Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Three Shades of Grey: Revell Horten Go 229 flying wing plastic model kit

Papercraft is a much less expensive hobby than building plastic model kits, but those really are a lot of fun too. 😉

I showed you my Revell SR-71 Blackbird before, and also the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, which I'm sure has at least some inspiration to thank on this World War II jetpowered Horten Go 229.🛫

(the B-2 should actually be twice as big to be in the same scale!)
I really like these 'extreme designs', if still we're amazed at the B-2 stealth bomber nowadays, imagine what it must have been like for soldiers finding the experimental Horten Go 229 in World War 2! I like the kinda 'chibi' look of this early 'flying wing' too, just look at the 'chubby' look and the size of that front wheel compared to the rest of the plane!

That front wheel almost takes up most of the plane!? ;o)
The SR-71 and B-2 were black, but for the Horten, I used Three Shades of Grey* (some pun intended...) and a yellow accent, which turned out really neat I think! There was some bleeding from the camouflage masking, and some dark speckles over the lighter areas because I didn't work very cleanly, but I'm quite happy with another cool plane again! ;o)

I hoped you liked the pictures (and don't worry, I'm still papercrafting ;o) Stay tuned!

P.S.: there are papercrafts of the Horten Go 229 too of course, like this one from Fiddlers Green: link (from the top of my head, I don't know if you can any free ones though but have a look around online! ;o)

*Spray colours used:
   Revell Spray 34371 Light grey (for the bottom, dries up almost white ;o)
   Humbrol Spray Paint 64 Grey (light grey base colour for the top)
   Humbrol Spray Paint 67 Tank grey (dark grey colour for the camouflage)

   (and Tamiya Spray TS-13 Clear for the finish)

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