Wednesday, August 16, 2017

detailed papercraft Star Wars Millenium Falcon cockpit

Don't know where to leave your Rey action figure? Uhu02 has the solution!

If you've seen Uhu02's other papercrafts, the outside of his new Millennium Falcon cockpit looks surprisingly simple - but rest assured, the inside is as detailed as ever! ;o)

But don't forget! Uhu02 usually only leaves the downloads open for the general public for a limited time, so if you like it, be sure to download the part files now!

Download + build your own detailed papercraft Star Wars Millenium Falcon cockpit (by Uhu02):

P.S.: some of the PDF part files are too large to be displayed correctly online, but you should be able to download them anyway (click to enlarge):


  1. excelente trabajo pero el pdf 7 y 8 no descargan por favor quisiera saber como lo descargo

    1. Hello,

      Uhu02 is hosting the files on his Google Drive, so when you click the link, the PDF files open in the Google Drive. Files 7 and 8 are apparantly too large for Google Drive to scan for viruses (93 MB and 71 MB) and they won't display correctly online in Google Drive. But when I acknowledge that warning, and try to download them directly from the download icon on the Google Drive, they do download for me (try clearing your internet cache and temporary internet files before trying again so you can be sure you don't accidentally load a possible earlier version of the webpage with a problem).

      I hope the same way works for you, otherwise you should try to contact the creator Uhu02, an e-mail link is on his about page, it's the first, blueish "メール送信" link at the very top of the page:

      I added some images to the post that will hopefully explain it, because I don't really speak Spanish very well, sorry...!


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