Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#OnThisDay (2009): D/L Kingdom Hearts Kurt Zisa #papercraft model:

Kurt Zisa was the first Kingdom Hearts papercraft model I made; I already made a few others since then, and I hope to do many more in the future! ;o)

D/L #papercraft Toy Story Pizza Planet rocket:

Download + build this papercraft Toy Story Pizza Planet rocket!

D/L #papercraft Kingdom Hearts Keyblade:

Download + build this Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Key keyblade + much more!

D/L #papercraft anvil, sword and hammer:

Download + build this papercraft anvil, hammer and sword (don't go hitting it with a real hammer now...!) + much more!

D/L #papercraft grey wolf:

Download + build this papercraft grey wolf + much more!

D/L #papercraft treasure chest:

Download + build this papercraft treasure chest + much more!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Papercraft Batman WIP 5:

As you can see, I'm just about ready to start the final build of my papercraft Batman!

ree papercraft Tokyo Metropolitan Police vehicles

Unfortunately after a site update it seems that the papercraft helicopter isn't there anymore, but you can still download the police cars and motorbike from this new URL. 🚓😊

Download + build free papercraft Tokyo Metropolitan Police vehicles (by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Jyoto Police Station):

D/L #papercraft 2010: Odyssey 2 Space Station V (+Star Trek + Star Wars!):

Download + build this detailed 2010: Odyssey Two Space Station V and several Star Trek, Star Wars and more papercraft models!

D/L #papercraft Tales of Symphonia Colette Brunel:

Download + build your own Tales of Symphonia Colette Brunel, by Orel67!

D/L FG Radio DJ #papercraft toys:

Download + build these FG Radio papercraft toy DJ's!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Papercraft Figma dolls family restaurant, subway car, etc. display sets

Of course you can just display your Figma dolls on a shelf, but you can also make some really cool papercraft background sets! (like a family restaurant, a subway car, ticket gate, kitchen, karaoke bar etc.)

D/L #papercraft Ace Combat ZSU-23-4 anti-aircraft unit:

Download + build this papercraft ZSU-23-4 anti-aircraft unit from the Ace Combat games!

D/L #papercraft Ace Combat Leopard 2A5 main battle tank:

Download + build this papercraft Leopard battle tank from the Ace Combat games!

D/L #papercraft Kagoshima City tram:

Download + build this papercraft Kagoshima City tram!

D/L #papercraft Dragon Ball Z space pod:

Download and build a papercraft Dragon Ball Z Saiyan space Pod, a.k.a. "Attack Ball"!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

D/L lots of #papercraft Formula 1 racecars:

Download + build this Williams FW26 Formula 1 racecar and many more!

D/L 199 + 499 tonnes #papercraft cargo ships:

Download + build these papercraft Japanese cargo ships!

D/L #papercraft hand-coloured 3eyed Bear Nightmare Bear:

Download + build this hand coloured papercraft 3eyedbear Nightmare Bear custom!

D/L hockey mask chainsaw murderer #papercraft toy:

Download + build this evil "Friday the 13th meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" papercraft toy!

D/L #papercraft Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks:

Download + build another Dragon Ball Z papercraft model: future Trunks!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Papercraft Batman WIP 4

More Batman The Animated Series work in progress!

D/L Prittworld Paper Gang #papercraft toys:

Download and build this Paper Gang from the official Prittworld website!

D/L #papercraft #DrWho K-9 robot dog +more:

Download and build your own papercraft Doctor Who K-9 robot dog and more!

D/L #papercraft #Pokemon Totodile:

Download and build Tenpepakura's latest papercraft Pokémon!

D/L cute #papercraft animals:

Download and build these and more cute papercraft animals!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

D/L cute #papercraft buses:

Download and build these friendly papercraft buses!

D/L Spongebob Squarepants #papercraft toy Cubee:

Download a Spongebob Squarepants papercraft toy Cubee!

D/L #papercraft Ace Combat HEMTT Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck:

Download papercraft military truck from the Ace Combat series!

D/L #papercraft Hot Road Custom car:

Download this papercraft Hot Road hot rod!

D/L #papercraft V for Vendetta mask:

Download a papercraft Guy Fawkes mask from the movie V for Vendetta!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

D/L #papercraft Japanese battleships, cruisers + airplanes:

Download lots of papercraft Japanese warships and fighter planes! (click the blue squares next to the pictures to be taken to the download pages)

D/L #papercraft Ace Combat M113 APC Armoured Personnel Carrier:

Papercraft Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) from the Ace Combat games!

D/L One Piece Rob Lucci shipwright #papercraft toy:

A papercraft toy version of Rob Lucci, from the anime One Piece!

D/L Spayneville #papercraft water tower, lamp posts and court house:

Some papercraft lamp posts, a water tower and a court house for the Spayneville project, which unfortunately never really took off... :o(

D/L #papercraft open top bus +many more (incl. Sailor Moon buses!):

Download all kinds of papercraft buses (including Sailor Moon themed ones!) and if you want, you can even try making a request for a specific one!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Papercraft Batman WIP 3

Batman The Animated Series papercraft model work in progress:

D/L #papercraft JASDF XC-2 transport plane:

Download papercraft Japanese Air Self-Defense Force XC-2 transport plane!

D/L #papercraft Zelda Triforce:

Download a papercraft Legend of Zelda Triforce!

D/L Avril Lavigne "Complicated" #papercraft toy:

Download papercraft Avril Lavigne in her "Complicated" outfit!

D/L Cubicity VW Volkswagen bus #papercraft toy:

Download a simple papercraft Volkswagen box to carry Cubicity people!

Monday, January 23, 2012

D/L Chinese New Year 2012 #papercraft Year of the Dragon:

Download a papercraft 2012 Year of the Dragon papercraft Chinese Dragon!

#OnThisDay (2010): D/L #papercraft Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk.II:

D/L #papercraft Ace Combat SAM tank:

D/L Racepaper.de #Dakar 2012 checkpoint VW Amarok:

Volker is always updating his Racepaper.de website, so look around a bit to find lots of papercraft race and rally cars! (the Dakar models are in the "Rallye" section)

D/L #papercraft Alien Runner:

D/L #papercraft Costa Pacifica cruise ship (Costa Concordia sister ship):

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