Thursday, September 26, 2019

Granbelm anime series: magical high school girls and mechas - and free papercraft

Granbelm is a Japanese anime series.

This means it has high school girls in cute skirts, and big robots. Because people nowadays also like witches because those are portrayed as smexy nowadays instead of as ugly old crones with pointed noses and warts all over their body, the girls are also magical, and the robots are mechas that they pilot to fight because cute girls operating big, cold machines and fighting is usually a contradiction and contradictions are exciting. The robots also have cool quasi-latin sounding terminology like Armanox and they have surprisingly fragile sounding names for the mechas, like White Lily. 👧🤖

And on your website you have free papercraft because people love free stuff.

It's all a bit on the nose, but it's all so true. 😉

Download + build your own free official papercraft Granbelm White Lily Armanox mecha (by Project Granbelm):

(download instructions: click the "DLページ" link on the Project Granbelm website to go to the download page)

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