Friday, January 27, 2012

Papercraft Batman WIP 4

More Batman The Animated Series work in progress!
On this second test build I added Batman's hands, changed into a fist (well, one of them anyway ;o). I think it looks much better now, giving Batman a more stern, determined look instead of the more "casual" look like before.

The strong, square jawline is one of the most recognizable features of both Bruce Wayne and Batman in TAS (I never really understood why nobody in Gotham recognized his playboy alter ego...??) so I made it even a little bit more square and wider and it looks really nice I think! ;o)

Another small change with a big difference was the side of Batman's cowl.

By simplifying the shapes a bit in the 3D program, you can cut it up in a much more logical way in Pepakura Designer, and the final paper model will not only be more logical to build as well, but will also look better because there won't be such a strange edge/seam in such a noticable place...

Most changes after a test build are quite small like that, but it's always nice if it works out the way you wanted. ;o)

Stay tuned!

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