Sunday, September 29, 2019

Papercraft Puppet Zelda final build done!

I think fully accessorized, Paper Puppet Zelda looks really nice! 👸

Compared to the test build, the edge colouring (and just taking some extra care glueing everything together of course 😉) it's a world of difference. There were still one or two small things that I decided to change, but all in all, the final build went together quite smooth. 😊

I took over a hundred pictures while putting her together, and although they won't all make it into the instructions, it will take me some time to put those together. While I work on those, here are some more pictures of my final build. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Have a papercraft toy corgi! ;o)

If "cor-gi" means "dwarf dog", then are these paper toy dogs "papur-gi"? 🐕

Download + build your own free papercraft toy corgi dogs (by CorgiDeka Sakura):

Friday, September 27, 2019

Paper Puppet Zelda final build WIP

I just wanted to show you that as opposed to the test build, the final Paper Puppet Zelda will indeed have two hands of course. 😉

You can see the final build is coming alone nicely. I like how a simple technique like edge-colouring makes such a big difference on the finished paper model! Now I "only" have to build Zelda's rapier and add the accessories, like the tiara, shoulder armor, etc. Oh, and I have to make the instructions of course. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Granbelm anime series: magical high school girls and mechas - and free papercraft

Granbelm is a Japanese anime series.

This means it has high school girls in cute skirts, and big robots. Because people nowadays also like witches because those are portrayed as smexy nowadays instead of as ugly old crones with pointed noses and warts all over their body, the girls are also magical, and the robots are mechas that they pilot to fight because cute girls operating big, cold machines and fighting is usually a contradiction and contradictions are exciting. The robots also have cool quasi-latin sounding terminology like Armanox and they have surprisingly fragile sounding names for the mechas, like White Lily. 👧🤖

And on your website you have free papercraft because people love free stuff.

It's all a bit on the nose, but it's all so true. 😉

Download + build your own free official papercraft Granbelm White Lily Armanox mecha (by Project Granbelm):

(download instructions: click the "DLページ" link on the Project Granbelm website to go to the download page)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

This papercraft mascot has houses on his mind - and as a head

Even if you don't know any Japanese and can't read the text on the website, you can probably guess that Nagaken-kun is a mascot for some company to do with housing - because he has a house for a head. 👨🏡

Download + build your own free papercraft Nagaken-kun mascot (by Tochiie Life Eiken Real Estate):

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The end is nigh! (for the making of my papercraft Puppet Zelda)

If you’ve built one of my papercrafts before, you’ll probably know pictures like this.

It's usually the first picture in the instructions I make, showing you which tools I find useful for assembling the papercraft model, with the parts printed on thicker paper (I always use 200 gsm paper, but 120 gsm or 160 gsm works fine for most people too).

I always number the parts in the order I think makes the papercraft easier to build (but if you find using a different order works better for you, don’t hesitate to do so of course! 😇) I usually start with the legs (so that I can work on the balance of the papercraft early on to make sure it will stand on its own when it’s done) but I thought it would be nice to have the head on the first sheet of the templates, so part 1 is actually on the second sheet. 😉

If you look closely at the picture, you might just make out that the part numbers for the head and hair go all the way up to 93. That might seem like a lot, but there are a lot more parts even: 123 in total. To put that in perspective though, 30 of them alone are for the fingers, and the last 28 parts are just for Puppet Zelda's rapier and accessories (girls love to accessorize 👑).

So like I said, I’ll be making the final build now, and then the instructions using the pictures I’ll be taking. And once everything is done, I’ll upload the free templates on my papercraft webpage. Stay tuned!

Monday, September 23, 2019

free papercraft Undertale Papyrus #2

If you liked the other papercraft Undertale Papyrus from Portaldragon, or the voxel Ganon papercraft by Paper Duplicator themselves earlier (or just papercraft or video games in general 😉) you'll like this new papercraft Papyrus!

Download + build your own free papercraft Undertale Papyrus (+more, by Paper Duplicator):

(use a tool like the free 7-Zip to unpack *.rar files and the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

free AN EARTH2 Graphig papercraft toys

As far as I can tell, AN EARTH2 is a free RPG game made by supai03. You now probably know as much as before, but you're probably here for the free Graphig paper toys anyway. 😇

Download + build your own free AN EARTH2 Graphig papercraft toys (by mesui_is_die):

(click the "" links in @mesui_is_die's Tweets)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Papercraft Hanipon: not just cute, educational too!

Hanipon is the official mascot for Honjo City. He is based on the terracotta Haniwa figures from the Kofun period that were found in archeological digs around ancient burial mounds in the Honjo area.

