Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Papercraft Batman WIP 3

Batman The Animated Series papercraft model work in progress:

Already when I started test building the hand, I felt it would look better if it would be changed into a fist rather than the open hand it is now, so I didn't finish building it for this test build.

I made the "eyes" of Batman's cowl part of the "texture" (it's really just one, solid colour to keep it more cartoon-like) and it really looks much better than creating "eyes" with tiny 3D shapes! ;o)

I'll make a few more changes on the 3D model, and then I'll test build the new parts again before making the final version.

Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait for this one to be ready!!!

  2. I really like it so far too! It has a great, cartoon-like look to it, and The Animated Series is one of my favourite Batman cartoons!

    There weren't too many problems with the test build except a few small changes, so I hope it won't take too long before I can finish it.


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