Thursday, July 6, 2017

Official Archer, P.I. season 8 augmented reality papercrafts

(the FXX Archer website isn't available in my country, so I hope I'm explaining this correctly... ;o)

As far as I understand, during the 8th season of the animated detective comedy noir "Archer" set in the 1940s, you could use a special app on your phone to scan objects from the episodes or even in real life for bonus content in augmented reality!

In some cases, you could even win prizes, or collect neat papercrafts, that you could scan with the app (available for iPhone, Android or even Amazon) to see inside as if wearing X-Ray glasses!

If you want to look for the codes yourself, stop reading now! If you just want to check out the papercrafts, you can enter the following codes (the site works for all countries as far as I know):

Enter the codes you find on
  • briefcase: myvulakxou
  • Guinea Pigly cage: mhwugnatcp
  • Milton (a copier with special toaster feature): mxhrgvyrho
  • specimen jar A: maztujvqgc
  • specimen jar B: mbylfwjwzi
(or just go to to download all the papercrafts ;o)

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