Monday, January 30, 2012

Papercraft Batman WIP 5:

As you can see, I'm just about ready to start the final build of my papercraft Batman!

Papercraft is very simple hobby, and you really don't need a lot of fancy tools to build a paper model:

- Of course you need the parts, preferably printed on thicker paper so the paper model will be stronger and you can more easily pre-shape the parts (although you can really use any kind of paper you like).

- A sharp knife to cut out the parts (or some small scissors if you prefer those, although for some parts you will probably still want to use a knife).

- A cutting mat, so you don't damage your tabletop and your knife will last longer.

- Glue of course, to glue the parts together after you've cut them out and pre-shaped and folded them.

People sometimes use a blunt tool to score the fold lines of a part so it will be easier to fold, although I use my knife for that (using only a little bit of pressure of course).

I also like to use a toothpick or a thin, metal rod to pre-shape small parts, and to reach inside parts when my fingers are too big. ;o)

Other than that, you can really use any tool that you like of course, but with just these few essential tools, you can build pretty much every papercraft model you want! ;o)

Once I've finished the blue The Animated Series version, I will also make a The New Batman Adventures version. That shouldn't take too long though, because it will just be matter of changing the blue accents to black, and the Batlogo on his chest.

Stay tuned!

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