Monday, June 2, 2014

Papercraft "Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove" characters resurrected

On the WiiWare game "Ushimitsu Monstruo" ("Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove")'s website, you used to be able to download some cute papercraft characters from the game (Gabrielle herself, Michelle the black cat, Robert the Mummy bear, Fang the Werewolf, Frankie the Monster of Frankenstein and Vlad the Vampire and a spooky background).

But as is the case with so many promotional websites, it had gone dead, with the paper models gone too... :o(

Completely in style with the game though, Santa Entertainment brought the website back from the dead, together with the paper models! ;o)

Download + build your own papercraft "Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove" characters (by Santa Entertainment):

(the Frankie download link was broken for some time yesterday, but the people at Santa Entertainment quickly corrected it so if you weren't able to download him earlier, you can get him now! ;o)

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