "Planes", "Fire & Rescue".

Joko Widodo (Jokowi) papercraft toy

Christhofer C made a papercraft toy of Joko Widodo (the governor of Jakarta) to print, cut, glue and colour! ;o)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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