Friday, May 26, 2017

Official papercraft "Don't Starve" diorama & Beefalo

Continuing official papercrafts from stuff from years ago, here's are official papercraft diorama pieces from the game "Don't Starve"! ;o)

It's the pieces they used in their Blind Box photoshoot (Trees, Pigman house, item chest, brick walls, berry bushes), and a Beefalo!

You can refer to this Starving Adventures fans' clip if you're having trouble putting it together:

And if you're wondering why theirs looks so colourful, you can learn in the first part of their papercraft Beefalo video how they customized it: customize your papercraft Beefalo

But first, you need the official templates from Klei! ;o)

Download + build your own official papercraft "Don't Starve" diorama & Beefalo (by Klei):

(download instructions: click the orange "Download Don’t Starve Diorama Files (.zip)" button on the Klei Shop's webpage)

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