Sunday, July 2, 2017

Haal je eigen kartonnen RoboPak op bij de Volkswagen dealer!

I don't if it's run in other countries, but in The Netherlands, the creative agency ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen created a cool tv commercial for Volkswagen, featuring a young boy that steals the show at a cute girl's birthday party as a transforming car!

And what's more, if you live in the Netherlands, you can get the boy's RoboPak costume from your local Volkswagen dealer! ;o)

..or well, they're very popular, so you actually need to leave a message and they'll let you know if/when they're available again.

But still a pretty cool advertising campaign I think, there's even an app (for Apple and Android) that let you feel even more like a Volkswagen Transformer! ;o)

Haal je eigen kartonnen Volkswagen RoboPak op bij de Volkswagen dealer:

Veel plezier! ;o)

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