Wednesday, January 25, 2012

D/L #papercraft open top bus +many more (incl. Sailor Moon buses!):

Download all kinds of papercraft buses (including Sailor Moon themed ones!) and if you want, you can even try making a request for a specific one!


  1. A VLCC supertanker paper model has been added as of today.
    You might want to take a peek at my website's Blog section!

    1. I didn't know that besides paper buses, you also made paper boats! I think the name "very large crude carrier" fits this ship very well, it's so long...! ;o)

      I've added your paper model as a daily feature today, and I also put it in the "boats" section of my link collection (under "The MegaMoonLiner Paper Model Studio Domain"): link

      Thanks for telling me about it, have fun papercrafting!


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