Wednesday, June 11, 2014 classic Tomb Raider fansite featuring my papercraft Tomb Raider models

Tomb Raider fans will know no doubt the name "Core Design", the studio that developed the classic Tomb Raider games for Eidos Interactive!

Sadly, neither Core Design or Eidos anymore (Core Design was sold to Rebellion and Eidos merged with Square-Enix) but just like me, AlexFly is still a big fan of the classic "Core Design Era" Tomb Raider games that started it all.

Recently, she even acquired the official domain name to make the ultimate fansite, which opened May 3! (you can follow it on Twitter too under @CoreDesign_com ;o)

Right now, there's already lots of game info about the Core Design Tomb Raider games, with lots of artwork, wallpapers and logos - and AlexFly even made a special section to showcase my papercraft Tomb Raider figures: link ;o)

Of course I'm very happy that Tomb Raider fans seem to like my papercraft Tomb Raider models; although graphic-wise those "old" games can't compete with today's games of course, they make very nice papercraft models! ;o)

A big thanks for Alex for featuring me on the Core Design fansite!

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