Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Papercraft Going Merry repaint + Mini Merry

Although I don't watch anime as much anymore as I used to, One Piece is still one of my favourite series!

That's why one of the first papercraft models I made myself to share with others, was the "Going Merry" boat that Luffy and his Strawhat pirate crew use to sail the great seas: link ;o)

There are lots more One Piece fans of course, and one of them made a "repaint" of my papercraft "Going Merry"!

Although I don't speak Chinese, I think I found the person who (as far as I can tell now) created the repaint: chiohunpp (archived link)

And what's more, the "Going Merry" inspired them to make a "Mini Merry" too, based on some of the solutions on the "Going Merry" and making new parts where needed (if I understand correctly, the paddle wheels can really turn! ;o)

Unfortunately, it's an old post, and the download links are dead now, and the blog owner won't respond to any of my messages... :o(

But because the models are based on my own "Going Merry" and I think other papercrafters and One Piece fans should be able to enjoy them for free like they were intended, I hope it's alright with them that I've provided a download mirror for the files here.

Have fun building! ;o)


  1. Someone is selling your artwork


    1. Unfortunately, there are *a lot* of websites that sell free or pirated/scanned paper models, or that put them on their own website and then make you click through dozens of advertisements to get them, and it's really impossible to take action every time (and even if you try, they often simply don't listen... :o(

      Instead, I do my best to make sure everybody can easily find my fanmade papercraft models for free on my own website, so they know there's no need to pay or jump through hoops to get them!

      Even so, some people might still get tricked unfortunately, but hopefully when they see my papercrafting name on the templates and do a search for it on the internet, they will find my papercraft webpage and realize they shouldn't do business with the person they bought the free templates from anymore in the future...!


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