Monday, September 9, 2019

Some Paper Puppet Zelda progress

I started working on Paper Puppet Zelda a little under two weeks ago, and I'd love to show you some progress! But honestly... It's not all that exciting to see so far yet. 😁

After getting the 3D model from the game (using SZS tools and Bmdview2 by thakis) I worked a bit on the pose in Metasequoia (in the game Puppet Zelda is mostly flying around but I wanted to have the paper model to be able to stand on the ground because well you know: real world gravity and all 😉).

I also worked on simplifying the model, since I want to try and make it in the same style as ZaL and Twilight Link and to do so, you already need the 3D model to be made in certain ways before even getting into Pepakura Designer.

Oh, and as usual, in GameCube and PlayStation 2 times, girls with dresses in games weren't always given legs since the player didn't see them anyway in the game. But for the paper model I thought it would be nice to give Paper Puppet Zelda some legs, like I did with Final Fantasy X's Lulu (actually, Lulu did have legs, but she didn't have boots, while Puppet Zelda does have boots but no legs 😉).

So I'm working on giving Paper Puppet Zelda some legs too, trying to fix textures that got messed up because of the changes I'm making and so on. All in all, quite a lot of 3D work still needs to be done, but some progress is being made! 😉

Stay tuned!

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