And here we thought he was just made to "look cute"... 👼

Download + build your own free papercraft Hanipon mascot (by Honjo City):

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Paper Puppet Zelda test build complete

I don't know if you could tell yesterday, but I was kinda excited about the Paper Puppet Zelda test build. 👸

So I decided to just go on, and make a (very...) quick test build of last piece, Paper Puppet Zelda's head. And it was very tricky especially around the ears, but I think it should look pretty nice on the final build so I'm pretty happy! 😃

(also, compared to the test build of the head, I felt that I simplified Paper Puppet Zelda's boots
a bit too much, so I changed them back a bit) 👢

So now I'll work on the 3DCG model a bit more to change the things I didn't like on the test build, and then I can unfold it again for the final version; Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Paper Puppet Zelda test build WIP

As you can see, I made good progress with Paper Puppet Zelda's test build! Sure, there are quite a couple of things I will change for the final build, but that's what a test build is for. 😉

The sword was definitely tricky to build! Puppet Zelda's rapier is quite delicate, making the papercraft parts also intricate and thin, but I think it will be doable for the final build like this. 🙂

So at a certain point making papercrafts, I thought: "How cool would it look if I would make each individual finger of a papercraft character?" 😀

My super detailed Super Smash Bros. Melee link was the first one that had all ten fingers, but for Tomb Raider Legend Lara and Final Fantasy X Rikku and Auron I still opted to simplify the hands, especially the fingers. But later on, for papercraft characters like Lulu, I felt it would be worth it to make each finger separate. ✋🖐

And I really think it is worth it, even though anyone that has built one of them, will understand why I only test built one hand... 😉 But I think it looks great on Paper Puppet Zelda holding her rapier, so now I only have to test build the head, and assuming that goes well too, then it's off to making the final version!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Peramodel papercraft animals passcode

I remember seeing Keiji Kawaguchi's Peramodel website a long time ago. It had a lot of really nice papercraft animals, but back then, only a few examples were available as free samples and the rest of the PDFs were passcode protected. 🐦🐬🐘🐕🔐

In fact they are still passcode protected, but I guess somewhere in 2015, he decided to share the passcode so you can enjoy all of them for free now! 😀

Keiji Kawaguchi does of course still have the Raspera papercraft shop website with even more papercraft animals, be sure to check it out too:

Download + build your own free Peramodel papercrafts (by Keiji Kawaguchi):

(the passcode is mentioned on the website!)

Monday, September 16, 2019

free paper sumo game with papercraft mechs

The printer company Brother has different series of papercrafts, like food stallshighway scenery and more and also a kamizumo game! 🤼

Kamizumo is a traditional simple paper sumo game where you try to bounce your opponent's sumo wrestler out of the paper ring by gently tapping on the game board (or if you have the Sakebe! Tonton Voice-Controlled Sumo Game you can use your voice 🎤🙂).

But who says it needs to be an origami sumo wrestler and that it can't be a papercraft mech robot!
Be sure to check back, because as you can see on the site, there should be some more paper sumo mechas coming later! 🙂

Download + build your own free Shikigami Wars papercraft sumo game (by Brother):

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Papercraft Crustle Sunday

There are two things that are essential for a good Papercraft Pokémon Sunday: it has to be Sunday, and there needs to be a papercraft Pokémon you can download for free that I didn't show you before.

Well, it is Sunday today, and I can show you this papercraft Crustle that you can download from Javierini's papercraft weblog. 🦀🗻

Download + build your own free papercraft Pokémon Crustle (+lots more, by Javierini):

(use the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Paper Puppet Zelda hair woes, and legs test build

Here's a good example of the difference between 3DCG models for games and 3DCG models for papercrafts: in paper form, Puppet Zelda's hair can't pass through her shoulder of course. So I changed that in the 3DCG model, and hopefully it will look good on the test build (if not, I'll just change it of course 😉).

Speaking of test builds: I was all excited and figured I'd get started already. 😇 I'll do the test build in stages (because otherwise I'll probably loose track of any changes I want to make) and obviously, I started with the legs.

My Paper Puppet Zelda won't be as big as First 4 Figures' Ganon's Puppet Zelda figurine as I want to try and make her around the same size as Twilight Link and ZaL (Zora armor Link) who are both about 24 cm tall (she will also not cost $350,- 💸😉).

The good thing about test building legs, is that there are two of them them. So I tried two different ways of unfolding and building them, and I found one of them much nicer so that will be an easy choice. 🦵

Paper Puppet Zelda's undies went together nicely, but I found the boots a bit too tricky to build for what I wanted though, so I'll have another look at the 3DCG model to see if I can simplify them a bit. 🩳👢

So hopefully I will be able to test build the rest of Paper Puppet Zelda the next week or so and find out anything I want to change before the final version, stay tuned!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Need... more... free... papercraft mascots!

I'm worryied that you might not have enough free Japanese mascot papercrafts yet. Here are some more, from Asahikawa City! 🏯

Download + build your own free papercraft Asappi and Yukkirin mascots (by Asahikawa City):

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Free official papercraft Space Battleship Yamato fighters from 17 years ago!

I found this website *a long time ago*, but the downloads for the Space Battleship Yamato Cosmo Zero and Black Tiger space fighters still seem to work! 🚀

They were of course meant to get you to buy the Space Battleship Yamato papercraft book, which also still seems to be available in webstores like Hobby Link Japan or (a bit more expensive... 💸) on Amazon.

