Monday, June 9, 2014

Official papercraft Bandai "VooV" scenery

"VooV" is a toy vehicle series from Bandai, in which the vehicles can transform from one type into another, like a normal car that turns into a police car, or a slow commuter train that turns into a high-speed shinkansen bullet train.

And to have some nice scenery to play in with your VooV transformers, you can download a free papercraft city, race track and construction site from Bandai's official "VooV Station" website! (transformer vehicles not included of course... ;o)

Download + build your own official papercraft Bandai "VooV" scenery (by Voov Station):
(download instructions: scroll down and click the red "ブーブマップ ぼくらのまち編1ダウンロード(PDF ...kb)" buttons on the Bandai VooV Station website)

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