Thursday, September 19, 2019

Paper Puppet Zelda test build complete

I don't know if you could tell yesterday, but I was kinda excited about the Paper Puppet Zelda test build. 👸

So I decided to just go on, and make a (very...) quick test build of last piece, Paper Puppet Zelda's head. And it was very tricky especially around the ears, but I think it should look pretty nice on the final build so I'm pretty happy! 😃

(also, compared to the test build of the head, I felt that I simplified Paper Puppet Zelda's boots
a bit too much, so I changed them back a bit) 👢

So now I'll work on the 3DCG model a bit more to change the things I didn't like on the test build, and then I can unfold it again for the final version; Stay tuned!

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