Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Official Pritt World papercraft toys

Pritt is famous for their glue sticks, and although those are often not really precise enough for detailed papercrafts, I'm sure they're fine for the papercrafts they have on their Pritt World website! ;o)

Update 1: I seem to have very bad timing though, because the German site (that I found easiest to navigate and seemed to have the most neat papercrafts) seems to have just been updated after I posted this earlier today, so now the link doesn't work anymore...

You can still try the archived version of the German Pritt World site, on which the downloads still seem to work (although I only checked a few!) or you can try changing your region/country at the top right of the Pritt World site, to still find some old style Pritt World sites that still have the papercraft section.

Not all the Pritt World regions/countries seem to have the same papercrafts though, so try a few to find different ones (the Brazilian site seems to have a lot of papercrafts that the German version had as well).

Update 2: Thanks to blogger Deltawerken, we know that the British Pritt World site still has the papercrafts too, and for most people it will be a bit easier to navigate since it's in English. ;o)

Download + build your own official Pritt World papercraft toys (by Pritt World):

(old link: / click the "Basteln" button at the top of the Pritt World
webpage for more papercraft themes, and then the "herunterladen"  button at the bottom after selecting one you want to make)


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, that's bad timing! When I posted this earlier today, it was a completely different site, like on this archived version:

      I think the downloads there still work, although I only checked a few...

      By choosing a different country/region on the Pritt World site, you can still get to some old style versions, but they don't all have the same papercrafts as the German one did I'm afraid, so you'll have to look around a bit.

      The Brazilian one seems to have a lot of the ones that the German one also had, under the "Artesanato" button and then "baixar" to download the PDF file once you found one you like:

      Sorry to make you happy with a non-working site anymore, I hope you can still find most of them on the archived versions or on the other countries' sites...!

  2. I just found out the UK site still works, so I managed to download all the crafts. Thanks!


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