ISBN 978-4898298176

Download + build your own free official papercraft Space Battleship Yamato Cosmo Zero and Black Tiger space fighters (by Bandai Visual):

(note: LZH files are similar to ZIP or RAR files, use a free tool like 7-Zip to unpack them after downloading)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Just a quick Paper Puppet Zelda update

After talking about Paper Puppet Zelda's legs so much before, I wanted to show you what happens when you stare at something you're making so long: you start to want to change it. 😉

So I ended up doing a bit more work on the legs than I planned at the start but it was fun and I think it will look nicer in the end. 😊 The Twilight lines on her legs are recycled from somewhere else but wrapped around in this case of course, and the Princess' ehm, undies are from an entirely different model that I thought fit nice.

At first I had the shorts flush with the legs, but I thought making them a bit wider at the bottom with a little transition looked better. The same goes for Zelda's boots; the tops of them were flush, but I added a rim as a transition (just like on Twilight Link's boots).

That way, it has just a little bit of extra detail in a very simple way (the extra parts are basically just rings and flat cylinders, which are very easy to make out of paper).

I cleaned up some of the jewelry decorations and clasps on Zelda's clothes, and next is another tricky part, trying to come up with a solution for Zelda's hair, because as you can see at the moment, it goes right through her shoulder... Just cutting out that part won't look very natural, so I'll have to try out a few options to see what they look like and see if I like it.

Once the hair's done, I'll probably make a first test build and after that... I'll probably have some things to change again. 😉 And then I'll be going back and forth like that until I'm happy with Paper Puppet Zelda before I can make the final templates, build and instructions.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Are you hungry... for papercraft?

I guess with these, you will never have to go hungry again - for papercraft, that is. 🐟🍚🍜

Download + build your own free papercraft Japanese food stalls (by Brother and Kracie Holdings):

Monday, September 9, 2019

Some Paper Puppet Zelda progress

I started working on Paper Puppet Zelda a little under two weeks ago, and I'd love to show you some progress! But honestly... It's not all that exciting to see so far yet. 😁

After getting the 3D model from the game (using SZS tools and Bmdview2 by thakis) I worked a bit on the pose in Metasequoia (in the game Puppet Zelda is mostly flying around but I wanted to have the paper model to be able to stand on the ground because well you know: real world gravity and all 😉).

I also worked on simplifying the model, since I want to try and make it in the same style as ZaL and Twilight Link and to do so, you already need the 3D model to be made in certain ways before even getting into Pepakura Designer.

Oh, and as usual, in GameCube and PlayStation 2 times, girls with dresses in games weren't always given legs since the player didn't see them anyway in the game. But for the paper model I thought it would be nice to give Paper Puppet Zelda some legs, like I did with Final Fantasy X's Lulu (actually, Lulu did have legs, but she didn't have boots, while Puppet Zelda does have boots but no legs 😉).

So I'm working on giving Paper Puppet Zelda some legs too, trying to fix textures that got messed up because of the changes I'm making and so on. All in all, quite a lot of 3D work still needs to be done, but some progress is being made! 😉

Stay tuned!

free papercraft Dannetsu-mama

Dannetsu-mama seems to be a mascot for Laidback Living Shonan, a company focused on homes providing a way of living in health, lower energy bills and modern comfort.

Download + build your own free papercraft Dannetsu-mama (by Techikun):

(use the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Why go into Zen Mode on Papercraft Pokémon Sunday??

You know how hedgehogs 🦔 curl up into a ball to protect themselves when stressed? I don't know what happened to this papercraft Darmanitan on what should be a a relaxing Papercraft Pokémon Sunday, but apparantly it needed to go into Zen Mode... 😵

Download + build your own free papercraft Pokémon Zen Mode Darmanitan (+lots more, by Javierini):

(use the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Cute little papercraft Autumn Festival Moon cake, church and Noah's ark

New Life Ministries from Japan has some cute little papercrafts on their website: an Autumn Festival Moon cake 🍥 and a cute little church ⛪ and Noah's ark. 🚢

Download + build your own free New Life Ministries papercrafts (by New Life Ministries):

Friday, September 6, 2019

Papercraft Ghastly Lich of Parechesis - actual size

This reminded me of that season 4 Buffy Halloween episode "Fear Itself"... This Ghastly Lich of Parchis may be trying to look scary, but just keep in mind it's just a free papercraft you can build - and that he's only 40 millimeters tall. 👿😂

"Who's a widdle fear demon...?" 😊

Download + build your own free papercraft Ghastly Lich of Parechesis mini (by Marc Pasquin):

(click the "Download" button on the right side of marcpasquin's DeviantArt page for the full version of the template)

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The cake is a lie! It's a papercraft party hat :o)

You think this is a birthday cake? Wrong! 🎂

You think this is a papercraft birthday cake? Wrong! This is a papercraft party cake hat! 🎉🥳

(...for dogs or small-headed people 😉)

Download + build your own free papercraft party cake hat (by Shappie):

(download instructions: click the yellow "【Party Cake Hat】テンプレートをダウンロード" on the Shappie website)
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